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Chapter 35 good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations

Sure enough.

I knew it.

Lao Huang will definitely give me a big surprise.

Shen Xin looks calm, but his heart is already turbulent

At the beginning, we should not be soft hearted and go directly to Xiqi.

Fortunately, it was discovered early and there was still a chance to correct it.

In order to be successful on the list, Shen Xin felt he had to clear away all the dangers around him.

Before Shen Xin opened his mouth, he saw Lao Huang grinning, showing a few big yellow teeth and smiling coyly.

'Young master, you don't have to worry about your own safety any more. Now King Wucheng has already sent a large group of martial arts experts to protect Shen's house all day.

Your ministers fully support you and can help each other in the DPRK and China. '

'Don't worry, doctor Shen. We will follow his lead!'

'Yes, doctor Shen is loyal for thousands of years. We are willing to follow him.'

Many ministers worshipped Shen Xin like an idol after King Zhou removed the cannons and tortures.

He even wished to build a golden body for doctor Shen. He would worship every day and make three incense sticks in the morning and evening.

I hope doctor Shen will live a thousand years and never die, so that he can always lead Yin Shang on.

Ha! Ha! !

I thank you!

Doctor Shen thought it was great and gave you a Beihai set meal.

Shen Xin felt a little uneasy in the face of these guys with hot eyes and decided not to let them continue.

Otherwise, at the critical moment of their own death, this group of fans may do something irrational.

Thinking of this, Shen Xin walked quickly to the crowd, sank his voice, looked cold and spoke decisively:

'Please go back. Shen Xin is used to being alone and doesn't need anyone to follow him.'

'Good! Dr. Shen deserves to be a pioneer on his own road. We understand you. Everyone will support Dr. Shen silently behind us!'

Lord Shen's realm is different. He has found his own way, which has countless obstacles and thorns.

But for the sake of Yin Shang and the people, doctor Shen was so fearless.

Doctor Shen is a saint.

People both adore and admire.

Shenxin: I am special!

'Old Huang, close the door!'

Shen Xin was angry and didn't know what to say. He felt that no matter how much he said, the other person would automatically compensate.

He simply stopped talking.

'Doctor Shen, we are serious. Please...' many officials were stunned and wanted to come forward and say something,

But doctor Shen walked into the mansion without hesitation.

By the way, the gate was closed tightly, and no chance was left.

Looking at the resolute and handsome figure of doctor Shen.

Doctor Xia Zhao suddenly knelt down and shouted: 'doctor Shen will be the one I will follow in my life. I am willing to treat him with master's courtesy.'

With that, Xia Zhao began to kowtow in the direction of Shen Fu.

Eyes full of determination,

A moment later, he pulled up his tired body and scanned the crowd.

'Doctor Shen is my teacher. If a demon wants to deal with doctor Shen, he will step on my body and protect me with my blood.'

In the end, he has put his life aside.

Looking at the direction of the palace, the purpose is self-evident!

He can do anything for doctor Shen! '

In this world, people who are fearless, have faith in their hearts, and are willing to die are the most respected.

Xia Zhao is, and doctor Shen is.

They are role models for countless people.

Dr. Shen's story continues, and his deeds have been translated into countless versions.

Slowly spread to Xiqi, Donglu and even Beihai.

As a result, everyone knows that there was a doctor Shen in the Shang Dynasty. He was unparalleled in benevolence and righteousness, loyal to his country and not afraid of life and death!

His righteous deeds will spread throughout the flood and famine!

Shang Dynasty, at the gate.

A master and a servant are facing the pain of separation.

This time, a thousand mountains and rivers, should be farewell. Lao Huang couldn't help sobbing and wiped down the tears in his eyes with heavy hands.

Careful instructions:

'Young master, Lord you Hunyou once brought people to move things in the mansion, but after a walk, he turned blue and scolded you in the mansion for an hour!

Did you offend him?

You must be careful when you see him in the future. He is narrow-minded and will be punished if he is evil.

But don't worry too much. As long as the young master spends some money, these two people will keep their promise and will certainly take money to help others. '

Shen Xin nodded and gnashed his teeth,

He admitted that he kept his word. These two guys really do things when they receive money. They can do anything for money.

If these two bastards hadn't stopped me, I would have become a saint!

Shen Xin then asked curiously, 'Oh, what did he scold?'

Old Huang rubbed his hands and said in an awkward voice, 'you scolded me very badly, but the most scolded person is a liar! Son of a bitch!'

After listening to Shen Xin, ha ha! Laugh and cover your stomach.

This guy is really cute. He is even so funny to swear.

However, at the thought of Lao Huang in front of him, Shen Xin immediately put away his expression and began to be serious again. He was afraid of his shoulder:

'Well, things are going well. You can go to Xiqi. I've already set up grandma Liu who sells cabbage for you.

From now on, you can stay in Xiqi together. Remember, you can't come back without my order. '

Old Huang wrinkled his pockmarked face and showed a reluctant expression. He pulled Shen Xin's thigh and cried with tears: 'young master, you are so kind to me that old Huang can't give you up!'

After hearing this, Shen Xin was instantly angry, kicked him and said:

'If you dare to come back by yourself, I will break your leg!'

Lao Huang was kicked a somersault, subconsciously touched his leg, and suddenly hit him smartly.

Under Shen Xin's coercion, she took her 16th concubine, grandma Liu, and slipped away silently with the people in the Shen family

Lao Huang looked at the Chaoge city wall in the distance and was moved by the young master who was eager to send him off.

'The young master has been thinking about me all the time, but he never said it.

But I will always keep this kind of kindness in mind!

Life is a young master, death is a ghost of a young master. After I break out in Xiqi, I will return to the Chaoge to repay my kindness to the young master! '

As for the safety of the young master, Huang was not too worried.

He has sent a letter to the master. Now I'm afraid he has received it. With him, the young master will turn bad luck into good luck! '

Thinking of Lao Huang, he fell to his knees and bowed in the distance. Then he took everyone to Xiqi without hesitation!

Shen Xin watched Lao Huang leave. He watched him disappear to the ground. He even waited a little longer. Finally, his heart finally settled down.

Shen Xin happily kicks the fox beside him. This guy is at home and has been eating fat for a while.

At this moment, he was very happy, and finally solved his long-standing worries. From today on, there are no traitors around him, and no one can stop me from being listed.

I said it!

As soon as Shenxin turned his head, a soldier came to report:

'Doctor Shen, please welcome Prime Minister Bigan.'

oh Shen Xin was a little surprised, but after calculating the time, he was delighted. Now it should be that fox fur is ready to offer it to King Zhou.

Well, if the time, place and people are harmonious today, I believe that I will die!

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