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Chapter 282 Conspiracy with Xiqi


'Ouch! Jiang Ziya and I are against each other!'

Tai Luan gasped and shouted with his hands over his hips, while he could not help but scold Jiang Ziya.

His buttocks could not feel the slightest sensation, and his face was twisted with pain.

How had Tai Luan ever been subjected to this kind of criminal law? Even before, he was spoiled and pampered. The only injury was Doctor Shen's feet.

However, Jiang Ziya was very cruel now. When he was whipped 80 times, he felt that he was half dead.

Shame, naked shame, followed by bursts of howling filial piety:

'Jiang Ziya, Jiang Ziya, I don't want to repay you today. I don't want you to kneel down in front of me and beg for mercy. My surname is Tai Luan!'

He slapped his back excitedly, bared his teeth in pain, and instantly the wound burst open. His hands were wet with blood, and Tailuan screamed:

'Come on! Come on! Get the bamboo couch ready. I'm going to see my uncle!'

Hearing Tailuan's call, several trusted attendants immediately turned in. Seeing this, they did not hesitate. They hurriedly took the bamboo bed and helped Tailuan up.

Tai Luan still doesn't get rid of his hatred at the moment. He knows that with him, even his uncle Tai Dian can't compete with Jiang Ziya in Xiqi.

The other side not only holds military power, but also has Taoism. Some of its disciples are extremely powerful. Even if they go to my uncle to complain, I'm afraid they will get nowhere and can't revenge.

So it's useless to complain. He wants to do something important by himself, that is, to go to Doctor Shen, who loves the people like children, and to go to Yin and Shang.

You should know that he was captured by the enemy accidentally, which was a fatal situation, but Doctor Shen was selfless and reached out to save him.

I used to talk wildly before, trying to do something bad for him. Now it seems that I am blind.

For a while, Tailuan only regretted why he chose to follow Doctor Shen without being in the camp of the Shang Dynasty.

Compared with Jiang Ziya, and then compared with Dr. Chen Xiqi, there is nothing comparable.

Fuck Jiang Ziya and Fuck Xi Qi.

Tai Luan cursed several times. Even if he was ready to cast aside the dark and cast light, he went to Yin Shang to follow Doctor Shen's footsteps and avenge himself!

Even if he was not enough, he would take his uncle with him to deal with Jiang Ziya.

Jiang Ziya was forced by you to scold me again. Tai Luan urged his subordinates to start quickly. He could not help but want to lead his uncle to the open......

Taidian Mansion.

The Tailuan people have not arrived yet, but the voice has arrived first.

The cry of 'ouch... ouch' was heard all the time, and could be heard clearly from a long distance.

Tai Dian in the mansion was surprised. He stayed with King Wu in the palace all day today, so he didn't know that Tai Luan was beaten.

And when he looked at the blood and flesh model lake behind his nephew, which was carried in by people trembling, he immediately became angry.

'Luan Er, what's the matter? Didn't you go outside the city to escort the food?

' What happened to the injury? Who on earth hurt you like this? '

Tai Luan ran forward anxiously, looking at his dying nephew, full of anger.

He was old and childless, and he was the only nephew in his family. He regarded Tailuan as his own son.

How can I not be worried and angry when I see that he has lost half his life in this way.

Facing his uncle's question, Taruan didn't come up first to complain, but raised his hand weakly:

'Uncle, don't you know you are going to have a big disaster?'

'Hmm? What disaster is coming? Make it clear.' Hearing this sudden remark, I became alert at once.

'Uncle, you must be careful about Jiang Ziya next!' Tai Luan's face was tense and worried.

'Jiang Ziya was going to get into trouble today because of some minor mistakes, and almost killed his nephew. If it wasn't for the protection of the courtiers, you might not have seen me!'

'Jiang Ziya, this is not so simple, must have a deep meaning?'

Tai Luan was a little confused by what he said, and was stunned: 'What's the meaning? What's the relationship between your injury and Prime Minister Jiang?'

'Let me analyze for you.' Tai Luan waved his hand to let the servant go and talked loudly in the room.

'Uncle, it has been hundreds of years since our aristocratic families started their business with Xiqi. Every Xibo Marquis has paid more respect to the aristocratic families, but now it has obviously changed.'

Taidian said, 'Of course it is the same now...'

I sighed too much.

'Uncle, don't deceive yourself.' Taruan immediately interrupted his uncle, slapped the bamboo bed under him and shouted:

'Don't you understand the current situation?'

Then he continued to say in a loud voice: 'It was true, but everything has changed since King Wen invited Jiang Ziya, the old fisherman, from the Weishui River.'

'Jiang Ziya, relying on King Wen's favor, strived for power and profit, appointed people by favoritism, cleared away dissidents, and disrupted the court.'

'Now he not only wants to hold the power alone, but also wants to drive us and other aristocratic families to death!'

Too upset and angry, 'Nonsense!'

'Are you able to discuss such court events?'

Tai Luan was startled. He looked a little scared, and his voice gradually faded. He struggled.

'What I said is absolutely right. King Wu was bewitched by Jiang Ziya, a demon, and fought against the Shang Dynasty. This time, my nephew was beaten, which was a signal that Jiang Ziya wanted to eradicate our aristocratic families.'

'Jiang Ziya can beat my ass today, but can't he beat your face tomorrow?'

'Everyone in Man Xiqi knows that I am your nephew. Jiang Ziya is not considerate. Now he bullies me like this, obviously he will attack you.'

'Shit!' How dare your ass compare with my face? 'Tai Dian was furious when he heard this, and waved his hand to teach the unfilial nephew a lesson.

But I didn't expect that Taeluan raised his head and took the initiative to send his face up.

And he kept struggling with anger:

'You fight! You fight and die in the hands of your uncle, or in the hands of Jiang Ziya, and finally be destroyed by the Manchu!' After that, he showed an expression of fearless death and heroic martyrdom.

Of course, it would be more true if he trembled slightly and looked secretly without opening his eyes.

Tai Dian looked at him coldly. As an old fogey in the officialdom, he had been fighting with aristocratic families in the court for so long. How could he be deceived by a few words.

And he almost didn't believe a word about his nephew. He didn't know what he was like for so many years?

A pure fool.

They eat, drink, whore, gamble, and lie a lot. They are arrogant because of their reputation. In Xiqi City, everyone is shouting and fighting.

Can you believe what he said?

He glared at Tai Dian and said:

'Say, did you do something bad to Xiqi? It seems that the wound was caused by the punishment of the army, not the wound of fighting.'

'You should have arrived a few days ago, but now you are ten days late.'

'If I had not sheltered in Siqi, how could you live to this day?'

Tai Dian is really an old fogey in the officialdom. He guessed it just by looking at the injury.

Tai Luan was shocked when he heard that his old story had been exposed. He said something bad in his heart. He didn't dare to argue, so he had to murmur and nod.

'It's all my nephew's fault. It's because I offended Prime Minister Jiang. But my nephew's guess is not empty words. Please be on your guard as soon as possible to avoid being hurt!'

Tai Dian was silent for a moment. Although what Tai Luan said was unreasonable, it was out of thin air.

What I said is quite reasonable, and it is more true that I have a rather bumpy appetite.

Because he is a capitulator who represents the interests of the aristocratic family. As long as he can keep his own interests and the wealth of the family, he doesn't care who will be the king.

What's more, Yin and Shang had always been honest, and Xi Qi was a blatant rebel.

He had an idea long ago, but he didn't succeed.

Instead of following Xiqi, who is about to weaken, why not turn from darkness to light.

Tai Dian finally put down his clenched hand and sighed.

Seeing that my uncle was moved, Tai Luan thought about it for a while, and felt that he was right this time. I'm afraid that my uncle had already been on guard.

So his mind came alive again, and he hurriedly urged him to strike while the iron was hot:

'Uncle, we should have made plans as early as possible. If Jiang Ziya takes the lead, how can we survive?'

'Today, I have a plan to protect my family. Would you like to hear about it, Uncle?'

'You alone can say something useful?' Shake your head too much and disdain to say.

…… Well, Taruan was speechless and didn't know what to say for a moment.

Prejudice, this is absolutely prejudice!

How can the world know my talent? Only Doctor Shen can know how to make good use of others, and he can see that I am extraordinary.

Seeing his uncle's disdain, he laughed and said:

'Uncle, you always say that I am incompetent. Every day I eat, drink, play and bully the market.'

'Isn't it true?' asked Taidian

'Of course not. Nephew, although I made a small mistake, I made great achievements. It is precisely because I am infamous and everyone yells at me, that my uncle can stand in court so safely and win the trust of the King of Wu.'


This wonderful speech seems to be nonsense, but on reflection, it really makes some sense.

Because the existence of aristocratic families is feared by the monarch of Xiqi. If there is really a brilliant talent, I am afraid that I will have trouble sleeping and eating.

But if there is waste in the family, Jifa can wake up with a smile even in dreams.

I carefully looked at my nephew. Could he have been hiding his ignorance?

With a skeptical look, Taibei finally nodded:

'What can you do? Let's talk about it.'

Tai Luan knew that his goal of coming today was finally achieved, so he became more confident and did not hesitate.

'Uncle, Yin Shang is the destiny of the world. The world is orthodox. Doctor Shen is both civil and military, and has unparalleled talent. How can Jiang Ziya, the old man, fight with Doctor Shen?'

'I'm afraid that the city will be destroyed someday, and our aristocratic families will burn with it.'

If he thought too much, he naturally thought the same way. Otherwise, he would not lead his ministers to surrender.

'Then what do you think you should do?'

'Doctor Shen of the Yin and Shang Dynasty, for the country and the people, and for the enlightened Lord, we can go to him directly.'

He stroked his beard and his eyes flashed: 'This matter needs to be discussed again...'

Taruan hurriedly interrupted:

'Uncle, why bother? Today's beating of my nephew has proved that Jiang Ziya wants to fight against us. Do you want to watch the family's hundred years of accumulation destroyed?'

'It is necessary to guard against others.'

It's really true.

That is to say, even though he refused his nephew's proposal, Jiang Ziya did show his attitude, and would definitely attack them if he found the opportunity later.

'Nephew has decided to leave Xiqi at night today and go to the Yin Shang Camp. Uncle just needs to take his confidants to go with me.'

'With the ability of our uncle and nephew, we will be able to show our strength and help Doctor Chen defeat Xiqi when we arrive at the Yin Dynasty!'

'The next day you will be a marquis and pay homage to your minister, and you will never want to be rich or noble again.'

Tailuan anxiously asked.

Young people always act impulsively and recklessly, but people like Taidian don't act with passion.

Otherwise, he would have died many times.

This kind of old fox has long been scheming.

After listening to this, Tai Dian walked back and forth, constantly analyzing the advantages and disadvantages in his mind. It's a big thing to defecte from Xi Qi. If you do well, you can do it. If you don't do well, you will die.

What's more, he could not give up his wealth status in the city.

'But it is their last way out to go to Yin and Shang and to go to Doctor Shen.'

After careful consideration for a moment, I looked out of the door and saw a bright light in my eyes. It seemed that I had a wonderful idea. I immediately said to my nephew:

'Luan Er, don't worry. Although we have decided to join the Shang Dynasty, we may not be valued if we go alone.'

'It's better to stay in the city for the time being to answer the current law. You can go to Doctor Shen's camp first to explain our thoughts.

At a critical moment, both sides will cooperate with each other inside and outside, and raise fire in the city. Xiqi will surely be defeated! '

' And we can also attract more people to join in this matter, so that we can grasp more! '

After hearing his uncle's plan, Taruan was shocked. He just wanted Jiang Ziya to pay the price.

But what they want is to dig the foundation of Xiqi...

In this way, not only has the great contribution been made, but the family power has not been affected, and even Xiqi has disappeared.

High, really high!

When Taruan saw his uncle's expression, he had made a plan and was very impressed.

Hearing this, Tailuan couldn't help but want to call his own guard and prepare to go to the business camp immediately.

But before he spoke, he was interrupted by too much turbulence:

'Wait a minute, you go empty handed. You have nothing to say. I'm afraid you won't be trusted. You have to give me a big gift to show the importance of my uncle and nephew.'

'What big gift?' Tai Luan asked doubtfully.

'It's said that Yang Jian stole a treasure from the Yin merchants the day before yesterday. It's a Hunyuan umbrella. It's unpredictable.'

'You can steal all night and send it to the doctor's account. Maybe you can help the doctor fight.'

'Shit!' Tai Luan was stunned. He was convinced, or was his uncle bad enough? She was really insidious.

Before he could join in, he had already thought about how to get Xiqi's family back.

But he likes it.

Only in this way can I have a chance to revenge Jiang Ziya.

Doctor Shen, don't worry. I will arrange this matter for you clearly, and there will be no mistakes.

In the camp of the Shang Dynasty.

Doctor Shen is enjoying the little fox's massage, but somehow, he always feels that his eyes are jumping?

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