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Chapter 50 I believe that although I die today, I still... (please collect! Please read!)

The two of them shouted with anticipation in their hearts. I haven't seen such a crazy thing for a long time.

no, I should say I haven't seen it at all.

too hot.

but if it does happen, I, Fei Zhongyou, will not hesitate to stand on your Majesty's side.

support your majesty forever.

however, before their lofty will was called out, a chill hit them.

Fei Zhong felt that the temperature around him was somewhat lower and he began to feel cold.

that's not right. Although it's not warm and hot, it's definitely not so cold.

it's like taking off all your clothes and lying in ice on a cold day.

people tremble with cold.

Fei Zhongyou tightened his clothes and shrunk his neck, but it was still cold.

then the two people raised their heads slowly with doubts.

call! What a murderous spirit.

king Zhou and shenxinzheng stared at both of them at the same time. No one dared to touch their eyebrows at this time.

Fei Zhongyou and Hun felt that their level was not enough. They were like a small ant, and they could be crushed to death with their backhand.

they still want to live, not to die.

therefore, he consciously left the fight of the big men and hid in the corner.

silent watching jpg

looking at Shen Xin's unwelcome act, Prime Minister Bigan was sweating anxiously.

he never thought of the current plot.

how did this happen.

doctor Shen is not polite. His majesty is hard and hard. He doesn't give himself a chance to live at all.

is this anxiety to die completely wrong?

but after a while, looking at Shen Xin, who had put life and death aside, Prime Minister Bigan suddenly understood.

sighed bitterly, and his eyes were full of emotion.

the person who can achieve the aspect must be a smart person. Dr. Shen's abnormal performance must be for some reason.

considering the current situation, his majesty wants his two hearts to save the witch. If Dr. Shen doesn't die, he will certainly die.

the reason why Dr. Shen was so impatient and even did not hesitate to fall out with his Majesty was that he wanted to fight for me and die.

save my life.

what happened just now happened so fast that Bigan didn't react. Now he understands everything.

it's all my fault. I was supposed to protect Dr. Shen, but I didn't expect to be protected by Dr. Shen.

who could have imagined that a civil servant would do such a crazy thing and dare to fall out with his majesty.

how dare you be so desperate for yourself.

doctor Shen is really great.

prime minister Bigan's heart is full of blood at the moment. He would like to take out his heart and persuade doctor Shen not to do so.

'Your Majesty, all this is my fault. I am willing to give my own.'

king Zhou and Shenxin turn around at the same time.


prime minister Bigan was stunned when he heard the speech, but then he immediately understood that doctor Shen would protect me again.

now he really wants to shout, doctor Shen, I am not afraid of death.

but Shen Xin is crazy now. It's impossible to stop me from getting on the list.

Shen Xin faced King Zhou's killing intention without fear.

he was not frightened by the appearance of King Zhou.

at this point, Shen Xin's anger was also ticked off.

men's desire to win or lose is at this moment.

you king Zhou wanted to be the emperor of the Ming Dynasty and whitewash yourself, but I wouldn't let you. I have to die in your hands today.

at the same time, King Zhou thought the same and was equally angry.

I am the emperor of the hall, and all the people of Shang Dynasty must obey my words.

if I don't want a person to die today, he can't die.

otherwise, I have no authority.

the two people began to compete.

a moment later, King Zhou was the first to attack and took a fierce step forward. Pointing to Shen Xin, he cursed:

'Shen Xin, you traitor, how dare you break the law? If your black heart was eaten by my royal wife, wouldn't it be poisoned immediately? Dare Shen Xin, I've already seen through your scheme.

come on, blow Shen Xin down to me!'

Shen Xin also showed no weakness. There was no need to counsel him. He was finished as soon as he arrived.

'I have to show you my heart today. Is it black or red?'

Shen Xin said that he didn't want ink. I will make you happy today.

glared at Chen Qing and shouted angrily: 'serve the Imperial officer and take the sword with me!'

Chenqing involuntarily handed over the sword, but before he could lift his feet, he heard another angry cry:

'I don't think anyone dares!'

king Zhou angrily smashed the table. Well, it's not that the table is weak, but that King Zhou is too strong. He smashed it in half with one punch.

Chen Qing is confused. King Zhou seems to want to choose someone to eat, and immediately he silently steps backwards.

Chen Qing is about to cry. What is this?

neither of the two men dare to offend him.

his mood is now crossed out with the word 'Chi'

. This inaccuracy should be 'Sen'

he is really caught in a dilemma between the two men.

however, Chen Qing's heart is still towards Lord Shen. Now he finally has a chance.

so he made a choice without hesitation and followed his Majesty's instructions.

I, Chenqing, must protect Dr. Shen's life today.

I don't know why Chen Qing is excited when she thinks of this place. There is a rising mission in her heart.

in order to prevent doctor Shen from taking the sword to commit suicide, Chen Qing runs away.

I am special!

Shen Xin is angry!

Gan, why do you only have so many operations.

can you run away?

Shenxin chased out for his own death.

Chen Qing runs around the table in the star picking building to delay time. Shen Xin stalks after her. The two men chase each other like an official.

Bigan watched anxiously. He had no chance to intervene at all. But in order to prevent doctor Shen from dying, he hurried to command loudly.

'throw the sword away! Throw the sword out of the building quickly!'

after hearing this, Chen Qing secretly praised that the old prime minister was the old prime minister, and his head turned quickly.

then Chen Qingyue stepped up and waved his arms.

I just wanted to throw my sword downstairs, but I was knocked down by doctor Shen.

Shen Xin proudly takes the sword into his hand and looks at Chen Qing with disdain.

Chen Qing cries out sadly. His eyes were full of unwilling tears.

'it's over, it's all over!'

doctor Shen, I'm sorry for you. Lord Shen can't die.

he doesn't want doctor Shen to die.

but now Shen Xin has the sword in his hand and is completely fearless.

ha ha! laugh.

since you won't take my heart, I will give it to you.

Shen Xin stood proudly in front of the building, facing the wind and snow, without any fear, but very calm.

finally dying.

he has been waiting for this day for a long time.

shenxinyang pointed his sword at King Zhou and shouted:

'I stand in the strong wind, and I wish I could shake my heart out.

looking at the sky, the clouds are moving everywhere, and the sword is in my hand, ask who is the hero in the world?

today, I, Shen Xin, died, but I still...

Shen Xin smiled and did not give everyone a chance to respond. He did not hesitate to stab the sword into his chest.

'doctor Shen! No...'

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