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Chapter 417 This is a self-defense counterattack.

Shen Xin, who was judged to be doomed by Taoist Priest and others, suddenly raised his head silently, and his eyes flashed fiercely.

Suddenly fell into ecstasy.

'Wait, can you repeat what you just said?'

Say it quickly and make me happy again.

Shen Xin never thought that Taoist priest Randeng still had an arrangement.

They have learned how to use tricks, but they are also weak and unpredictable.

I just came here and gave a big surprise.

After such a long time, Doctor Shen thought that he had worked hard, but unexpectedly, Xi Qi had worked harder than him secretly, and he never gave up.

Although the plan is somewhat different from his own, it seems that it can make him struggle less for a long time. It's just too happy.

And I knew the other party's layout was so perfect, so it would take no brain cells.

Shen Xin is happy and looks at Ji Fa and the two expositors in front of him with a smile.

He even pushed Zhang Tianjun behind him and immediately spoke loudly:

'Zhang Daoyou, the situation is in crisis now, and I'm afraid the situation has gone.'

'Now that the Twelve Immortals have not broken the array, you can inform all Taoist friends to give up the Ten Wonders Array and go quickly. In the future, you can find a way to deal with the elucidating Immortals.'

'And I...' Doctor Shen paused and then sighed.

'Then stay here to delay time for everyone!'

Go quickly. Don't stop me from dying.

Shen Xin stood where he was. He was just and dignified. His momentum was called fearless.

Red sand claimed to be the king of heaven. He was moved to tears. If it was not for the wrong occasion, he would have wanted to knock one directly for Doctor Shen.

'Doctor Shen, how can you do this?'

'We must not...'

'Needless to say, if I were a Taoist friend, I would not hesitate. I would hurry to meet with the immortals and come up with a solution, so that I could have a chance to save Shen Xin's life and everyone's life.'

Say that, let alone what Zhang Tianjun said, he directly pushed it out of the red sand array.

Ha ha

Ji Fa is now in golden light, and he is full of royal qi.

Seeing Shen Xin's flustered and bewildered expression, he immediately smiled and felt that everything was under control:

'Shen Xin, Shen Xin, I didn't expect you to be today!

'See how you can escape.'

He is really very happy at this moment.

Finally, after holding back for so long, I can finally express my evil spirit for myself!

You must teach this damn Shen Xin a lesson.

I have to fight for my mother and my sister first. He can't take care of his own life, so that he can get rid of his hatred.

Jifa stopped Daoxing Tianzun and Daoxing Tianzun who were about to attack in time at the moment, then raised his sword and slowly walked forward with the long river of luck in his hand, smiling quietly.

'Shen Xin, if you can hold on for ten rounds in your solitary hands, you can be saved today.'

'Hum!' Shen Xin listened to Ji Fa and gave a cold grunt on the surface, but he was actually very happy.

Because he didn't want to defend at all, let alone ten moves.

What's more, the person opposite is not a man who has no strength to bind a chicken. He has practiced martial arts since childhood and has good accomplishments.

Just as Jifa said, although I can't compare with the gods in the sky, I can't beat Shen Xin!

Even if ten of you are tied together, you will never be your opponent.

Jifa immediately raised her pace and wanted to vent all her recent grievances to Doctor Shen.

He was violently castrated, and his breath seemed to be getting higher and higher. In an instant, the whole red sand was full of huge force of qi.

'Boom!' With the loud noise, the terrible and domineering atmosphere came to Shen Xin.

A sword cut across the sky. The sword is full of vitality!

'I let you lie to my mother, I let you lie to my sister, and I let you lie to me!'

Good guy, Jifa's complaints are true.

When all the people in Xiqi not far away saw it, they were also full of horror.

Lu Xiaobing was even more worried at the moment. He was shaking and pale.

He opened his mouth to speak but said nothing. He would fall to the ground when it was dark.

However, Linglong, who has been guarding Jifa, seems to be aware of his abnormality and quickly stretches out her jade arm to hold him firmly.


The air in the sky pressed on Shen Xin and completely submerged him.

This sword qi carries Ji Fa's qi. Wherever he passes, he is strong and domineering, not to mention ordinary people. Even if the immortal is not well prepared, he can't resist it.

When Lu Xiaobing saw this scene, he thought that Doctor Shen was going to die. A tear had already appeared in the corner of Heihei's eyes. His face was full of desolation, and he no longer had any luster.

Unexpectedly, Doctor Shen died in front of me?

But I can't help it!

I can only be held in my arms by a beautiful young lady, secretly distressed.

Alas, I don't know where the beautiful little sister lives, how old she is, and whether she is married.

Then ask me if you look like a friend of mine. Have we met before?

But now, I have no mood at all.

'Pa!' Lu Xiaobing immediately slapped himself when he thought of this place. Doctor Shen was in danger. How could I think about it?

I am a sinner!

'Ha ha, the King of Wu is unpredictable. He solved the rebellious villain Shen Xin with one sword. It's really very gratifying!'

The Taoist Heavenly Lord and the Holy Master were laughing loudly.

'I congratulate King Wu on one big evil!'

'Once Shen Xin is dead, we can move eastward and settle down someday...'

But before he finished speaking, Shen Xin's figure suddenly appeared not far away.

His figure was struck by the sword qi, but he still looked natural and unrestrained, his face was indifferent, and he didn't seem to be hurt at all.

What happened?

Even Shen Xin looked carefully and looked up and down. Except for a weak invisible golden light, he was really hurt.

Not only the Xiqi people opposite him were stunned.

The Taoist Heavenly Goddess was like being silenced. After a few words, he could not speak again.

Lu Xiaobing stares at his kidney deficiency eyes. He looks up and down, left and right, and can't believe it.

Jifa murmured in a low voice, 'It's impossible. His sword is really not reserved. He hit with all his strength. But how did Shen Xin catch it?'

You should know that you have the help of teacher Randeng's rune, which stimulates the power of qi in your body.

Normally speaking, it should be invincible!

What's more, now the whole Red Sand Formation is suppressed by my momentum. Shen Xin has no chance to live at all.

Jifa thought for a long time, but couldn't figure out what the reason was, so he shouted with his sword:

'What means did you use to block the sword?'

You ask me, I want to ask you?

The leader of Xiqi has been brewing for a long time, but he didn't break my defense.

At this level, you still want to challenge me?

Bad comment, really bad comment!

Shen Xin was dissatisfied and said, 'I don't know if you are too weak, doctor.'


'Am I too weak?'

Jifa's expression is swearing. Are you kidding me? I'm super strong!

Everyone in Xiqi knows that he can write and fight alone, and his sword technique is first-class.

Besides, no matter how weak I am, he can't kill an ordinary person?

Who are you fooling?

Ji Fa was very dissatisfied when he heard Shen Xin's answer. His anger was hard to calm. His sword was even tighter. Today I have to cut you several more swords!

The Taoist Heavenly Lord and Lingbao Grand Wizard nearby seem to have thought of something and speak loudly:

'King Wu, stop fighting. Shen Xin has a gold body!'

'What gold body protection!' Jifa did not care about this. He was the future leader of Xiqi, and was protected by heaven and earth.

One sword can't kill you. I just need to cut more swords.

When Jifa was ready to gather the strength of qi again, he suddenly felt that the atmosphere in front of him was wrong.

Shen Xin is standing there, but he has a special feeling.

It seems that something is awakening.

It was clear that nothing could be seen, but a loud noise could be heard, which exploded in the hearts of everyone.

Even in the end, the whole red sand formation began to shake violently.

The Xiqi people began to realize that things were not easy, but now they could not leave easily, so they had to find a way to stop Shen Xin.

However, it is obviously too late to start now.

Shen Xin just stood like that, but the strength of his qi rose to the sky at the moment. The white light shook the sky and was dazzling.

The red sand formation, which was originally gloomy and horrible, was full of evil spirits, but now it was completely bright.

All evil spirits are scattered out of nowhere, and all red sand disappears directly.

There is no red sand in the red sand array.

With such luck, if Jifa's body is a river, Shen Xin's body is a sea, surging and boundless!

Jifa, the Taoist priest, Lingbao mage, Lu Xiaobing, Linglong, all those who saw this could not help opening their mouths.

His face is complex and his eyes are frightened:


'What a momentum!'

In desperation, the Taoist priest and others quickly looked at Jifa and went to him.

Why do you kill Shen Xin at this time? It's important to protect King Wu!

Ji Fa also felt a threat, and quickly mobilized his qi to shrink and solidify, shrink and solidify, and completely surrounded him.

But when Shen Xin's powerful qi force began to sweep over him.

Just listen to the loud 'boom', and the river and the sea will win or lose in an instant!

Jifa's mind was blank, leaving only Shen Xin's hateful figure.

'Shen Xin! I will do it myself one day...'

Before he finished speaking, Jifa turned dark, pointed to the front with his finger, and fell to the ground with a 'puff'.


At this moment, not only the Moral Heavenly Lord and others are in a panic, but Shen Xin is also a little confused.

In other words, he really doesn't blame me

I didn't move a hair at all. As you can testify, this wave obviously belongs to self-defense counterattack.

Shen Xin looks at the scene in front of him, and it is true that he has blocked Q. He did not expect this result.

Things reversed too quickly, and I was at a loss. Let me take a look at it. It was obviously an accident.

Jifa is indeed the Lord of Heaven, and Xiqi is also very lucky. But don't forget that Doctor Shen is a saint, and the power of the saint is like an abyss.

Not to mention that Jifa has not unified the world at the moment. Even if he is truly the king, he is still much worse than the sage.

What's more, Shen Xin is also carrying the good fortune of Yin and Shang, and the people are eager.

There is no way to compare this.

Shen Xin may be strong now, but no one can match him in this force of fortune. Apart from saints, the others in the three realms are really bad.

Jifa, this is exactly the field where Mao Meng bumped into Shen Xin.

I don't complain about losing.

Shen Xin was silent again when he thought of this.

The Taoist Priest and others in the distance were also silent. After taking back Jifa, they found that King Wu was OK and there was nothing serious. It was likely that they fainted.

As for his luck, though it is still strong

Thick, but under the light of Shen Xin, it looks very thin.

After the Taoist priest arranged Jifa, he looked at Shen Xin viciously.

'Doctor Shen, I didn't expect that you really acted like a pig and ate a tiger!'

Damn it. Shen Xin gave them another lesson. They are too cunning, insidious and vicious.

This wave almost sent King Wu away. It's really frightening.

Shen Xin doesn't know that he has become shameless in the eyes of Xiqi people, a synonym for lyb.

In addition, he dared not act rashly, but spoke coldly in the distance, because of his terrible momentum

'Hum! Shen Xin, don't think that you can be so arrogant because you are so lucky! You can hide today for a while, but you can't hide forever.'

'And don't think that someone can save you. The immortals like Ten Heavenly Kings deserve to fight with our expository disciples!'


The words of the Taoist priest reminded Doctor Shen.

Yes, there are other golden immortals outside, such as Guangchengzi. I'm not worried at all. Anyway, the other party has broken the array, and he can die anyway.

With this in mind, Doctor Shen is now confident again.

'Shen Xin is here, and there is no need to hide. If you want my life, just come and take it.'

Alas, by the way, when talking about the elucidation of Jin Xian, Shen Xin remembered the Ten Heavenly Kings. He didn't know what happened to them. He couldn't run away.

After all, the Ten Heavenly Kings are no match for Jinxian.

Doctor Shen decided that when he died and became a saint, he could help the Ten Heavenly Kings if they behaved well. After all, the saint could rewrite the list of gods.

This thing was originally filled in by the sages through discussion, but the result was that the differences between the two religions were too big, so they were killed on the list.

And I want to change the matter of one sentence for saints.

Shen Xin nodded and was thinking about the good life after becoming a saint. Outside the Ten Jue Array, the Ten Heavenly Kings had already gathered together.

'Zhang Daoyou, why did you get out of the Red Sand Formation? Where is Doctor Shen?' Zhao Jiang, the leader of the local fierce formation, looked around for the familiar figure in his eyes, but after looking for it for a long time, he saw Zhang Tianjun coming out alone and immediately became angry.

Zhang Tianjun, facing the questions of the immortals, was very worried and sighed:

'Doctor Shen is fighting with Zhan Jiao Jin Xian to protect me.'

'What! How dare you, Zhang Shao!'

'How dare you leave Doctor Shen alone to meet the enemy in the Red Sand Formation?'

'It's impossible to want to kill the doctor!'

Zhao Jiang, the leader of the battlefield, was the first to stand out and shout at Zhang Shao. He was about to rush into the Red Sand Formation to save Doctor Shen.

The other immortals showed the same behavior and rushed forward without hesitation,.

But at this time, Zhang Shao stepped forward a few steps to stop the crowd, and shouted in the angry and cannibal expressions of Zhao Jiang and others:

'Stop, everyone, stop! Don't step into the red sand formation!'

'Even if Doctor Shen would rather sacrifice his own safety, he would also protect me, just to find a way to deal with the twelve golden immortals quickly.'

'Now the other side is about to break through the battle line. We must not disappoint the doctor's hope!'

'Zhang Shao, what you said is dexterity. Are the twelve golden immortals easy to deal with?'

'Now the Ten Jue Array can't trap them. As long as the opponent goes out, who are we going to fight against? Why don't we protect Doctor Shen and leave safely?' Zhao Jiang is impulsive and hot tempered. Now he can't bear to save Shen Xin, so he is going to break into the array.

'Zhao Jiang, do you want to kill the doctor?' Hong Sha insisted that the Heavenly King should drink hard and stop Zhao Jiang's steps in an instant.

Then he glanced at the crowd and continued with fierce eyes:

'Doctor Shen has already thought of the way to solve the crisis for us. Now, as long as everyone is united, the twelve golden immortals will never come back and save Doctor Shen from danger!'

'What, Doctor Shen has found a way out?'

'Say it! Say it!'

Our research

How can we defeat the Taoist Jin Xian and rescue Doctor Shen? '

When the Ten Heavenly Kings heard this, their eyes lit up and they began to ask.

In the face of all the inquiries, Zhang Tianjun looked ahead and said eight words without hesitation:

'Ten arrays are one, and the evolution is chaotic!'

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