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Chapter 370 This treasure is destined for me

The sun is shining and the breeze is gentle.

In the sky as bright as sapphire, white clouds are floating.

This is the fastest road to Wuyi Mountain. Although early autumn has come, it seems that it has not been affected at all.

There are many mountains around, and the green rocks and the lake water are reflected with rippling blue waves.

From the sky, you can see a vast sea of clouds, floating peaks, winding zigzags, and light bamboo rafts. At the end of the mountain, you can see the beautiful water, and the precious land of the cave.

And suddenly a thick light and shadow ran across the overlapping mountains, with black and white hair and round fluffy body, like a meat ball.

Seeing this scene, birds, fish, elk, and apes all fled in panic, bringing their families, calling friends and calling friends. It was as if some rich and heartless dog family had come, and it was as if they had met the villainous landlord.

How can I get one? I'm in a hurry.

The iron eater's eyes were shining, looking at the two mountain caves, howling everywhere, looking cheerful.

Clouds and fog blow around, and saliva splashes onto the ground.

Very happy.

Doctor Shen looked at the situation and sighed a lot.

'Tell the truth.' He knocked on the head of the iron eater and said, 'Did you see the demon run away before, and the dog hated the dog?'

The Iron Eater bowed his head and shook his head. He was very confident and said, 'Every time I leave, those demon friends come out to welcome me.'

Doctor Shen looked at the sky silently. Without a word, what did he encounter?

Is it too late to regret now?

However, at this critical moment, Doctor Shen can only feel his nose and choose to agree with this extremely unreliable answer.

I am also lazy to think about it and hurry to hurry up.

'Why can't a bear run away from a deer and a tiger? Can it be faster?'

We are looking for death. Time is precious. You are also a fierce animal in ancient times. How dare you let Taoist Lantern and Zhao Gongming's horse drive so far away that you didn't even see the tail light of others' car. It's a shame to be a fierce animal!

Even my master will be regarded as naive!

If Doctor Chen hadn't followed his memory and looked at the Wuyi Mountain nearby, I'm afraid they could only drink the wind from the west to the north on the way.

I can't even make it to death.

At this point, the iron eater blinked and seemed very aggrieved. He wanted to say something, but he was afraid. He carefully opened his mouth and said:

'Master, I can't be blamed...'

'Don't blame you?' When Doctor Chen heard this, he became angry and gave a cold snort.

'Humph! Don't blame you! Can you blame me?'

The Iron Eater unconsciously wanted to nod, but then he felt that Doctor Shen was angry and shook his head extremely quickly, with some unspeakable openings.

'In fact, I used to run very fast, and no one could catch up with those silly monsters.'

'But... since I followed the master, the food is very good, and I have gained some weight recently...'


Doctor Shen: 'I am special...'

This pot can also be thrown at me?

What he didn't know was that this was really related to Doctor Shen. The iron eater was really fast, at least among the mounts.

But now it is not the one who used to sleep in the mountains and prepare to run away. Since Dr. Chen came to Xiqi, the iron eater has eaten enough, slept warm and drank milk every day.

And as long as you are hungry, you can go to Xiqi City to grab a wave of weapons if you have nothing to do, and then you can eat them.

The best thing about Xiqi is that no one can stop him. He can come and go freely. Nezha, Yang Jian and others know that he is the mount of Doctor Chen's family. They just turn a blind eye and choose to acquiesce, so they can harvest a lot every time.

In addition, with Doctor Shen around, there is endless protection of qi and fortune. Every day, it is simply a matter of reaching out for clothes and opening your mouth to food, and living a life of extreme dignity.

The mana and physical strength are obviously improved, but there is no danger after a long time, and the speed response will naturally slow down.

This is just like robbing the monsters in the mountain forest before. They have to rely on sneak attacks, but they can't beat them and escape from being caught.

But now, if you hit the mountain directly, you will smash it. If you meet those monsters again, you will not run any more. Instead, you will slap them all down and start to grab them.

You don't have to run.

Also, for the current iron eater, Doctor Shen is its great backer, and it is simply walking sideways when you meet ordinary monsters. You don't need to have any idea of running away when you meet ordinary monsters, but you can't run away when you meet those powerful powers.

So the iron eaters are rotten!

At present, it is obvious that the owner is dissatisfied with him. The Iron Eater wants to keep his long-term meal ticket. He knows that without Doctor Shen, he would not be himself.

So he must do something to keep his position. After all, there is a difference between a full meal and a full meal.

Then the iron eater tried hard and rubbed, only to see his originally thick stomach bulged and became more round.

Then, with the weight of his body and Doctor Shen, he fell down at a very fast speed, and with a bang, like that huge ball, he smashed in the direction of Wuyi Mountain.

Doctor Shen stared blankly, remained silent for a moment, and finally patted his forehead helplessly:

'What a god!'

Wuyi Mountain is very large, and there are countless caves and blessed places. There are also many people who practice Taoism.

Zhao Gongming followed the Lantern Taoist priest all the way down the road. After a long time, he came to a hillside.

Suddenly, he seemed to hear someone talking and laughing in the distance. The breeze blew through the forest. Under the pine tree in front of him, two people were talking about chess. One wore green and the other red. The thin face was black and white, with distinctive personality.

At the time of the division, they suddenly heard the deer's hooves blaring and the light flashing around. They quickly looked back, but they saw the Taoist priest burning the lamp. They were surprised for a moment, but then their eyebrows were instantly happy.

Who is burning a lamp? That is the great Luo Jinxian, and also the deputy leader of the elucidation. He is also a famous person in the three realms.

It is the existence that countless people want to cling to.

At this moment, the two people are equivalent to fans meeting idols. It is not easy to see such a senior person. How can they not be excited.

Now Xiqi is at war with the Yin and Shang Dynasties, and when the Gods were listed, he explained that both the two religions were fighting in the Ten Jue Array outside Qishan, which attracted the attention of the three circles.

Although the two men were just a casual practitioner, they also wanted to participate in such events.

Because there are no schools or sects, Fang tried to take this great opportunity to go to Xiqi to help him, and after he achieved the feat of sealing the gods, he could join the elucidation sect and get the protection.

At present, they want to talk about going out of the mountain. They are worried about no way out, but they suddenly meet Taoist priest Lantern:

Hurry up and respectfully shout:

'Teacher Randeng will stop for a moment and leave in such a hurry. I don't know what it is.'

Hearing the shout, the Taoist priest Randeng glanced down the mountain in surprise, but saw two Taoists who had never met, looking at themselves excitedly, and were very enthusiastic.

He pondered for a moment, and suddenly his eyes flashed. He calmly looked at the direction of Zhao Gongming behind him, and fell down.

And beat a head, slowly open the mouth back.

'The Taoist friends don't know. I came from Xiqi. Today, the division collapsed. King Zhou was so dissolute and immoral that he heard the villain's words to send a large army to attack the land of Zhou without any reason. I came here to help with Yuxu's edict.'

'Unexpectedly, most of the Yin merchants were hindered by left-wing demons, and Zhao Gongming was even more arrogant and acted against the sky to help the Yin merchants to abuse and harm the people in the world.'

Randeng told the story of Zhao Gongming's attack on Xiqi once again. He said that he was righteous and took the moral high place properly, like a justice messenger.

A few words stirred up their anger, and filled them with righteous indignation. Without hesitation, they said angrily:

'Zhao Gongming didn't know the days. How dare he help the cruel Yin Shang!'

'You may as well. The teacher stands aside and waits for me to ask him.'

After saying that, Zhao Gongming walked as fast as a tiger before his words were heard.

Without hesitation, they stopped Zhao Gongming and sang:

'Pity for the four is a false name. You can escape the dead and live only if you recognize them.'

'Wisdom is like the moon in the sky, but illusion is like ice in the water.'

'Turn back the head of Guan Bin and see through the emptiness.'

'Lack of performance and lack of merit are all false, and it is difficult to succeed in starting a furnace fire.'

Zhao Gongming was in a hurry to light the lamp. He heard the strange singing voice and looked at it. He saw that they were wearing blue and red robes, and their faces were black and white.

Then he opened his mouth and shouted, 'Who are you?'

After listening, they didn't care. They smiled and said, 'You don't even recognize me. You call yourself an immortal!'

Listen to me:

'It's funny that Gongming asked me that my family used to live in Yanxia.'

'Meicang's thermal power is not idle talk. How can you boast about planting golden lotus?'

'Three feet of Jiao Tong is a job, and a pot of good wine is a career.'

'Riding a dragon to travel in the Canghai Sea, no one plays with the flowers for a long night.'

'I am Xiao Sheng and Cao Bao from Wuyi Mountain. My brothers are fighting each other at leisure to send the sun and the moon. Now I see that teacher Randeng has been bullied too much by you. He goes against the law of heaven and helps the false to destroy the true. He doesn't know his own sin, but he fights against the strong. So I ask you.'

Zhao Gongming looked and watched. He saw that they were just beginning to become immortals. He dared to speak up to himself.

I don't know where the courage comes from.

Then he didn't care. Meng pointed at his whip and immediately became angry: 'How dare you do that!'

Then he immediately raised the whip. The wind around him suddenly rose, and the magic was strong. Zhao Gongming began to hunt and encourage in his Taoist robe.

There was only a 'bang', and all the trees around him were exploded, and the momentum of the great golden immortal was fully distributed.

Not far away, Xiao Sheng and Cao Bao, seeing the momentum, rushed to meet them with their swords.

But at the moment, they were not afraid. First, they were angry and indignant. Zhao Gongming did not know the weather and helped the emperor.

Second, the Taoist priest burning the lamp behind him is nearby now, so he can help at any time.

Although they were defeated by their magic power, they could also retreat, just as they were heading for Xiqi with the Lantern.

In an instant, the whip came and went, and the sword sounded loud. Zhao Gongming continued to adhere to the principle that it was better to strike first, and he just turned away.

Looking at the figures of the two men in front of him, he took out the dragon binding rope and pointed to it. He said, 'Hurry!'

'Whoosh!' A long white rainbow broke through the sky with light.

When Xiao Sheng saw this rope, he didn't panic. Instead, he laughed, 'Nice to meet you!'

Quickly take out a piece of money from the leopard skin bag. The money has wings, glitters, and smells unpredictable and constantly changes.

This treasure is called 'Luobao Money'. Xiao Sheng saw the dragon rope coming quickly and raised his wrist to sacrifice it in the air.

The next shocking scene happened. The dazzling golden light quietly passed by. The dragon binding rope immediately hung in the air and stopped. Then the money fell to the ground, was seized by Cao Bao, and the rope was collected.


'My dragon binding rope!'

When Zhao Gongming saw that Cao Bao had taken this treasure, he shouted: 'What a demon! Dare to take my treasure!'

At this moment, he was also angry with Hu Tu. He did not pay any attention to the strange situation of the dragon binding rope. He took the sea bead sacrifice from the air. He saw the auspicious color Qiantuan and continued to fight down the two men.

Xiao Sheng made money again. Ding Haizhu goes down with money. Cao Bao hurriedly snatched the Dinghai Shenzhu again.

'Evil thief, return my magic weapon!'

When Zhao Gongming saw that he had lost the Dinghai Shenzhu, he was so worried that the Three Body Gods jumped up in anger and rushed to sacrifice the whip regardless of everything.

Xiao Sheng can't help laughing when he sees Zhao Gongming taking out his magic weapon several times without success.

Even the great golden immortal wants you to drink hatred in front of my magic weapon today. If there is a teacher named Yandeng here, I'm afraid we can not defeat you, Zhao Gongming?

Then they sent money.

But this time Xiao Sheng miscalculated. I don't know how to get this whip because it is a weapon, not a treasure!

'Not good!'

Xiao Sheng shouted, a little crisis appeared in his mind, and his face turned pale in an instant. Luo Bao's money failed!

He Meng turned around and ran away without hesitation, but it was too late.


The whip had turned into a dazzling rainbow, which hit Xiao Sheng hard at the top of the door, only to make his brains burst out, to be a casual idler, and only to land on the Fengshen Platform.


'Brother Xiao!'

Cao Bao on the other side could not accept Xiao Sheng's death in front of him. His eyes were split at once. He could not help shouting, and then he rushed to take revenge for Xiao Sheng.

Randeng, who was watching from Gaofu, had already seen all this. He stared at the Dinghai Shenzhu in Cao Bao's hands and the Luobao money in the distance, and did not dare to relax for a moment.

Seeing that the other party was going to fight Zhao Gongming, he immediately sighed and said to himself, 'Two friends are laughing at the chess game. How could I know that I have suffered so much? Let me help him.'

The Lantern Taoist was worried. He stepped forward and silently offered the heaven and earth ruler.

Zhao Gongming was about to meet Cao Bao and retrieve the Dinghai Shenzhu. He was not on guard.


A cold light came quietly, which made Gongming almost fall down. With a shout, he pushed the tiger to the south.

Seeing the light burning, I hurried to the front and saluted Cao Bao who was still in shock:

'I feel deeply that Taoist brother has the virtue of using magic. I can't bear to feel sorry for that Taoist man in red who was killed by Zhuan. What is the famous mountain, where is the cave house, Gao's surname, and his name?'

He spoke tentatively to Cao Bao.

Cao Bao silently took Luo Bao's money, looked at the dead figure in front of him, felt sad, sighed, and murmured:

'I am Xiao Sheng and Cao Bao, who are scattered from Wuyi Mountain. I am not busy, so I will be relieved.'

'When I met my teacher today, I really felt aggrieved. I didn't expect Brother Xiao to be killed by Zhao Gongming. It's really amazing!'

'Just now, thank you for your timely action. Otherwise, I will hate you.'

Cao Bao was at a loss for a moment. He hurried to the direction of the burning lamp, and seemed to think of something.

Burn the lamp, waved his hand enthusiastically, and personally lifted Cao Bao up. He said thoughtfully:

'Just now, Zhao Gongming offered two things to hurt you. When I saw a piece of money rising and going, it fell with the money. My Taoist friend hurriedly put it away. I don't know what it is.'

Although Cao Bao hesitated, because he believed in the fame of Jin Xian and the character of Taoist priest Randeng, he explained in silence for a moment:

'My treasure is named 'Luobao Qian Qian'. I don't know what it is even named after Luogong Ming.'

Then he subconsciously took out the magic weapon left by Zhao Gongming and watched it with the lamp. As soon as he saw Ding Haizhu, he clenched his hands and took great care of her. He clapped and shouted:

'I can see this rare treasure today, and I am successful!'

Unable to understand, Cao Bao asked, 'Teacher, do you recognize this?'


The Taoist priest Randeng stared at Cao Bao silently, his eyes flashing with interest, and smiled.

'This treasure is named 'Dinghaizhu'. It has been here since the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. This pearl once shone brightly on the Xuandu, but later it was unheard of. I don't know who it was.'

'I'm lucky to meet a Taoist friend today and receive this treasure. I feel refreshed and happy.'

'Dinghai Shenzhu?'

'That's right.' The Taoist priest Randeng nodded affirmatively.

Hearing that Taoist priest Randeng said this thing was so supernatural, and thinking of Zhao Gongming who had just left in a hurry, Cao Bao felt a tremor in his heart.

How can the other party give up such a treasure? Today is because there is Taoist Lantern here. Zhao Gongming can't just retreat, but what about later?

This treasure is not a treasure, but a hot potato and a deadly Yama. Isn't it a disaster here.

Thinking of this, Cao Bao hesitated and said, 'Since the teacher wants to see this treasure, there must be something useful. The teacher should take it away.'


Burning the lamp seemed to smile, but his eyes were unexpectedly glared, and he quickly refused: 'I have no merit, how dare I accept this?'

At the moment, the look of burning the lamp was unpredictable, and his face seemed to be smiling, but his palm quietly closed to his sleeve, as if he had caught something.

'A thing has its own owner. Since the teacher can help you, you should accept it. It's useless for disciples to accept it.'

Cao Bao said very firmly that he just wanted to send the treasure out now, so as to avoid Zhao Gongming's revenge and death.

'But...' Burn the lamp hesitated.

Cao Bao nodded, 'All things in the world belong to virtuous people. Zhao Gongming's loss of this treasure is due to his own fault. It is God's destiny that belongs to the teacher.'

As he said this, he did not hesitate to force the Dinghai Shenzhu into the hands of the Taoist priest.

Burning the lamp seemed unable to refute it, and it seemed hard to accept it. Finally, after thinking for a moment, he had to look at Cao Bao meaningfully and say a word with a smile.


However, just as he was about to continue to speak, he suddenly heard a loud 'boom' in the sky, as if there was someone coming down with the thunder.

Unconsciously, they looked up and saw a huge black and white meat ball, which hit the ground like a cannonball, causing the ground around to crack and smoke everywhere.

Later, I heard a pale voice above:

'Wait a minute, Taoist friends, I have a destiny to see this treasure...'

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