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Chapter 26 This expert is terrible (please collect! Please recommend!)

However, Shen Xin was not satisfied and felt that he could be rescued again.

then he put his eyes on the fox demons again and looked at them carefully.


his eyes are flickering, his face is tense, and his face is sweating.

either kidney deficiency or ghost in the heart!

with his unusual sense of smell, doctor Shen felt the strange behavior of these fox monsters.

even he felt a murderous spirit, which made Shen Xin instantly interested and even brightened his eyes.

he said in his heart, is it possible that these demons have some secret?

on the deer platform, Daji obviously hated the world, but he silently endured what he had done.

he didn't even continue to slander King Zhou, but chose to leave silently. What's so strange about this?

is it the distortion of demon nature or the loss of human nature?

why are these monsters pale and nervous?

slowly Shen Xin thought of a possibility.

now the sky is dark, there is no one around the deer terrace, and a group of demons are on the side. I am alone with the prime minister Bigan.

it was dark, and there was no one around. Two mortals, one old and one young, had no strength to bind the chicken. They also offended the monster.

isn't this a good time to kill people and throw away their bodies?

I see. Shen Xin smiled a little when he thought of this place. He knew it all.

the scheming frog has been touching your stomach. There is only one truth.

I, Shen, Conan, Xin, have seen through your trick!

so I am doomed!

then Shen Xin slapped the Taoist on the shoulder and shouted:

'do you really want to kill me?'

call! The Taoist priest's head became empty for a moment.

no, nothing.

I was told what I thought.

'I. I.'

it took him a long time to get over it. He wanted to say something, but the explanation was so weak.

looking at the eyes that saw through everything, the Taoist was terrified and ready to surrender the next second.

it's terrible. This expert is terrible. I can't do it.

Yes, Shenxin's guess is right. The fox really wanted to kill him, and he couldn't wait for a minute.

because Daji was so angry with Shen Xin that he had never hated anyone so much, Shen Xin successfully ignited Daji's anger.

so before they left, they gave an order to let them find a quiet place to kill Shen Xin directly with magic, so as to prevent future troubles.

at present, the Taoist priest has not figured out how to break his head. He has just been heard by his mother. How could he be discovered by others before he had a good idea of how to do it?

what is the situation?

this is unscientific!

so the Taoist was very flustered.

is it true that the person in front of me is more powerful than my mother?

in this case, fear conquered everything, so he became more and more convinced that Shen Xin's strength was strong and he was absolutely immortal. Otherwise, how could he be seen through at a glance?

he was afraid to think that his life was in the hands of others at the moment.

the Taoist priest never thought that Shen Xin was guessing, because it was a coincidence.

no matter whether he didn't care about life or death before, or knew he wanted to kill him in an instant, he was seen through at a glance. This is definitely an expert.

now I am very close to the master, and I even feel the sound of breathing very clearly.

what to do? What should I do?

shall I run?

can I run away?

will he kill me?

now the Taoist has countless questions in his mind, which makes him in a mess. He doesn't dare to answer Shen Xin's questions.

after seeing the Taoist's unnatural expression in front of him, Shen Xin seemed to confirm it.

so he was excited.

follow the good way:

'don't be afraid. Tell me what you think. You should have a dream to be a demon. What if he realizes it?'

'do you really want to kill me? Do it quickly. You still have a chance!'

'Peng! !'

the Taoist knelt down.

unable to withstand the mental pressure, he knelt down directly.

it's terrible. This doctor Shen Xin Shen is terrible. He is strong and pretends to be a mortal. He can crush me, but he wants me to kill him.

this shows that he must be an old monster, and he is also moody.

he is playing with me now. When I can't help it, he will kill me cruelly.

the Taoist priest knows that according to the elders of the fox clan, many old monsters like to do this. They are cruel, ruthless and murderous. They like others to resist and abuse them to satisfy their abnormal hearts.

so now the only way to live is to beg for mercy.

try to leave a whole body for yourself, or stick to his mother to save him.

Shen Xin looks at the monster in front of him.

anger +1.

waste, you killed me. Are monsters so inky?

it's useless to give you a chance!

it's a Dou who can't help himself.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [I want to be a God] online and go to the source website for reading.