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Chapter 262 Yang Jian's plan

Look at the clank of iron hooves, I have traveled thousands of miles.

Dr. Shen stood on the cusp of the storm, holding the sun and the moon tightly.

may the fireworks world be peaceful and happy.

I really don't want to live another 500 years.

when the fourth general of the magic family and Huang Tianxiang arrived on the battlefield, the Zhou army had already returned to the camp after defeat, and the mountains and fields were full of cavalry wearing iron armor and patrolling everywhere.

while our doctor Shen stood firmly on the hillside, holding the front firmly with one hand. Looking up at the sky, the whole person exudes a mysterious momentum. It seems that the expression of silence is more profound.

Huang Tianxiang's eyes sparkled. Seeing Dr. Shen's performance like this, his face suddenly became extremely respectful.

he not only stopped himself, but also held out his hand to stop the four magic generals who were going to report their merits.

'why is this...?' Mo Liqing's expression was a little puzzled. Obviously, she didn't understand Huang Tianxiang's actions.

after a long time, Huang Tianxiang finally calmed down a little in his respect and spoke slowly.

'several generals, don't disturb my adoptive father for the time being.'

today, although the two armies are at war and hurt each other, my adoptive father served the country and the people all his life, and even gave his life to the people in the world. '

now he sees this situation on the battlefield, I'm afraid it's indescribably sad and heavy.'

'so it is, so it is...' after hearing Huang Tian's explanation, the four generals of the magic family looked at each other, their faces suddenly appeared, and their steps stopped instantly.

they understood that doctor Shen was feeling for the soldiers on the battlefield.

because several people are also touched by this scene.


at present, although the two sides have different positions, they were originally business ministers and people of the people.

how to fight belongs to the internal friction of the human race.

and if it weren't for Xiqi's rebellion and Jichang's wolf ambition, everyone would not have been able to fight in the battlefield and would be living a quiet life.

would not have killed himself.

at this moment, looking at the doctor Shen who is hurting the soldiers, the fourth general of the magic family and Huang Tianxiang deeply feel the noble and compassionate soul of doctor Shen.

everyone is secretly determined to protect this battlefield even if they give everything, even their lives.

doctor Shen is the sage of the world.

'little general, we understand that we should follow the doctor's footsteps and complete the doctor's career. For this reason, we should go all out.'

the fourth general of the magic family has completely admired Dr. Shen's military strategy, and his character and actions.

it is possible to see the whole picture only from small things. Unless there are saints who are compassionate and compassionate, they will certainly not be able to do this.

therefore, Dr. Shen deserves everyone's respect.

with a dignified expression, the fourth general of the magic family waved all the Armored Cavalry beside him and shouted goodbye to the front.

while listening to the sudden shouts of mountains around him, doctor Shen's eyebrows wrinkled deeper.

he could not help sighing in his heart.

I really don't want to live another 500 years.

MMP, Zhang Guifang, you have done a great job.

Mojia IV will make you do better.

doctor Shen naturally knows that Zhang Guifang has a team of Armored Cavalry with extraordinary strength, and he went to find Zhang Guifang to remove this hidden danger.

but now it seems that the hidden danger is not only not removed, but also directly exploded.

after careful analysis, Dr. Shen felt that there were definitely problems he didn't know about.

because I remember that Zhang Guifang's camp that day and night had not only him, but also four demon generals.

it is impossible to say that these Armored Cavalry have nothing to do with them.

another problem is that you are careless and have no defense.

I thought that sending Zhang Guifang to recuperate would solve these irons perfectly, but I didn't expect that he and the four generals of the magic family had already colluded in secret.

if he had known the hiding place of these cavalry soldiers long ago, he would not have fled to Qishan, and this accident could definitely have been avoided.

fortunately, now Dr. Shen has been wary of these cavalry and the fourth general of the magic family, so he will never fall twice in the same place next.

what is a person's greatest fear? It's an unknown existence. What Dr. Shen fears most is that someone will come out suddenly to save his life.

now Zhang Guifang has been sent away from Fenglin by herself, and the four generals of the demon family are in front of her again. Even these armored cavalry soldiers have been exposed.

Dr. Shen doesn't believe that there is any unknown existence that can come all the way to save himself. It's completely impossible. Moreover, the fourth general of the magic family won the battle. Even Wen Zhong has no reason to continue sending troops to support him.

therefore, all the forces of both parties are under the control of Dr. Shen. As the main character, I know the next plot development. Can there be any accidents?

after understanding, Dr. Shen's ambition turned around again, and he immediately announced to the generals nearby:

'tomorrow, when we gather troops and horses to besiege Xiqi, we must capture Jiang Shang alive and Ji Fa alive.'

speaking of this, Dr. Shen's inspiration came to light again.

why do I always stick to sending heads? I should resolutely open my eyes.

in the final analysis, Xiqi's existence is to trigger a war of worship. Jiang Ziya and Yuanshi Tianzun are more concerned about the dispute of elucidation.

as long as you constantly destroy the plan of elucidation and force Jiang Ziya and Xiqi to a dead end, are you still afraid of death?

Dr. Shen felt that if he trapped Jiang Ziya for ten or eight years, Yuanshi Tianzun might go down to the world and cut him with a sword.

Dr. Shen is finally relieved to think of this. If you make me unhappy, no one will feel better.

now the initiative has always been in my hand. It is simply advancing, attacking and retreating.

all roads lead to Xiqi. This time, I put enough pressure on you, and with my heart set on death, there will be no more demons and moths.

ha ha, doctor Shen couldn't help laughing.

the fourth general of the magic family on the side shows confusion in his eyes, and then turns his eyes to Huang Tianxiang next to him.

old God Huang Tianxiang was there. As expected, the fourth general of chaomo family explained:

'my adoptive father must have thought of some way to break Xiqi. As long as several generals are willing to work hard and soldiers are willing to obey orders, the victory will surely belong to Yin Shang.'

'moreover, the generals can rest assured that if Xiqi is broken down in the future, my adoptive father will certainly reward you according to your merits, and ask you for the first merit. Then you will not lose the name recorded in history and will remain immortal.'

hearing Huang Tianxiang's translation, the fourth general of the magic family sighed with emotion. Who didn't want to make a name in history?

this is an affirmation of a person's greatest achievements. In the future, if someone mentions a famous general in the world, he will not hesitate to think about it.

there were four Dharma guardians under the ancient sage doctor Shen, who followed the doctor to break through Xiqi and pacify the Yin Shang Dynasty.

the fourth general of the magic family thought about it. He was a little elated at that moment and quickly shouted back.

'the last general and others will certainly live up to the doctor's high expectations!'

several people said that, of course, they did not forget to nod to Huang Tianxiang, showing their goodwill.

'thank you for reminding me.'

Huang Tianxiang smiled innocently and waved his hand and said:

'no one in the world knows my adoptive father better than me about some trivial things.'

this big defeat of Xiqi is enough to damage the foundation, and it will take at least several years to recover.

the next day, the Shang army led by Dr. Shen and the four magic generals to challenge Xiqi again.

however, after the World War I, Jiang Ziya learned to be smart. He refused to fight regardless of how the fourth general of the magic family provoked him. He even hung a war exemption card in the city.

but this little thing is not difficult for Dr. Shen at all. In case of war free, he can ride the iron eating beast to charge.

so Jiang Ziya was startled by Dr. Shen's fearlessness for life and death, and finally realized the helplessness of King Zhou.

this Shang army is really brave. The commander himself braved the rain of arrows to attack the city and run faster than the soldiers.

he will rush wherever it is most dangerous.

what kind of operation is this?

this is to see for a long time. As the commander-in-chief, Jiang Ziya has never seen such a crazy commander-in-chief. More importantly, he has brought great morale to the soldiers of Yin Shang Dynasty.

the commander-in-chief is attacking the city with his life. Can you hide behind doctor Shen?

don't think about it. You must fight hard to serve the country!

therefore, one by one, the brave people screamed as if they were beaten with chicken blood.

after this war, Jiang Ziya can't stand it for a few days. Who would have thought that Shen Xin was so crazy?

and every time he appeared, he followed the four generals of the demon family. If Nezha and others had not resisted, this Xiqi would have been broken long ago.

as soon as Jiang Ziya opened his eyes, there was an urgent report from a certain city wall. Doctor Shen rushed up.

hit and hit, not to mention those literary ministers who want to surrender, even the military generals are ready to move.

we can't wait any longer. We can't fight without Yang Jian.

a few days later, Dr. Shen is continuing to charge Xiqi. Anyway, it's boring. What if he dies?

he has been persevering with this idea.

only after playing for so many days, he never got a chance. If Dr. Shen met Nezha and Lu Xiaobing, he would immediately turn around and leave without hesitation.

as for meeting Jin Zha and Mu Zha, they suddenly turned around and left.

therefore, doctor Shen is really unstoppable in Xiqi, just when he is thinking about which gate to kill today.

but suddenly, a detective reported it to the commander, saying it was right.

'Dr. Yu and some general soldiers, Xiqi has taken the' exemption card 'and is now challenging outside the camp.'

suddenly hearing that Xiqi took the initiative to challenge, Dr. Shen was not surprised but happy, and immediately went out of the camp to fight.

he estimated that Yang Jian had already arrived in Xiqi city.

doctor Shen led the army, Huang Tianxiang and the four generals of the magic family all followed him. As soon as he left the gate, he heard a light sound in Xiqi city. A young man slowly walked out of the crowd of soldiers.

he is like a Taoist but not a Taoist, like a vulgarity but not a vulgarity. He wears a cloud crown on his head, wears a Taoist silk sash, moves gently in the wind, rides a white horse, holds a long gun, and is bright and restrained in his eyes.

as soon as he threw his long gun, he whispered a trumpet in his mouth, sounding like a bell:

'doctor Shen, I haven't seen you for months when I bid farewell to you in the morning. I don't know how it has always been.'

Yang Jian now looks kind and elegant, just like a handsome young man. Doctor Shen is not in a hurry to speak, because he knows the people in front of him too well.

I really don't know what to say when we meet at this moment.

should I ask him whether he shaves his head in the first month?

eh, it seems OK. Dr. Shen is really interested in this matter.

can't wait for him to speak,

the magic Liqing next to him suddenly shouted forward:

'who's coming? Dare you tell me your name?'

Yang Jian dismounted and arched his hand in the direction of Shen Xin to show his respect, but when he saw magic green, he was not so polite and replied proudly.

'I'm Yang Jian, the nephew of Prime Minister Jiang. How dare you come here to commit crimes and harm others by relying on leftism?'

'let you know my interests in front of me. There is no place to bury me when I die!'


'son, don't be wild. I'll catch you later.'

Yang Jian's words irritated the four generals of the magic family. These days, several people have been thinking about how to increase their contributions to Dr. Shen's attack on Xiqi.

now, without hesitation, Meng shouted loudly, waved his long gun like a sharp arrow, and flew forward.

Yang Jian looks at the four magic generals and frowns. He knows most of their strengths in Xiqi city.

very strong.

but for Yang Jian, even if four people attack together, it is not so simple to want to keep him. It can be said that eight or nine Xuangong is inherently invincible.

at this moment, Yang Jian's heart is clear, his eyes are wide and his ears are wide. The four generals of the magic family always attack together. While the green battle in the magic comes up, the others also fly out.

he held a long gun and stamped his foot heavily on the ground!


a flash of lightning flashed in the air. The long gun was cold and murderous, and it stabbed at the magic green fiercely.

Muri Qingbang shouted: 'nice to come!'

then, without avoiding, the two long guns met fiercely.


the strong wind blows up. In the roar, the gun shadow flashes like thunder. In the blink of an eye, the two people have fought each other more than 100 times.

however, in the fight, Mo Liqing was at a disadvantage. The whole person retreated repeatedly, and the sharp gun shadow scraped many small wounds around him.

although Yang Jian has a slight advantage, there is also magic red's Fang Tianji behind magic green.

this halberd crackled very quickly, turning into a red light like a curved moon, and the timing of the card was just the moment Yang Jian's long gun shot.

at this time, his old strength was exhausted, but his new strength was not born, so he had to turn around forcefully to avoid the blow, which seemed both dangerous and dangerous.

in fact, Yang Jian can resist this attack with his nine turn yuan skill, but he doesn't want to expose his cards too early.

what's more, his task is not how to face several people, but how to break into Yin Shang and seize magic weapons.

I'll try it out and see how it works. Yang Jian is thinking in secret.

the fourth general of the magic family may be a little inferior to Yang Jian in terms of strength alone, but with the cooperation of the brothers, his strength has greatly increased.

only for a moment, Yang Jian felt that his strength was inadequate.

let's say that there is a grain officer in Chuzhou. He is going to Xiqi to deliver grain. He is about to enter the city when he sees the battlefield ahead blocking his way.

this man's surname is Ma and his name is Jackie Chan. He uses two knives and sits on a red rabbit horse. He is a hero. When he sees someone fighting in front of him, he shouts loudly: 'I'm coming.'

Yang Jian fell outside the city and wielded a long gun to fight four generals.

seeing another general rushing to kill the future, Mo Lishou was furious and crossed his mace. He took the opportunity to jump out of the battlefield and take out the flower Fox and mink to sacrifice in the air.


a gust of wind suddenly blew up on the flat land. The flower Fox and mink came out of the clouds, turning into a white elephant with a big mouth and teeth like sharp blades.

staring at Jackie Ma with red eyes, he opened his mouth, spit out a bad smell, and swallowed it straight ahead.

where has Jackie Ma seen such a terrible beast? He was scared by that momentum, and his legs and feet were already weak with fear.

then an evil wind blew through the air, and Ma Chenglong disappeared into the air with his horse and men, and fell into the belly of the flower fox mink.


'it turns out that there is still this evil barrier in the Yin Shang army!'

Yang Jian was watching the front in the battlefield. His eyes turned and he was glad that he had a problem.

'brother Shen!'


Shen Changqing said hello or nodded whenever he met someone he knew on the road.

but whoever it is.

there is no superfluous expression on every face, as if they are indifferent to everything.

for this.

Shen Changqing is used to it.

because this is the demon suppression department, which is an organization to maintain the stability of Daqin. Its main responsibility is to kill demons and monsters. Of course, it also has some other sidelines.

can be said.

everyone's hands are stained with a lot of blood in the Zhenmo division.

when a person is used to life and death, he will become indifferent to many things.

when she first came to this world, Shen Changqing did not adapt to it, but she got used to it over time.

the magic department is very big.

those who can stay in Zhenmo division are all powerful masters, or those who have the potential to become masters.

Shen Changqing belongs to the latter.

among them, the demon suppression division is divided into two occupations, one is the guard envoy and the other is the demon elimination envoy.

anyone who enters the Zhenmo department starts from the lowest level of demon removal envoy,

then gets promoted step by step, and finally is expected to become the guard envoy.

Shen Changqing's predecessor was an apprentice demon removal envoy in the Department of Zhenmo, which was also the lowest level among the demon removal envoys.

have the memory of the predecessor.

he is also very familiar with the environment of Zhenmo Si.

It didn't take long for Shen Changqing to stop in front of an attic.

unlike other places of Zhenmo division which are full of killings, the attic here seems to stand out from the crowd. In the bloody Zhenmo division, it presents a different tranquility.

at this time, the door of the attic is open, and occasionally people enter and leave.

Shen Changqing just hesitated and stepped in.

enter the attic.

the environment is a change in vain.

a burst of ink mixed with a faint smell of blood came to his face, which made his eyebrows wrinkle instinctively, but soon stretched.

there is almost no way to clean up the bloody smell on everyone in Zhenmo.

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