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Chapter 405 Doctor and I are destined for the West

Yes, as Kong Xuan, Zhao Gongming and others have seen, Doctor Chen is really laughing at the moment.

He sat high in the head, his mouth slightly raised and seriously considered, staring at the purple sky above Xiqi, and began to study the next plan.

The sage's coming to Xiqi is not only bad for him, but also good for him.

After all, the sage is a person with the highest accomplishments. He can open up the world in chaos and re-establish the fire, water and wind of the earth through thousands of disasters.

No matter whether the comer is accurate or not, Doctor Shen feels that as long as the operation is good, there will be great opportunities.

After all, saints are also human beings, who also have emotions, emotions and desires, but they hide well from the top.

Throughout Fengshen, it was mentioned that we can plan everywhere for the prosperity of the West.

At the beginning, the Heavenly Lord would break with the Tongtian Cult Leader, who was also the Sanqing Sect, in order that his disciples could also provoke a war of god sealing.

Nuwa Empress would also be angry because of King Zhou's poems. Finally, the Tongtian Cult Leader wanted to re-establish the fire, water and wind of the earth and repeat the three realms of flood and famine.

It can be seen that although this world has the strength of saints, it is not perfect after all.

As long as you find the corresponding point of the other party, you can make the saint angry, and then be crushed by him, and then die.

So Doctor Shen thought about it and decided to try to offend the saint and die.

He did not believe that the sage would allow the ants in his eyes to provoke there.

Of course, Doctor Shen must mention it if he wants to offend, but he still said that he had to die to be on the list, or at least die.

If he had not died, he would have been allowed to take a fancy to the West. If this was true, he would have lost his own life and become a fool.

However, the coexistence of benefits and risks is still worth gambling on.

You should know that Xi Qi's strength has been greatly reduced, and he can't hold his hand. He is surrounded by Zhao Gongming, Kong Xuan and other golden immortals, so it is not realistic to point at him to kill him in the business camp.

I'm afraid if there is no permission to come, the other party will just hide in the city like an ostrich and refuse to go to war.

Therefore, this is the time to make a great contribution. It is the so-called bicycle to motorcycle, and motorcycle to car. I am going to beat Saudi Arabia tonight!

And as long as their attitude is bad enough, can they fail?

Of course, the lowest goal is not to go to the West but also to die.

Doctor Shen sat at the top and thought for a while, and finally determined what he was guilty of.

The first is to prevent Zhuntidu from going through KongXuan.

What does Western teaching like?

It is not the talent and treasures of the Orient, especially those with outstanding natural beauty and powerful magic power, which is exactly what we want.

Because the West is barren, talent withers, and cultivation is even more difficult. If you want to rise in the West and preach a great deal, you need enough people. For example, if you want to teach immortals, you can make the West rise rapidly.

Therefore, Doctor Shen has set his goal. As long as I stop Zhun Ti from going to the West to ferry people and prevent him from cheating, can the other party not be angry?

This is against the Western religion, which is absolutely against the scale of Zhun Ti!

I can't bear it.

In a word, we should seize the point mentioned in the standard. We Mengattack. Those who obstruct the road must be eliminated. We should not believe them.

Doctor Shen nodded.

'I am a genius!'

'Well planned, please call me the king of ideas of Yin Shang.'

Even now he has a little admiration for himself. I have stabbed his weakness in this way. It is absolutely impossible that he will not die!

I will set up an iag directly!

Now that you have determined the direction, you can wait for the other party to appear.

Doctor Chen slowly walked out of the tent in the miraculous eyes of the generals, and even found a long sword. He was very confident and played with several sword flowers.

Well, unexpectedly, it was quite smooth.

Doctor Shen has noticed that even if he has not been trained, he does not have any magic power, but as time goes on, he has great power in every way, and even has a strong attraction for all kinds of magic weapons and spirits in the world.

What does this mean?

It completely represents that he is about to become a saint!

However, Doctor Chen's performance aroused the concern of Kong Xuan and others. They stared at the direction of Xi Qi closely, shook their heads and sighed.

At this time, there was an urgent report from the soldiers outside the Yuanmen, saying that Taoist priest Randeng had led his troops out of the city and captured the soldiers who had surrounded the city.

At the moment, the army is outside the main gate, trying to attack the business camp.

All the generals listened and breathed in. Now is Xiqi, the vision of heaven and earth, good for each other.

What's more, if the other side does not have the strength of absolute confidence, how can they leave the camp just after a big defeat.

No one is even sure what will happen next.

Because I only felt that the power gap was too big.

Even experts like Zhao Gongming and Kong Xuan could not help being more careful. They would follow Doctor Shen out of the camp, but they looked at the handsome and worry free figure in front of them.

But I could not help but begin to sigh and feel ashamed.

'Unexpectedly, the doctor was still so calm in the face of such a phenomenon.'

'Compared with it, we are really ashamed.'

'The commander of the first army is awe inspiring. What are we afraid of?'

As the saying goes, the three armies can win the commander but not the ambition. Originally, whether the soldiers of the Yin and Shang Dynasties or those of Xiqi had a feeling of powerlessness in the face of the purple sky.

But at the moment, seeing Doctor Chen's decision to dance his sword under such an astronomical phenomenon without hesitation and without any worry, all the generals around him felt a little courage.

They don't know what kind of experts Xiqi has come to, but if Doctor Shen is around, they are not afraid!

Only a few casual actions, Doctor Shen probably did not expect to have such an effect.

Kong Xuan, who was behind him, was so excited with Doctor Shen's action that he resolutely drew out his long knife, raised it to the sky and shouted:

'Doctor Shen is right here!'

'Although the flood outside him is overwhelming, we are determined not to retreat.'

Doctor Chen was stunned when he was wielding his sword. He didn't know what was wrong with Kong Xuan and others, but before they could react, all the soldiers behind him raised their swords in unison.

'Qiang!' 'Qiang!' 'Qiang!'

The generals were silent, but there was an extremely determined and aggressive voice.

Kong Xuanmeng came to Doctor Shen and bowed with one knee:

'The doctor is brave and magnificent. We are all men of blood. How can we lose our momentum without fighting?'

'Now that everyone knows your good intentions, I will lead the army to kill the enemy and fight with Xiqi.'

'I promise to guard the doctor till the last moment, and I will never lose our reputation!'

Kong Xuan arched his hands and his eyes, which were originally low, gradually became different.

He had already understood that Doctor Shen's smile was not an ordinary smile, but a smile at the enemy and the soldiers in the camp.

Now the enemy has not yet attacked the front line, but he panicked and didn't even learn the doctor's courage. It's a shame.

How can we pacify Xiqi and eliminate the world by the doctor!

Kong Xuan, however, should not worry at this moment. No matter who is facing him, he will fight with Doctor Shen, even if it is death.

At this moment, Kong Xuan's voice was as loud and powerful as the sound of gold and iron, which made people feel excited.

The generals were even more subdued, with fierce blood, and Meng followed them.

'Warlords, take my rivers and mountains. The blood will not drain away, and the fight will never stop!'

'The blood will not drain, and the fight will never stop!'

'The blood will not drain, and the fight will never stop!'

The shout resounded in all directions and rushed into the sky!

Kong Xuan did not hesitate. He threw his long knife and led the army to the gate. He could not let Doctor Chen be in any danger.

At this moment, Zhun Ti had already walked in front of the soldiers of Xiqi. He looked at the soaring momentum in the Yin and Shang camps and Kong Xuan who rushed to kill him without hesitation, and his smile became stronger.

At the moment, facing Zhun Ti, an unusually thin Taoist, Kong Xuan raised his eyebrows and stared at the other side.

Because he was sure that this was the master from the West.

However, KongXuan didn't care because of the doctor's encouragement just now. Instead, he threw the knife and took a step first, and shouted coldly:

'Who is that Taoist in front of you? Tell me your name!'

'The Taoist brother didn't recognize me. I have my own identity, so I can tell it.' The would-be Taoist stepped up to the clouds, his eyes were bright and restrained, he shook the branches in his hands, whispered the horn, and sounded like a bell:

'When Dajue was the golden immortal, Bodhi, the wonderful founder of the West.'

'Three or three elements can never be born or destroyed, and the whole Qi and the whole God are merciful.'

'The emptiness and quietness naturally follow the changes, and the truth is as natural as nature.'

'Live with Heaven in a dignified way, Master Mingxin.'

'I am a quasi Taoist under the Western religion.'

'Now I am destined for you, and I come to enjoy the west with you

In the extreme bliss world, we can make a speech with three great methods, which will help us achieve good results without any problems. Isn't it wonderful to finish the body of Vajra that is not bad! Why do you want to live with this killing? '

'Ha ha!'

Kong Xuan laughed at what the quasi Taoist said, and his whole face was disdainful.

'What a bullshit in the Western Paradise, what a bullshit in the Three Times Dafa, a bunch of nonsense, come to confuse me again!'

'I will never believe in any Western religion, but Doctor Shen. He told me to go east, and I will go east, and he told me to go west, and I will go west.'

'I would like to follow in the footsteps of the doctor, defend the land and open up the frontier, sweep the world, and let all the Yin and Shang people come to congratulate me!'

The would-be Taoist was choked by Kong Xuan's words. He was stunned for a moment, and his yellow face was really strange. You should know that Kong Xuan is the son of the Phoenix, and his accomplishments are among the best in the three realms.

I didn't expect to bow to Shen Xin now, and I can't see any falsehood.

Well, he is now interested in Doctor Shen.

But fortunately, Zhun Ti held back. After all, Kong Xuan was right in front of him. First he accepted it, and then he crossed the letter.

He narrowed his eyes and continued to say to Kong Xuan: 'Taoist friends, listen to me. I have songs to prove it:

'It is better to take a bath when your accomplishments are complete, and to cultivate your nature into innocence.

The heaven opens in the child's side, and the nine precepts and three conversions start from the new.

Take off your feathers and return to the Blissful Valley, which is more than any other captive gods.

Clean the dust and dirt completely without dye, return the capital without damaging the body. '

The would-be Taoist chanted, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly. Kong Xuan was a feathered man who got his way. He had his own limitations. If it was not for the great opportunity, it would be difficult to break through the great Luo golden immortals and kill three corpses to become a would-be saint.

'If you want to go further, you should come to the West.' Although the Western magic method is listed as an alternative, it has taken a different path, which can make people break through quickly without many years of hard work and bottlenecks.

He believed that the current people would not refuse their invitation for their own development.

But just when Zhun Ti was confident and ready to nod his head.

But Mengran saw Kong Xuan, who was right, curling his mouth, shaking his head and saying with disdain, 'What is it? I don't know what you are singing. Let's fight!'

After saying that, the whole person began to look dignified, and the momentum of the great golden immortal rose to the sky directly.

Then he didn't talk about martial virtues. He bullied his body forward. The blade turned and the cold light flashed around. There was a terrible roar above.


Kong Xuan sport quickly cut out all his magic power, shouted angrily, and put his knife on the top of the would-be Taoist priest.

The would-be Taoist wanted to explain, but when he saw Kong Xuan's behavior, his face turned black and he drank softly: 'Good to come!'

Later, at a very slow speed, he lifted up the branch in his hand. The branch had an unusual origin. It was made by the would-be Taoist priest from the seven treasures of the western Geng Jin Bodhi knot, such as alloy, silver, and colored glass, to prove his holiness. It is said that nothing can be brushed, and the full name is Qibao Miao Brush Tree.

Then the Qibao wonderful tree was lifted by the warrant, and people felt a flower in front of them. The light around it was flashing constantly, and countless golden lights rushed out, only to hear a 'shua'.

Surprisingly, he brushed Kong Xuan's fierce long knife away, but the sabre light that looked extremely fierce didn't let Zhunyi move a step.

However, KongXuan's attack was not just a knife. After the long knife was cut out, the one next to it offered a gold whip from the leopard skin Nang.

The golden whip is fierce, with the sound of breaking the air, just like an earth shaking rainbow, and it hits the quasi Taoist hard.

The would-be Taoist priest did the same and then lifted the seven treasure tree and brushed the golden whip away.

'Damn it!'

Kong Xuan saw that both weapons were brushed away by the Taoist priest in front of him, so he could only hold his hands empty and frowned at the moment.

After knowing that the right to mention is not an ordinary method that can hurt you, you can quickly wave your hand and step on it, and your whole body will shine in an instant.

It is divided into five colors: green, yellow, red, black and white.

The five colors and light together immediately paint a curtain of heaven. Where the curtain of heaven passes, everything is scattered, and when touched, it disappears.

At this moment, KongXuan's magic power has obviously reached the acme.

'Just a little trick!'

On the top of the cloud, the quasi Taoist's snort sounded.

When he saw the five colored lights, he smiled and nodded. He did not hide, but stepped into it calmly.

For the sage, although the five color divine light is strong, it is also useless for him. He can never die. It is not said that there are ants under the sage.

He now takes the initiative to enter the Five Color Divine Light, but he just wants to feel Kong Xuan's strength and the strangeness of the Five Color Divine Light, and maybe even see if he can add some power to his Seven Treasure Wonderful Tree.

Kong Xuan, who collected the Zhun Ti in front of him into the Five Color Divine Light, also did not show the joy of victory, but felt uneasy for no reason.

He thought for a moment, turned around quickly without hesitation, and was ready to leave. As a golden immortal, he knew that things were not that simple, and it was likely that an oversight would lead to a crisis of life and death.

But Kong Xuanzheng was about to leave, and his head flashed. He only felt pain in his back, Meng shouted, and his armor was smashed.

There was a thunder in the five colored light behind, and a golden statue of Dharma appeared, with 24 heads and 18 hands, holding a wreathed umbrella cover, a flowered pot of fish intestines, and a magic pestle, a treasure file, a gold bell, a gold bow, a silver halberd, a flag and other objects.

The would-be Taoist held Kong Xuan's neck with a silk ribbon, put the blessing pestle on him, and drank softly: 'Taoist friends, please show your true shape!'

Suddenly, Kong Xuan became a peacock with fine eyes and red crowns. The quasi Taoist rode on the peacock and walked unsteadily to the front.

When all the merchants saw such a scene, Meng took a cold breath and was very shocked.

It's over. This time, the strongest KongXuan was beaten back to his original form.

It can be seen that the Taoist's terror in front of us would have gone away if Doctor Shen had not been here.

At this moment, when seeing Kong Xuanchong go out at the gate of Yin Shang, Doctor Shen did not hesitate, but unfortunately he was still a little late.

Now, he did not expect that KongXuan would be captured by others just because of the match. Doctor Chen was angry at once.

Damn you, Zhun Ti, you have the guts to rush to my doctor. Today, even if I risked my life, I will save Kongxuan Daoyou.

Come on, kill me!

So Doctor Shen, holding his sword Meng, said in a loud voice, with a great momentum:

'Come on! Don't leave the evil thief, let go of General Kong Xuan, and I will never stop with you!'

Seeing Doctor Chen's appearance, Zhun Ti hurriedly threw a finger of Kong Xuan aside, quickly stepped forward, clapped his hands and laughed:

'The doctor and I are destined for the West, so he should come to our door.'

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