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Chapter 340 The Heavenly Jue Array is famous

'Shen Xin, don't be wild. Deng Hua, a disciple of Yuxu, is here. He has been ordered by his teacher to break your Tianjue Array!'

With Deng Hua's sharp drink, he shook his painting halberd, his body was cold, his clothes were hunting, and his eyes looked cold at Doctor Chen, as if he were looking at the dead.

Good guy, Doctor Shen is calling you good guy.

If we hadn't known that Deng Hua was a cannon fodder, I'm afraid Doctor Shen would have believed it.

Well, it must be the goods that Yuanshi Tianzun sent for death on purpose.

Who is Deng Hua? He claimed to be the fifth disciple of the Yuxu Palace, namely, the disciple of the Heavenly Lord at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty.

However, he died in a flash in the book of Fengshen Romance. He came to break the Tianjue Formation, the head of the Ten Jue Formation, and then there was no later. The performance is really surprising.

His ability will not be mentioned for the time being, but he died just after the performance, and no one will believe that he is very outstanding.

Second, Doctor Shen wondered how he came to be the fifth ranked leader.

If you press the entry time? In fact, it has been clearly stated that Deng Hua has been practicing Taoism for only a few years, while Jiang Ziya has been climbing the mountain for 40 years.

The Twelve Immortals are senior brothers of Jiang Ziya, apparently earlier.

Therefore, it is obviously not the reason why Deng Hua is at the top of the list. Since it was not early to go up the mountain, it was obvious that he could not be called as the fifth elder martial brother in terms of seniority.

From this perspective, this group of people seems to be newly recruited.

Moreover, the status of the twelve golden immortals is much higher than that of Deng Hua, so Deng Hua's ranking should be completely different from that of the twelve golden immortals.

Just like the ranking of Bodhi's disciples in Journey to the West, he divided the ranking of disciples into twelve generations. Each generation uses different characters, but they are all his disciples.

At the beginning, was the disciple of Tianzun the same as the one who held the training class? The Twelve Golden Immortals are outstanding disciples in each session, and Deng Hua ranks fifth among the latest disciples.

Get a cannon fodder training class, and give it to a famous Yuxu to die. The fifth senior brother who died in this training class is Deng Hua, and the rest of us didn't choose.

Doctor Shen thought about this. He really wanted to ask Yuanshi Tianzun face to face, how many good sisters do you have... No, they are good disciples.

He really exclaimed that at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, God's sao operation was just like the old father's, and he was really heartbroken for the twelve golden immortals.

However, Doctor Shen thought again that the more he attached importance to the Twelve Golden Immortals at the beginning, the more perfect his ultimate plan would be, because under such circumstances, there could be no accident.

Stable, super stable, almost stable. Doctor Shen can't help but raise his mouth slightly!

As Doctor Shen thought, when he saw Deng Hua coming, he immediately understood the intention of the Heavenly Lord at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. His eyes twinkled and he looked at the direction of the Twelve Golden Immortals in a complicated way.

Nodding his head, he thought to himself, 'It seems that the number must come first. How can we escape from this?'

However, he did not speak, and the people in Yin and Shang were also irritated by Deng Hua's arrogant words.

The generals are angry in their eyes. They dare to move our respected Doctor Chen. It's a death wish.

Then the Ten Heavenly Kings stepped forward and wanted to do this for Doctor Chen. You can insult me, but you can't insult him.

He shouted angrily: 'How dare you come to see my array under Yuxu Sect?'

Everyone stared at Xiqi in unison, and the soldiers behind them raised their weapons and roared in unison.

The majestic voice resounded through the countryside, rushed into the sky, and scattered the clouds in the sky.

Seeing so many people shouting and drinking nearby, Deng Hua was immediately shocked, and the whole person involuntarily stepped back, but after a few steps, he walked back with forbearance.

Gan, he is the second generation disciple of Yuxu. He is a saint. How can he be frightened by these left-wing people and lose face.

What's more, there is a teacher named Lantern and the Twelve Golden Immortals nearby. What is he afraid of?

What are you afraid of!


Just at the end of the day, Deng Hua immediately replied with a stern and restrained look: 'Come slowly, you don't need to be bullied. You are rampant!'

Hearing this, Qin Wan reacted quickly, especially the others who were still with Doctor Shen. His body position had a great advantage, and he quickly walked out under the envious eyes of the other Nine Heavenly Kings.

He stepped forward and asked, 'Who are you to say so much?'

Deng Hua smiled, pointed to the front and replied confidently, 'Karma! You can't even recognize me! I'm Deng Hua under the Yuxu Sect.'


Who do you think you are? Why do I recognize you.

Qin finished almost laughed angrily. He said angrily, 'Since you are so arrogant, do you dare to come to meet me?'

'Since I was ordered to go down the mountain, how could I go back empty? And Nael and others told the teacher!'

After that, Deng Hua was eager to make contributions. He stabbed the painting halberd when he mentioned it. Qin finished without saying anything to urge the deer to return, and killed them in front of the 'Tianjue Array'.

This light walk, and that one turns the macula. Lightly move the road step and display the gold painted streamers; Turn around the yellow spot. The golden mace makes the dragon swing its tail.

This Taoist heart retreats and becomes nauseous, while that Taoist heart takes care of Chang Sheng. This blue face was totally killed, and that pink face was full of evil. One is the Emperor Lei of the Ministry of Heavenly Kings, who wields great power and courage, and the other is the Imperial Palace, which is full of sacred spirit.

Exactly: How can you avoid killing yourself by marking famous guests on the Fengshen Platform.

Although Deng Hua is from the cannon fodder training class, he has some strength in martial arts.

Qin Tianjun only knew the level of the opponent when he was less than three or five rounds away from him. Although it was no problem to win, it would inevitably take a long time. It would be better to introduce it into the array and make a decision again.

After thinking about it, Qin Tianjun sold a flaw and just threw his mace into the air and walked into the array.

Deng Hua didn't know what he meant. Then he came here, thinking that the other side's Ten Heavenly Kings were just like that. Seeing Qin Wan had gone into the array gate, he also chased into the array.

Deng Hua looks handsome and has a good skin bag. Even he did not expect that he would meet an immortal a few years ago to take him as his disciple, and he is also a famous expositor in the three worlds.

He felt that he was the one chosen that day and was taken care of by fate.

He is going to make great achievements today.

Kill Qin Finish first, then kill Shen Xin, and take the title of Godhead Skill. Maybe you won't be able to succeed in the future, just like the twelve golden immortals.

However, when he entered the Tianjue Formation, the pride on his lips and the dream in his heart completely disappeared, and what turned out to be an unspeakable horror.

It seemed as if he had seen something he had never seen in his life. In the extremely dark and unlighted Tianjue Array, the pure air and light flowed and then slowly rose in front of him.

Then the sky in the array seems to be getting higher and higher, as if it is infinitely large. With the appearance of the sky in front of him, Deng Hua only feels that everything in the world is infinitely small, and even he can't help walking towards the slowly rising sky.

It is an irresistible force.

Deng Hua finally regrets now. He regrets why he rushed into the array without hesitation and why he provoked the man named Shen Xin. He just wants to leave quickly and escape from the Jue Array.

But the next second, no one gave him the chance to repent. His body just flew in the air like the rising breath in front of him, and turned into a part of the Jue Formation......

At this moment, Qin Wan slowly turned around. Seeing the situation in front of him, he smiled to himself and couldn't help admiring. Doctor Shen said what he said was really like a god. The Jue Array was more powerful than it was.

Deng Hua had died before he could use his real strength, but it was really cheap for him to die like this.

Pooh! Dare to provoke Doctor Shen!

Qin Tianjun snorted coldly, took down Deng Hua's head, let him dissipate, and left for Qishan.

Go straight out and throw Deng Hua's head in front of the West Qi Army.

Then he bowed to Doctor Shen and said, 'Doctor Shen is here. Fortunately, I have won the first rank of Deng Hua!'

Doctor Chen waved his hand. He was not surprised by the result. After all, it was just cannon fodder, and there would be no accident.

The next 12 golden immortals are the most important.

The same is true of burning the lamp. After seeing Deng Hua's head, he felt sad and said, 'It's a pity that we have been doing things for several years, but today we have the result!'

However, burning the lamp is not a pity for Deng Hua's death, but a terror for what Yuanshi Tianzun did.

Because in the eyes of the other side, except for the twelve golden immortals in front of him, he is extremely indifferent to others. He even doubts that even he will be involved in these fools one day and become a chess piece that can be discarded at any time.

For example, at present, he was a great golden immortal, and he was no longer in the process of robbery, but now he wants to fight with the immortal who had stopped teaching for the twelve golden immortals.

Invincible Begins with Sacrificing to the Grandfather

You should know that the Antarctic Fairy is his first disciple of Yuxu, and his magic power is strong, so he can completely preside over this battle break.

Is he regarded as an Antarctic fairy...

Burning the lamp suddenly felt cold. I didn't dare to think much about it. After thinking about it, I saw Qin Wanfu calling for battle again.

With a sigh, he put his eyes on Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun and motioned him to break the array first. He lit a lamp and whispered:

'Now that Deng Hua is dead, it is reasonable to say that the evil spirit of Juejian has dissipated most of that day, and it will no longer cause harm to you. However, you must be careful!'

Manjusri nodded solemnly and bowed: 'Thank you for your advice.'

After saying that, he received the dharma ultimatum, sang and walked towards the Yin and Shang camp:

If you want to test your strength, you dare to fear your labor.

The purple air in the hand is three thousand zhang, and the top of the cloud is a hundred feet high.

Jin Que Xiao talked about morality, while Yu Jing went to plant flat peaches.

I left the immortal mansion and walked in the world of mortals.

After the two parties had performed the ritual, Manjusri Guangfa Heavenly Lord took the lead in asking: 'Qin Wan, you are free to teach, and you are free. Why did you set up this' Tianjue Array 'to frame the living beings?'

'Now that I have come to break the battle line, I will kill. If it is not because of our merciful destruction, it is only because of this, and you should not regret it!'

After hearing this, Qin was supported by a great man, Doctor Shen. He laughed and said: 'You are the Immortals of Leisure. Why are you suffering from this? You don't know how wonderful the array is. It's not that I force you, but you are suffering from it!'

Manjusri Guangfa Heavenly Master sneered, 'I don't know who took the blame!'

Qin was so angry that he would fight with his mace. Manjusri Guangfa Heavenly Honorable did not care, and he put his hands together and said, 'Good!' Then a sword burst into the sky, hovering in the air for several paths, and went straight to Qin's end.

The two of them were just fighting each other. Qin Wan was horrified. He knew he was defeated and went into the array. At the moment, Doctor Shen also moved. He said hello to his old friend Wenshu and went straight into Tianjue Array.

However, Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun was surprised to see that Doctor Shen had joined the battle.

He really didn't know why Shen Xin, an ordinary man, dared to enter the battle, especially when he saw the half smiling expression.

Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun then chased to the front of the 'Tianjue Formation'. He saw the cold fog and the sad wind inside, and could not see any clues.

On a whim, I subconsciously looked toward Xiqi and saw a flag falling down in front of me.

He was on guard and hesitated to enter without permission.

However, Manjusri refused to enter the array, but the golden bell rang behind him. Looking at the sky now, it was noon, when the sun was at its peak, it was a good time to break the array, and he did not hesitate at the moment.

Pointing down, two white lotus flowers appear on the flat ground, and Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun steps on the two lotus flowers and floats in.

Qin Tianjun and Doctor Chen stood at the same place. Seeing the other side's cautious appearance, they couldn't help clapping their hands and laughing:

'Manjusri Guangfa Heavenly Honor, don't waste your mind! Even if you have golden lotus in your mouth and white light in your hand, you can't get out of our 'Tianjue Array'!'

When Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun saw the other side laughing, he didn't care. He seemed to think of something. He opened his mouth with a bland expression and said, 'Why is this so difficult?'

Then he opened his mouth and saw a big golden lotus spurting out. There were five white lights in the five fingers of his left hand, and they rolled up. There was a lotus flower on the top of the white light, and five golden lamps on the flower led the way.

Qin was shocked when he saw this situation. He didn't dare to look at Doctor Chen beside him. He was very upset. He was just too proud and talked quickly. It seemed that he accidentally gave him a tip...

However, the Manjusri Guangfa Heavenly Master did not give Qin Wan a chance to be upset. He continued to perform as before. Suddenly, there was a Qingyun rising on the top. There were tassels hanging down from the five colors of light. He held the seven treasures of golden lotus in his hand, and now he was incarnated. How to see:

The spiritual platform is unique and free.

Three flowers have been in the sea for a long time, and the tassels are hanging on top of the pearls.

At this moment, Manjusri Guangfa Heavenly Honor gathers three flowers and displays all five qi. The whole body is wrapped up like a person. Finally, I checked several times and finally entered the Tianjue Array confidently.

However, just after walking a few steps in the array, Manjusri Guangfa Heavenly Master's face changed greatly, and his scalp felt numb.

The air in the array is very quiet, and the originally imagined looting atmosphere has completely disappeared. Opposite him, Doctor Shen waved to himself, and kindly reminded him.

'Friends of Manjusri, it's too late for you to quit now, otherwise it's too late to regret.'

Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun was very surprised to see Doctor Shen sitting in the center of the town: 'Doctor Shen! I must break the array today to finish my killing!'

'Return your words. If you quit and return them, it will be too late to regret!'

After saying that, Manjusri Guangfa Heavenly Master held the Dunlong Stake in his hand and secretly looked at Qin Wan, ready to strike first.

As for Doctor Shen...

Well, that little strength is not in his consideration.

Seeing that his reminder failed, Doctor Shen shook his head and said in a pale voice:

'Then please stay in the array temporarily.'

The whole Tianjue Formation began to change, and the inborn pure air floated rapidly, reaching a distance of 108 thousand miles.

The soaring momentum shook the whole Xiqi.

The Lantern Taoist priest and the other twelve golden immortals looked up in amazement at the same time.

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