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Chapter 281 My uncle is too bumpy

Doctor Shen just watched Fei Zhongyouhun's performance.

Install, you continue to install.

This acting skill is not bad, but quite real.

If Doctor Shen had not known what the two men looked like, he might have cheated them.

You should know that Fei Zhongyou Hun followed King Zhou all the time while singing in court, and Daji was always following him, observing his words and expressions, flattering his horse, crying and pretending to be weak.

Now I come here to make love with others. Even my boots fell off when I ran. This performance is too fake, isn't it.

I must have left Chaoge without the protection of King Zhou. I was afraid of revenge, so I did this.

However, Doctor Shen did not think it was too difficult for them.

Because Fei Zhongyou Hun tried his best to make suggestions for Daji and killed himself when he was singing in court. He was a great hero.

If they can make further efforts, they may still have a chance to kill themselves.

Fei Zhongyou Hun was ready to move on at the moment, but Doctor Shen did not hesitate to run away...

The two men jumped into the air and collided with each other with a loud crash.

Then he happened to meet Fenglin, who came out with a huge mace. He shouted directly and fainted with fright.

At this time, a white haired veteran also strode up, it was Lu Xiong.

Lu Xiong had no idea that Fei Zhongyou Hun could burst out so fast after he walked into the shaft door, even exceeding him and his soldiers...

Unexpectedly, I was stunned for a moment and then slowed down a few steps.

As soon as he walked in and saw Fei Zhongyou Hun who was fainting, he was instantly shocked, but when he saw the figure of Doctor Shen, he seemed very moved.

He clasped his fists and hurriedly went up to say:

'The doctor is here. Lu Xiong came to Xiqi to help the doctor on the order of His Majesty and Grand Shifu.'

'Today, I am lucky to have captured one of Jiang Ziya's commissaries on the way and sent him to the doctor.'

Although Lu Xiong is old, his tone is sonorous and his momentum is no less than that of Zhang Guifang.

Then, with a big hand, the soldiers behind them came up against a rickety Xiqi general.

Seeing Lu Xiong's figure, Doctor Shen felt something was wrong. Didn't he catch the official of Xiqi's grain transport?

But the person in front of me is nothing like him. He has triangular eyes, sparse beard, and a thin body like a hemp pole.

When the other party arrived at the Yin Shang military camp, he was still shouting, and his expression was very arrogant. Doctor Shen immediately felt something was wrong.

Is this guy crazy? If you don't know that you have fallen into the enemy's hands, are you likely to die?

He looked at the man in disbelief, and the next second he understood that the guy was obviously drunk. He was so drunk that he still didn't wake up.

Doctor Shen came up to help Lu Xiong in surprise and asked in disbelief.

'Old General, are you sure this man is a grain transport officer in Xiqi, not a drunkard on the road?'

Lu Xiong listened to his moustache, glanced forward, and explained:

'Doctor Shen is right. He is the grain transport officer of Xiqi. He was caught by the scout because he was drunk and ran his horse into our marching team.'

'It is estimated that Jiang Ziya is old and confused. He did not expect that such an important matter of the army should be handed over to a drunkard.'

As they spoke, the man seemed to have not sober up. He was still unconvinced when he saw the barracks of the Shang Dynasty, and he still shouted loudly.

'Damn it, do you know who I am? I'm Tailuan, the grain transport officer of Xiqi. My uncle is Taidian, a famous minister of Xiqi. Have you heard of this name? Please let me go.'

'Otherwise, you will look good!'

Doctor Shen...

I rubbed it. It's amazing. Jiang Ziya is so resourceful. Unexpectedly, he came across such a thing.

It was really unexpected.

Doctor Shen walked in front of him with his nose covered, raised his foot, kicked it down, and then said.

'I am Shen Xin, the senior doctor of the Yin Dynasty. Who are you? What is your official position?'

Feeling the strength of Doctor Shen's feet, the drunkard on the opposite side suddenly became angry and tried to struggle, but was held by many soldiers. His weak body could not move at all.

I had to stare at the front and shout:

'My uncle is too bumpy!'

'Pa!' Doctor Shen raised his foot.

'My uncle is too upset...' Doctor Shen continued to lift his foot.


The man seemed to calm down a little when he stepped over. Instead of continuing to shout, he said:

'Shen Xin... Shen Xin...'

'I remember you. I will kill you when I return to Xiqi one day.'

'I must kill you!'

'Hiccup!' Tai Luan shouted and then without hesitation belched.

Eh, Doctor Shen's eyes suddenly brightened when he saw the other person's tough appearance.

He didn't expect that the man in front of him was so tough and dared to shout to kill himself.

If the other party realizes, it will be a great thing for Doctor Shen.

And seeing the unruly eyes, Doctor Shen couldn't help wanting to give him a chance.

After thinking for a moment, I have made up my mind. It seems that I have to let go.

Doctor Shen immediately stepped forward and kicked the other side, and the other side continued to shout angrily.

'Look at me. My doctor's name is Shen Xin. In the future, I will find someone to revenge. Don't find the wrong person.'

Then he pulled his collar and attracted a wave of hatred. Without hesitation, he turned to Lu Xiong and sighed:

'General Lu, this is a waste. Let's fight it out...'

Call out??

Doctor Shen, do you mean to release it?

This means to release people without even trying them?

After all, the other party is the grain transport officer of Xiqi. Anyway, he should ask a few questions to understand the current situation in the city, or make good use of it.

He also said that his uncle was too bumpy and could always find some surplus value.

Lu Xiong said he was confused. Doctor Shen's move was too unexpected, and he didn't respond.

Seeing Lu Xiong's incomprehension, Doctor Shen frowned. It seemed that he had to explain.

So he went on to beat the grain transport officer, and then shouted:

'He's just an alcoholic. It's useless to keep him. He can't change the current situation at all, and he dares to retaliate against me?'

Do you dare? Tell me you dare.

The man was a little silent when he saw Doctor Shen's stare, as if he didn't know how to answer.

'My uncle is...'

When the fist hit, Tailuan immediately closed his mouth, nodded blankly, and shook his head again.

Until finally, under Doctor Shen's fists like a shower of rain, he cooperated with him and swore loudly.

Doctor Shen was satisfied. The man was right.

Very good coordination.

'General Lu, do you think such a person is qualified to know the secrets of Xiqi? Is it useful?'

Doctor Shen proved that the man in front of him was a fool with a certain look and facts.

Lu Xiong looked at Doctor Shen and then at the confused Taran who was beaten.

He deeply doubted this random situation, because this acting skill was really more fake than Fei Zhongyou.

Is Doctor Shen really letting him go because he is just a fool?

No, never.

Because Lu Xiong can see that this is not a random decision, which must have profound implications.

Is this the spy that Doctor Shen planted in Xiqi?

But it doesn't look like it, because the other side is true, it seems that it is not enough to succeed, and it is more than enough to fail.

So, what exactly is Doctor Shen?

Could it be that the doctor's compassionate kindness seized on him? Lu Xiong looked in the direction of the drunkard. It was really possible.

Lu Xiong was very clear about what would happen if the grain transport officer opposite fell into the camp of the Shang Dynasty.

It can be said that he will definitely die, and will squeeze anything valuable from him before he dies.

In order not to let this tragedy happen, Doctor Shen deliberately told the drunkard nothing and wanted to find a chance to save his life.

Lu Xiong had a lot of feelings in his eyes, and when he thought about it, it made sense instantly.

Doctors are good everywhere, but some are too benevolent and kind.

Alas, since ancient times, people who have become great events don't stick to small details.

But Doctor Shen is so kind and righteous that he refuses to confront a crazy drunk.

This is both his strength and his Achilles' heel.

However, it is admirable to defend the people of the world and refuse to kill a person by mistake.

Lu Xiong thought for a while, and finally followed Doctor Shen's order and beat the Tailuan Luan Staff out.

Doctor Shen is smiling and looking ahead,

In fact, he didn't hope that the drunk could really do what he said, but the people behind him might be more powerful.

It is understood that this is a powerful official of Xiqi.

Of course, Dr. Shen is burying a time bomb for himself.

In any case, this Liangzi is settled, and there will always be opportunities to meet in the future, even if not, it will be used as waste.

After all, it is better for Xiqi to have one more grain transport officer like Taran than one less.

After thinking about it, Doctor Shen turned back to the camp and thought about the next thing Xiqi asked for rain...

Outside the shaft door.

Tai Luan was beaten and thrown out for no reason. The whole person was shocked and suddenly woke up.

I didn't come here just now and thought about it carefully, but now when I looked forward, I was almost scared to death. My legs were out of control and I fell to the ground mumbling.

My God, where is this?

How could I be at the gate of the camp of Yin Shang.

After looking at the wound on his face and the vague memory, it was obvious that Taidian was sure that he was caught in the merchant camp.

As for why he was alive, it seems that a man named Shen Xin let him go.

And the other side let himself remember his name and come to retaliate in the future.


How is that possible?

He shook his head too much. He is not stupid. Shen Xin, the name of Shen Xin, is impressive.

Don't say whether his strength can retaliate, even if there is a chance.

The other side is a child like existence in Xiqi City, and even Prime Minister Jiang has suffered many losses.

Go to his trouble yourself. What's the difference between that and looking for death.

Even Tailuan had to thank Doctor Shen. If he had not released himself, he would have died in the Yin Shang camp.

Thank you, Doctor Shen!

You are my good man.

After thinking for a moment, I felt extremely grateful for Tai Luan. My legs finally regained some consciousness, and I stumbled to my feet and ran to Xiqi.

Outside Xiqi Prime Minister's Residence.

As soon as Taruan reached the city gate, he was surrounded by a large group of Xiqi soldiers. Later, without hesitation, he beat him violently and took him to Jiang Ziya.

At the head of the Yin'an Hall, Jiang Ziya, with a steely face, frowned and shouted without hesitation.

'Taruan, you should have arrived at the Grassland on the eighth day of this month. Why is it that you have been delayed for ten days?'

Since he was captured in the prime minister's residence, Taruan was so frightened that he didn't dare to come out. Seeing Jiang Ziya shouting, he was shocked at the moment. He had to hesitate and plead in a low voice:

'Prime Minister, the road in Xiqi is rough and difficult, and there are many Yin Shang scouts coming to obstruct it, so...'


This action immediately shocked everyone in the hall, and subconsciously lowered their heads.

'Is the road rugged? How many merchants and soldiers obstruct it?' Jiang Ziya angrily slapped the table and angrily scolded.

'I have gone against this road for many times. I don't know how many times I have gone. No matter how slow it is, it will not be delayed for ten days!'

'It is clear that it is your drinking that has caused such a disaster, and you left your post without permission!'

Although he did not dare to say how good the road of Xiqi was, it was definitely not rugged and difficult to travel. Even if the merchant army stopped him, he was just a small group of scouts. How could he threaten the grain transport army.

Tai Luan's heart trembled, and he almost dared not breathe, and even dared not look directly at Jiang Ziya's angry eyes. He quickly kowtowed and bowed down:

'I will die...'

On hearing what Tailuan said, Jiang Ziya immediately looked disgusted, looked up and looked at the generals in the hall, and said fiercely.

'Our military technical secondary school regards food as a major event, and missed three

Day, it's time to kill! What reason do you have to say that you missed ten days today? '

Jiang Ziya's big sleeve:

'Come here, let us make an example of Tailuan.'

Tai Luan knelt down. Seeing Jiang Ziya's performance, he felt inexplicably frightened and kowtowed.

He knew that Jiang Ziya was really angry, and he was already scared out of his wits.

I was even more afraid of being killed by my own people instead of being killed in the camp of Yin Shang.

Hurrying to beg for mercy:

'Prime Minister, my uncle is too bumpy, my uncle is too bumpy!'

'I hope you can spare my life for my uncle's sake!'

However, before his death, there was a crisis of survival. Tai Luan knocked his head. It hurt that he bared his teeth, but he didn't care for his life.

Not only that, but also he desperately shouted his uncle's name and begged all the generals present, hoping that someone would come out and help him speak.

Tai Luan's bet was right. After all, Tai Dian was an old minister of the three dynasties of Xiqi and the leader of a large family in the city. After a moment's hesitation, several generals came out to plead for him.

'Prime Minister, Tai Luan is the nephew of Tai Dian. He has always regarded him as his own son. Xi Qi is based on a large family. If he is killed, he may be estranged from the family.'

'Yes, please think twice, Prime Minister!'

'The Prime Minister, think twice!'

Not long after, several people came to plead for him.

Jiang Ziya gnashed his teeth angrily. Although he still wanted to kill Tailuan, he calmed down at the thought of the interests involved.

The crime of Tai Luan can be big or small. If you kill him at this time, it will surely make those aristocratic families and capitulators in the court restless, and the situation of their own hard and stable will cause waves again.

The generals are right. Killing Tailuan obviously does more harm than good. Now the most important thing should be to fight Shen Xin three days later, not to cause civil strife in Xiqi.

Jiang Ziya thought about it in his heart and bit his teeth to endure anger:

'Tai Luan, I won't kill you when you deliver food for the first time.'

'Thank you, Prime Minister! Thank you, my uncle will...'

After hearing this, the corners of Tailuan's mouth rose. Just as he was about to thank Jiang Ziya, he heard Jiang Ziya continue:

'Death is forgivable, but living sin is unforgivable. Drinking will delay matters, delay the army's food supply, and drag it down. It will be 80 years of responsibility.'

After that, Jiang Ziya shook his cuffs and left without mercy.

After hearing this, Tailuan shivered, and could not help swearing in the face of the guard who pulled him up.

'Jiang Ziya, I remember you. One day, I will avenge you!'

Compared with the heartless Xiqi, Taran silently remembered the kind-hearted Doctor Shen...

'Brother Shen!'


When Shen Changqing is walking on the road, he will greet or nod his head when he meets someone he knows well.

But no matter who it is.

There is no superfluous expression on each face, as if they are indifferent to everything.

In this regard.

Shen Changqing is used to it.

Because this is the Demon Suppressing Department, which is an organization to maintain the stability of the Qin Dynasty. Its main responsibility is to kill demons and monsters. Of course, there are other sidelines.

so to speak.

In the Demon Subdivision Department, everyone's hands were stained with a lot of blood.

When a person is used to seeing life and death, he will become indifferent to many things.

When Shen Changqing first came to this world, he was a little uncomfortable, but he got used to it over time.

The Demon Master is very big.

Those who can stay in the Demon Control Department are all powerful experts or have the potential to become experts.

Shen Changqing belongs to the latter.

The Demon Subduing Division is divided into two occupations, one is the Guardian Envoy, and the other is the Demon Subduing Envoy.

Anyone who enters the Demon Subduing Division starts from the lowest level Demon Eliminating Envoy,

Then step by step, he is expected to become a garrison envoy.

Shen Changqing's predecessor was a novice demon dispelling envoy in the Demon Control Department, which was also the lowest level of the demon dispelling envoys.

Have the memory of your predecessor.

He is also very familiar with the environment of the Demon Department.

It didn't take long for Shen Changqing to stop in front of a loft.

Different from other places full of killing, the attic here seems to stand out from the crowd, showing a different peace in the bloody Demon Subdivision.

At this time, the gate of the attic was open, and people occasionally came in and out.

Shen Changqing just hesitated for a moment and stepped in.

Enter the attic.

The environment has changed in vain.

A burst of ink fragrance mixed with a faint smell of blood rushed to his face, making his eyebrows instinctively wrinkled, but quickly stretched.

There is almost no way to clean up the bloody smell of everyone in the Demon Control Division.

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