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Chapter 305 The adoptive father is not good. There are ambushes in the city.

'I should go to the city alone in the coming day. I only need to follow more than ten people with my relatives. I will go to the meeting alone and see what he says when he sees me!'

Yang Jian took Doctor Shen's impassioned words to the Xiqi military camp and reported them to Jiang Ziya.

And no surprise, everyone was shocked by it.

In Xiqi City, Taruan and others were so excited that they could not help jumping up and clapping their hands and exclaiming:

'Doctor Shen is really a hero!'

Tai Luan jumped three feet high, as if this sentence was uttered from his mouth. He was very excited and could not help himself.

The Taidian beside him gave Tailuan a hard look, shook his head in discontent, and admonished him.

'Take it easy! Take it easy! I must take it easy to do things. I taught you these principles of life since I was young. How can you forget them all now?'

'We are now under the orders of Doctor Shen to spy on Xi Qi. The slightest detail may make us doomed.'

'When can you follow your uncle's example and remain unchanged?'


Taidian sighed with a look of hating iron but not steel, and his expression was extremely serious.

'Uncle, I was wrong.'

The excited expression of Tailuan, who was scolded, was interrupted. He lowered his head and felt very regretful, even a little cramped.

Uncle is right. We are now under Doctor Shen's command. We can't show our emotions as easily as before. Otherwise, it may not matter if someone with a heart detects our safety. But what should we do if we break Doctor Shen's plan?

Tai Luan began to blame himself and accepted the criticism with an open mind, but he still asked with some doubts.

'Don't you feel excited about what Doctor Shen said?'

Taidian was silent for a moment, and then said, 'Of course I'm excited, but I've seen countless scenes, and I've walked more than you eat salt. How can I make such a frivolous expression?'


Tai Luan subconsciously pointed to his uncle's direction and said carefully:

'But Uncle, can I see your hands shaking?'

'You read it wrong!' Taidian said without hesitation.

Tai Luan was very unwise to ask, because he suspected that his uncle had lied. He persevered and said, 'Why are your feet...'

Before Tai Luan finished speaking, Tai Dian's face suddenly changed. He slammed the table and roared, 'Shut up!'

'This is not the point!'


Uncle, what about the landslide? What about the good indifference?

It seems that your expression is no more exaggerated than ours. It's a slander in Tailuan's heart.

But fortunately, although he is a little reckless, he is still very sober. Under the current comparison of strength, there is absolutely no good fruit for him to contradict his uncle.

Tai Luan was very wise. Before his uncle's fist, which was as big as a casserole, was about to hit his face, he quickly hid aside and silently shut up.

It was not until after a long time that he saw that his uncle's anger had subsided a lot that he dared to speak cautiously.

'Uncle, do you think Doctor Shen will really come to the meeting alone and break into Xiqi?'

This question is very important, which concerns how the two people should deal with it next.

However, Tai Luan obviously believed that Doctor Shen had the courage to come, but he did not want Doctor Shen to appear in Xiqi.

This kind of complex emotion is extremely contradictory in an instant.

After Taidian listened, he resumed his indifferent appearance. He raised the cup beside him, tasted a sip of tea, and asked, 'What do you think?'

The question was thrown back, but Taruan had already got the answer.

Doctor Shen is the most faithful person. He has agreed with great emotion and is ready to attend the meeting alone.

It will never break one's promise, so I went to Xiqi alone, even if there is a tiger's den in front of me.

In fact, he knew that this kind of danger was normal for Doctor Shen, because everything he did was extremely dangerous.

The scenes of Baiqi robbing Zhou Camp, breaking Chongcheng alone, beheading tigers, and catching demons are shocking.

If there is a person in the world who really has no fear of anything and walks around in the millions of troops, he will only smile when he is facing the sword, and will be fearless depending on life and death. It must be Doctor Shen.

Taruan is very confident.

'Uncle, we have taken refuge in Doctor Shen and turned our backs on the dark. We must not stand idly by today's affairs.'

'Of course not.' I nodded too much and agreed with my nephew.

Doctor Shen's personality charm is too great. Even if Taibing has never talked with him personally, everything he does is enough to make people in the world admire him.

Tai Luan believed that under Doctor Shen's command, his family would be more brilliant.

So he decided to do something. Taidian knocked the table slowly with his hand and waited silently until the tea in the cup had been drunk.

Suddenly, there was a constant noise from the crowd outside the mansion, and a group of officials and generals of Xiqi suddenly appeared outside the mansion.

In front of the Prime Minister's Mansion in the distance, in a secret corner, Nezha and others were whispering to each other.

Doctor Shen's presence at the meeting alone had too much influence. He also knew that Xiqi was going to assassinate his adoptive father at the banquet. How could they not hurry.

Although Doctor Shen is not afraid of what he has done, Martial Uncle Jiang can't handle it easily.

If Xiqi really wants to do it, dozens of swordsmen hidden outside the mansion may kill his adoptive father at any time.

However, things are not absolute. One advantage lies in the large number of people in Xiqi.

Doctor Shen's praying for rain for the people is an act of blessing the common people, and the result of the fight is even more popular in the world, so that now everyone is paying attention to this matter.

Xiqi had just announced that he was going out of the city to surrender, but he turned around to lure Doctor Shen into the city and kill him. Then Xiqi's image disappeared.

The most important thing is to lose the popular support.

Now, Jiang Ziya has the right to decide whether to take this opportunity.

As Nezha and others are the backbone of Xiqi generals and expository disciples, they have the opportunity to influence Martial Uncle's decision.

'Brother, what do you think about this?' Nezha looked at Jinzha aside and asked tentatively.

Jinzha pondered for a long time, and hesitated: 'It seems that this matter needs to be considered in the long run. The evil thief Chong Heihu is now highly valued by martial uncle. If the adoptive master goes to the city tomorrow, there may be an accident.'

Nezha wanted to say that he had a bold plan.

But I'm embarrassed to say it, for fear that everyone will be too shocked.

He was embarrassed to say it, but some people were embarrassed to say it. Jinzha and Muzha, who were deeply influenced by Nezha, almost took Doctor Shen as an example at the same time.

And because today's act of going to the meeting alone is more admirable. Young people admire heroes most, because they have the same dream.

Seeing that the eldest brother and the third brother hesitated, Muzha immediately raised his arms and said:

'Now we are both Shi En and my adoptive father. It's hard to choose between them. But people are close and distant, and things have priorities. My adoptive father is dying now. Of course, we should find a way to rescue him.'

'In my opinion, it is better to control the dozens of swordsmen first in case of accidents.'

If Doctor Shen is at the scene, he must draw out his belt to baptize several people with love.

You've gone too far.

It's just a trick.

It's a pity that Doctor Shen is not at the scene.

Nezha on the other side was also confused. He thought he was the bravest man, and he had to spend more time persuading his two brothers.

But now it seems that there is something wrong. He never thought that the second brother was actually the same person as himself.

It coincides with his idea.

But at this moment, Nezha smiled, but he was not worried, and quickly began to arch the fire silently:

'Second brother, I dare not talk about this.'

'This is the trick that the evil thief Chong Heihu offered to Martial Uncle. How can we destroy it? If we know the evil thief, my brother will probably offend him, which is not good.'

'Brother, do you think I'm right?'

Nezha shook his head there, showing that he wanted to stop his brother and didn't want to be impulsive.

But turned around and asked Jinzha a serious question.


'That's right. He worships black tigers as farts!' Hearing the name, Jinzha immediately wrinkled her eyebrows, revealing a disgusting look, obviously angry.

Because Jinzha did not pay attention to Chong Heihu at all. This shameless generation has no qualification to enter his eyes, let alone fear him.

He knew that he should not be silent today. As the Son of Man, if those treacherous men killed his adoptive father in their presence, how could he face his parents.

Face the world.

What's more, even if he doesn't do it himself, his brother will do it too. As a brother, we should work together. How can we be eccentric!

Jinzha understood this truth early in the morning. He also supported Muzha's idea. After looking around for a moment, Jinzha looked solemn and said in a cold voice:

'The Master sent us down the mountain to assist Martial Uncle and help Xi Qi establish a career. But nowadays, villains are coming out frequently and constantly offering slander to Martial Uncle. If we let him do what he wants, it will actually ruin Xi Qi's future.'

Jinzha walked to the two brothers, and his eyes were firm from the heart:

'What's more, the adoptive father, with the great righteousness of the common people in mind, and even the saints of benevolence, can't let him be bad at the hands of villains.'

In a flash, the three Nezha brothers reached an agreement on their goal, that is, never let Chongheihu destroy Xiqi, nor let the adoptive father be in danger.

At the moment, the evil thief Chong Heihu is playing chess with others in a leisurely manner. His smiling face is inexpressibly happy.

I just had to change my clothes and go out to set off a firecracker.

Only Nangong Shi, who was playing chess on the opposite side, was defeated.

'No, no!'

'The Marquis of Caozhou has gone too far. You know that Nangong Shi is not very good at chess, but you came to me. It's not authentic!'

Chong Heihu on the other side still remained in the joy of winning his chess. Hearing Nangong Shi's complaint, he couldn't help thinking:

'Bullshit, I only found you when I knew your chess stink. You are the last but one of Xiqi, and I am the last but one. Who do I want to find?

This is called professional counterpart.

'And I just want to experience the feeling of victory. If you are good at chess, who will play with you?'

Of course, Chong Heihu did not dare to tell Nangong Shi these truths.

Otherwise, he will lose the only talent who is inferior to him in chess.

At this time, Nangong Shi did not seem to understand what Chong Heihu thought, but took the lead in changing the topic.

He asked, 'I don't know whether Marquis Caozhou, if Shen Xin really dares to come to Xiqi, what should he do?'

Chong Heihu said with confidence:

'If Shen Xinzhen dares to come, the Prime Minister has already made arrangements. General Nangong will lead an army to ambush under Xiqi City, and I and General Buji will lead an army to ambush outside the Prime Minister's residence.'

When the Prime Minister arrives, he leads the cup and prepares to fight; If there is no army coming, only fifty swordsmen and ax men will bow down behind the court and kill them at the feast. '

Nangong Shi laughed when he heard this: 'Marquis Caozhou's good plan will surely make Shen Xin die in Xiqi. He must be an immortal.'

The two people praised each other hypocritically and cruelly in the mansion.

The plan has been made.

The next day, just before dawn, Jiang Ziya made people look at the city wall of Xiqi.

Not long after, I saw a group of people coming from outside the city in a hurry. There were only a few guards beside me. A red flag waved Yang in the wind, showing a big 'Shen' character.

When the cavalry approached the city wall, they saw Doctor Shen sitting on an iron eating beast in a royal robe; Huang Tianxiang was holding a treasured knife beside him, and behind him was a heaven shaking arrow with a heaven shaking bow;

Eighty nine elite and strong men in the army, each with a sword at his waist, came straight to Xiqi. Now they were under the city gate.

Jiang Ziya was surprised. He waved his hand and led the generals out of the city.

At the moment Doctor Shen appeared, there were already many clouds in Xiqi City.

Almost everyone's eyes were focused on the surrender.

What's more, I don't know which bastard it is. There is a rumor among the people that Prime Minister Jiang will lead the army to kill Doctor Shen in Xiqi.

In a moment, the news spread, and turned into a huge wave. After all, this is a big thing. Xi Qi not only failed to gamble and colluded with monsters, but also broke the agreement and secretly took the dark hand.

It was a big news.

Even Doctor Shen, who had just entered the city, obviously felt wrong.

As a matter of fact, which son of a bitch told Jiang Ziya that he wanted to frame me? Why do people seem to be supporting themselves?

No, it's not normal. There must be something fishy here.

Because, according to the common sense, this is the secret of Xiqi after all. If you want to kill me, you can't disclose any information. How can people in the whole city know about it overnight?

Doctor Shen's current reputation can be said to be at the height of the sun. If the news is allowed to spread like this, how can Jiang Ziya start?

Isn't it pure to make it more difficult?

Doctor Shen's expression is obviously strange at the moment.

Huang Tianxiang also noticed the situation, and his expression was even more strange, especially when he stared at the city gate. After a moment, his heart suddenly sank and he cried out alertly:

'My adoptive father, it's not a good thing. Please evacuate quickly. There are ambushes in the city!'

'Brother Shen!'


When Shen Changqing is walking on the road, he will greet or nod his head when he meets someone he knows well.

But no matter who it is.

There is no superfluous expression on each face, as if they are indifferent to everything.

In this regard.

Shen Changqing is used to it.

Because this is the Demon Suppressing Department, which is an organization to maintain the stability of the Qin Dynasty. Its main responsibility is to kill demons and monsters. Of course, there are other sidelines.

so to speak.

In the Demon Subdivision Department, everyone's hands were stained with a lot of blood.

When a person is used to seeing life and death, he will become indifferent to many things.

When Shen Changqing first came to this world, he was a little uncomfortable, but he got used to it over time.

The Demon Master is very big.

Those who can stay in the Demon Control Department are all powerful experts or have the potential to become experts.

Shen Changqing belongs to the latter.

The Demon Subduing Division is divided into two occupations, one is the Guardian Envoy, and the other is the Demon Subduing Envoy.

Anyone who enters the Demon Subduing Division starts from the lowest level Demon Eliminating Envoy,

Then step by step, he is expected to become a garrison envoy.

Shen Changqing's predecessor was a novice demon dispelling envoy in the Demon Control Department, which was also the lowest level of the demon dispelling envoys.

Have the memory of your predecessor.

He is also very familiar with the environment of the Demon Department.

It didn't take long for Shen Changqing to stop in front of a loft.

Different from other places full of killing, the attic here seems to stand out from the crowd, showing a different peace in the bloody Demon Subdivision.

At this time, the gate of the attic was open, and people occasionally came in and out.

Shen Changqing just hesitated for a moment and stepped in.

Enter the attic.

The environment has changed in vain.

A burst of ink fragrance mixed with a faint smell of blood rushed to his face, making his eyebrows instinctively wrinkled, but quickly stretched.

There is almost no way to clean up the bloody smell of everyone in the Demon Control Division.

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