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Chapter 53 Intentional but unintentional. (for collection! For follow-up reading!)

Shen Xin looked up at the sky. He suddenly felt that it was very dark.

The world seems poisonous.

King Zhou knows martial arts, grass.

Shen Xin found that the sword in his hand had somehow reached King Zhou's hand. It was so fast that he didn't react at all.

Whoosh he came, and whoosh he was over.

Is that reasonable?

Are you quick to be an emperor?

Yes, I admit that King Zhou is a master of martial arts. It is normal for him to be strong.

After all, he is the emperor of the people. He can drive a little.

But why did you save me?

Hun Jun accidentally woke up and became Ming Jun, but this is obviously not your script.

Shen Xin is very angry.

Not far away, King Zhou habitually shook his sword and stood proudly.

At this moment, he was the God of war of the Shang Dynasty. After all, he made the right choice and saved doctor Shen at the critical moment.

Doctor Shen must be very grateful to me.

Shenxin: Thank you. I thank your family.

Looking at his majesty and doctor Shen who were very excited in front of him, Bigan was also very happy.

Yin Shang is saved. Your majesty is back after all.

Even doctor Shen doesn't have to die.

Bigan is enjoying the future in his heart. King Zhou abandoned Daji and no longer listens to the words of the demon queen.

Kill the courtier Fei Zhongyou around you.

Then they prepared their troops and horses, led their cavalry to sweep the southeast and shake the West Qi.

Even Bigan thought that he would return to his hometown and give this phase to doctor Shen.

Doctor Shen, Grand Master Wen and King Wucheng are here,

I am sure that the Yin and Shang Dynasties will prosper again and protect the country forever. I have the honor to meet the humble ancestors.

When I thought of this, I became the prime minister and knelt down to worship.

'Your Majesty is the emperor, doctor Shen...'

But when the Prime Minister of Bigan was delighted, King Zhou moved,

The next second, he stabbed Shen Xin with his long sword! Strong murderous spirit is like substance.

Everyone was shocked, even colder than the current winter.

It was like being in the sea of corpses and blood, among thousands of troops, and it was thrilling.

Prime Minister Bigan was confused, and Fei Zhongyou was confused. Everyone was confused.

What's going on?

Just now your Majesty was so handsome that he wanted to kill doctor Shen.

Bigan wondered if he was old and could not keep up with the pace of young people.

Fei Zhongyou was so trembling that he didn't dare to see it. It is difficult to call the sacred heart in your heart.

Before, even the two of them felt that the wise king Zhou seemed to have returned, and they were considering whether to resign and return home to save their lives.

But now it seems that there is something unexpected. When King Zhou is fatuous, he seems to be safe.

King Zhou saw the reaction of the people around him. Although his face was serious, he nodded with satisfaction.

I cheated all my ministers this time.

In fact, King Zhou now wants to have a long talk with such a loyal minister as Shen Xin, and sleep with his feet.

Talk about him for three days and three nights.

But reason told him that he could not do so.

King Zhou suddenly woke up at the last moment. He knew how terrible his enemies were.

Had it not been for the blessing of Yin Shang's national fortune, I am afraid he would have perished and even become a corpse.

At this time, once a large-scale appointment of virtuous officials and hard work, they will definitely be watched by those so-called immortals.

They could not wait for Yinshang to perish quickly.

If King Zhou, at this time, valued Shen Xin and restored the image of the Ming emperor, he would certainly have harmed himself, the Yin and Shang Dynasties, and doctor Shen, who served the country and the people.

You can't.

King Zhou made up his mind,

Before Dr. Shen grows up, he will continue to maintain his reputation as a foolish king.

This can not only protect Shen Xin but also confuse the enemy. At least there is no chance of victory until Grand Master Wen sweeps out the Beihai rebellion and wins the Hui Dynasty.

Of course, there is another point. He can't make a choice between Daji and Shen Xin. At least for this moment, Daji is still very important in his heart.

In order to prevent Daji from framing again, which puts him in a dilemma, he might as well separate the two people and send someone to protect Shen Xin.

King Zhou had made a plan in his heart, but his face was calm. He snorted coldly:

'Shen Xin, it's not so easy for you to want to die. I don't think so.

As I said, I will let you die today. You can die. If you don't, you can't die today.

'As a minister, you don't want to repay your kindness. On the contrary, you deceive the king and ignore his superiors. How can you forgive me.

But when I think of you, my heart is gone, like a dead man,

I will punish you for exile in the East China Sea. You are not allowed to return to Korea without an imperial edict. '

King Zhou gave a cold Snort and put his sword back in its sheath.

As soon as king Zhou said this, the unwitting prime minister began to cry out.

'Your majesty!'

'No! Doctor Shen, he...'

It was so exciting today.

Bigan's great joy and great sorrow seem to have been experienced all his life.

He did not expect that although his majesty regained his ambition, it was only for a while, and he was still completely ignorant at the moment.

How can doctor Shen go to such a distant place without his heart.

Not to mention the East China Sea, I'm afraid doctor Shen is dead before he leaves the Chaoge.

Bigan was more and more anxious to say something, but king Zhou had left.

In the face of Bigan's cry, King Zhou was also very uncomfortable,

Doing so will make him once again known as a tyrant and reviled by people all over the world.

But for the sake of Yin Shang, he had to make sacrifices, and this sacrifice was the most important reputation of people.

But does he have a reputation as king Zhou?


Obviously, there is nothing to sacrifice.

In order to protect doctor Shen, why should my son care about this.

King Zhou felt his wave was in the sky.

Shen Xin was deeply shocked by King Zhou's operation. He didn't know when he left the palace.

I don't know why.

Will you save me or kill me? Is king Zhou a schizophrenic?

He always feels like a patient.

At the thought of King Zhou, he hated his teeth,

His mother lost a lot of money in order to be on the list this time. Not only did he not die, but he also lost his mother's heart.

My mother, doctor shen wants to swear now.

Similarly, Prime Minister Bigan was in a bad mood.

The mood is suppressed to suffocation.

He seems to be really emo.

At first, he was very excited to see that King Zhou had finally become Emperor Ming and that doctor Shen had saved his life.

But in the end, his majesty regained his dizzy appearance and wanted to drive doctor Shen out of Chaoge. At this time, he was in despair.

Doctor Shen picked his heart. Although he was protected by a spell, he could not go so far.

With Daji as the demon queen, I'm afraid doctor Shen is really dead at the moment.

Even if Bigan is willing to die, he can't save doctor Shen this time.

Bigan's hand gradually trembled as he helped Shen Xin, and he said anxiously:

'Doctor Shen, this time you are in big trouble. I am sorry for you.'

Shen Xin turned away from him.

Prime Minister Bigan, I Shen Xin took you as a friend, but you stabbed me on the back.

I have written down this revenge by Shen Xin.

Shen Xin took out his small book and suddenly found that a page was almost full.


Shen Xin couldn't help but expose the quintessence of Chinese culture.

If you come here again, the sea eye will be blocked.

It's not that you don't work hard, it's that your friends work too hard.

Shen Xin:

The old Prime Minister didn't know what Shen Xin was thinking, but he was very worried about doctor Shen's safety.

He stamped his feet, gritted his teeth, and gave up his heart. He didn't care.

Stopping Shen Xin's footsteps, he shouted:

'Daji will not give up easily since he has used a poisonous trick. Doctor Shen, you are in danger now

Not as good as'

Hearing this, Shen Xin was startled. He was afraid that Prime Minister Bigan would think of a way to save him.

With a hurried face and awe inspiring righteousness, he waved to the old Prime Minister and said:

'Old prime minister, stop talking!

What about Daji? What about the East China Sea,

I, Shen Xinsheng, am a man of Yin Shang, and death is a ghost of Yin Shang. Have you ever feared me? '

The old prime minister was shocked by Shen Xin and stood there for a long time without saying anything.

Yes, doctor Shen was never afraid. He had countless opportunities to escape from danger, but he gave up.

Just because he loves this land deeply.

At the same time, Shen Xin nodded in his heart. What the old prime minister said was not wrong. King Zhou was dead. There was Daji.

I am a multi-faceted flower. It also hides its backhand,

The 'demon fox cultivation plan' is also under way.

Today, he 'pretended to be careless' and let the unlucky fox go.

As long as it enters the imperial city and finds Daji, it will definitely embellish Daji with its hatred for me.

As long as the Millennium fox spirit takes action in person, Shen Xin will surely die.

I still have a chance

Moreover, Shen Xin also thought of water spinach, with no intention.

As long as you find the person who sells cabbage and ask her if she can live without intention, as long as she answers that she can't live, she will be on the list of gods and become holy.

Well, being killed by Daji is definitely on the list. You can expect to become a saint.

Shen Xin decides that if Daji can help him become a saint, he must reward Daji. At least

I haven't thought it out yet. Cross it out and write it down in the notebook.

At the thought of a bright future,

Shen Xin was suddenly full of energy. He shook off Bigan's help excitedly.

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