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Chapter 410 Zhun Ti, can't you afford to play?

When the Taoist priest Randeng heard Zhun's words, his whole body was shocked, his eyes opened, and then he seemed to have encountered something terrible, and his qi fell wildly.

His face was ugly. He quickly sat down cross legged and steadied his mind. It took him a long time to look at the front in a complicated way, and he was at a loss.

At the same time, the quasi mention Taoist's eyes happened to look at each other, and the two people looked at each other. The withered, yellow and emaciated face of quasi mention showed regret for the first time.

The saints are indeed saints. I just wrote the Ket, which can draw inferences about other things from one instance, and even directly erased my own Ket. This state of action and action came into being.

You should know that the western religion in the deity should be the predecessor of later Buddhism, which coincides with the teaching and cultivation methods.

Of course, at this moment, under the suppression of Taoism, there are Hongjun Zhuyu in front of him, and he should still be groping for his own way.

Later, when Laotse Hanguguan turned Hu into a Buddha, Sakyamuni was born, and Buddhism flourished, they really opened up a sect and realized their own way.

But I don't know why the Taoist priest Yandeng suddenly turned pale and even lost his momentum? Doctor Shen was puzzled.

'What's the matter with the old thief? He seems to be seriously injured. He is depressed?'

'Is it because of Doctor Shen? Because of the words of the Taoist priest?'

'No, Doctor Shen only wrote a verse of verse, and then the other person praised it. How could it affect the lighting?'

'Isn't that weird?'

There are not a few people who are confused. After all, people do not know that there will be a great boom in Western religion, so they are a little confused about the performance of lighting lamps.

It is unknown that the Lantern is a figure who is known as the head of the immortal class and the source of the Buddha among the deities. In his path, before Sakyamuni returned to his throne, Lantern was the leader of the Western religion.

But now the quasi Taoist said that the western prosperity must be trusted, but his fortune suddenly passed away, and he gradually gathered on Doctor Shen. That's why he looks like this.

After all, the words of saints have their own changes in the way of heaven, and there is more certainty in the world.

Ordinary people do not understand this at all, so they do not know what happened.

Of course, this matter really has something to do with Doctor Shen, which is not a mistake.

At this moment, Zhunti under the bodhi tree nodded and smiled. Then the Qibao wonderful tree in his hand moved forward, and a golden light fell into the body of the Taoist priest.

Then he opened his eyes to light the lamp, and the whole body was shining with golden light. The momentum rushed to the sky, which was a little different from before.

When the whole body's momentum is stable, burning the lamp shows a fully enlightened smile toward the front:

'Thank you for your help, Taoist brother. I have been enlightened.' After paying homage to Zhun Ti, he looked at Doctor Shen very deeply.


What did you realize by burning a lamp?

Do they have any py transactions? I just picked up a verse of verse, how could I be so mysterious?

But before Dr. Chen spoke, Zhunty continued to turn his eyes, as if to explain:

'I believe that the West is pure and devoid of action. It is different from Taoism. I can see myself by the flowers. I can see people like lotus flowers.'

'Today, the Lantern Taoist friends have a clear understanding of themselves, and they will succeed in the future, sharing the fortune of the West with the doctor.'

The would-be preacher put his hands together and uttered a sound like a great bell and a great lv, which shook the field.

He stared at Doctor Shen and looked up into the sky. His eyes were very firm:

'Just as the saying goes, the mind is not born and not destroyed, but it seems to be destroyed when encountering circumstances.'

'All things are for my own use, not my own. A mind that has no place to live and nothing to worry about is a mind that has no dust.'

Zhunti's adherents, the West is flourishing, and the teachings carry forward the world. Therefore, they make a verse that does not forget the original mind.

Now, after listening to Doctor Chen's words, he felt thoughtful, kept silent for a moment, and finally opened his mouth.

'The doctor's Ket is much higher than mine.'

'I lost this game.'

'The Taoist friend is very powerful, just lucky.' Doctor Shen waved his hand casually.

His mood now is like fog, rain and wind. Although he won, he is not happy for some reason.

Obviously, I have worked hard enough, but I didn't expect that this provision would not be given a chance.

It's hard to stop even finding a reason to commit suicide.

You are a saint. Can you stop being so talented, as if there is no one in the West.

What's more, I'll change it. Can't I change it?

Doctor Shen almost pointed at the other person's nose and asked.

This quasi Taoist is really a big hole.

Under the bodhi tree, the light and shadow flickered. The would-be Taoist looked at Kong Xuan's direction. His face was very sad, and he felt a little sad.

But at last, I looked at Doctor Chen and made up my mind. He slowly brushed the ground with the Seven Treasure Wonderful Tree.

Kong Xuan, who had originally shown his true shape, immediately lost his bondage and then became a human again.

At the same time, Zhao Jiang, who was originally hung under the reed canopy of Xiqi, also appeared here.

The two men, who felt free, woke up slowly from their deep sleep. Kong Xuan looked at himself slowly and at Doctor Shen not far away. He was very frightened.

He thought he could not escape the fate of the West, and gave up hope in the face of Zhunyi's powerful magic, Kongxuan. But unexpectedly, Doctor Chen finally saved the storm at his own cost.

This is a kindness even greater than the sky!

Zhao Jiang cried with joy. He knew that Doctor Chen would not forget himself and would come to rescue him.

Now it's finally here!

At the thought of this, Kong Xuan and Zhao Jiang immediately bowed down in excitement and said loudly:

'The doctor has been slapped by us. I really can't repay you for saving your life!'

Doctor Shen: '...'

No need to report. The labor and capital did not expect this result.

'This is all about the kindness of our friends, not mine,' said Doctor Shen sincerely.

He said it was true. If Zhun Ti didn't want to release Kong Xuan and Zhao Jiang, few people in the world could save them from saints.

Approved: '...'

When hearing Doctor Shen's words, Zhun Ti's expression suddenly stagnated.

Zhao Jiang's free gift is optional.

However, he really didn't want to let Kong Xuan, the son of Phoenix, go. After all, there are too few people with such accomplishments in the world, let alone being lucky.

Each of them is very important in his eyes, just like a baby.

If it were not for Doctor Shen's face, I would have broken my promise.

Damn it, this kind of talent didn't go to the West. It hurts.

Although under the Bodhi tree, Zhun Ti and Doctor Shen were not in a good mood, almost everyone outside the tree began to cheer up.

In particular, the generals of the Shang Dynasty were shocked beyond belief.

How is that possible? How could it be?

The man who captured Kong Xuan and seriously injured Zhao Gongming and other golden immortals, unexpectedly said that he was defeated by Doctor Shen?

Even the other party fulfilled his promise and really let Kong Xuan go, which was like a dream and made a big joke for everyone.

Such arguments can be recorded in the history books, so that everyone does not know whether they are true or not.

Until a young cheering sounded, the air above Xiqi seemed to burst, and countless shouts shook the sky.

'Doctor Shen won!'

Before the Ten Jue Front, the Ten Heavenly King held Zhao Gongming with some excitement.

'Yes, yes, Doctor Shen let the terrible Taoist admit defeat with his own strength!' All the immortals felt that they had never seen anything so shocking in their lives. It was so shocking.

Zhao Gongming was even more mumbling. He grabbed his palm and did not know how to express himself.

He didn't smile until he heard the cheers of people behind him.

Now that he has won, he can't die... Doctor Shen was silent for a while and looked at Zhun Ti under the Bodhi tree with a guilty heart.

It's better to stay away from him. I always feel that the eyes of the other person are even hotter than that of Kong Xuan.

Eh! It's OK for a beautiful girl to stare at you like this. It's a feast for the eyes. But Zhun Ti on the other side is a pale Taoist, thin and nondescript,

This is obviously a nightmare. The doctor felt a chill when he thought of it.

And I'm afraid that the other side will not speak about martial arts. After all, he is called Zhunti and can't do anything.

Later, Doctor Chen hurriedly turned around and was about to return to camp.

But I didn't expect that when I just lifted up my feet, I suddenly felt that I couldn't do anything, and it was difficult to even move.

At this moment, when Doctor Shen was puzzled, Zhun Ti's voice sounded in a dull tone and spread all over Xiqi in an instant.

'There are endless sceneries in the Seven Treasures Forest, and auspicious wreaths fall at the side of the Bade Pool. The western world is really enviable. It is really born in the petals of lotus flowers. Doctor Shen is destined to be a westerner. If there is no reason to go today, he may not be able to leave.'


At this moment, when hearing this, the original cheers outside seemed to be silenced. All people looked at him in amazement with Meng's silence.

It is unexpected that everyone should be so powerful as to say nothing.

'Zhun Ti, damn it, how can you go back!' Kong Xuan shouted angrily, staring at the front in cold disbelief, and then subconsciously he was about to attack with the five colored magic light.

In the face of questioning, the would-be Taoist priest's face is still so calm, and even has a smile on his face, which is very kind.

'Although I said that I would let you and Zhao Jiang go after I lost the Tao, I never promised to let the doctor go.'

After listening to this, the people slowly and seriously recalled their agreement, which seemed to mean that.

Doctor Shen won, and let KongXuan turn around. Doctor Chen lost, and went west with KongXuan. The difference is that one hole opening declaration and one no hole opening declaration

But Zhun Ti didn't seem to say anything. If he won, he let Doctor Shen go

Boy, I'm careless, and I was fooled by the quasi mention. This is obviously a word game.

People obviously underestimated his shamelessness, and he was too soft to be prepared to be tough.

Doctor Shen felt that he was right now. He was so shameless that he shouted angrily and said coldly.

'Friend of the Way, you are not talking about a quiet road in the West. How can you be such a villain?'

'No, no, it's hard to say the word' fate '. Doctor Shen is a man who made us prosperous in the West. Today's encounter shows that Erhe should go to the West with us.'

'This is a day, not a villain's trip.' Zhun's voice doesn't care about Doctor Shen. Anyway, for the sake of the West, how can he be a villain?

It's true to get people.

Good guy, really good guy.

Doctor Chen trembled with anger. He wanted to fight with him. However, he couldn't move now. After all, the other party is a saint, and he hasn't become a saint yet. There is a fundamental opportunity to confront him.

Taking a deep breath, Dr. Shen forced himself to calm down.

No, I want to save myself. Anyway, I can't be ferried away, let alone go to the West.

Since there is no chance to fight in martial arts, I will fight with you wisely. Doctor Shen searched his heart and thought about the Buddha dharma that he could remember in later generations. Well, no matter whether he is good or not, I will throw it out first

Doctor Shen said in a deep voice, 'What the West stresses is that life should be without me and everything should follow the circumstances. You can't force it.'

'Just as the saying goes, you can't have your heart in the past, you can't have your heart now, and you can't have your heart in the future.'

'The Taoist friend made a gesture.'

There is a lot of Buddhist truth in this statement. All the people present are wise, and they are thinking carefully.

The quasi Taoist now looked at Doctor Shen with more appreciation and said:

'Since the doctor said that I was flattered, why don't you speak more clearly?'

'The Taoist friends already have all the troubles and dust in their hearts, but they just want the West to be strong and spread the scriptures so much that they fall into the wrong area of practice, which leads to the so-called greed, hatred and ignorance of Western religions. They can't see clearly and get real freedom.'

'It's better to constantly practice self-examination, subdue their hearts, and let go of self clinging, so that they may be able to realize perfection.'

Doctor Shen is really too arrogant. Zhun mentioned that he is one of the founders of Western religion, the most profound person in the world who practices Western teachings, and a person like a religious ancestor.

He is also a noble saint, but now Doctor Shen says that his practice has gone wrong?

I don't know why, everyone always feels extremely flustered.

But I didn't expect Zhun Ti to look up silently, look at him and say nothing.

Doctor Shen continued: 'So, Taoist friends have left the western doctrine at this moment, and they are no longer quiet, but contaminated with the world.'

'How can you make progress in such a dirty heart?'

The quasi Taoist's face began to become serious, and he had seriously thought about it. After a moment, he slowly said, 'The doctor may be right.'

'So, it's wrong for Taoist friends to force me to go to the West!' Doctor Shen said with certainty and spoke quickly.

The people around Xiqi looked at each other. They didn't know what they were saying here?

'Well, what the adoptive father said is reasonable!' Nezha sighed and muttered to himself.

'But why can't I understand?' asked Huang Tianhua beside him?

'Of course you don't understand, this is a matter between experts.' Nezha replied proudly.

Seeing Nezha's performance, Huang Tianhua was quite angry and said angrily, 'If you understand, explain it to us.'

As soon as this was said, Yang Jian, Jin Zha, Mu Zha and Lei Zhenzi cast expectant eyes in an instant.

But Nezha just opened his mouth and said with disdain, 'It's said that it's a dialogue between experts. How can I understand it?'

'If I had understood, I would have become an expert like my adoptive father. I would not be with you fools!'

The people were disappointed and said, 'Cut!'

'Shen Xin, Shen Xin, who are you?' The Lantern Taoist could not help sighing.


'Doctor, you are right. It may be wrong to force people to go to the West.' Zhun Ti put his hands together and said in silence for a moment.

This is an admission!

Good, great. Doctor Shen is very excited now.

Unexpectedly, Zhun Ti is so easy to talk. It seems that he has the opportunity not to go to the West.


Doctor Chen had just laughed twice. When he was happy, Zhun Ti continued to speak:

'Although it is wrong to forcibly ferry other people, it is the most correct choice for me to ferry the doctor.'

Doctor Shen: '??'

'Horizontal trough!'

Why are you panting?

I really thank you!

Zhun Ti's turn was really unexpected, and he was really caught off guard.

Doctor Chen wanted to say something at the moment, but he didn't have a chance to mention it this time. He just smiled and brushed the Qibao Miao tree forward.

Suddenly, an extremely powerful suction fell on Doctor Shen. Almost instantly, without any resistance, his figure fell into the space where the Seven Treasure Tree was located.

Doctor Shen just wanted to ask in a loud voice: 'I'm sure you can't afford to play!'

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