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Chapter 5 Young master, you are really a man of justice

When Shen Xin was thinking about writing a poem at the noon gate, there was a hurried sound of footsteps nearby.

then Shen Xin saw an old man in a brocade hat standing in front of him, staring at him excitedly.

then he saw this guy with a pockmarked face and a sarcastic flattery in his smile:

'young master, young master, you finally came out safely. I'm worried to death!'

then he came forward to boast:

'doctor Fei and doctor you are really gods. They really saved you. The young master is an auspicious man. He has his own nature.'

the old man smiled brightly with a chrysanthemum like face, looking straight at his young master, looking forward to the reward in his heart.

I heard that the young master was in trouble today, so I immediately wrapped a big gift for two adults Fei you in the name of the master.

now I have done such a big thing. I can help the young master out of prison with my fingers. Wouldn't I be rich with the young master's generosity!

when the time comes, I will let Grandma Liu, who sells cabbage next door, be my 16th concubine. We have all been married for life, so we will wait for the young master's reward and marry her.

Hey, Lao Huang with a pockmarked face smiles very sp.

but in his fantasy, he didn't find his young master's face getting darker and darker.

'well, who am I? It turns out that the internal ghost is beside me.'

I said that Fei Zhongyou's soul suddenly wanted to save himself. It was the old servant who served the Shen family for decades who stabbed me on the back?

now we can find the reason.

but if you think about it carefully, you can't blame Lao Huang. As a servant of your own family, it's not right to see your master in danger and try your best to rescue him.

fortunately, it's not too late to discover all this

now that I know the insider, I can be on guard next time, and I will never see such a thing again.

after all, Lao Huang is an old servant of his own family. We can't go too far. We will transfer him to Xiqi to dig coal in two days.

when you are old, move your muscles and bones, so as to avoid the concubine of more than ten rooms staying at home alone.

this is not revenge, but helping Lao Huang exercise.

Lao Huang is looking forward to seeing Shen Xin. He has no idea that his old life has been arranged clearly.

Shen Xin smiled softly and said, 'you can rest assured that the young master will not mistreat you!'


Lao Huang shows his two big teeth ha! Ha! He smiled straight. He didn't recognize Shen Xin's words. He thought he had been praised. He patted his trembling chest and said:

'my old Huang Sheng is a young master's man, and death is a young master's ghost.

the young master will wait a moment, and the old servant will give gold and silver to thank the two adults.'

'Oh, no, they won't accept it.'

upon hearing this, Shen Xin directly reaches out his hand to stop him and replies quietly.

Lao Huang was stunned, his pockmarked face wrinkled into a ball, full of puzzlement.

that's wrong. Fei Zhongyou and his soul are known to be greedy for money. How can they miss this wonderful opportunity? They will definitely blackmail a lot before they are willing to give up. Now they have changed their sex.

Lao Huang was puzzled, but Shen Xin's words made him tremble and almost fell to the ground.

'it's not a big deal. I just scolded them. Now I hate me to death...'

scolded them? Hate to death?

it's a small matter. Man Chaoge knows that Fei Zhongyou is a villain. If he offends these two people, he will be framed in the future.

young master, you are looking for death!

Lao Huang trembled and looked forward to it:

'young master, are you kidding me'

if Shen Xin could hear what Lao Huang was thinking, he would pat him on the shoulder and say with great admiration: 'yes, that's right. I just want to die, and I have to die.

Shen Xin looked at Lao Huang, who was terrified, and scolded:

'young master, am I the kind of liar?' Then he proudly turned to the frame.

Lao Huang hurriedly chased after him and shouted: 'young master, we can't offend these two adults. I'm going to prepare a generous gift to make amends myself. I hope the two adults can see the master.'


what are you doing?

seeing that his housekeeper was going to take money to continue to bribe Fei Zhongyou's soul, Shen Xin immediately felt dangerous. The two thieves could have no face for money. In case they were bribed, wouldn't they.

this is no good.

Shen Xin heaved a deep sigh and immediately said in awe of righteousness:

'shut up!'

'such treacherous villains will be punished if they harm the country and become traitors. How can we please them with our own lives and go in with the traitors'

this matter cannot be said again, or we will be punished! '

' young master '

Lao Huang wanted to say something more, but when he saw his young master's resolute face, his eyes became moist.

' the young master is really a man of integrity and justice '

' old slave, I'm ashamed '

' forget it. Just correct your mistakes. You did a good job this time, but not next time! '

Shen Xin felt that he was an old man who had worked hard in his home for many years. He could not say too much. He simply comforted him.

but he must focus on observation and cut off the root cause of the danger as soon as possible.

Shen Xin lay leisurely on the car and thought about his death plan. He slowly closed his eyes.

the main road of the king's city covered with green stones was very smooth. He didn't feel too much turbulence at all. After a while, he returned to the house.

Shenfu is a rich man of Chaoge. It covers a huge area, at least hundreds of mu. In front of the door is a pair of huge stone lions, which are carved vividly, as if they were about to leap out.

there are continuous pavilions with sections and scales, and rockeries and different waters are scattered everywhere.

before Shen Xin got close to the door of the mansion, he saw a large number of servants coming up and offering fresh fruits.

the fruit plate carved from gold and the Qiong fan made from Jasper are extremely luxurious.

Shen Xin instantly fell into the gentle countryside and could not help sighing.

it's good to have money!

walking along, Shen Xin found a big problem, that is, now he wants to write poems at the Meridian Gate and scold King Zhou. At that time, he will surely die.

but what should King Zhou do in case of such a big crime?

as a saint, how can you implicate these ordinary people? What's more, there is a cheap father in the house. At least you have to arrange his affairs first.

it seems that we have to find a way to take them away. Shen Xin suddenly asked at random:

'Lao Huang, how big is the Shen family!'

old Huang was stunned and looked proudly at Shen Xin to explain to the young master.

but the next second he suddenly found that the adjectives in his mind were very rare. He scratched his ears and scratched his cheeks. Finally, he just said:

'big, big!'

Shen Xin ignored it and then asked, 'is it easy to move?'

'OK... Huh?' Old Huang was about to answer, but suddenly he was stunned and puzzled. What does that mean, young master? Why do I suddenly don't understand?

Shen Xin smiled and said, 'it's all right if you're free. Let's move.'

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [I want to be a God] online and go to the source website for reading.