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Chapter 424 Stable this time

Outside the city of Xiqi, the sky is filled with visions.

On the reed awning not far away, Taoist Lantern and Jiang Ziya stood by the road respectfully with their generals.

With the pious gesture of worship, countless dazzling golden lights began to appear above the clouds, and the four sides were faintly resounding with fairy music.

It shook for nine days, and the sound lingered in my ears.

What's more, the immortal music is not only shrouded outside the small Xiqi City. Wherever you are, you can still hear the immortal sound of the road as long as you look up.

When the Taoist priest Yandeng listened to the mysterious immortal voice, he was not in a quiet mood, but became restless.

Because he knew that the Yuxu leader was about to come to Xiqi personally to break the Ten Jue Formation.

In order for the Twelve Golden Immortals to survive the apocalypse, Yuanshi Tianzun made a long preparation in advance.

Open the mountain gate and recruit many disciples. Countless free cultivation quilts are collected under the gate just to help the Twelve Golden Immortals avoid disasters and disasters.

He also went to the West, and did not hesitate to cooperate with Jieyin Zhunti, allowing the other party to preach to the East.

Missionaries are not trivial matters. Since ancient times, the East has been dominated by Taoism, and three saints have suppressed Qi Yun. Taoism has always been prosperous, let alone where others have set foot.

At the moment, there is no concept of western religion in the eyes of people.

Once the other party is allowed to preach in the East, it will undoubtedly have a great impact on Taoism. At least, the eastern Qi Yun will be divided by the western religion.

It is amazing that Yuanshi Tianzun was willing to pay such a high price for the twelve golden immortals.

At this moment, in the air outside Xiqi City, only the fairy music sounded again, and the golden clouds finally turned into a sea of clouds.

Then all the people saw the picture that would never go away.

In the vast sea of clouds, nine golden dragons with horrible breath rolled out.

The golden dragon kept flying forward, as if it wanted to compete with heaven, which made people feel extremely shocked and surprised.

Each golden dragon has five claws, and the lowest one has the power of a golden immortal. It is their scales that reflect the clouds in the sky into gold.

The ancient glory of the dragon family may not be there, but in the eyes of ordinary people, it is a mysterious giant, and even more an immortal god with unpredictable magic power.


The immortal in their eyes has become a ride for others to pull cars. This kind of strong impact has never been seen before, and real people feel incredible.

And what kind of terror should the character pulled by the nine divine dragons be?

With the advent of the Kowloon Chenxiang Chariot, Xiqi people were deeply shocked, and their pupils suddenly contracted again. They saw a more shocking picture.

I saw a blue phoenix and a crane leading the way in front of Kowloon, a red phoenix dancing in the rear, a fairy boy beside him, and yellow scarves on the left and right waiting for the edict.

Xiqi suddenly misted the cigarette up and down, which was full of smoke.

A middle-aged Taoist walked slowly off the chariot, with a cloud above his head and a flowing coat. His face was serious, his eyes were deep, and he held a handle of three colors.

Swing the sleeve robe, and whisper:

'Chaos is never a moral mystery, but a mystery based on metaphysics.'

'Tai Chi combines two forms and four images. The sky opens at the child's will.'

'The ugly man, Yin Wu, teaches, and Huang Ting is a fan.'

'The jade capital and the golden palace are handed down to the disciples. I am the flame of gold lotus.'

Stop chanting the trumpets, and the world will shake.

Randeng and Jiang Ziya held incense eyes and looked ahead. They could not wait to fall down and bow down, saying that the teacher:

'I didn't know that the teacher was coming, but I was far away from him. I hope you will forgive me.'

'May teachers live a long and holy life.'

At the beginning, the Heavenly Blessed One raised his feet and fell down on the Chenxiang chariot with a expressionless face. The Antarctic Fairy followed with a feather fan.

He did not move his eyes and said:

'Stay flat.'

'I will comply with the laws and decrees of the teacher.'

Jiang Ziya and the Lantern looked at each other, then hesitated for a moment and bowed down again:

'The Ten Heavenly Kings set up the Ten Jue Formation, and all the disciples were trapped. I beg the teacher to show mercy and save them

Pull. '

At the beginning, his face was expressionless and his voice was calm: 'The days have been set, and there is no way to explain it. Why do you speak?'

Then he said to sit quietly and ignored the immortals.

When Randeng and Jiang Ziya saw this, their hearts trembled, and they always felt a little uneasy, but they dared not speak too much in the face of the always serious Yuanshi God.

We can only wait on the left and right and be careful.

After a long time, at midnight, Qingyun appeared on the top of the Heavenly Lord at the beginning of the year, with five colored milli lights and ten thousand golden lamps falling like water dripping from the eaves.

It is on the top that the clouds are 30 thousand feet high, and the rosy clouds all over the body fly around the colorful clouds.

Yunxiao and others in the Xiqi Camp suddenly saw such Qingyun and shouted:

'Not good!'

'Shibo, you are here!'

At the same time, his face turned pale, his mouth trembled, and he murmured:

'Doctor, I was unwilling to let you and your brother go down the mountain at the beginning, but you two were adamant.'

'Now this battle set up with the Ten Heavenly Kings has trapped all the Yuxu disciples in it, and life and death are unknown.'

'How can I meet you today, Martial Uncle? I'm afraid you can't escape!'

'Doctor, since you have nothing to do, you can save your life.'

'If you are persuaded, it is better to withdraw from the Ten Jue Formation earlier, release the expository golden immortal, and come forward to plead guilty.'

'We have good words beside us, which may be excusable.'

Yunxiao spoke anxiously and said a wrong way. After all, if she faced Taoist priest Randeng, she might dare to fight with him, but now it's the leader of Yuxu Sect, the sage of Heaven.

Under the strong strength, all means are nihility.

At this moment, I only hope that Shibo can give Doctor Shen and Ten Heavenly Kings a free hand in view of the common face of the two religions.

If you really fight, you will die!

At this moment, in the Yin Shang tent, not only the sky is anxious, but also the rest of the people have the same expression. Kong Xuan and Zhao Gongming have seen the power of saints.

A western religious leader Zhun Ti suppressed the two men at random. At the beginning, Tianzun was definitely better than him, and their faces also showed a heavy haze.

In the face of the Qingyun from the West Qi, Shen Xin was not sad but happy. He almost laughed.

Good, good!

I've been waiting so long for today?

Xiao Yunxiao still wants to stop me?

In the face of absolute strength, you are all paper tigers.

Come on, let the storm come harder!

Shen Xin looked right and categorically refused Yunxiao's proposal:

'It is impossible to let go and explain to Jinxian, and it is also impossible to plead guilty.'

'I believe that what is the crime?'

'Do you know who you are going to face at this moment? It is the expository leader, the sage of heaven, and one of the most powerful beings in the world.'

'Now, you and Ten Days King have arranged an array to kill their favorite disciples. As their master, you will not give up easily.'

'Martial Uncle, I will do it myself!' Seeing that Doctor Shen refused to answer the array and plead guilty, Yunxiao was worried to death.

His uncle, who is rigid and serious, is a conformist and hates others to disobey him. At present, if Doctor Shen goes out to meet him, he will die many times every minute.

As her brother's saviour, she always valued love and justice. How could she watch Doctor Shen die this time? So she was very anxious.

At the beginning, the Heavenly Blessed One was a saint. He should be transcendent and free from worldly affairs.

However, he had a nameless heart in dealing with his disciples, and he could not face it as usual after all.

However, at the beginning of the era, the Heavenly Lord paid attention to following the heaven, and his disciples were more refined than others. After tens of thousands of years of careful selection, they cultivated these twelve immortal heads.

If all the people were killed at once, it would be almost the same as killing the sect.

I don't blame him for being crazy.

Well, Shen Xin's goal is the Twelve Golden Immortals. Only in this way can Yuanshi Tianzun go down to the world in person and attack them regardless of everything.

This wave is a killer!

In the face of Yunxiao's persuasion, Shen Xin waved his hand firmly:

'I was ordered by the Imperial Court to lead the army to capture and suppress the rebels in order to unify the world, end the war and promote peace in the world.'

'How innocent are the expositors of Jin Xian who have repeatedly stopped the heavenly army and helped the rebels regardless of whether it was right or not?'

'What's more, should a superior person who we can't cope with come from the other side and fall down with his hands, regardless of the truth in the world?'

Shen Xin shook his sleeve and said solemnly:

'I'm sorry, Shen Xin is not the kind of person who is afraid of dying and is traitorous.'

'For the sake of my faith, even if I die in battle today, I will never regret it.'

'Doctor!' Yunxiao's face already showed a trace of sadness.

The man in front of us is good at everything, but he is too stubborn. He is so stubborn that he doesn't know how to persuade others.

However, perhaps this is also one aspect of his admiration.

Shen Xin now looks at everyone, and then slowly says:

'Fellow Taoists, since Xiqi came to preach, let Shen Xin face all this alone. It has nothing to do with you.'

'Kong Xuan, although you are a general of the Shang Dynasty, you have a special identity. You don't need to die here with me. Go to find a paradise and be free.'

Kong Xuan was originally the son of Phoenix. If he was not helpless, he would not be involved in the war of sealing the gods. So what should he do at this opportunity? Don't disturb the death of this saint.

'Doctor Shen will not say such a thing. Kong Xuan is willing to protect the doctor! He will never back down!' Hearing this, Kong Xuan hurriedly stepped forward and spoke excitedly.

Your magic power has been banned. You'd better not make trouble and play.

Shen Xin shook his head directly and turned to Zhao Gongming:

'Gongming Taoist friends were invited by the Grand Master to invite you down from Mount Emei.'

'Now that we are seriously injured, we are not able to move. We should listen to Sister Yunxiao and return to the mountain to cultivate and live well. We should not be contaminated with the world.'

Zhao Gongming spoke very solemnly:

'Doctor Shen, Zhao Gongming came to Xiqi. He didn't make any contributions, but he made you risk your life to save him. I'm ashamed of this kindness, and I can't repay it.'

'I will not leave Xiqi in this crisis and leave the doctor to face it alone.'

Forget it. Just don't make trouble. If it weren't for you, I would have died countless times. You'd better leave me with peace of mind.

Shen Xin did not answer him, but turned his eyes to the three nights, Han Zhi Immortal and Caiyun Immortal.

'All fairies, Shen Xin is very grateful for coming to help us from Donghai today, but this has nothing to do with you.'

'Listen to your master's order and go back to the cave quickly to cultivate.'

'Just as the saying goes, close the cave door and recite three or two volumes of Huang Ting silently. When you are in the West, there are celebrities on the list of gods.'

'All these crises should be borne by Shen Xin alone, and we should never be involved in them, so that the thousand years of hard work will disappear.'

'Doctor Shen, why do you say that?' Sanxiao and others were worried when they heard what Shen Xin said. Even Yunxiao was at a loss.

But Shen Xin still waved his hand and said to the Ten Heavenly Kings nearby:

'As for the ten Taoist friends, I also want to return to Jin'ao Island now. Shen Xin works one by one. I am the leader of the Yin Shang.'

'In the beginning, if God seeks revenge, he should also seek me.'

'At that time, I will confine my responsibility to myself and never let everyone be endangered.'

Well, I want to be on the list. Don't stop me.

You go back to your homes and find your mothers. After the saint changes, you can wave as you want.

Shen Xin is ready now

Preparation for death.

He wanted to gather all the hatred of Yuanshi Tianzun on himself. If Zhao Gongming and Ten Tianjun were not here for three nights.

So when no one is angry, isn't it certain that he will die?

At the thought of this, Doctor Shen burst into laughter and praised his clever behavior.

Because one praise is not enough.

But Shen Xin had expected the original Heavenly Lord, but he had not expected the reaction of the Ten Heavenly Lord.

Originally, when they heard that the sage of the beginning broke through the formation in person, they were already shaking with fear and at a loss.

They are little real immortals. Their strength is far different from that of the sage. They are not even qualified to speak, let alone practice.

But I didn't expect that Doctor Shen, a common man, was willing to take all the blame on himself.

This made everyone moved beyond fear.

Doctor, doctor, you are still so considerate of others, and you can clearly pick out the relationship between all people.

But only he silently bears the danger. Such a move is too great!

Qin, the leader of Tianzi Array, was silent for a long time, then his eyes began to be determined, and he came to Doctor Shen and said excitedly:

'This matter has nothing to do with the doctor. The ten unique array is arranged by our Taoist friends, so we will bear it.'

'Qin Wan is willing to report his life to the doctor for his help.'

Say that and bow down.

'So we are!'

The rest of the Heavenly Kings began to talk, as if they were infected, and their eyes suddenly became firm.

Seeing Shen Xin's words as if he had entrusted his last words, the clouds beside him spoke anxiously:

'The doctor must not be stubborn.'

As soon as her voice fell, Qiong Xiao, who had never spoken, said to stop her:

'Sister, that's not true!'

'I think doctors are the real heroes, but we are far inferior!'

'It seems that the original God is not my teacher, and he is the best, but it is my teacher's face. I am not a disciple who teaches me. How can I be afraid of him?'

'Now we are cautious and submissive. How can we be a disciple?'

After saying that, Qiong Xiao's eyes were radiant, and he bowed to Shen Xin, then continued:

'Now I have a word for all Taoist friends to listen to carefully. Brother and Taoist friend Kongxuan were seriously injured and were granted a cultivation title. This injury was caused by a saint, and others may not be able to solve it.'

'Let Caiyun Taoist friends and Hanzhi Taoist friends escort brother and Kongxuan Taoist friends to Jin'ao Island.'

'This kind of injury can certainly be solved if Master takes action.'

'The Taoist friends of the Ten Heavenly Kings and our sisters stayed here to advance and retreat together with the doctor.'

'If the Heavenly Lord wanted to kill Doctor Shen at the beginning, it would destroy the array and kill the expository immortal together.

'Well, this is a good way!'

Bixiao's eyes brightened and she agreed with him:

'At the beginning, when we saw him and respected him, he was silent, even if he treated him with courtesy, he didn't ask for any benefit. If he had self-respect, what kind of teacher would we recognize him? Since he was an enemy, how could he be disrespectful?'

'What's more, Doctor Shen is here now. How can he retreat?'

'We fought with him in the Ten Jue Array!'

Well, looking at the excited Bixiao, Shen Xin stroked her forehead. I don't know what she was excited about.

You are really a little sister.

No wonder it's only about 0.8 rocks.

However, Shen Xin reluctantly agreed with Qiong Xiao's words.

In any case, they also sent Kong Xuan, Zhao Gongming, Caiyun Fairy and Han Zhixian away.

At least half of the haters were sent away.

Well, it's stable this time!

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