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Chapter 52 This wave I kill myself (please collect! Please read!)

Star picking upstairs.

Shen Xin is pale with a long sword in his hand.

the robes are full of blood, but it is strange that the light golden light is constantly emitted from the chest.

it looks more solemn and stirring with the snow outside.

'the wind is blowing and the stars are cold. A strong man will never return once he has gone.

dizzy king, my heart is dead today, so I will give you another big gift.

sprinkle this cavity of blood on the star picking tower.

the old Prime Minister should not be sad because of my death. I believe that death is right and I have no regrets!

this is a great blessing!'

Yes, becoming a saint is not a great blessing.

Shen Xin is not lying. He is an honest man.

prime minister kebagan did not think so.

'doctor Shen can't!' Bigan Cheng tried to persuade him, but he didn't expect doctor Shen to be so determined.

at this point, I still don't forget to die.

doctor Shen is unparalleled in loyalty and righteousness. He serves the country and the people. It is unnecessary to think that he must be forced by the dim king in front of him.

at this moment, I was more angry than the prime minister.

he can't help it at last. You've gone too far.

prime minister Bigan turned around and pointed to King Zhou and said angrily:

'doctor Shen has given his heart to you, but you stupid gentleman still won't let him go.

now that his heart is gone, there is no way to live!

doctor Shen is now determined to die. He just doesn't want to see the country and the ruins. He is so talented.

now you listen to the words of Daji's evil woman and try to take doctor Shen's heart;

now you are forcing the wise talents to die. You are not a king!

I'm afraid that Dr. Shen is here and the country is there; Doctor Shen is dead, the country is dead! '


king Zhou was very angry when he heard Bigan's scolding and scolding, and felt very angry!

he was also very wronged.

of course, I knew that Shen Xin was very important, and even kept hinting that he would leave.

but doctor Shen was so loyal and patriotic. What can I do to blame doctor Shen for being too much for the country and the people.

fortunately, King Zhou had some comfort in his heart. Although he had gouged out his heart, Shen Xin was not dead, which is a good thing.

But before he could breathe a sigh of relief, the next second he saw Shen Xin put his sword on his neck,

king Zhou was shocked.

what does he want to do?

what does he want to do?

gouging out your heart is not enough. You have to commit suicide!

he is confused. Is it true that Shen Xin is crazy and wants to die by himself?

no, impossible!

doctor Shen is so devoted to the country and the people that he will never die easily.

does it mean that he wants to use his death in exchange for my tomb sweeping day and the resurgence of big business?

I understand. Silence is better than sound.

king Zhou calmly looked at the man who was not afraid of the wind and snow.

at this moment,

king Zhou suddenly found that he had never felt so inexplicable before.

Shen Xin could die without hesitation for the sake of the Yin Shang world, the people, and his foolish emperor, just in exchange for a chance of life for the Yin Shang.

since his birth, King Zhou has never seen such a person who can serve the country and the people.

what is this concept!

for the country and the people, no one can be around doctor Shen.

in the Yin and Shang Dynasties, there was only one person that King Zhou respected. That was the grand master Wen Zhong. Now I'm afraid there will be another.

that is Shen Xin.

Wen zhongnai, an old minister of the third generation, was also the emperor's teacher.

in order to protect the foundation of the Shang Dynasty, he worked hard to conquer the East and the west, so as to promote the country and stabilize the business spirit.

he was upright and had great prestige. He was loyal to the Shang Dynasty. He had the Golden Whip given by the former king to beat the king. He was afraid and awed of King Zhou.

now King Zhou juxtaposes Shen Xin with grand master Wen,

can you imagine how shocked, respected and moved Shen Xin is today.

even when I saw Shen Xin, I felt a sense of pride and hope in my heart and wanted to rely on it as my humerus.

it was a blessing for the Shang Dynasty and the world to have such a minister.

the ministers are not afraid. As an emperor, what are you afraid of.

as soon as Shen Xin died, Yin Shang had no hope, and he had no hope.

king Zhou felt that he should no longer be silent at this moment, no matter for what, even if it was his unwilling fate.

maybe this is my reason.

the slow King Zhou suddenly smiled.

I took a step forward, and suddenly my energy flew from the star picking building.

a breath of terror seemed to awaken in the abyss. King Zhou in armor was like the God of war.

the world is in my hands, and humanity is the peak.

at this moment, the peak strength of King Zhou's martial arts was completely released, telling everyone that he was a martial arts expert, and he was also the top of the mortals.

the emperor of man is the emperor of man. He has been in good luck since he was born. Now, even if it is the erosion of wine and lust for many years.

that is also unfathomable.

this is the emperor's inside story.

this shocking scene made the people around us not believe it.

Chenqing lies on the ground and stares at King Zhou dumbfounded. It seems that his majesty, who has swept all directions, has returned.

Chen Qing thought about this moment for a long time. It seems that her memory is a little distant.

Fei Zhongyou and Hun couldn't help being oppressed by the momentum, so they retreated slowly to the wall.

with their keen sense, they found that his majesty had changed and became speechless.

all this seems to be related to Shen Xin.

the Prime Minister of Bigan watched silently, and his eyes burst into tears. He always had the Yin Shang state in his mind, and he wanted to think longer than everyone else.

king Zhou, who worked hard to rule the country and swept the whole country, is back.

kneel to the north of Bagan Mian, look at the Tai Temple and worship for eight times, Sobbed: '

king Cheng Tang, there is still a glimmer of hope in the world after all! Doctor Shen Xin is a loyal minister who has died!

Yin Shang is hopeful, and heaven and earth are hopeful.

Bigan turned around and worshipped again. Doctor Shen, you can hold the generals of Yin Shang with your own strength.

protect my life and wake me up as king Tang. It's hard to repay this kindness.

I'm ashamed of myself!

The momentum of King Zhou did not hide at all, and spread to the Chaoge and the sky.

in Shouxian palace, Daji was lying weak on the embroidered couch, silently waiting for the news of Shen Xin and Bigan's death, and she was very proud.

today, this plan will be completely successful. It may even catch Bigan and Shen Xin and avenge the children in her Xuanyuan grave.

Daji clenched her fingers.

but the next second, she suddenly woke up, and her illness instantly recovered. She looked at the direction of the star picking building in surprise, and did not speak for a long time.

but her trembling fingers tell people that she is not calm now.

'Mom! Mom, where are you going?' In the sound of the waiters around, Daji walked out of the Shouxian palace and gradually disappeared in the snow.

only a group of stunned palace maids were left, looking at the snow without any trace, showing their panic.

somewhere in the west, a Taoist with a yellow face and a slight beard was walking slowly.

he smiled and chatted warmly every time he saw a predestined person.

but at this moment, he suddenly stopped moving forward, looked at the direction of the song with a little surprise in his eyes, and then disappeared.

looking at the sudden outbreak of King Zhou in front of him, Shen Xin didn't care and was very calm.

Lao Tzu's long sword is in his hand, and death will only happen in the next second. How hard can he save me?

this should be over.

saints cannot be stopped. I don't believe your speed is faster than the sword in my hand.

Shen Xin's sword has been cut off. I will kill myself this time.

the holy throne is waving to me. Purple air comes from the East for 30000 miles, and bright golden lotus blossoms everywhere.

let everyone in heaven and earth welcome the new sage. I, Shen Xin, will lead the human race to...

Shen Xin moved and King Zhou moved.

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