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Chapter 29 Demon, please come to revenge quickly (for collection, recommendation, and reading)

Shen Xin followed the soldier's instructions and strode to a forest

. Seeing several people around him, he asked:

'where is the fox?'

the atmosphere was suddenly stiff. The soldiers exchanged their eyes and said carefully:

'my Lord, the evil fox is right in front, but don't go over it. It's too evil!'

then Shen Xin saw a soldier in elite clothes running out, as fast as if some demon was chasing him.

after a few seconds.

there was an inexplicable buzzing sound behind them, and a large group of black pressed wild bees rushed towards them.

many soldiers hurriedly waved their weapons and ran away. For a moment, there was no one in the forest except Shen Xin.

'horizontal trough!'

Shen Xin's face was stiff, but he did not move. He was not afraid, but did not react.

of course, those wild bees may have been afraid of the pressure of the saints and did not follow Shen Xin's direction.

Shen Xin narrowly escaped from the disgrace!

after a while, huangfeihu hurried to expel the swarm.

Bigan looked at the bee colony in front of him in surprise and whispered:

'when we came here, we searched for miles, but we didn't see such a wild bee. The bee colony was really strange.

Shen Xin ignored it and walked on, and finally saw a dirty fox.

he poked it twice to see that the fox seemed to be waking up, which was a little disgusting.

The little white fox was fainted by a burst of smoke just now. He was confused when he heard the noise around him. It seemed that there were many people around him.

then he saw a face more handsome than all the foxes in the cave.

exclaimed in his heart: 'so human beings can be so handsome!'

but the next second he became angry. The human was actually touching it, and he finally saw clearly that the soldiers around him were the villains who burned Xuanyuan tomb.

he became angry instantly, and the whole fox was full of the power of revenge.

the white fox finds the culprit and is ready to retaliate,

gets up, accelerates and runs.

but it forgot that there was a sharp stone at its feet.

Peng! !

the little white fox fell to the ground and ate excrement.

prepare for another sneak attack.

the abnormal sound attracted the attention of the soldiers around. Under the gaze of a large group of people, it immediately stopped in Bengbu

Shen Xin felt something wrong when he saw the fox's movements. However, he could understand that he was a saint after all. It was not impossible for him to worship when he felt that his momentum was alive.

when Huang Feihu looked at the fox, he always had a bad feeling in his heart. It seemed that he would be in bad luck if he stayed with it.

so he chose to follow his premonition in his heart and said in a cold voice without hesitation: 'this is a demon and should be eradicated.

come on!'

when the soldiers around heard huangfeihu's order, they were ready to start, but doctor Shen suddenly stopped them.

huangfeihu looked puzzled and said, 'what do you mean, doctor Shen?'

'this fox demon's accomplice has been killed by us. If we don't get rid of it, there will be disaster in the future. What should we do to retaliate then?'

what huangfeihu said was very reasonable, but Shen Xin was very happy after listening.

good, revenge is good.

what we are waiting for is for them to retaliate. Shen Xin decided to add a guarantee for his way to the list.

Shen Xin is thinking about it. Huangfeihu is still trying to persuade him.

'doctor Shen, I know that adults are unparalleled in benevolence and righteousness, but human demons are different. We should kill the root.'

under normal circumstances, Huang Feihu is not wrong. Normal people would choose to eliminate the root, but now it is different.

I want to be on the list.

Shen Xin waved his hand and said in a righteous and strict way:

'General Huang, don't try to persuade him any more,'

'heaven has a virtue of living well. People are divided into good and bad people. Demons also have good demons and bad demons.'

'this demon has obviously not transformed into a human being, nor has it ever harmed people's lives. We can't do it at the same time.

if we kill him today, what's the difference between us and the evil demon?'

'all things have spirituality, and there is no absolute good or evil in the world.'

Shen Xin's words are deafening and make people feel ashamed.

it can not help but make the people present think seriously.

huangfeihu tried to explain, but he kept silent under the serious gaze of doctor Shen.

not far away, Prime Minister Gan felt more deeply when he heard Shen Xin's words.

he was also a righteous man, and immediately agreed with Shen Xin's words:

'General Huang, Dr. Shen was right. People are divided into good people and bad people, and demons are divided into good demons and bad demons.

people are human because they can distinguish all things and distinguish right from wrong, so I support Dr. Shen's decision.'


Shen Xin waved his hand.

'there's nothing but, let it go.'

the soldiers around were moved. They had never seen such a good man before.

immediately knelt down and praised:

'Lord Shen is really kind and righteous. We admire him.'

'doctor Shen is merciful to heaven and people, and should be admired by all the people.'

a moment later, Shen Xin suddenly flashed a white light and rose to the sky.

Shen Xin is bathed in white light, holy and dignified.

I just feel that a warm energy has entered his body again.

why do you want to say that again? Shen Xin feels very happy.

facing the white light, Shen Xin looked at the fox and shouted:

'you demon, don't leave your life today.

if I dare to make trouble in the future, I will kill you with my own hands.

' I won't change my name. I'm Shen Xin, a doctor in sitiantai. If you want revenge, you can come to me. Don't involve others. '

remember, my name is Shenxin. After seeing Daji, Shen Xin told her not to find the wrong person to take revenge.

after making sure that he could understand, Shen Xin kicked the fox to help him deepen his memory.

after listening to this, the fox gnawed his teeth and thanked Shenxin.

his eyes were full of hope (hate)

seeing the other side's expression, Shen Xin felt that his efforts were not in vain.

go to Daji and make a small report.

I am confident that I am not afraid of death.

the little white fox ran and ran. He was very sad. Originally, everyone just went to the palace with his mother to eat something. Unexpectedly, he suffered a great disaster.

now all the people are caught.

he wants to tell his mother the news so that she can avenge the fox clan in Xuanyuan tomb.

white fox goes to Chaoge wholeheartedly, but he forgets that he can't go to the tightly guarded Chaoge city because of his unlucky physique and crazy road.

let alone the imperial palace.

the little fox walked carefully for a long time in the mountain forest and avoided numerous crises, but he never saw the city wall.

after a while, he stuck out his tongue and found himself lost again.

looking around, he found that they were all the same, I couldn't help feeling a little empty in my heart:

'I... I remember Ruth, who was in front of me. Sobing! X ﹏ X.

a little fox covered in soil was wandering around the woods. There was always some little noise everywhere.

I don't know how long it was, he sprang out from under a fallen tree in confusion and saw a huge snake demon staring at it.

There is still some animal's blood left in the mouth. According to its abdomen, it should have just been swallowed.

the letter in his mouth is huffing and puffing from time to time. It seems that he is very interested in the fox in front of him.

I don't care about an extra meal.

the little fox looked in horror at the front and saw that the snake demon swam towards it with the evil wind.

it was busy and trembling and shouted: 'no, don't come here, you will be in danger...

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