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Chapter 412 What? Did I prove the golden body?


Shen Xin slowly looked up and saw that he could see nothing but a golden light.

Not only the quasi Taoists, but also the huge Bodhi tree disappeared without a trace.

'Wait a minute, can't we be sure that we haven't given up yet and are ready to take me to the West by force?'

Ha ha

It's ridiculous to think of Doctor Shen here. I'm not too afraid of him now.

At present, there are books on his head and Tai Chi Diagram on his feet. This kind of defense is absolutely impeccable. Even if he is a saint, it will take him some time to break the Tai Chi Diagram.

And the owner of the Tai Chi Diagram should not stand idly by, right?

In this case, do you still need to be afraid to mention?

He wanted to take me to the West, but there was no way.

Doctor Shen was a little lucky. Finally, Lao Jun relied on it. He felt the absolute defense around him. He nodded with satisfaction after confirming that there was no danger at all.

The next second he was proud of, the golden light seemed to be invisible and had fallen directly on Doctor Shen's head.

Seeing this scene, the would-be Taoist smiled and said, 'Doctor Shen is indeed the man we are destined for in the West. Now, with the entanglement of cause and effect, we can never tell each other apart.'

No difference with the West? what do you mean?

Hearing this, people were shocked. They did not know what was going on.

However, although they did not understand, they knew that he had always wanted to ferry Doctor Shen to the West.

'Quasi Taoist, what have you done to my adoptive father?' Huang Tianxiang got up quickly, and his originally happy face suddenly became cold again.

'I didn't expect such a situation, but you haven't given up. What means did you use to entrap my adoptive father?'

He did not believe that the adoptive father would go to the West in the future, but now he must propose to use the magic by force, which is very strange.

What if the other party destroys it and kills the adoptive father? No one can guarantee that.

'Don't hurt Doctor Shen!'

'Don't hurt Doctor Shen!'

The people of countless soldiers could not help themselves any longer and began to drink.

The quasi speaker's face did not change, and his smile was even worse at the corners of his mouth. Then the broad sleeved robe was swung, and the thunder sounded in the sky, and the clouds billowed. The golden light in front of him slowly dissipated, revealing the figure on the golden bridge.

On the bridge, Doctor Shen sat with his knees crossed, his eyes drooping, half squinting, half smiling, and his head emitting ten thousand feet of light. A dripping relic appeared from his head, and his whole figure was turned into gold.

I don't know how long this process lasted. Suddenly, a shock generated from the bottom of the human heart expanded infinitely, just like a loud roar.

Before Madame Shen moved, there was an indescribable majesty, which made people secretly bow down.

'What I practice in the West is the Lotus Avenue and the golden relics. Today, Doctor Shen has achieved the golden dharma and proved to be the supreme Bodhi.'

The quasi Taoist's voice came faintly, and he was obviously satisfied with the performance in front of him.


Did I prove the golden body?

Shen Xin didn't know what to say immediately, because he was already speechless.

What's the use of that thing? Is the whole body gilded nice?

And when I saw this, I felt that it was forbidden to strike. In the past, others might kill me mainly, but now the blade of the knife is not necessarily able to cut.

What's the use of folding such thick armor? How can others kill me after that?

Don't you expect me to live?

You can't die!

Shen Xin felt that he was trapped, and he was severely attacked both physically and mentally.

He was really mad at the blind chicken operation.

Wait, I will make good arrangements for you after I become a saint.

But Zhun Ti misunderstood him and thought that Shen Xin's expression was thanking him.

After all, this was an opportunity offered by the sage, the leader of the Western religion

Li is also by no means uncommon. Although it is not as precious as the Tai Chi Diagram, it is more precious than the sage's cultivation experience.

As long as Doctor Shen realizes with heart and insight, the ascent to Da Luo is no nonsense. He can even guide him to go further on the path of cultivation.

It's like a saint preaching beside you every day.

Ordinary people, no, can understand even a stone after listening to it for a long time.

If we put this opportunity into the three realms, we can't say how much power there is, and we will fight for it in a dark and bloody way.

The quasi priest was very pleased and nodded with great satisfaction.

'You don't have to thank me. Doctor, you are the key to our prosperity in the West. It's worth my saying so.'

Then he said with more emotion, 'I am sincere to the doctor, and I don't mean to harm him at all. One day, if the doctor speaks, the Western Mountain Gate will always open for you.'

Shen Xin: '...'

I'm pushing your lungs! You street fighter!

Why do you want my doctor to pick up this product? Does he come to smash my place and dismantle my platform!

Shen Xin was angry, and his unwilling eyes widened.

Seeing how delighted and excited Dr. Shen is, I must say that my hard work has not been wasted.

Even he felt that he had begun to gain the upper hand in the fight with the Supreme Lord.

Look, although you have given the inborn treasure and Doctor Shen to protect his body, this is a foreign object after all, and the Tai Chi Diagram can't protect his whole life.

But I am different. This golden relic can definitely make Doctor Shen useful, and it will be of great help to the future.

Up and down, the contrast is very obvious!

'Zhun Ti said that you are really generous!' Shen Xin felt his strong power and could not help but speak with malice.

Basically, I just want to say that you are too short handed. Can you pay more attention in the future.

You will be beaten if you do this.

But Zhun Ti was very excited. Dr. Shen finally praised him!

Alas, in his heart, he felt that his meticulous actions had been rewarded and fed back.

Make Zhunty more determined next. Yes, I just want to be generous, so that Shen Xin feels indebted, and then come to China by myself.

Isn't that to exchange sincerity for sincerity? So Zhun raised his hand and laughed happily:

Ha ha

'It's just a small matter, not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning...'


Doctor Shen is very sad. He wants to swear.

But after thinking for a long time, he didn't find any reason to be angry, and then he felt even worse

Shen Xin's face was full of sadness when he saw the glittering gold on his body and even a relic wandering around.

How could it be somehow safe? I'm afraid that there will be fewer and fewer people who can break their own defense.

What to do?

Shen Xin only felt that the good situation would be far away from him, and the difficulty of being on the list would be multiplied.

But in fact, he didn't know that even without this layer of golden body protection, he would hardly die now.

Whether the Tai Chi Diagram, the most precious treasure of nature, or the book that gathers countless human thoughts, will only be more powerful than the golden relics of Zhun Ti.

I didn't see it. At the moment, the book on my head felt the unusual power around Doctor Shen, sensed the threat, and put the golden relic under my body with a slap.

If it was not for the accurate mention here, there would have been a great fight with the power of saints

Well, anyway, the armor is thick.

At this time, Zhun Ti was still laughing: 'Doctor Shen is the most popular person in the West. Although it's not our destiny today, I believe we will meet again in the future.'

Doctor Shen clenched his fists and turned his head in silence. He never wanted to see Zhun Ti's smiling face again in his life.

Outside the golden bridge, after hearing Zhun Ti's words, all the people present frowned and looked up at Doctor Shen.

Shen... Shen

How can a doctor turn into gold? '

'Has he become a Westerner?'

Unexpectedly, Doctor Shen was so heroic that he was finally killed by the would-be Taoist priest. The result is unacceptable.

'No, no, the quasi proponent not only did not harm Dr. Shen, but also gave him a great opportunity!' A burst of excited cries broke out in the crowd.

Zhao Gongming stretched out his hand and pointed hard at Shen Xin's direction. He was too excited to help himself.

'What a great opportunity, wasn't it forced by the would-be Taoist priest?' The Ten Heavenly Kings beside him hurriedly asked.

'Of course not!'

'Doctor Shen has not been transferred to the West, but has been instructed by the sage himself. His future achievements are absolutely limitless, and he will even surpass you and me one day!'

'This is a big gift, a big gift.' Zhao Gongming struggled with his seriously injured body, explaining that he was very excited.

'What!' The Ten Heavenly King opened his mouth and looked very frightened.

'It seems that quasi Taoists are really very important to doctors. I'm afraid they will become immortals next.' Zhao Gongming sighed with envy in his eyes.

Yes, but he didn't

After hearing Zhao Gongming's explanation, the people around seemed to understand something.

It seems that the doctor is really different from before.

The roaring cheers rushed into the sky, as if they had scattered the clouds all over the sky.

Everyone's heart was finally put down, and Doctor Shen could not die.

It turned out that Zhun Ti did not harm the doctor, but gave him the power and opportunity to protect his body.

In time, you can even become immortal.

In the direction of Xiqi, the Taoist immortals stared round and could not be angry any more.

Just stared Shen Xin to death.

Too bad, too bad.

He didn't even die in front of the saints. This life is really big!

'The golden relics...' The Taoist priest Randeng frowned, clenched the sea god bead hidden in his sleeve, and began to have complex thoughts.

It seems that the western way may be the last way for me to light the lamp, but Shen Xin


Burning a lamp squints, I don't know what I'm thinking.

Like Zhao Gongming, it's OK to be a person of the level of the great Luo Jinxian, such as Randeng. After all, the accomplishments have gone there and gone their own way.

But ordinary Xiqi generals are different. Knowing that Doctor Shen has got such an opportunity, they are all deeply shocked.

'What, Shen Xin is not dead, but can become an immortal in the future?'

'Is this script wrong?' Chong Heihu and Nangong Shi, two brothers under the Lupeng of Xiqi, hated when they heard the news!

Not fair, too unfair.

What kind of shit luck did Shen Xin have?

Why can't I?

Chong Heihu's heart seemed to be filled with innumerable lemons, and his sour teeth were about to fall!

In the same area, Yang Jian and others showed negative expression.

'Well, it's really great.'

'Doctor Shen did not encounter any danger. Instead, he was blessed by misfortune. He will be safer now!'

Nezha and others beside him were so impressed that they could no longer admire them. They replied excitedly:

'Alas, the adoptive father is worthy of being a adoptive father. There is no way to be so brilliant and talented.'

Yang Jian did not speak, but nodded his head solemnly.

Huang Tianhua stood out and gave a gentle cough to show his existence. His face was full of pride, and he cocked at Nezha.

Hey, who doesn't have a good adoptive father.

'Ha ha!' Jinzha Muzha followed him and raised his head.

'Well, Doctor Shen is so excellent that the position of the princess sister may not be guaranteed!' Lei Zhenzi frowned and began to worry about his sister's future.


Under the tree, Zhao Jiang, the leader of the battlefield, slowly raised Kong Xuan, who had been sealed as a cultivator.

'Doctor Shen will not be in danger today!'

The two men looked extremely excited. They must have mentioned a conversation with Doctor Shen and listened to him word for word. With Kong Xuan's wisdom, they naturally understood what the golden relics represented.

Under the eyes of countless people, Zhun Ti at this moment bowed to Doctor Shen with a long sigh, finally turned around with great regret, and then walked away slowly.

'Zhun Ti, teacher...' Looking at the figure in front, Jiang Ziya couldn't help crying.

Say, did you forget something?

It was agreed to help Xiqi destroy the Shang Dynasty. How could he finally repay the enemy?

Is it so unreliable!

Of course, Jiang Ziya dared not say these words.

We can only gently remind him in another way: 'Doctor Shen is the person who will make the West prosperous in the future. The teacher must take him away!'

If you take Shen Xin away, Yin Shang will be completely free of threats, and will surely lose next.

Jiang Ziya's calculation is very good, but I don't know if he wants to?

He wanted to, but he really didn't have a chance!

As a result, Zhun Ti's mood was extremely complicated. He walked faster with excitement, expectation, regret and unwillingness.

In the end, Jiang Ziya was left alone in the wind, feeling crazy about the unreliable western.

Thirty three times out of the sky and eight scenes inside the palace, I felt the changes of the Tai Chi Diagram. I woke up from my understanding of the way of heaven, pinched my fingers, and smiled slowly.

He raised his head and looked up at the sky. His eyes pierced through nothingness. He walked across the river of time, as if to himself and someone, murmuring:

'Bodhi is not a tree, nor is a mirror a platform.'

'Since there is nothing, where is the dust?'

'Good Ket, good Ket!'

But his eyebrows froze and he continued, 'But the road is long, far away! Far away?'

Then he closed his eyes and slowly wandered around the world.

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