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Chapter 376 I seem to have seen this episode.

Zhao Gongming was very angry at the moment and turned to leave.

He did not expect that he not only suffered a great loss in the hands of Taoist priest Randeng, but now he even refused to help his sister who looked like a relative.

Especially when the doctor was looking down, he once boasted about Haikou. Is there anything more humiliating?

He was so ashamed and angry that he immediately gave a cold grunt.

'Don't worry, brother. Don't be impulsive!' Seeing this, Yunxiao hurries to stop it.

'Why? What can I do for you, sister?' Zhao Gongming stared at her coldly, with a cold expression.

It seemed that the sky was heartbroken, the ruddy corners of his mouth trembled slightly, and his face was pale. But even then, he was still determined to open his mouth again.

'Brother, you can't go to Xiqi now. The Taoist Lantern was ordered by heaven to help Jiang Ziya become a god and stop him by force, which might be dangerous.' Yunxiao said anxiously:

'We'll let him be wild for a moment, and then the elder brother and the doctor will stay in the Three Immortals Island to practice carefully. It's not too late to revenge after the end of the fiefdom.'

'Hum! It's not too late. I think it's too late to regret!' The more Zhao Gongming listened to this, the more depressed he became. He just walked away, ignoring Yunxiao's persuasion.

However, Yunxiao did not give up. A white hand held the white jaw and suddenly looked at Doctor Chen.

The two sides looked at each other, and the corners of their mouths were stirred. It seems that he wants Doctor Chen to persuade Zhao Gongming.

Doctor Shen had followed him and looked at him quietly. He didn't say anything. After all, he was an outsider and didn't know each other well.

But now I almost got scared and worried.

Hum! abandoned woman!

I just want to be a transparent person. Why do you want to hurt me somehow? Don't stay here.

Doctor Chen was determined not to allow such a thing to happen, so he took the lead in standing out before the clouds opened, and blocked her mouth with righteous words.

'Taoist friend Yunxiao, how can Brother Zhao choose that we can't intervene, let alone decide for him? You can discuss on your own.'

'However, I have to go back to Xiqi. It is just the saying that everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world, and the country is in danger, so I should look at death as if I were going home.'

'No matter whether Xiqi is involved in preaching and deification at the moment, Shenxin will never want to die, otherwise how can he stand in this world!'

'Shen...' Yunxiao just opened his lips and closed them slowly in shock. He looked at Doctor Shen deeply and suddenly looked very serious.

She didn't seem to think that this was said by an ordinary person.

'Taoist friends, please come back. You don't need to see them off.'

Doctor Shen turned around at the moment, shook his sleeve robe and left with Zhao Gongming.

He was very relaxed after saying that, as long as he did not let himself stay in the Three Immortals Island, whether he borrowed the magic weapon of Zhao Gongming in the next three days or not, he could not change any of the current situation.

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Now the end has been basically doomed. As long as Doctor Shen continues to complete his great plan, the original Heavenly Lord will certainly come down to earth and personally join in the sealing of God.

There is no doubt that he will die. Doctor Shen is very happy.

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But Yunxiao felt thoughtful, and suddenly he subconsciously sighed and looked at the figure with complicated eyes.

Perhaps at this time, she finally understood why Elder Brother Changming knew that going to Xiqi was dangerous and wanted to help.

Doctor Shen is different from others. He has the temperament of serving the country and the people, and is not afraid of life and death.

This kind of temperament is admirable.

Yunxiao slowly turned her head, and began to feel inexplicably upset. Not that she didn't want to help her brother, but that she was ruthless, but that the water inside the god was too deep.

It is not at all that she and the elder brother can participate in. If they are not careful, the final result is likely to be a thousand years of hard work. Once it is over, thousands of years of practice will disappear.

Yunxiao had to think more calmly for his brother and two sisters.

Seeing that Zhao Gongming and Doctor Chen had left, she was honest and didn't want to make the relationship between them very bad, so she helplessly asked the two sisters behind her.

'You two, please go to see your elder brother off on my behalf, and let him never involve Xiqi again.'

'Mm-hmm.' Before finishing speaking, Bixiao not far away hurriedly nodded, blinked his eyes and replied nervously.

'Sister, don't worry if you leave this matter to us!'

After saying that, Bixiao stretched out her green jade fingers, patted the chest with the bag to be put, and then quickly pulled Qiong Xiao who was at a loss in front of her, and they disappeared.

Only the two sisters' dialogue remained in the faint wind:

'Let's go... Let's go. It will be too late if we don't catch up.'

'Ah, this Doctor Shen's temperament is really admirable.' Qiong Xiao said with a smile.

'Sister, you are an elder. You should learn to love children. Give me a chance to let my sister.'

'No, no, I have let you for so many years, so I should respect the elderly. The elder sister is like a mother, so I have to listen to me.'

'It's true, brother. Why didn't you come earlier...'

'Hum, no matter I want to steal my sister's golden scallop, send it to her!'

'Then I'll go and get the Hunyuan Jindou!'

'Compared with me? I'm older than you. I'm older everywhere, little sister!'

On one side of the sky, his forehead was jumping wildly, and his mind was trembling: 'Why do you vaguely feel that there is something wrong?'

It seems that I have two thieves...

Doctor Chen and Zhao Gongming are now getting on their horses to leave Sanxian Island. After all, Zhao Gongming came to borrow the treasure with great hope, but was refused to do so. They are in a bad mood.

Doctor Shen was also afraid that Yunxiao would not let himself leave in order to keep Zhao Gongming, so he acted very quickly.

But just as he was getting ready for action, he suddenly saw someone in the distance shouting, 'Brother, stop!'

He followed his reputation and saw a tall figure standing there.

She is wearing a pale yellow gauze skirt. Her eyebrows are picturesque. Her skin is delicate, soft and smooth, like a jade. Her cherry mouth is red without a bit. Her robe is floating, and her train is swaying with the wind.

Grasping a fairy sword in his hand, he felt like a orchid.

This woman, Doctor Shen, has just seen Qiong Xiao in three nights.

Zhao Gongming sighed. His originally cold expression eased a lot. He asked, 'Sister, why are you here?'

After saying that, he said with a firm face, 'You don't need to persuade me. To help the Yin merchants for your brother is not only a temporary struggle of morale, but also for the love of your fellow disciples and the justice of the world!'

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'I heard that the Grand Master and Ten Heavenly Kings came to the mountain to invite me personally. As a disciple of the sect, how can I watch people being bullied and ignored by him? What's more, Doctor Shen and I have a good relationship and share life and death.'

'What the doctor has done is for the country and the people. I admire him very much. I am very moved!'

Zhao Gongming said that, looking at the sky, his face was determined.

After Zhao Gongming's explanation, Qiongxiao found Doctor Chen more attractive. Looking at the standing figure in front of her, her eyes began to shine.

Unexpectedly, the man in front is not only handsome, but also a fearless hero.

I haven't seen such a great person for a long time,

Compared with Doctor Shen, even the immortals who had been intercepted were pale.

'Hey? Why are you here, little sister?'

Zhao Gongming suddenly found that Qiong Xiao was accompanied by a little girl, who was approaching fiercely. She was dressed in pale green clothes, which was somewhat unruly and lovely. It was a different style compared with Qiong Xiao in front of her.

If Yunxiao is like a fairy in the sky, with elegant intellect and great wisdom, Qiong Xiao is the Xia who wields the sword at the ends of the world. She is as graceful as a orchid.

As for the Bixiao in front of us, it should be the spoiled little sister next door, who likes to play.

One big girl, one middle girl, and one little girl have their own advantages.

At this moment, Bixiao has rushed into front of the two people, and said to Zhao Gongming with righteous indignation:

'Brother, we are not here to persuade you, but to fight against the oppression of elder sister with you.'

'What's the matter? Why can't you borrow the magic weapon if you want to use it?'

Bixiao's face was angry at the moment, and she kept roast about Yunxiao, indicating that she didn't agree with her.

I wanted to borrow it, but my sister disagreed. Everything was my sister's idea.

At the end of the day, he said, 'Doctor Shen, are you right?'

Hearing Qiong Xiao's eyes rolling, she was a straight guy in her heart. She said that you were not like this in front of the elder sister. Why did you change so quickly.

'Well... maybe the Cloud Fairy has her own idea. Is it for everyone's good?' Doctor Chen hesitated for a moment and said earnestly.

To tell the truth, from the perspective of the clouds, the other party really had to, and not only for themselves.

Qiong Xiao finally came here quickly at the moment, but her face was not very good, her eyebrows were slightly locked, and her face was a little dissatisfied.

She snorted in her heart. The dead girl didn't have high magic cultivation and ran very fast. She even flirted with a man.

As she walked along, she looked at Zhao Gongming and Bixiao, thinking about what she should say, but suddenly her eyes lit up when she heard Doctor Shen's words.

He quickly blinked his eyes and seemed to agree with him:

'Doctor Shen is right. My sister may have her own ideas. She has more to think about. Unlike you, you only know how to play and don't practice hard.'

'Now Doctor Shen's reminder has let us know. Elder sister is also very embarrassed. She is not really heartless.'

She just felt depressed, and was immediately guided to the point by a sentence from Doctor Shen. While she could bully her sister, she also got involved in some relationships.

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Then the smile was filled with joy, which could not be suppressed in the whole person's heart.

Shen Xin nodded to her and said hello: 'Qiongxiao Fairy.'


Zhao Gongming on the other side suddenly realized that I had seen this episode?

He was too familiar, because the same thing happened in front of him, but only for an hour.

That child is just like this.

'It's broken. I'm the backboard again.'

Zhao Gongming silently got on the black tiger, and it seems that loneliness has become his current melody:

'How about two sisters, talk with Doctor Chen first, and then go to Jin'ao Island for your brother?'

'Well, take your time, brother.'

'Be careful all the way!'

Qiong Xiao Bixiao replied at the same time, waving her hand very seriously.

At this moment, Zhao Gongming seems to hear the voice of heartbreak!

At this moment, he felt completely what it means to turn her elbow out when she is too big. How can he see that Doctor Chen even forgot his brother?

This is too much, so Zhao Gongming said:

'Doctor Shen is very dangerous in the East China Sea alone. He should go with me!'

With that, he seriously emphasized the word 'danger'.

'...' Bixiao was a little arrogant at first, but after Zhao Gongming's very decent eyes, he finally lowered his head and pointed to Qiong Xiao beside him.

'They are all sisters. They don't care about their brothers at all!'

Qiong Xiao said hurriedly, 'All of them are girls...'

Before he finished speaking, Zhao Gongming patted his forehead helplessly and hummed heavily.

In an instant, both women bowed their heads silently.

Zhao Gongming wanted to scold them. Anyway, he is also an immortal. How can he learn from ordinary women to commit a flower mania? What if he is cheated by malicious thieves?

He doesn't want to have more brother-in-law now. He wants to be called his uncle.

What's more, Doctor Chen is my life and death friend. I don't know what my sister's character is. One by one, she is unruly and capricious, and has been spoiled. Isn't that what will harm her brother?

Zhao Gongming resolutely stood by Doctor Chen and began to think.

And everyone thinks, only Doctor Shen is calm, looking at the sky and thinking about his death plan!

Suddenly, Zhao Gongming was about to continue to speak, warning Qiong Xiao and his wife. Don't ignore yourself in the future. Just listen to the sound of breaking the wind behind him.

In the middle of the sky, a Taoist nun is stepping on the wind and clouds and arriving at a high speed.

The long green silk and waist are fluttering, a peach blossom like eye is shining like autumn water, and a jade is worn on the waist. There are bright pearls on the top of my head.

She smiled and shouted from afar:

'Brother Zhao!'

Zhao Gongming and others looked back and found that it was Han Zhixian, an acquaintance.

'Why do Taoist friends recruit each other?' Zhao Gongming hurried to return the gift.

Han Zhi Xian first looked at Zhao Gongming, then was attracted by Doctor Shen's figure, stared at the front and asked:

'Why are you here?'

Zhao Gongming sighed and finally...

Finally, someone cared about himself. Then he hurriedly told the story of Vashiqi's loss of Dinghaizhu and explained it carefully.

'I just asked Yunxiao to borrow the Jin Jiao scissors to retake Haizhu. She was adamant, so she went elsewhere to borrow some treasures and then became the district.'

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Hearing this, Han Zhixian immediately fought against injustice and said, 'What a shame! My fellow Taoist brother will go back. The whole family will not borrow it, let alone outsiders!'

Bixiao chimed in beside him: 'I totally agree with my brother's idea, but it was the elder sister who stopped me.' Then he stole a look at Doctor Shen and said without hesitation:

'I'm going to fetch the Jin Jiao scissors and send them to Xiqi with my brother to defeat the enemy!'

'I'm going to get Hunyuan Jindou!' Qiong Xiao did not show weakness.

'Don't worry. This is the worst policy. Let me go to see Sister Yunxiao with you!'

After saying that, Han Zhixian quickly crossed Zhao Gongming and went to Doctor Chen. Seeing Doctor Chen's face, his heart thumped twice.

Wow! handsome!

Everyone came to the mansion again. This time, there were so many people.

The boy was startled and reported to the sky quickly: 'The master has come again with that handsome young man.'

Yunxiao listened and came out to meet him in surprise. Hanzhi Immortal came in together, saluted and sat down.

Hanzhi Immortal immediately said angrily: 'Sister Yunxiao, the Taoist brother is your three blood, why don't you set up a moral code? Is there a Taoist art in Yuxu Palace, and we have no Taoist art?'

'Since he has received the Taoist brother's two treasures, he should help him. Why doesn't my sister allow it? Why?'

'If you borrow some rare treasures from other places and get the treasure of burning lamps from Xiqi, your sister will look ugly. Besides, your closest relatives are not others. My dear sister won't borrow them today, let alone others! Even a thing refined in my gossip furnace will go to Xiqi to help Doctor Shen. Why don't you come?'

Bixiao immediately followed him and agreed: 'Sister, let's borrow the golden Jiao from your brother.'

Qiong Xiao refused to show her weakness, and said: 'Sister, I think Doctor Shen is a wise and powerful man in the world. It is the destiny of my brother to help him.'


Lady Yunxiao listened and pondered for a long time. Now it's her turn to hesitate, whether to borrow or not.

Borrow it. I'm afraid brother will be in trouble, which will increase the danger.

This is not to borrow, but to thoroughly offend your brother. What's more, Han Zhixian said that there is nothing wrong. We are close relatives, not others. If the real brother takes the treasure back, it will be difficult to save face in the future.

Just hesitating, she looked up at Doctor Shen in front of her eyes, and her heart suddenly moved.

Finally, he made up his mind, took out the Jin Jiao scissors, and said seriously: 'Brother, take the Jin Jiao scissors and say to the Lantern:

' You can return the Dinghai Pearl to me, and I will not put the golden scallop scissors; If you don't return my jewel, I will release the golden scallop scissors. At that time, the moon will be broken. ' Naturally, he will return the jewel to you.

Brother, don't make mistakes! I am the truth. '

Zhao Gongming was delighted when he heard this. He took over the Golden Jiaojian and felt reluctant to leave the Three Immortals Island.

Han Zhixian said goodbye to Doctor Chen and Zhao Gongming. Suddenly, he said seriously, 'I have refined a treasure in the furnace, and soon I will come to Xiqi to help.'

'Thank you, Taoist friend!' Doctor Shen expressed his thanks.

Hearing this, Hanzhi Immortal's mouth on the opposite side rose in an instant and smiled brightly.

Later, they were very happy to say goodbye to each other and hurried away as if in a hurry...

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After leaving Han Zhixian, Zhao Gongming and Doctor Chen never stopped. They were eager to return and quickly urged their mounts to go back to Xiqi.

However, just as the door fell, Zhao Gongming thought about his recent experience, immediately became confused, patted his forehead, looked at the sky silently, and muttered:

'Why... why do I suddenly feel that I am still a background plate?'

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