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Chapter 269 My adoptive father

In the account of Yin Shang Shuai.

Doctor Shen directly ignored the advice of the generals. His powerful momentum instantly shocked the whole audience, leaving everyone speechless.

This time, he decided to learn from the past and enhance his control over the army. He must not be rescued for no reason before.

We are not even ready to let everyone play freely. If there is any reinforcements coming, or Huang Tianxiang comes up with some broken ideas in a flash, it will be a disaster.

The most important thing is to let me know where I failed.

So Dr. Shen is going to make a big speech this time.

He looked around and slowly said: 'the mission of a soldier is to die in battle. I believe that as the commander of the army, I naturally know the safety of this battle.'

'But more important than security is the reunification of the country, so that the people will no longer suffer.'

'So even if we are in a difficult situation ahead, we should also forge ahead. We don't need to persuade you. Today, I will not retreat.'

After Shen Xin finished, he strode toward the gate.

He wants to give Jiang Ziya a chance to kill his greatest enemy.

It would be better if it were sent to the list in person.

Of course, Dr. Shen had already thought that there might be some accidents, so he was careful and secretly made countermeasures.

Because the story of the fourth general of the magic family has been spread all over the army, and it has been spread too widely, sishuiguan is very close to Xiqi, and it is likely that reinforcements will come.

After all, this incident has a great impact, which makes those garrisons not help but panic. Once the worst happens, it will be a disaster for everyone.

Maybe they will be killed and sacrificed by the angry Grand Master Wen. Even if they come to support, they can't afford to delay the fighters.

So as a precaution, we will send someone to meet you.

But Dr. Shen did not expect that Zhang Guifang would come to lead the army to support him.

Well, the recovery ability of the martial artist is still very strong. He thought that the opponent would lie down for a year and a half without increasing his difficulty, but now he has been able to fight with the army just over a month.

Although he was supported by others

Zhang Guifang and Fenglin came to the camp with a team of Armored Cavalry. When they saw the figure of doctor Shen, their eyes showed some happiness.

I exclaimed that I came at the right time, and the result was not as bad as I expected.

However, when I saw the expressions of the generals not far away, they turned into bitter faces and frowned.

'Doctor Shen, I and General Han of Sishui pass have already known about the four general of the demon family, and have reported the war situation to Chaoge.'

'Hmm.' Dr. Shen nodded. It's OK. It's not important. The Chaoge people didn't come so fast.

Zhang Guifang then said, 'I have discussed with Commander Han that the most important thing now is to protect your safe departure. The attack on Xiqi can fail, but you can't have any accidents.'

'You're late. Doctor Ben has decided to continue attacking Xiqi as planned.' Doctor Shen shook his head and said with a slight pity.

'Military orders are like mountains, and we can never change them day and night.'

Shen Xin said that he was going to die. People wanted to persuade him to leave.

Zhang Guifang understood and said seriously:

'Doctor Shen, Zhang Guifang owes you his life.'

Dr. Shen naturally knew what the other side meant, which was a dangerous signal. Although he felt that he had a good chance of winning, he still wanted to eliminate the hidden dangers and dissuade him, so he hurried.

'Commander Zhang, your injuries are not suitable for the battlefield, and your iron clad army is not suitable for attacking the city.'


Doctor Chen's words struck Zhang Guifang and made him a little silent.

But these words were true, and he knew in his heart that the significance of his coming seemed small.

The cavalry abandoned their horses to attack the city? Especially the heavy armour cavalry, if someone does this, it is definitely a fool's act.

As for the wound on the body

Zhang Guifang and Fenglin were even saddened by the fact that they had to be carried on their way, not to mention the battle.

Doctor Chen could not help but let him face the reality.

'Maybe it was a mistake for me to wait here.' Zhang Guifang said with an ugly face.

'That's right!'

Doctor Chen looked at Zhang Guifang's expression and was very satisfied.

The cunning fox could not defeat his own good hunter, and he was ready to continue to break through Zhang Guifang's inner defense.

Let him give up, so he said without hesitation:

'So, general Zhang, please come back. It's useless to stay here. The most important thing you should do now is to keep the elite main force of the army.'

Zhang Guifang sighed, his eyes a little lonely, but when Doctor Shen was happy, he continued to speak.

'Doctor Shen said this in order to prevent us from being in danger. This is intentional, and the good intentions have been well received.'

'What... what?' Is Shen Xin's expression puzzled?

Zhang Guifang shook his head and looked ahead calmly, sighing that this strategy was too obvious.

Dr. Shen has seen his serial horse array. Can he know the power and function of these cavalry?

Of course I do.

Now it is clear that he is doing this to deliberately protect us and encourage us to leave knowing that we will die.

But will Zhang Guifang do this? You underestimate me.

Before Shen Xin responds, Zhang Guifang takes the long gun in the hand of the assistant general next to him and raises it in front of him, with murderous eyes.

'As the saying goes, everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the country. Although we can't attack the city with the army, we can intercept the enemy for the doctor at the critical moment.'

The nearby Fenglin immediately clasped his fist and said, 'I would like to follow the general's ambition and protect the doctor around.'

Zhang Guifang raised his long spear and shouted, 'All the soldiers of the Yin Dynasty must guard the doctor. In case of danger, they should fight to the death.'

Zhang Guifang's tone was exuberant, inspiring and inspiring like the sound of gold and iron.


Doctor Shen on the side was confused. What did he say just now?

What did Zhang Guifang hear again?

How can I feel that they are not on the same channel?

I really want you to lead the army to leave. I really don't have any other ideas. Can we be simpler.

Keep it simple. Keep it simple.

Doctor Chen is still confused here, but the generals and soldiers around him react.

Unexpectedly, Dr. Shen was so hard spoken and soft hearted and considerate.

Now staying in xiqiding is a danger in danger. Once Jiang Ziya reacts and the army hides him, all the generals present will surely burn with him.

The armored cavalry led by Zhang Guifang seems unable to exert its strength in the siege, but it is a force that cannot be ignored.

But now Doctor Chen is so dismissive. He says that he is worthless. He doesn't really think they will make trouble. He clearly loves them.

I can't bear to let everyone fall into this fatal situation, leaving everyone a chance of survival.

Thinking of this, the soldiers could not help feeling that doctors love soldiers as children.

I knew that Zhang Guifang and others who were normally persuaded would not listen to orders, so I found a new way.

On the surface, Zhang Guifang even 'scolded', which gave him a reason to return to the army without losing face.

No wonder Zhang Guifang is willing to serve and protect her.

After death, all the soldiers were grateful. All the soldiers raised their weapons and roared in unison.

'We'll fight to the death!'

'We'll fight to the death!'

'We'll fight to the death!'

The voice of Yingwu instantly resounded through the gate, rushed through the clouds, and spread all over the country.

Doctor Shen covered his chest and was so angry that he exploded: 'you... You...'

'Ah, woo...'

If the reading comprehension of these people is to be scored, they are all unqualified.

Moreover, Dr. Shen didn't feel that he was behaving badly. What he said was the truth and the reason he found was very good.

Because cavalry attacking the city is really useless, Zhang Guifang is also injured.

However, this result made him unable to understand.

Fortunately, our doctor's skills are better. This time, the road has been paved by Yang Jian. Relying on these people can't change the overall situation.

No matter how prepared you are, you can only bow in front of absolute strength.

Doctor Chen thought for a moment, and it is estimated that Jiang Ziya has known what I am and will soon lead the army to attack me.

When meeting Huang Tianhua, Yang Jian would not hesitate to come forward and scold them. They would be very excited. Huang Tianhua took out the 'heart saving nail' and shot himself to death.

No one can stop it.

Although he was the son of Huang Feihu and did not betray Yin Shang, doctor Shen still had a chance to motivate him.

No, that's not enough.

Not only Huang Tianhua, Yang Jian, but also Jinzha and Muzha.

Never leave any way back for yourself.

Very good. The plan is perfect. I have been killed by Huang Tianhua once in my mind.

Doctor Shen suddenly felt a little sad. He believed that if you try hard, you will not get results, but if you don't try hard, you will get no results. I think another sentence is added.

You've worked hard, and you'll get results.

Thinking of this, Doctor Shen has led the army out of the camp without hesitation.

However, doctor Shen was somewhat surprised when he went out of Yuanmen. Didn't Huang Tianxiang say that he would fight the enemy outside the camp?

Why can't I see anyone now?

It's quiet all around. There's nothing like fighting.

Doctor Shen felt puzzled.

However, it is not important.

This guy is smart and has a lot of bad deeds. Dr. Shen would like to return the goods to Huang Feihu. He said that it was a heaven sent disaster?

This is the result?

Now Huang Tianxiang is not here, so he can't make trouble.

Thinking of this, Doctor Shen waved his hand and couldn't wait to see Jiang Ziya.

On a hillside outside Xiqi city.

Huang Tianxiang and Huang Tianhua stood opposite each other. They put away their weapons and looked at each other carefully.

Like, really like.

The appearance is heroic, the armor is extraordinary, and the divine power is natural. The proper thing is to kill stars in the world. The sky is too old.

With every move, there is a temperament full of wisdom and strategizing.

Huang Tianhua nodded, feeling that this was his childhood self.

At that time, he was also a few years old, and he was also so energetic.

This is the so-called memory of the past. Just like my classmates, I am in my prime; The scholar's spirit is strong, and his words are powerful. Pointing out the country and mountains, stirring up the writing, muck and soil were ten thousand families in that year.

Huang Tianhua looked at the resolute face and slowly overlapped with himself. He felt like looking in the mirror.

'How are you, brother?'

'Good, good. I learned a lot by my adoptive father.' Huang Tianxiang smiled and subconsciously comforted: 'brother, you've worked hard these years.'

Hearing this, Huang Tianhua silently extended his hand and patted Huang Tianxiang on the shoulder. The big tears in his eyes finally fell.

Finally, he opened his arms, and the two brothers hugged each other. Huang Tianhua broke through the defense. For the first time, he felt like he had relatives.

In the mountains, although master treated him very well, he taught him very severely. Even because of the need to practice, master closed himself from time to time, and the two met each other not many times.

Therefore, Huang Tianhua is very lonely in the mountains all day long, and no one can really talk about it.

It was not until master told him his life story a few days ago that he really had hope and expectations.

I also finally have parents and brothers and sisters, which makes me feel better than ever.

The two brothers sighed, and Huang Tianhua finally couldn't help asking:

'I wonder how everything is going in the Nian Mansion? How are your parents?'

'Brother, you have lost your trace in these years. Father and mother have never given up searching. They have inquired for information many times, but nobody knows.' Huang Tianxiang said wistfully.

'My mother became ill because of her depression. She was always in poor health. She always cried at night.'

Huang Tianhua sighed with emotion in his eyes: 'It is a child who is unfilial, so he can't accept the favor in front of his parents.'

It has been more than ten years since he went up to the mountain to learn martial arts with the Master. It is also the first time that he knows who his biological parents are.

Huang Tianxiang curled his lips. Although he was young, he was very dissatisfied with his brother's master.

In fact, the behavior of the pure and virtuous Zhenjun is called taking you up the mountain and giving you a chance at best, but it is no different from abducting and selling children at worst.

If you really like this disciple, you can go to the government openly and ask him to become a teacher. Why do you steal him quietly?

After they finished talking about the past, Huang Tianhua finally asked in a curious voice:

'Brother, why are you in the camp of the merchant army now?'

Huang Tianhua has always been concerned about letting his father cast aside the dark and turn to the light since he got the task from his master.

Now my brother has come to Xiqi. Isn't this an opportunity?

An opportunity to save your family.

King Zhou was cruel and lost the world. Xiqi was benevolent and had a good fortune. Neither of us should think about it. We should choose Xiqi.

However, Huang Tianxiang could not help being proud when he heard this, and he was very serious.

'Because of my adoptive father, of course!'

'The adoptive father?' Huang Tianhua has some doubts?

'The adoptive father is the most powerful and greatest sage in the world. His reputation is unknown to everyone in the Yin Dynasty and even in Xiqi.'

'But the adoptive father is not terrible at all. He is handsome, casual and elegant, and has a peerless temperament. He once scolded the emperor in the imperial court, killed demons and demons, and saved the people. He also left the Dragon King in the empty city of Chentang Pass, fought against the gods alone, spoke for world justice, and saved hundreds of thousands of lives...'

'You're not bragging about this, are you?' Huang Tianhua's tone was a bit unkind, especially when Huang Tianxiang mentioned his adoptive father. He could not wait for stars to pop out of his eyes and worship to the sky.

'No, this is not only a boast, but also just a small part of the adoptive father's legendary life.' Huang Tianxiang worshipped.

Huang Tianhua was shocked: 'it's completely impossible to find such people in this world.'

He only felt that his brother had been cheated. Anyway, he absolutely didn't believe in so many illusory things. How could anyone do it like this? Everything in this is no different from dying.

Huang Tianxiang proved that these things were true, because he participated in many things and was a true witness. He asked.

'Brother, do you think my temperament is different?'

Huang Tianhua thought for a moment and said, 'it seems that there are some differences. You are very confident, and your eyes are full of wisdom. You are also very calm, as if you are planning strategies.'

Huang Tianxiang smiled: 'yes, I learned these advantages from my adoptive father.'

Huang Tianhua: 'Is your adoptive father an immortal?'

Huang Tianxiang shook his head. 'He's not an immortal.'

'Oh!' Huang Tianhua smiled at the corners of his mouth and showed a little disdain in his eyes. He turned out to be just an ordinary human.

After all, even immortals are not so powerful.

But when he was disappointed, Huang Tianxiang said slowly the next second:

'He is not an immortal, but he is better than an immortal. I think that to say that he is an immortal is to belittle his adoptive father.'

'Because he is a true sage.'

Huang Tianhua's heart was shocked by his simple words.


'How could that be?'

Sages? In this world, apart from the three emperors in ancient times, who dares to call himself a sage?

Huang Tianhua only felt that his younger brother was joking and asked subconsciously.

'Since your adoptive father is so powerful, what's his name?'

Huang Tianhua's idea is that no matter who the younger brother says, he has never heard of it anyway, so he can directly ridicule and belittle it.

Anyway, we must not let our relatives be cheated.

After hearing his brother's question, Huang Tianxiang, who was beside him, spoke proudly and said without hesitation:

'His name is Shen Xin!'

'Shen Xin?'

Huang Tianhua murmured a few words to himself, then he froze in the same place, and suddenly took a breath of cool air from his mouth.

'Brother Shen!'


When Shen Changqing is walking on the road, he will greet or nod his head when he meets someone he knows well.

But no matter who it is.

There is no superfluous expression on each face, as if they are indifferent to everything.

In this regard.

Shen Changqing is used to it.

Because this is the Demon Suppressing Department, which is an organization to maintain the stability of the Qin Dynasty. Its main responsibility is to kill demons and monsters. Of course, there are other sidelines.

so to speak.

In the Demon Subdivision Department, everyone's hands were stained with a lot of blood.

When a person is used to seeing life and death, he will become indifferent to many things.

When Shen Changqing first came to this world, he was a little uncomfortable, but he got used to it over time.

The Demon Master is very big.

Those who can stay in Zhenmo division are all powerful masters, or those who have the potential to become masters.

Shen Changqing belongs to the latter.

The Demon Subduing Division is divided into two occupations, one is the Guardian Envoy, and the other is the Demon Subduing Envoy.

Anyone who enters the Demon Subduing Division starts from the lowest level Demon Eliminating Envoy,

Then step by step, he is expected to become a garrison envoy.

Shen Changqing's predecessor was a novice demon dispelling envoy in the Demon Control Department, which was also the lowest level of the demon dispelling envoys.

Have the memory of your predecessor.

He is also very familiar with the environment of the Demon Department.

It didn't take long for Shen Changqing to stop in front of an attic.

Unlike other places of Zhenmo division which are full of killings, the attic here seems to stand out from the crowd. In the bloody Zhenmo division, it presents a different tranquility.

At this time, the gate of the attic was open, and people occasionally came in and out.

Shen Changqing just hesitated and stepped in.

Enter the attic.

The environment has changed in vain.

A burst of ink mixed with a faint bloody smell came to his face, which made his eyebrows wrinkle instinctively, but soon stretched out.

There is almost no way to clean up the bloody smell of everyone in the Demon Control Division.

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