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Chapter 435 Death of Shen Xin and death of Jiang Shang

Outside the gate of Yin and Shang.

Jiang Ziya rode like a horse, stroking his long white beard and came slowly.

He walked slowly, looked into the distance, and looked at the soldiers who were advancing bravely and triumphantly. He was very proud and had a good chance of winning.

Although it has gone through many twists and turns, the final result is still the victory of Xiqi.

The Ten Jue Formation was broken, and Shen Xin was captured. The Yin and Shang armies were wiped out when talking and laughing.

After today, the siege of Xiqi will be relaxed.

'Shen Xin, Shen Xin, let your daughter be cunning and brave, but in the face of the general trend of the Heavenly Way, she will always be like a praying mantis

'Without you today, the Yin and Shang armies will be destroyed!'

Jiang Ziya murmured to himself, excited and proud in his eyes, then shook his sleeve robe and shouted loudly.

'Listen to me, Shang officers and men.'

'The law of heaven is over, and Shen Xin is dead.'

'Obey the virtuous king of Xiqi, and enjoy peace and health. Help him to become the undisciplined leader of Tang, and destroy ethics and discipline. All the troops will return to the surrounding areas early and will not die!'

The deafening shout and the endless shouting and killing in all directions made Xiqi's soldiers very brave and fearless.

'All the generals follow me through the business camp!'

There were long lines of torches around, and the sword light set off the night sky. All the merchants retreated under the fire.

At the moment, there are no leaders in the camp, and the help of the intercepting disciples is lost. It is only Lu Xiong and others who are not the enemies of Xiqi.

Gradually, the army entered the camp, and the flames around it rose to the top.

Jiang Ziya led the Chinese army directly to the gate.

At this time, he was finally relieved. At this moment, he was sure that the merchant army would be in chaos and surrender. At that time, the overall situation could be decided.

However, just as Jiang Ziya thought he was safe, he suddenly heard an angry shout in his ear:

'Xi Qi, preach, Jiang Ziya, I curse you!'

Huh? Where did the voice come from?

Jiang Ziya sat on the four figures and looked around. His voice seemed to come from the gate of the Yin and Shang Dynasty, and it was also a female voice.

Alas, as expected, there was no one in the Shang Dynasty. Even women went to war.

And curse me? What a joke!

This is the fate of God. I'm not afraid of such evil and heretical ways as you. I guess it's just a way of pretending to be a ghost under Shen Xin's advice.

Now he just wants to quickly destroy the current Yin and Shang army and let Shen Xin's advantages disappear.

'Jiang Ziya, where are you going?'

The angry voice seemed to be closer, and it made the four people under him a little uneasy. His hooves shook and he turned to leave.

This time, Jiang Ziya finally got serious and looked at the distance.

Then I saw a fox with several tails.

This fox is different from others. Her eyes are red, the light in her eyes is crazy, and her body has a terrible momentum, which makes people tremble.

Jiang Ziya and all the generals around him were confused. They didn't know what was going on.

As a matter of fact, haven't all the people who can fight in the Yin business camp been captured?

Why is there one left?

And it seems that it is still a little scary. There are black clouds on her head.

What is this? Do you still have special effects?

'Don't panic, Prime Minister. I have captured the enemy's general alive!' Chong Heihu in front of Jiang Ziya is full of confidence. Even immortals like Shen Xin, Shi Tianjun and Shi Tianjun have been captured by sage expositors. How powerful a fox can be.

He doesn't know how powerful the fox is, but it is said that the fox that turns into a human is very rare. It is not only beautiful, but also knows human mind very well, which is very powerful

Hey hey, Chong Heihu couldn't help drooling.

But thinking that the fox had already looked like Shen Xin, he felt envious and jealous.

Envy blinds me.

Ma De, Shen Xin believes that the evil thief is really wasteful. Yin is extravagant

The fox will not let go.


He scorned the wild Yin's extravagant guy, shook Chong Heihu's long gun and rushed directly to the fox.

But the little fox didn't care about him at all. He didn't even dodge. He just stared at him.

A very disdainful glance, as if to see a fly, frowned.

However, Chongheihu's appearance has changed greatly.


The fiery eyed beast under his feet could not help roaring. Suddenly, his left hoof stepped on his right hoof and fell flat.

Then Chong Heihu heard the sound of bone fracture, and he himself flew to the sky inexplicably.

Then, black clouds fell from the sky, and thunder grew on the flat ground.


The next second, everyone had an accident at the same time. Either they lost their footing and broke their leg, or they were injured by their partner's long gun.

In a word, everyone was in a panic when the dark cloud passed by.

Even Jiang Ziya was cut off by a thunderbolt from the sky.

The scene that Xiqi had just succeeded in looking at him completely changed, and the army began to panic and be at a loss.

Jiang Ziya then realized that the fox seemed different.

Little Fox had expected his misfortune. He had cursed the Dragon King of the Four Seas before.

Although it is not too fatal, it can not be stopped by people today.

Originally, she tried to restrain her own breath for fear of affecting others, but Doctor Shen was caught today.

Little fox just wants one word, revenge! Revenge!

Seeing the fox walking towards them step by step with his long gun in his hand, Xiqi people were visibly flustered.

'You... don't come here!'

Nima, there was thunder and fire in the dark clouds in the sky, and all the generals on the ground turned black. Then they saw a mad fox chasing tens of thousands of people.

Zhang Guifang and other Yin Shang generals were stunned, swallowed saliva, and even their original intention to rush out to help was directly dismissed.

Good, terrible!

Little Fox is still chasing after him. Countless Xiqi soldiers are unlucky. Soon, few people can stand on the battlefield.

All you can see is a red eyed fox, chasing Jiang Ziya crazily:

'Jiang Ziya, don't go! I want to revenge for Doctor Shen!'

The Prime Minister Jiang, who was extremely determined and unsurprisingly, has not yet climbed onto the mount.

In the distance, Jinzha, Muzha, Nezha, Huang Tianhua and others gathered together. Although they received the military order, they made a tacit choice to disappear when attacking the camp.

Nezha came to several people with drinks. He did not speak. He just sat there and looked at the stars in the sky.

The one who looks sad can't help himself.

'My adoptive father, the child is unfilial and cannot help you.'

'Your great kindness will never be repaid and will never be forgotten.'

Huang Tianhua silently nodded aside, 'I haven't even come yet, and I'll call you my adoptive father!'

The night was getting late, and the wine was also spilled unconsciously. In this sad atmosphere, several people completely forgot their destination of the business camp.

Until the sound of flustered footsteps came from a distance, a group of embarrassed defeated troops of Xiqi rushed to several people, who seemed to have experienced something terrible and looked frightened.

The leader is Nangong Shi. He knows several people and they also know him.

But Nangong Shi seemed to have met a ghost at the moment. He rolled and screamed and hurried forward. In just a dozen steps, he seemed to have passed through the ninety-nine eighty-one difficulty, full of danger.

At this moment, the speed was even faster than before, and the body suddenly disappeared in the same place, leading down the slope.

'It seems that something has passed just now?' Jinzha Muzha looked back at the same time and opened his mouth in doubt.

Nezha continued to raise his head and looked at the sky. He murmured, 'How many mice have passed by just now? It is because we miss our adoptive father too much that we are in a trance.'

'My adoptive father, I miss you. Do you hear me?'

Jinzha Muzha looked at each other, nodded his head subconsciously, and said:

'The brave and fearless figure of the adoptive father is still in front of us, and the sound and smile of the adoptive father are still in our hearts.'

Nezha was very quiet, and his eyes were full of light: 'My adoptive father is an open and aboveboard, selfless and fearless good man, and a respectable elder. He is incomparable in benevolence and justice, and has no flaw at all.'

'He can even pay his life for me. That time at the Chentang Pass, Nezha caused a great disaster. Finally, his adoptive father saved him.'

He slowly recalled the past and the brave and handsome figure of his adoptive father.

With Nezha, everyone went back to the dangerous days and immersed themselves in them.

Nezha told these things for many times, but he couldn't help feeling excited every time he heard them.

However, when everyone was looking up at the sky at the same time, he suddenly heard someone shouting:

'All generals, please come quickly to protect me!'

The voice was very urgent and familiar, and seemed to be in danger.

'You guys, I seem to hear Martial Uncle asking for help?' Huang Tianhua frowned and whispered.

'Did you hear that?' Nezha held the wine bowl in his hands and bowed to the sky from afar.

Jinzha and Muzha continued to look up, 'I haven't?'

Huang Tianhua: 'Well... I don't seem to have...'

Jiang Ziya was a little embarrassed and unwilling at the moment. He did not expect that tens of thousands of troops would one day be chased by a fox.

But he had to leave again. This fox is really evil. I'm afraid he met all the bad things in his life today.

Even Jiang Ziya wondered in his heart whether Shen Xin had done all this.

He guessed that he would have an accident and that I would attack the business camp at night, so he specially left a fox as a backstop.

He had seen this fox before, but he didn't keep it in mind, let alone think of today's defeat.

Shen Xin is really a wonder of the world!

I can count the things behind me and set an ambush like this. If he is not here today, I cannot defeat him. I am confident that if I am here, I am afraid that Xiqi will have no peace.

Today is a demon fox, tomorrow is likely to be an army, and the day after tomorrow will be the gods in the sky. In such a powerful layout, it can be counted as future generations.

I... I'm not good enough.

Jiang Ziya felt ashamed for a moment.

Shen Xin seems to be simple, but in fact he is careful. He has already preset an ambush and expected to attack the camp.

He can't even compete with a person who is no longer here.

It's really terrible.

After Jiang Ziya sighed, he saw that the generals had no intention of fighting again and were waiting to order a temporary withdrawal.

But before he could move again, a silver light flashed across the sky. With the roar of the wind, a feather arrow hit Jiang Ziya's chest.


Jiang Ziya shouted and fell to the ground in an instant.

All the soldiers of Xiqi rushed to rescue him. The rest of them followed the sound. The cold wind of hunting passed through the camp. A girl in white clothes and light armor slowly put up a bow and arrow.

A pair of heroic eyes were staring at him coldly.

Jiang Ziya knew instantly that he had lost completely.

Even the Princess of Xiqi is like someone else now!

'Ha ha!' Jiang Ziya raised his head and laughed bitterly.

'It's really dead Shen Xin who retired Jiang Shang alive. He left a plan to defeat Xi Qi!'

'Herald, the three armies retreat!'

With a long sigh, he fainted and fell to the ground in an instant.

Da Luo Tian, the Eight Views of the Palace.

At this time, Lao Jun was really busy. On the one hand, the First Heavenly Lord invited him to discuss in Kunlun Mountain, and on the other hand, the Western religion sent him to worship the post and ask him to talk.

However, we are all foxes of thousands of years. What kind of Liaozhai do you play? Who doesn't know that you are all from Dr. Ben Shen.

However, although Lao Jun was clear in his heart, he also had to go there. After all, both sides were saints, and some face still needed to be given.

So, Lao Jun went out of the Bajing Palace to meet Kunlun in the west. At this moment, only Shen Xin was left in the palace.

Doctor Shen followed his eyes and silently got some ideas.

In other words, the present situation is quite complicated. Several saints have appeared and their goals are different.

At the beginning, the Heavenly Lord wanted to protect his disciples from being on the list of gods and avoid disasters, and then pulled the sect to the list.

The Western Two Saints, on the other hand, are bent on preaching to the East, gathering talents and honoring sects.

As for Lao Jun, although he does not know his destination for the time being, it is not simple inaction. I am afraid that turning Hu into a Buddha is to curb the development of Western religion.

The four saints were angry at their own attitudes at the beginning and wanted to kill themselves. It goes without saying that the Western two saints might come out to draw on them. Lao Jun's words were vague and unclear for the time being.

After gradually understanding the ideas of several saints, Shen Xin felt that he needed to do something.

Is it difficult to become a saint on the list and help people in the world?

It is a little difficult, but still within the acceptable range.

Shen Xin clearly understood that it was impossible for him to live because he was a variable that could make his plan go wrong.

After hundreds of years of planning, I just wanted to pull the cut-off disciples into the water and fill in the list of gods. But now because I haven't lost many of my cut-off disciples, how can I fill in the 365 gods.

It seems that he will make a big move to force the intercepting disciples to go down the mountain.

In short, we will not try as before.

This is Shen Xin's opportunity.

The following fiefdom battlefield may be extremely fierce, and all forces will come on the scene. After explaining the pain of killing people, you will die.

As for Lao Jun, Shen Xin fell into a short period of thinking and analyzed his chances of saving himself again.

Saving once may be the limit, because there is no reason for him to do it again, and it is against his thought of inaction.

I just don't know what the four saints have discussed at this moment, and whether they will jointly deal with the interception as the original event develops.

It is still very possible. After all, the interests of both sides are almost the same. One important person will be on the list for robbery, and one important person will promote the West.

However, the whole three realms can only meet their requirements through interception.

The war of sealing the gods is not over yet, and more people will participate in it. So Shen Xin should now consider how to return to Xiqi from the Eight View Palace immediately.

But this place is really too big. If you want to walk around, you can't get out. If you get lost, you may get lost for a hundred years.

What if the end of sealing the gods is not a loss?

So he needs help.

So Shen Xin began to turn around in the Eight Views Palace.

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