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Chapter 367 Feeling betrayed (taking the first place)

The wind of hunting was heard all the time, but it was extremely quiet outside.

Doctor Chen walked to the front of the array without hesitation. His figure was straight and vigorous, his hair on his temples was flying, and his face was so handsome that countless people turned to shame.

At the moment, he looked extremely determined. When I looked at the sky, the clouds moved everywhere. Then I shook my robe, drank hard, pointed coldly in the direction of the Taoist priest, and sounded like a bell:

'Taoist Lantern, dare to fight with me!'

Doctor Shen shouted, as if thunder had burst out of thin air, as if it had shaken the whole sky, and as if it had dispelled the dark night like thick ink, which instantly attracted many people's astonishment.

Lantern Taoist: '??'

Zhao Gongming: '??'

Almost everyone was stunned for a moment. They didn't expect that Doctor Chen would not hesitate to challenge the Lantern.

Not only the public, but also the Lantern Taoist was a little confused when they saw him here, and even couldn't believe their ears.

Even now it was at night, he did not know where Shen Xin's courage came from and who gave it to him.

Then the Taoist priest's voice began to be very confused: 'You... you... you want to challenge me?'

He pointed to himself and Shen Xin.

He wanted to confirm again whether the other party was wrong, but Doctor Chen's proud figure stood in front of him. Even if he did not move, he could feel the bravery and fearless sacrifice.

Now it's the turn of Taoist Randeng to be completely confused. We all know that you are not afraid of death and don't care about your own life, but is it really good for a mortal to challenge the Golden Immortal?

Aren't you simply dying?

The Lantern Taoist thought for a long time now, but he couldn't understand Doctor Shen's meaning, because he had never seen such a way of playing. He was very abnormal.

The moment was deeply shocked.

'The doctor took the lead and was unparalleled in bravery. It was fortunate to have the doctor here!'

It was the generals of the Yin and Shang Dynasties and the people who stopped teaching that were more shocked than the Taoist priest.

Doctor Chen's step made countless people's blood boil behind him. Doctor Chen dreamed of challenging the immortals with mortal power!

Who can have such courage?

All of us are not fools. We can all feel that the doctor did not mean to die, but to inspire the faith in the hearts of all the soldiers and set an example for us.

You know, the changes that have taken place today are really too many, which made the people of the Yin and Shang Dynasty thoroughly see that the real gods are terrible_ o_ m

You can climb mountains with your hands raised, and you can throw yourself into the sea with your backhand. Ordinary people's lives are like ants in their eyes, and they can be destroyed easily.

At present, the more than 100000 troops are probably not enough for real immortals to kill by breathing alone. Especially Zhang Guifang and Huang Tianxiang, who have strange skills, can feel the horror of teaching Jin Xian.

When encountering the Twelve Golden Immortals and the Lantern Taoist priest, the whole spirit was almost destroyed by the attack, and could not rise any thought to resist.

After all, the gap between the two men is huge, even for their generals, not to mention ordinary soldiers.

I'm afraid that they can steadily take up arms against the enemy at this moment, which seems to be a distant extravagance. Many people are full of fear and fear.

Once there is a shadow in people's minds, it is a complete despair of the future.

But now, Doctor Shen stood up for everyone and told them that the immortals in the sky were not so terrible.

You should know that the doctor can hide aside and wait for the end of the immortal fight, and then come out to clean up the battlefield without any danger.

But he did not. Instead, he stood out against the strong immortal without hesitation, facing the strong wind and stepping on the dark night.

On behalf of ordinary people and countless taxi soldiers, we should challenge the Lantern Taoist priest.

This moment provided the direction of progress in the hearts of all the soldiers of the Yin and Shang Dynasty, such as a guiding light, telling everyone that no fear is allowed even in the face of the gods, and to regain confidence, the strength of the human family is actually invincible.

Looking at Dr. Chen's heroic posture, Huang Tianxiang, Zhang Guifang and others were instantly excited and stood out with full confidence.

Doctor Shen's small step was the Yin Shang Dynasty. (This chapter is not finished!)

Chapter 351 Feeling betrayed (taking the first place)

A big step for the Terran!

Compared with the generals of the Yin and Shang Dynasty, Shitianjun and Zhao Gongming may think more.

With the understanding of Ten Heavenly Kings and the character of Doctor Shen, how could he be impulsive?

There must be some reasons that everyone doesn't know. Now Taoist brother Zhao Gongming has just displayed his power and used his treasures to hurt all the immortals of Chanjiao.

However, although the smashing was great and the Ten Heavenly Kings were also very happy, they had to face an important problem later.

That is to kill Jiang Ziya and hurt the Taoist Immortal Jin. It offended the Yuxu Palace and their saint uncle.

The power of the sage is unpredictable. With his strong character, he is likely to record this hatred on the interception of teaching and on his teacher, the Tongtian Leader.

In this way, there is no doubt that the two religions will not be able to mediate, or even completely break.

At this moment, the immortals seemed to suddenly understand.

They peel off the cocoon and look at the essence through the phenomenon. Doctor Shen's real purpose is to teach us and intercept!

The goal is also very simple, because he does not want to implicate either the censoring or any innocent people. He wants to bear all the consequences by himself.

Ten Heavenly Kings and Zhao Gongming constantly sighed that Doctor Shen was truly righteous. He clearly wanted to take all the mistakes on his own.

Zhao Gongming sighed a little, but his intercepting disciples always dare to do what they want. How can they let an ordinary person block all the blame for themselves?

'Thank you, Doctor. I have thoroughly understood it.'

'Don't worry, no one can hurt the doctor today!'

Zhao Gongming said that he was very firm, and his powerful momentum broke out in an instant. For him, he always respected heroes.

Doctor Shen is the real hero in his eyes.

He is not a cut-off disciple, but he is so respectful of the cut-off. First update @

The meaning of Zhao Gongming's words in front of Taoist priest Randeng and expositor Jin Xian is obvious.

Zhao Gongming is responsible for this matter, which has nothing to do with Doctor Chen. If you have any revenge, please come to me.

I guarantee the person in front!

Now Zhao Gongming's carrier has broken the powerful momentum of expounding Jin Xian, suppressed the whole audience, and attracted everyone's attention to him.

Doctor Shen beside saw this situation: '??'


Are you planning to fail? Then my heart sank.

Although he did not know why Zhao Gongming was so excited, the other side's words clearly wanted to intervene in the duel between himself and Taoist Lantern.

How can this work!

The Dinghai Shenzhu was so powerful that even the twelve golden immortals could not stop it one by one without any effort.

I'm afraid that Taoist Lantern has to run away.

This bug like existence makes him too safe.

Therefore, Doctor Chen wanted to find some stimulation, take the lead in exporting, and make an appointment to burn the lamp before Zhao Gongming.

In this case, he has reason to die.

But what the hell? Why are everyone so excited? At present, not only Zhao Gongming, but also the Ten Heavenly Kings, as well as many Shang generals, are also excited.

Say, what are they excited about?

Is it celebrating the death of this saint?

Doctor Chen didn't understand, but he was shocked, but he was determined not to let Zhao Gongming do it before him.

Therefore, he resolutely rejected the idea of protection that the other party wanted.

'Zhao Daoyou, I believe that this matter must be done. Although we ordinary people are weak, we are not the ants who are crushed at will. I will personally let Taoist Lantern pay for what he has done!'

'Don't worry, doctor. Just leave it to me!'

Zhao Gongming's eyes sparkled with cold light, and he also wanted to calculate the fate of bullying the cut-off disciples with Burning Lantern!

The situation of this evening has reached this stage, so things will be irretrievable.

The elucidation disciples bullied people too much. They could kill Shitianjun and Doctor Shen. (This chapter is not finished!)

Chapter 351 Feeling betrayed (taking the first place)

I don't mind giving them a lesson that will never be forgotten.

As for whether to offend the expository sage, it is beyond Zhao Gongming's consideration.

The intercepting disciples always do what they want, instead of worrying too much.

What Taoist priest Randeng is! I still beat him today!

Zhao Gongming knows the importance of force, and only when he has a big fist can someone listen to you.

At this moment, Taoist Lantern sat firmly on the sika deer and looked at the two people who were eyeing him at the same time. He was very complicated and uncomfortable.

But after all, he is a golden immortal, and he will not lose his momentum.

For Shen Xin, Taoist Randeng didn't care too much at the moment, because in his mind, even if he stood there and asked Shen Xin to chop, the result was still the same. The other side could not get close to him and break his defense.

Let alone challenge yourself.

He just needs to stand in the clouds and stay still like a mountain. As an ordinary man, can he jump up again?

At present, perhaps the only thing to pay attention to is Zhao Gongming.

He injured five golden immortals consecutively. The magic weapon in his hand is mysterious and seems to be powerful.

At this moment, five golden immortals, including Immortal Yuding and Master Lingbao, took the opportunity to explain, and were defeated back in the array and came to the Taoist priest Randeng.

The five Immortals were all injured and stared at each other in silence.

Because it is too humiliating.

At any rate, they are also the famous golden immortals of Yuxu. They are arrogant and don't even pay attention to the heaven in ordinary days, but today, they are almost wiped out in Xiqi.

And looking at the Ten Jue Formation in front of me and the Immortal Huanglong who was hanged by Doctor Shen himself and was waving in the wind, I was really ashamed to death.

But at the moment, the lantern didn't care about the face of the immortals at all, and asked several people coldly:

'What did Zhao Gongming use to hurt the Taoist friends today?'

As the saying goes, knowing oneself and knowing the enemy is the best way to win a hundred battles. When the Taoist priest Randeng looks at the Dinghai bead in front of him, he feels very familiar with it, and he believes that this treasure belongs to him.

In Zhao Gongming's hands, it is a secret vote.

The five people on the other side bowed their heads and were silent. It was not until a long time ago that Master Lingbao whispered under the constant gaze of Taoist priest Randeng:

'We only know that people are very heavy. We don't know what treasure it is. We don't know exactly.'

The five people nodded at the same time: 'I saw the red light flashing. I don't know what it is.'

Explaining Jin Xian's words made him angry, and his eyebrows tightened.

waste material! A bunch of rubbish.

It's hard to understand the truth that people can't even see what magic weapon they use when they are knocked down@ Essence/Bookstore · Error free debut~~

Randeng looked at the crowd, and his expression was very unhappy. Suddenly, he looked up and saw that the real man Huanglong was hanging on the flag pole. He felt more and more uneasy.

All the golden immortals looked anxious, and hurriedly worshipped the Lantern Taoist priest:

'The teacher is above us, because we can't get rid of this misfortune. But today, Immortal Huanglong is suffering so much. He is also a disciple of teaching. How can we bear this? Please help him to solve his problems.'

The Taoist priest Randeng snorted coldly in the direction of Zhao Gongming.

Today's event was originally planned by him to attack the Yin merchants at night, kill the Ten Heavenly Kings and break the Ten Jue Formation.

But I didn't expect that the current result was that none of them had been completed. Now, not only did they not break the Ten Unique Formation, but they also killed Shen Xin.

Even explained that Jinxian was injured, and Immortal Huanglong was hung on the flagpole.

Such behavior is simply a crazy challenge to elucidation.

At present, if he doesn't do something to save the situation, I'm afraid that the original Heavenly Lord will not easily let him go.

Thinking of this, Taoist Randeng looked very cold and nodded to everyone:

'You don't need to go out. Let me go to meet him.'

After saying that, he looked at the two men who were about to fight with him. Without hesitation, he directly passed Doctor Chen and stared at Zhao Gongming coldly.


Doctor Shen looked up and saw this scene. He pointed his hand at the Taoist priest, and the whole person split up: 'Burn the lamp, you are special. (This chapter is not finished!)

Chapter 351 Feeling betrayed (taking the first place)

Damn you look down on me? '

He felt betrayed. Obviously, he was the one who first challenged him like burning a lamp. As a result, you chose Zhao Gongming!


Doctor Chen's eyes darkened, as if he had been hit hard.

On the other hand, the two people who looked at each other were very serious.

'Burning the lamp, you dare to come down and see the battle!' Zhao Gongming urged the tiger and mocked him without hesitation.

Yandeng's expression has always been very dull, and even he smiled: 'Taoist friends are the tools for fighting young people. Don't talk too much. Xiqi is relying on King Hongfu, Jiang Shangde's ear.'

'You don't need to be afraid.'

Zhao Gongming looked at the expression of Taoist priest Randeng in front of him. He was very angry no matter how he looked at it. He wanted to smash his smiling face with a slap. He immediately became angry. He pointed his whip to the front and shouted, 'Randeng, you confused the morale of the troops with this remark. It's very hateful!'

He was so angry that he could no longer care much about it. All his momentum broke out, and his magic power immediately rose to the sky.

In his hands, he even picked up the Fa Jue, sacrificed the whip in the air, and beat it relentlessly towards the lantern.

When I saw the lamp burning, my expression became cold and I said, 'Good!'

He hurriedly offered his sword to parry.


With several loud sounds, the gale before the Ten Jue Front instantly rolled for several circles. The ground was originally ravine due to magic power, but it was directly collapsed crazily.

The two men did not meet each other. Zhao Gongming saw that Taoist priest Randeng was very powerful and difficult to deal with.

He was very decisive in sacrificing Dinghaizhu in the air. When you look at the lantern with your eyes, you can see a school of five colors and light, which blocks the sky and the sun. It is extremely powerful. You can't see what it is.

Seeing that the sea god pearl was about to fall, Randeng was horrified. He obviously felt that he could not resist the treasure by force.

There was no time to think about it. The whole body's magic was working crazily. At that time, the rosy clouds were everywhere. The figure of Taoist Lantern quickly disappeared into the fog.

Then it turned into a light and shadow and fell into the Xiqi Array.

The Lantern Taoist dared not resist the sea god bead and fled back in embarrassment.

However, Zhao Gongming did not give the other party a chance to relax at all. He immediately rode the tiger to catch up, and at the same time, he could not help but want to annoy the other party:

'Burning lamp, since you have an infinite way, how can you escape back to the array? Come quickly and fight with me as soon as possible!'

The Lantern Taoist clenched his teeth and his eyebrows trembled wildly. Looking at Zhao Gongming, who was so arrogant in the middle of the sky, he was very angry.

This is the second time that he failed in facial expression management. Of course, the first time was dedicated to Dr. Shen.

Before the fight, he didn't care about Zhao Gongming, but now he feels the power of the magic weapon and finally remembers it!

That is the Dinghai Shenzhu, and the magic weapon is definitely the Dinghai Shenzhu!

Among the three realms, there are not many powerful inborn Holy Treasures. Not to mention the three realms of fame, they are also powerful.

With the insight of Taoist priest Randeng, he naturally knows a lot.

Now the Taoist priest Randeng looks greedy when he looks at the Dinghai Shenzhu in Zhao Gongming's hands.

Seeing that Zhao Gongming refused to give up and killed him, Taoist Nuandeng immediately smiled coldly and said,

'Taoist friends, when can I stay now?'


Chapter 351 Feeling betrayed (taking the first place)

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