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Chapter 361 Happiness comes suddenly

'Not good?' Doctor Chen looked at the direction of Xiqi in the distance and thought carefully. Xiqi sent people to stop the camp.

This is not good, it is obviously good! It is absolutely confirmed that my inference of observing the sky at night just now is correct!

The vigorous stars fall in the west, and the main general is more evil than good. Today, it seems that I must have a problem!

Doctor Shen slowly raised his mouth 45 times and smiled proudly. He had come to Xiqi for so long to die on the battlefield. Although the current situation was not planned, it did not affect him at all.

Xiqi looted the camp. It was a great thing. At that moment, he waved his arms without hesitation and shouted loudly.

Meet the enemy! I want to meet the enemy! With the noise of people everywhere, the flames outside the Xiqi City burst into the sky, and countless soldiers began to panic.

Because at this moment, everyone did not think that Xiqi, who had agreed to continue to break the battle line, chose to attack the camp that night.

Many people are sleeping without any precaution. At present, either the Ten Heavenly Kings, or Zhang Guifang and the four generals of the Devil's Family rushed out of the tent without hesitation, looking at the pale face ahead.

Since Xiqi decided not to attack the business camp by night, he must have made all the preparations and arranged everything.

At present, if we don't rely on the protection of the Ten Jue Array, the Ten Heavenly Kings can't fight against the Twelve Golden Immortals. The magic weapons and accomplishments on the opposite side can't be resisted by ordinary people.

What's more, at this point, Taoist priest Randeng and the newly arrived Daluo Jinxian will not stand idly by, and they are likely to come out with the army. This situation is absolutely disastrous for the Yin and Shang merchants!

They just want to press you, and they can't break it. At the thought of this, no matter who is now in the mind is covered with a shadow, even the Ten Heavenly Kings seem flustered and have no idea of confrontation.

The only idea you can think of is to find Doctor Chen, and then take him to escape Xiqi quickly, waiting for Senior Brother Zhao Gongming to come to preside over justice.

'My adoptive father, let's go! Let's go! The Xiqi army is about to encircle and kill!' Huang Tianxiang came in a hurry with anxious steps. He had been looking for his adoptive father when he was shouting and killing outside.

The adoptive father's figure is very conspicuous and easy to identify. Even in the dark, it is as dazzling as stars.

Where there are the most people, and who is the most powerful, and who is fearless and shouted to the enemy, that person must be the adoptive father!

So Huang Tianxiang quickly stopped Doctor Chen who was in the middle of the attack according to this method...

'Get out of the way! Don't stop me from fighting!' Doctor Chen is still excited, but Huang Tianxiang can't help worrying.

He tried to calm himself down, put his magic power on the adoptive father, and said in an extremely urgent voice: 'Let's go, adoptive father. I just got the news from that fool Nezha. Xiqi has sent out all his troops at the moment, and the Twelve Golden Immortals are also going to fight with us. I'm afraid that we should go all out to fight to the death.'

'Jiang Ziya even gave an order to find your figure with all his strength. If he saw you, he would kill you on the spot at all costs, regardless of life or death!' Huang Tianxiang then said, with a disgruntled look on his face, 'Nezha, that stupid fool, unexpectedly spread the news at this time, and Jiang Ziya wanted to kill your adoptive father. It's really cruel!'

'This is obviously jealousy, which is obviously aimed at! You are smarter than the adoptive father, eh?'

'My adoptive father, what's wrong with you?' Huang Tianxiang suddenly stared at the front, his eyes gradually shocked.

Because he found that after hearing his words, the adoptive father not only did not feel nervous, but was laughing, and it turned from a slow low laugh to a wild laugh!

'Ha ha!'

'Ha ha!'

'Ha ha!' Doctor Shen's voice was unusually high and he laughed very loudly. After hearing the news brought by Huang Tianxiang, he was trembling all over and excited.

This is just like a pipe stabbing a frog. Because Jiang Ziya's order is true, it is true that it speaks to his heart.

Really moved! be moved! Jiang Ziya finally woke up and made the most correct decision in his life.

It should have been like this for a long time. Xi Qi tried his best, and with the help of the Lantern and the Twelve Golden Immortals, he made me desperate.

In particular, as long as you are on the battlefield, you will definitely die. It's totally lucky.

A series of failures before, Doctor Shen thought that the opposite side was all his own people, and he was suspicious of life.

But now, finally, Jiang Ziya is no longer an actor. Of course, Doctor Shen should laugh, and still laugh!

But Huang Tianxiang was very confused. He really had some questions. I don't know how the adoptive father could still laugh under such critical circumstances?

Is it because of Jiang Ziya's behavior? He hurriedly asked, 'Why does the adoptive father laugh so much?'

'You must know that you are in great danger at the moment. Jiang Ziya has a deep relationship with you. Even if he is desperate, he will not let you go!'

'Nothing!' Doctor Shen waved his hand and hurriedly covered his mouth, trying to keep calm, explaining.

'I'm just too happy.' But unfortunately, he could not help the excitement in his heart, and the corners of his mouth could not help rising.

But Huang Tianxiang obviously didn't believe Doctor Chen's perfunctory explanation. Because he had some doubts in his heart, the adoptive father could still laugh when he came to such a desperate situation, either because he was crazy or because he was sure of winning.

First of all, eliminate a mistake. The adoptive father is not crazy. So it is obvious that Huang Tianxiang has begun to doubt that this situation is actually expected by the adoptive father?

Jiang Ziya led the army to attack at night. It was all the chess played by the adoptive father. It was a big chess game! Thinking of this, Huang Tianxiang could not help taking a breath when he realized that it was impossible, absolutely impossible!

He shook his head repeatedly and couldn't believe it. If it was true, he only felt that his young mind had been greatly impacted.

At the moment when Huang Tianxiang was dreaming, a shout not far away interrupted his thought and made him wake up with a start.

Zhang Guifang, wearing military uniform, also came to see Doctor Chen laughing when he came.

When you are still in place. However, under Doctor Chen's eye gaze, it brought him a better news: 'Doctor Chen, it's not a good thing. According to the news from the spy you planted in Xiqi, a great psychic has come to Xiqi.'

'This man has unpredictable accomplishments and great powers. He claims to be Sanxiu Luji in the West Kunlun, who wants to help Xiqi capture doctors and break the Ten Lost Array.'

'My spy in Xiqi?' Doctor Shen only felt confused. When did I spy in Xiqi? Why can't I remember?

He did not know exactly where Zhang Guifang came from. But... wait! Doctor Chen suddenly responded, 'What's the name of the man from Xiqi?'

'Land pressure?' After being confirmed by the person in front of him, Doctor Shen immediately widened his eyes. Lu Yan knew it.

He calls himself 'Sanxian' in the West Kunlun Mountains, does not worship the Jade Emperor or Sanqing, and is extremely powerful in his hands.

If the monks who appear in the Fengshen are gathered together to select one of the most mysterious roles, I believe that Taoist Lu can absolutely crush all Taoist friends in the number of votes, and one can stand out.

The reason is very simple. Lu Bing's strength is too strong, and people can't figure out the details. Just after Lu Yi came on the stage, he killed Zhao Gongming, the great Luo Jinxian who made the expositors' heads ache, by using the method of

'Seven Arrows on the Head', and easily solved the Flame Array.

Even if the Mud Pill Palace was closed, Lu Yan was still able to move forward and retreat in front of the three nights. The immortal flying knife in his hand was even sharper. He sent away many people with a

'Please turn around'. Once the magic weapon came out, no one could stop it. There was no record of missing.

At this time, Zhang Guifang spoke again.

'Yes, the spy also hurriedly sent a message saying that this matter is extremely urgent. Taoist priest Randeng and Lu Yi will personally help the doctor to prepare for it. Don't be too eager to fight.' Hearing this, Doctor Shen did not express that Huang Tianxiang beside him was shocked and broke into a cold sweat.

Sure enough, the Taoist priest Randeng and Lu Yi will attack ordinary people regardless of their faces. The news at present is absolutely despairing, which shows that elucidation has begun to do everything in order to win.

The immortal started to attack the mortals, apparently breaking the rules first. Thinking of this, they were very anxious.

At this time, four generals of the Demon Family came to us not far away with magic weapons in their hands. Their first words made people more worried: 'Doctor Shen, according to your spies hiding in the enemy's army, the fire in the left and right battalions was all a sheep attack, and the real purpose of Xiqi is to attack you and the ten Heavenly Kings.'

'If you don't leave again, you will be really trapped here.' Evil green cried anxiously. wait?

Another spy? Doctor Shen simply hates iron! How did Jiang Ziya manage Xiqi? The air leaks everywhere, and there are undercover agents everywhere!

Of course, these are not the key points. Doctor Shen roast for a while and then sobbed. The tears in my eyes could not stop flowing out, as if the happiness came suddenly. I felt everything was so unreal, but my breath was so real.

Doctor Shen is really in the mood of his mother Shuangzi crying - he's so happy! Well, everything is ready. Now he just needs to think about how to die without leaving any trace?

No, what else do you want. Such a good opportunity is too direct! Great efforts can produce miracles. As a matter of fact, who can stop the current combination of the two?

One is the deputy leader of Taoism, the ancient great golden immortal, a guest of Zixiao Palace, and the other is the son of the demon emperor, the golden black came to the world, and the world scattered its immortals.

If people of this level join hands, I'm afraid that even if Zhao Gongming can come, he may not be able to save me. This wave will surely die!

Doctor Chen can't help but want to light a piece of Huazi after becoming a saint Before the people of Xiqi were killed in front of him, the atmosphere around Doctor Shen became inexplicably tense.

The people looked extremely solemn and stirring. After all, Xi Qi has really tried his best at the moment, and it is totally impossible for everyone to resist.

Of course, except for one person. Huang Tianxiang looked up and silently looked at his adoptive father. He thought about countless kinds of answers, but he didn't know why the adoptive father would laugh.

It is as if the winner is in hand, without any tension. But I didn't see any arrangements nearby that could turn the situation around, did I?

But since the adoptive father smiled so happily, how could he not be prepared? Doctor Chen found that Huang Tianxiang was looking at himself, but he didn't care. Instead, he was very calm.

He just depends on himself. As long as the Xiqi army comes, things will be stable. At this time, no one can change the situation.

At this moment, people around him began to persuade Doctor Chen to leave again and again, even tried several methods, but all of them were strongly rejected by Doctor Chen.

Zhang Guifang was really worried and shouted to the front, 'Come on, hurry up and take Doctor Shen away and take him to a safe place!' But before the soldiers came forward, Doctor Shen shouted directly, 'Hum! How dare Zhang Guifang?' Doctor Shen saw that everyone was going to take him away by force. Of course, he could not let the other party disturb his plan. He gave a cold grunt and said to Zhang Guifang: 'Chief soldier Zhang, I am very happy that you can care about my safety, but I don't like the tone of your voice.'

'We are all men of the Shang Dynasty, the pillars of the country, and men of the Manchu Dynasty, but we are all daughters. Can we survive by hiding now?'

'Lake painting!'

'Now, where can you retreat? Can the horse under your feet escape from the immortal's escape?' Doctor Shen's piercing reprimand, like Huang Zhongda Lu, shocked Zhang Guifang with shame. She couldn't help backing away and wanted to explain anxiously.

But Doctor Chen didn't give him this opportunity at all. Instead, he shook his sleeve robe, stood up against the wind, looked up at the sky, and said with incomparable concentration: 'We generals should be more calm. We should not panic at anything. You should know that the charm of war is that you never know the end, and everything is changeable.'

'A calm heart is enough to keep you invincible in the war!' Zhang Guifang's face turns pale every time Doctor Chen says a word. He doesn't know why he feels there is something wrong, but he thinks that Doctor Chen's words are obvious.

I really lost my composure. Doctor Chen is right. At this point, the enemy has hit the main gate and it is useless to escape.

Because they are faced with immortals, even if they escape further, they can not escape the pursuit of the other party. It's better to face it than to leave.

'A calm heart is enough to keep you invincible in the war!'

'Yes, Doctor Shen is right. The more desperate you are, the more calm you should be. This is what you should do for the general. The doctor's action is very holy!' Zhang Guifang thought of this and looked at Doctor Chen's calm figure. He really calmed down a little, and his confused heart gradually calmed down.

But when he wanted to ask the doctor how to solve the current crisis, he suddenly found out.

The sound of fighting outside the front shaft door gradually stopped. This is not right! Before Zhang Guifang could think calmly and carefully according to Doctor Shen's method, the clouds in the sky suddenly billowed and colorful lights emerged.

Meng saw a group of figures appear above, and on the top appeared Qingyun Ruicai, or golden lamp scallops, and hanging pearls, like dripping water in front of the eaves.

There is another Taoist, who is crossing the deer and riding on the cloud, and is attacked by the fragrant wind. How can he get a strange appearance.

I saw that he was facing down, called the chief inspector and shouted: 'Doctor Chen's high opinion is admirable. I came here to meet you with a lamp.'

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