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Chapter 32 The people are the most important, the country is the second, and the monarch is the least

Shen Xin is quite satisfied with his new 'traitor'. Now he can't help but want to go back to Chaoge to find Daji.

what's more, he didn't expect that there was such bad luck among foxes. He had seen it not long ago. He took the fox and just got on the bus.

the horse pulling the cart went crazy for no reason. They were almost dumped. Fortunately, King Wucheng responded in time, otherwise there would be an accident.

ok! Shen Xin immediately praised him. If he was unlucky at the critical moment, he would surely die.

this is a double insurance. It's almost too stable to be stable.

Shen Xin is in a good mood, so he gives a foot to the fox's ass to show it the dangers of the world and deepen his hatred.

'hurry up and walk slowly. As a monster, how can you slow down like a woman? It's a shame that you don't have the momentum of a monster.'

the effect is obvious.

the fox was instantly angry. Four little short legs tried to attack Shen Xin unremittingly. They stared at Shen Xin with their small mouths open. It seemed that they were ready to take a bite at any time.

it's a pity that Shen Xin didn't give him the chance to directly mention his fate.

leisurely move towards the song.

not long after he left, Shen Xin encountered various unexplained dangers. Now there is one more person who is far away from him, and the other is huangfeihu.

Shen Xinxin said that good guy, he had already exerted his power before Chaoge.

very good. Hurry to report my actions to Daji. It would be better if all the firepower could be attracted.

however, after everyone saw the danger of this fox, they silently distanced themselves from Dr. Shen for their own safety.

as a result, the whole team became very strange. Shen Xin walked in front of him, one man and one fox. Behind him was a general wearing armor and holding a golden gun, namely huangfeihu, the king of Wucheng.

at the moment, he is putting his hands on the golden gun in his hands, repeatedly wiping it back and forth.

there is no intention of stopping for half an hour. After each wipe, you will subconsciously sniff, and then continue to repeat the previous actions.

not far from him, a five-color divine cow kept aloof. At the same time, he was disgusted with the sound of his nose. However Huang Feihu shouted, he refused to approach, let alone let him ride.

in the last place, the prime minister Bigan was with threehundred Pro guards. Facing huangfeihu, the old prime minister looked calm but didn't feel the slightest dislike. However, he was surrounded by threehundred Pro guards and protected threehundred degrees.

in this way, everyone finally returned to the South Gate of Chaoge safely.

however, Shen Xin's face became darker as he walked towards the gate.

at any time, a group of refugees can be seen walking in a hurry, looking numb towards the song.

most of them were scantily dressed, skinny and covered with bones. They had countless scars on their bodies, and seemed to have been severely punished.

this is not a disaster year. There are neither red fields nor locusts everywhere, but there are more and more victims.

king Zhou built a large number of buildings. Lutai alone exhausted the power of the whole country. It was completed after seven years of poverty. The people were tired to fill it under the stage and cast it with their bones.

since Lutai has been completed, most of the refugees have been driven out of the city. Normally, they will scatter in the land

they can choose to return home and wait for the spring of the next year to continue borrowing seeds and planting food.

but I never thought that after they went back, they were confronted with the constant forced grabbing of strong men and pressing for money, and even the land they used to live on was occupied by people.

if life is hopeless, they will naturally become refugees.

at this point, the last trace of goodness in the world has been preserved without exchanging seeds for food.

since ancient times. There is nothing better at the bottom, just like the weeds on the roadside. Maybe even the weeds are not as good as

grass people, grass people, grass people.

even in today's Shang Dynasty, they were inferior to the people. They were just slaves who could take their lives at any time.

Wang San is such a refugee. However, he is in a good mood these days. The most important thing is that he doesn't have to starve to death.

although you don't eat much every day, it is enough to protect your life.

in the barren and overgrown woodland in front of him, he was busy with the rest of the victims before dawn.

as the weather gets colder, people are busy looking for wood to build shelters that can avoid the wind and snow.

it was very cold in the winter of the Shang Dynasty, but now their hearts are very warm.

if the victims are so optimistic, they will not forget the benefactor who kept them alive. It was Dr. Shen who spent all his money that made us the untouchables.

with food, the refugees still look hungry and yellow, but at least they have some blood and hope to live.

Wang San, who was busy, suddenly looked into the distance of the road as if he felt something in his heart.

a few moments later, a group of elite soldiers are moving towards the city gate.

when he saw the man in the crowd, he suddenly widened his eyes and felt unbelievable.

'doctor Shen, it's doctor Shen.'

I don't know who shouted, victims Peng! They threw the newly harvested wood in their hands to the ground. They looked hurried and breathed heavily. Many people were stunned and rubbed their hands. They didn't know what to do.

until the team slowly approached, they hurried along both sides of the road, shouting and kneeling down in order to personally thank their benefactor.

the prime minister Bigan did not know when he went to Shen Xin's side. Looking at the miserable images all over the place, he sighed: 'thanks to Dr. Shen's righteous deeds, these victims can continue to survive.'

'otherwise, they would have been frozen to death and starved to death. Dr. Shen has countless people alive. He is a saint in the world!'

the saints mentioned here do not refer to those saints who have profound magic power, but to those who have high moral character and are committed to the people.

Shen Xin moved and stopped.

silently looking at the excited faces of the victims, as well as the bewildered expressions.

I don't know why, he always has a breath in his heart. He can't keep his mind open.

his idea of becoming a saint is stronger than ever before.

Shen Xin personally helped the excited victims to clean up the dust on their bodies.

finally, he silently turned his eyes to the prime minister Bigan and said to him seriously: 'didn't Prime Minister Bigan ask me last night about my policies for governing the country?'

'today I have a word to warn the prime minister.'

'please teach me quickly!' After hearing this, Prime Minister Bigan excitedly pulled Shen Xin's arm, and his eyes lit up.

he knew he was being rude, but he couldn't help it after all. Looking at these homeless refugees, how could his heart not be touched.

not only for the country, but also for the people.

Shen Xin didn't care about the prime minister Bigan's actions. Instead, he turned and looked at the towering deer terrace and the luxurious palace. He blurted out a few words:

'the people are the most important, the country is the second, and the king is the least!'

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [I want to be a God] online and go to the source website for reading.