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Chapter 346 Cihang: He is still mocking me!

Doctor Shen's eyes lit up when he heard what Taoist Cihang said. Meng was very happy.

He has always wanted to be on the list, but now he never thought that the people who understand him most were all enemies.

Moved, really moved!

It would be wonderful if all people were like Taoist Cihang.

Doctor Chen was moved for a moment. He subconsciously turned his eyes behind him and silently looked at the group of his teammates who were angry at the Cihang Taoist. He gave a roast in his heart.

These smart team-mates don't understand the mind of this saint. They just want to protect me when they have nothing to do. They are not qualified licking dogs at all.

You are obviously narrowing the road by doing this. If you take this opportunity to lick the saint, will there be great opportunities for prosperity and wealth in the future?

You have missed the greatest opportunity in the world.

Well, Doctor Shen sighed. He was so used to this scene that he took out a small notebook and wrote down everyone's name.

Because they have been included in the plan list of sea hole filling without any accident.

It's just a little easier to sink the doctor's heart like this.

Therefore, he decided that the plan must be successful, and there was no failure! No failure!

I also believe that after the Ten Jue Formation, I should have become a saint.

Thinking that the corners of Doctor Shen's mouth were raised here, he smiled again. Facing the Cihang Taoist in front of him, he narrowed his eyes and asked excitedly:

'I didn't hear what you said just now, Taoist friend Cihang. Can you say it again?'

What you said is very nice. Can you say it again?


It was Cihang's turn to turn black. When he saw Doctor Chen's smiling face, he was puzzled. I don't know what he was happy about.

I was clearly threatening him just now, and I let out some harsh words, but the other side didn't seem to take them to heart at all.

This was a mockery, a naked mockery. Later, Taoist Cihang became more angry in his eyes.

He spoke coldly in front of him: 'Shen Xin, don't be reckless, just because you want to go against the sky?'

'One day you will be on the list of gods, and you will regret it!'

Doctor Chen waved his hand repeatedly: Thank you, brother. Thank you for your 'blessing'.

as the lucky words would say!

After hearing the 'blessing' of Taoist Cihang, Doctor Shen felt the pressure and threat from the interpretation of Jin Xian.

He finally realized the danger and believed that as long as he continued to work hard, death was imminent.

Even Doctor Shen now enjoys the appearance of the next holiness in his mind.

At this moment, he successfully gathered the twelve golden immortals, summoned Yuanshi Tianzun, and then died in the hands of the other party without accident, becoming a saint.

Then, to sweep away evil and maintain world peace, there are legends of saints everywhere.

Perfect ending!

Doctor Shen closed his eyes and slowly raised his mouth.

Dong Tianjun beside him could not help sighing when he saw Doctor Shen's expression. The doctor was worthy of being a doctor. He was so calm and kind. Even in the face of the threat of life and death from the enemy, he smiled and did not care.

Even the gods in the sky are just like this.

However, Doctor Chen can face threats with indifference, but we can't ignore them. Whoever wants to deal with Doctor Chen is the enemy of our Ten Heavenly Kings!

Looking at the aggressive Cihang Taoist priest in front of him, Dong Tianjun suddenly walked out with a cold expression on his face. He could not help shouting with a finger:

'You preach to the disciples, rely on the Taoist skills, and despise us repeatedly.'

'Doctor Shen is the chief general of Yin Shang, can you threaten us? Cihang, you have your own master, and I also have a sect leader. Go back quickly, and don't worry, otherwise the moon will be broken!'

Taoist Cihang listened. How could he tolerate Dong Tianjun's scolding? His anger grew even higher. Goodbye, Shen Xin, with a smile on his face. A deep sense of irony rose from his heart and he pointed to the front and scolded.

'Even if you dare to mention that the moon is not perfect, this is the competition between fireflies and the bright moon!'

After saying that, he was furious and killed Doctor Chen with his sword. Dong Tianjun greeted him with his sword and shouted:

'Do not be arrogant!'

There were three or five rounds of battle between the two men. Dong Tianjun took Doctor Chen to the array and left. Then Taoist Cihang came to the front of the array gate.

At this moment, he was so angry with Doctor Chen that he rushed in without hesitation to kill Shen Xin and Dong Tianjun on the spot.

As soon as Fang entered the array, Taoist Cihang saw the two figures and looked at him with a smile.

Without hesitation, Taoist Cihang took two steps forward and said, 'You are dying today!'

Then he sacrificed the clean glass bottle in his hand to the sky, with the bottom facing the sky and the mouth facing the ground. There was a black gas in the bottle and a loud noise, which suddenly rolled up a strong wind and wanted to suck the two people into the bottle.

At the moment, Taoist Cihang is very confident, even ecstatic. He didn't expect that the other party would give him the chance to take the lead.

His pure colored glass bottle is the best treasure bestowed by God at the beginning of the year. As long as it is offered, the mouth of the bottle will emit black smoke, and then a gust of wind will envelop the opponent and put him in the bottle.

In a short time, Shen Xin and Dong Tianjun will be turned into pus and blood, and their souls will return to the list of gods.

Taoist Cihang, with a sneer on his lips, is now desperate to kill Shen Xin and Dong Tianjun.

The clean glass bottle in his hand was displayed again, and its power broke out. The air of the whole array seemed to be evacuated in an instant.


The strong wind with great suction immediately appeared beside Doctor Shen and enveloped him.

The black wind covered the body, and Taoist Cihang immediately became extremely confident. He silently stared at Doctor Shen's behavior at the moment.

The next second, my eyes suddenly surprised.

He actually pointed his finger at himself, and it was still a middle finger.

Yes, Doctor Shen clenched his fist with one hand, and then slowly extended his finger. It seemed that he was provoking.

No, he should be provoking. I don't know where the courage comes from.


Although I don't know what Shenxin means by this act at the moment, Taoist Cihang feels that he has been insulted.

In particular, Shen Xin slowly pointed the finger at the quiet glass bottle in the sky.

It's just like a mole ant that overestimates its strength.

Taoist Cihang wondered in his heart whether this deep trust was frightened by his magic weapon.

Knowing that he would die, he acted like a clown.

In fact, I think it would be crazy to watch my body being pulled into an endless abyss and still be powerless.


Somehow, the eyes of Shen Xin are not fear, not fear, but regret?

Yes is regret, deep regret!

It seemed that he felt as if he had missed some opportunity and was regretting it.

The person of Kindness Channel shook his head and came up with a new idea. This Shen Xin didn't reflect his current situation. I didn't know that he was going to die.

However, soon, he will turn into a pool of blood and return to the list of gods.

Everything has been prepared and everything is ready. Only when Shen Xin and others die, he can break through the array.



There is something wrong with the situation, especially! what the fuck! Why does he have a bead in his hand, and why is that bead so like a calm wind bead?

Taoist Cihang's eyes widened, and Doctor Shen began to be confused.

At that time, Doctor Shen did not expect that Taoist Cihang was so decisive. Fang offered his magic weapon as soon as he entered the array.

Even Dong Tianjun didn't react.

However, Doctor Shen felt strange when he looked at Taoist Cihang and the clean glass bottle that was about to be sucked away.

Take a look at the calm wind bead in your hand.

It's even more weird!

As a matter of fact, can this thing also restrain the pure glass bottle in the hands of Taoist Cihang?

'Taoist Cihang, I suspect you are joking with me.'

Taoist Cihang: 'I really didn't joke with you!' He looked at Doctor Shen, who looked like the god of war, and began to doubt life.

'He is still mocking me!'

Cihang is angry and anxious, but he can let the law decide how to shoot it. The mouth of the bottle shakes, and the black wind blows. Doctor Shen has a calming wind bead in his hand. Whatever it is, it can stay in touch with the wind.

The black wind in the bottle is also the wind, so it can't be sucked at all.

Doctor Shen is very confused now. He looks up at his hands and at the distant Taoist Cihang. He can't help thinking:

'Say, do I want to lose the Dingfengzhu and die?'

'This seems like a good opportunity!'

But just as Doctor Shen's idea rose, Dong Tianjun beside him suddenly finished reading the Dharma Decision.

Looking at the quiet glass bottle above his head, his face turned pale in panic. He saw Doctor Shen holding up the Dingfengzhu to guard nearby. Dong Tianjun knew everything at once. Doctor Shen saved himself and was very moved.

However, he didn't have time to thank him. He stared at Taoist Cihang and shouted.

In the 'Wind Roar Array', which was originally a little calm, the rolling wind was gathering around Taoist Cihang.

In the strong wind, the Taoist Priest Cihang's robe was blowing in disorder. He quickly showed the clouds above his head and showed the five qi protecting his body.


Just after casting, Taoist Cihang's body was swept up by the strong wind, rotating from side to side, and tossing up and down.

Under this innate divine wind, even the master who is as strong as the golden immortal level seems powerless, even if he has all kinds of means, he can't use them.

This is the power of heaven and earth!

As the wind around him grew stronger and stronger, Taoist Cihang always felt that something was wrong, and he was surprised.

Then he hurriedly raised his head and looked into the distance.


In front of him, a huge tornado was attacking him crazily, and he was on the edge of the tornado.

Yes, I'm just on the edge now, and what I touch is just the aftereffect!

Day Gan 'Grass!'

Feeling the terrible power of the 'Wind Roar Array', even Taoist Cihang, a self righteous golden immortal, could not help but speak foul words.

As the figure of Taoist Cihang rolled up again, the tornado suddenly moved up, and the air around it sounded like hunting.

He had wanted to take the opportunity to rush out, but now it was too late.

Taoist Cihang showed his determination in his eyes, and did not hesitate to take out the lantern to lend to his spirit vulture palace lantern in the face of the crisis of life and death!

This lamp is worthy of being a congenital magic weapon. When the magic weapon is displayed, the whole 'Wind Roar Array' immediately emits faint flames, and even the surrounding space begins to be distorted by burning.

But before Cihang's eyes showed the expression of survival, he saw that the huge tornado was approaching him.

The wind blew in the fire, but it was like cooking oil on fire, more warm!

The closer you are, the more violent Taoist Cihang can feel the power of the tornado. Even with the protection of the spirit vulture palace lantern, his body is moving violently with the wind. It is lucky to save his life, and he has no ability to break through the array again!

When Dong Tianjun saw this, he stood in the array and stared at Taoist Cihang coldly. He subconsciously shouted:

'Damn burning a lamp! How shameless!'

As a cut-off disciple, he certainly knows what powerful magic weapon the power of the three realms has.

When Taoist Cihang performed, he sensed the breath of the spirit vulture palace lantern.

Seeing the other villain, Dong Tianjun was upset for a moment and had to walk out of the 'Wind Roaring Array' with Doctor Chen.

When Fang Yi came out, he saw Jiang Ziya sitting on his body, listening to the news in the array.

Doctor Chen and Dong Tianjun came out. They were pale and confused for a moment. They couldn't help saying anxiously to the Taoist priest:

'Teacher, Brother Cihang is trapped in the Wind Roaring Array!'

'Shen Xin, I swear to you that I will not stop harming several Taoist brothers in Kunlun!'

After saying that, he gave a sound of encouragement and rushed towards Doctor Shen and Dong Tianjun with a magic whip.

The West Qi generals around were shocked. Yang Jian, Jin Zha, Mu Zha and Nezha rushed forward to stop them:

'Martial Uncle, don't be impulsive! Don't be impulsive!'

The generals dragged Jiang Ziya back, but Doctor Chen on the other side smiled:

'Prime Minister Jiang, now you have broken through three formations in ten directions. Why do you come here to disturb my shift?'

'Are you right or not?'

Taoist Lantern looked as usual, and the evening wind gently brushed his robe, bringing a little coolness. His eyes flashed a little pale regret, but it was just a little bit, fleeting.

At his point, he had already learned how to control his emotions.

It was only three rounds, but it was not enough to make the lamp burning in disorder. He said without hesitation, 'Doctor Shen is right, Ziya, you are a bit upset, don't you back up?'

After saying that, he looked at Doctor Shen with a smile and asked, 'At this moment, hasn't the doctor invited the Taoist friend behind you out?'

Doctor Shen: '...'

He's still thinking about it. Good guy can't explain it clearly, can he?

In fact, it's not the fault of Taoist Randeng, because the power of the Ten Jue Formation has suddenly become extremely powerful. If there is no one behind to give directions, I'm afraid no one will believe it.

But if you want to say that the person behind it is Doctor Shen, I'm afraid that no one will believe it even if they have seen it with their own eyes.

So it became a deadlock.

No matter what the Yin and Shang explained, Randeng could only believe that there was someone behind Doctor Chen and Ten Heavenly Kings.

Because it can be seen by individuals, this is not the handwriting of the Ten Heavenly Kings at all.

At this time, Yuan Tianjun, the leader of the 'Ice Formation', could not wait to get out and said, 'Doctor Shen, don't explain to him. Let me come!'

Nai Xinkou sings:

'Few people know the mystery in the dark, and everything is strange when it changes randomly.'

'The treasure inside the furnace should never be laughed at by people who are crazy.'

As the saying goes, when he sees someone coming out, he has to stop questioning. In the 'Ice Formation', Yuan Tianjun sang and shouted in the direction of Xiqi:

'Under the elucidation sect, who dares to come to our Ice Formation?'

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