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Chapter 413 I'm so sorry!

The western sage left, and the purple air in the sky began to dissipate.

However, this argument among saints spread like a storm throughout Xiqi. There were fierce discussions on the streets, alleys, tea shops and restaurants.

In the bustling tavern, the shopkeeper in long clothes greeted the guests with a smile. He was already old, and it was time for him to take care of himself. He even handed the tavern to the younger generation.

But today, it is different, because everyone is discussing the great event that Doctor Shen and the western quasi Taoist Bodhi discussed Tao under the tree.

He listened silently while he was drinking. When he heard the excitement, he couldn't help following him loudly.

All of a sudden, the whole person was in high spirits, and I didn't know how old he was.

'As a saying goes, the quasi Taoist has boundless magic power. Where he passes, purple air is coming from the west and there are many visions in the sky. It is said that this man is the leader of the West. He has a lot of spiritual power, even more powerful than Prime Minister Jiang...'

'There was no one who could stop the Immortal Family experts in the Yin and Shang Array, and they fell to the ground with serious injuries. Just then, guess what?'


The crowd talked loudly, some people were drinking tea and pointing out the country, as if he was on the scene, constantly telling the story.

But he was soon booed by others.

'What are you talking about? It's not the highlight!'

'Let me tell you something, the most wonderful thing is that Doctor Shen and the Zhunti were debating and fighting under the Bodhi tree!' I saw a rough man standing beside the man, who raised his hand to drink all the wine, put his leg on the chair and said in a loud voice.

'In a desperate situation, many generals were defeated. Our doctor Shen did not hesitate to step forward and turn the tide.'

'In particular, the two verses made by them can be regarded as absolute for thousands of years. A few short sentences contain innumerable truths, which are worth our deep thinking.'

The big man exclaimed that although he did not understand, it did not prevent him from shouting.

Horizontal trough, cattle batch.

If we had seen Zhun Ti and the purple sky before, we would have felt the same way. I'm afraid we have never experienced that kind of pressure in our life.

Powerful, powerful is suffocating.

But now, after hearing about Dr. Shen's argument with Zhun, everyone finally feels that they can breathe freely under this sky, and even the fear pressure in their hearts is slowly reducing.

Because Doctor Shen told them with practical actions that the high god was just like that, and it was not as frightening as imagined.

We ordinary people can also face him equally, even not worse than him.

We Terrans have a Doctor Shen, who is like our spiritual pillar and unyielding backbone, and can work miracles forever and ever.

The old innkeeper of the tavern clenched his hands at the moment, and felt nothing but regret in his eyes. He raised his head and muttered to himself:

'It's a pity that we have not seen such a shocking preaching scene with our own eyes before the battle, and have not seen Dr. Shen's infinite figure after the beautiful moon!'

Hearing this, everyone felt deeply, and couldn't help nodding in agreement: 'Yes, this is a great regret in life!'

They raised their glasses and looked to the north from afar, then drank the wine in their hands.

'Although we have never seen Dr. Shen's arrogant and upright demeanor, we have not prevented him from spreading his glorious deeds to the world.'

At this time, a child's voice suddenly came from the tavern. The voice passed through the crowd, and the figure in front of him flashed.

A chubby little doll came to the old man happily.

Wearing a small flowered coat, his head was stuck in the sky, and a big snot bubble was blowing on a small round face with baby fat. He looked at the old man excitedly, and rushed to the old man with broken steps. He could not stop muttering.

'Grandpa, Grandma told you to go back early. Don't drink. Pay attention to your health.'

'Well, grandpa knows!' The old shopkeeper looked ahead kindly

He promised with a smile.

The children felt the enthusiasm around them, looked left and right, and seemed unable to understand why the adults in front were so excited. They wiped the snot bubble and stared at the big eyes, wondering:

'Grandpa, Grandpa, who is Doctor Shen? Why do you always talk about him?'

The old shopkeeper was very complicated in his eyes. He picked up his little grandson and touched his forehead.

'You should remember that Doctor Shen is the saviour of our family. We should try our best to repay him when we grow up.'

The child nodded vaguely.

The old man said that without explanation, he slowly turned and left, leaving only a few low sighs:

'Close the Chentang, the Dragon King of the Four Seas, the divine general of the heaven, and you will live.'

Xiqi Palace.

Countless officials hurried forward, passed through several palace gates, and finally entered the majestic hall under the leadership of the imperial officials.

King Wu Jifa sat high at the head. He was very powerful and looked more and more like an emperor.

At this moment, he frowned and gently knocked the seat beside him. The hall was very quiet. No one dared to raise his head and make any noise.

It was not until a long time after all the officials were tired, that Jifa finally spoke slowly:

'Shen Xin... Shen Xin has made his deeds stir up the world again, making us a foil!'

'Look at all of you, who are known as the pillars of our country and the people who protect our country and secure our country. Why, can't you find anyone who can compete with the Manchu people alone?'

Jifa raised her hand and slapped heavily on the seat.


The civil and military officials present suddenly changed their faces and buried their heads lower.

They also want to compete with Doctor Shen to become a versatile man of letters and martial arts and win honor for Xiqi, but their strength does not allow them.

After calculation, I can hardly compare my talent with others' toes. This verse alone is enough for me to study literature and martial arts all my life. Don't you see that even an expert like the Western religious leader has erased what he wrote and admitted defeat.

If they want to compete, they will have to live in the next life?

Moreover, according to the current speed of communication, today's argument will be recorded in the annals of history, passed down to future generations, and become a good story.

Of course, Xiqi's role in this is not much different from that of the background plate. Anyway, it serves as a foil to Dr. Shen's existence.

Other people may not care about this result, but Jifa, the leader of Xiqi, cannot help being angry.

And I'm afraid that no matter which king he is, he will have the same attitude.

When a young civil servant saw Jifa's attitude, he immediately stepped forward and lowered himself to explain: 'Lord, Shen Xin is the talent of the sages in the world. Wencheng shocked the world and cried ghosts and gods. We mortals can't resist him!'

Hearing this, Jifa grunted and said angrily, 'I am the Lord of Heaven. I have gods to help me in Xiqi. The phoenix is singing in Qishan, and he is just Shen Xin. How can he defeat the Manchu Dynasty?'

'In any case, I don't believe him. In any case, I will come up with a new verse within three days, calm down the believer, destroy his prestige and expand my ambition.'


The kneeling officer of His Highness was stunned, and the whole person was trembling, obviously beginning to be at a loss.

Three days... just three days. Do you want us to write a verse to defeat the Western leader and Shen Xin?

Do you think too much of us mortals

At the moment, everyone felt extremely sad, and only felt that King Wu had given them a task that was impossible to complete.

And the mood can be described in one sentence: 'I really can't do it!'

Ji Fa did not pay attention to the West Qi officials who were howling down below at the moment. Instead, he held his fingers and stared at the distance. He seemed very angry:

'Shen Xin, I want you to kidnap my sister! I want you to kidnap my sister!'

'Wait for me! I will definitely get revenge for taking away my sister!'

Ji Fa has just made up his mind to retire, but before he left, he heard that a warrior outside the hall came forward and reported:

'My lord, the old lady is glad to hear that Doctor Shen has won the immortals in the sky outside Xiqi City. Please go and tell us more.'

'I especially......'

Ji Fa clenched her hands more tightly, and faintly turned pale, while the pupils of the ministers contracted violently, because they could feel the resentment of King Wu from a long distance

How angry

In the business camp.

Shen Xin was glad that he was not allowed to cross to the West.

However, when I thought of the chaotic magic weapons I had, such as the Tai Chi Diagram, the scroll, the golden body relics and the inborn fire, I felt very happy again.

Incomparable melancholy.

Boy, the previous problem has been solved, but how do I feel that the next challenge is just beginning?

The more he thinks about it, the more Shen Xin feels that the task he wants to die will be very difficult.

'Doctor Shen, the generals have gathered and are waiting for you to go to the meeting.'

Not long after, Zhao Jiang, the leader of the DiLie Formation, came in with an awe on his face and whispered to remind him.

His eyes were very hot at the moment. Facing Doctor Shen's saving his life in crisis several times, he could not repay his kindness. Now he had to pay three obeisances and nine kowtows.

Even now when Doctor Shen wants his life, Zhao Jiang will not hesitate to cut his throat.

He has become Doctor Shen's infatuation with his younger brother, Xiao Zhao, instead of the former highly skilled teacher, Zhao Tianjun.

Of course, Shen Xin, a mysterious brother who can die for him without hesitation, doesn't want it at all.

I can only say that you should not be impulsive. Don't be impulsive! If you have something to say, don't hurry to die.

Even if you really want to die, you'd better stay away from me and not get too close.

Doctor Shen refused Zhao Jiang's dog licking in his heart, but at the thought that all the generals were waiting for him, he could only follow Zhao Jiang out of the camp with his nose pinched.

But when he got out of the camp and came to the Yuanmen, Shen Xin found that the scene outside the camp was even more wrong. As long as he walked through the place, he could see the taxi soldiers, whether they were guards or patrols, and even the fiery army only saw his own figure.

All of them would immediately put down their hands, bow down and worship, and even shout loudly:

'Doctor Shen!'

'Doctor Shen!'

'Doctor Shen!'

Almost instantaneously, the deafening voice rose to the sky, moving straight into the sky for a long time without stopping.


Doctor Shen: '...'

Well, it's unnecessary to be so grand.

Doctor Shen stroked his forehead. Although he didn't seem to have any accomplishments at the moment, his perception was extremely powerful. He knew that all of them were sincerely in awe of the soldiers, without any hypocrisy.

At this moment, he is like a spiritual leader, completely becoming the existence of worship in the minds of all generals.

Well, Doctor Shen is sure that even if he shouts out to kill Chaoge and King Zhou, he will be the leader of the Shang Dynasty. I'm afraid that no one in the current 100000 army can say no, but he will kill him with his sword.

This is his personality charm.

The prestige is too high to stay here for long!

Doctor Shen looked at the excited soldiers in front of him, kept silent for a moment, and then hurriedly asked everyone to get up,

Then he took this opportunity to run away and finally came to the Chinese Army's tent, because the security outside was too strong, which made him really uncertain.

After escaping from the encirclement of many soldiers, at this moment, in the middle army tent, all the generals are around, including Zhao Gongming, Kong Xuan, Ten Heavenly Kings, Zhang Guifang, Lu Xiong and others.

Seeing Doctor Shen, everyone stood up respectfully, but under his calm face, it was obvious that the atmosphere in the account was not right, and it was a little low, even a little hopeless.

What's going on? Doctor Shen is puzzled.

But before he asked, Kong Xuan looked around

, He sighed suddenly, then opened his mouth with a heavy voice:

'Doctor Shen, I'm tired of having sex.'

** Annoying?

Kong Xuan excited Doctor Shen with a word.

Good trouble, I like trouble!

And if only that kind of trouble could kill me!

Kong Xuan did not disappoint him, but spoke slowly again:

'Doctor Shen, although we have won the examination, we do not know that the army is now in a crisis of life and death!'

'At the end of the day, his accomplishments were sealed, and he could not perform any magic power. His Taoist friends were injured by saints. Although the other side left a hand, he did not kill them.'

'But now I have hurt my origin. If there is no magic medicine to help me, I am afraid I will have to cultivate for hundreds of years at least!'

After hearing Kong Xuan's words, Shen Xin stared for a moment, and he also found the problem.

It's true. Although Kong Xuan is still powerful, his powerful magic power has disappeared without a trace. He looks like a human.

Zhao Gongming, on the other hand, was even more miserable. He was pale and weak, and his spirit was extremely depressed. He was dead all over, as if he had been seriously injured.

It is a miracle that he can not stand now.

The only two golden immortals in the Yin and Shang Dynasty were injured and disabled. Doctor Shen clapped his hands excitedly:

'It's really good that two Taoist friends were hurt so badly... What a pity!'

I like this desperate feeling.

All of a sudden, I didn't have two golden immortals around me to protect me, so why don't you just say die?

Kong Xuan continued to say with a heavy face, 'Our army can no longer fight with Xiqi. If we continue to fight, we will lose.'

'So doctor, I will suggest that we close the camp and avoid war. We must delay until we recover our magic power. We must not let Xiqi see through the truth.'

Doctor Shen said in his heart, 'I suggest you not to.'

This is a great opportunity for me not to die, but to avoid war. What international joke?

He even hoped that Xiqi would come to challenge him at the moment, and then he would have a fair chance to die.

Just as the idea of delivering pillows when sleepy came to Doctor Shen's mind, soldiers rushed to report:

'Doctor, this is not a good thing. The West Qi Army is calling for battle outside the camp!'

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