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Chapter 55 What did she fall for again? Please collect! Please follow up!

'Water spinach? Where is water spinach?'

Shen Xin suddenly raised his head when he heard these three words.

Outside the lonely village, under the drifting snow, a young woman wearing a light veil stumbled out of nowhere.

She walked in the snow with difficulty. From time to time, she took the jade finger and lifted up her skirt.

After seeing Shen Xin, the young woman seemed very excited, so she ran over from afar.

Squat down consciously.

Holding a big cabbage in both hands, she wandered around in front of Shen Xin's eyes. Jiao Di asked:

'Excuse me, young master, do you need water spinach?'


Something seemed to flash before my eyes.

It doesn't matter.

But are you sure you're here to sell cabbage? Not to sell anything strange?

Doctor Shen expressed deep suspicion.

Because he didn't see the water spinach, Shen Xin only saw a pair of long white legs.

The legs were long and white, shining in the snow.

Being caught by such a leg might kill people.

After all, doctor Shen is a saint. In the face of such temptation, although he appreciates it, it also causes him to think.

If everyone, like the young woman in his eyes, competes with each other for the so-called beauty.

It is proud to wear less, but beautiful to show more.

This abnormal aesthetic view is definitely a mistake.

You don't wear much on snowy days. Do you think people as righteous and great as book friends will see it?

They won't.

They are just and noble.

Civilization and harmony, we should carefully guard.

Doctor Shen immediately criticized the young woman in front of him with righteousness and severity,

'Sorry, girl, please respect yourself!'

'If you sell vegetables, you can sell them. Please don't mix colors at will. It's very easy for you to be doctor Shen?'

'This is a kind of unhealthy trend!'

'Miss your family, your husband and your parents.

How cold you are dressed like this, how distressed they would be if you got sick,

I hope you can dress well in the future, and never spoil yourself in this way. '

Shen Xin kindly reminded him that he really broke his heart for such a girl.

Alas! Doctor Shen sighed deeply.

Hearing doctor Shen's education, the young woman lowered her head in shame and seriously reflected on her mistakes.

There were some tears in the corner of her eyes, and she immediately said that she would not be like this in the future.

Take care of your body and never wear so little.

Doctor Shen nodded to express his satisfaction.

Before he died, he made great contributions to the society. A young woman got rid of her bad habits under his persuasion.

The light of the right path shines on the earth.

Facing the righteous doctor Shen, the young woman blushed and dared not look up, and asked in a low voice.

'I understand what the young master said, but can you get up and talk first?'

She held the cabbage in one hand and pinched the skirt corner in the other. She was a little embarrassed.

'Let's talk about it here so that I won't have to lie down later. I'm very tired, OK?'

Shen Xin shook his head. The scenery on the ground was unique.

Of course, Dr. Shen is not SP, but he has seen the identity of the young woman in front of him.

As a saint in the future, these small skills are not taught in front of him.

Qiao, what a coincidence! Your fox tail is showing.

I have just gouged out my heart here, and after I knew that grandma Liu had left, a young woman selling cabbage suddenly appeared,

Do you think I'm stupid?

And have you ever seen a normal person dressed like this.

It's bad to change your body.

Besides, doctor Shen has already smelled your coquettish smell.

Sub total of Eagle bug! Your scheme has been found out!

Of course, doctor Shen, who had already seen through everything, did not intend to expose it. Instead, he could not help being excited.

You demon woman spent so much time trying to break Jiang Ziya's spell and let me die?

Sorry, that's what doctor Ben thinks.

On this point, our purposes are the same.

What's more, the fox that comes to the door doesn't have to be used for nothing. How can you come for nothing? I'm sure I can meet your requirements.

When Shen Xin smiled, the young woman across the street suddenly clicked, and her eyes were full of astonishment.

Did he see it?

He must have seen my identity.

The happier Shen Xin smiled, the more surprised Daji felt.

She was even a little unsure, because after so long time of dealing, she knew the terrible thing about Shen Xin.

This man is terrible, not as simple as he seems.

Otherwise, how can an ordinary person live to this day? Dajiyin felt that he had to deal with the things that Shen Xin had done to stir up Chaoge.

Picking out any one of the Yin merchants to do it is a sure death.

However, Shen Xin always narrowly escaped from danger.

It must have great luck or hidden strength.

Daji felt anxious at the thought.

What to do now.

Now I have been seen through carelessly.

It is impossible for Shen Xin to ask that. He is not stupid.

Daji felt that there was no need to disguise at the moment, so he just started.

But she was just ready to use the Demon power. But the next second she was stunned.

Seeing Shen Xin's innocent face, he opened his mouth sincerely and said what she had been expecting.

'That dish can live without intention. Can people live without intention?'.

Huh? He did, he did.

Daji immediately became excited. As long as he answered now,

People will die if they don't want to. Shen Xin will be destroyed immediately, and then his blood will be splashed on the spot,

Ha Ha! Ha, Daji could hardly help laughing when she looked at Shen Xin, who was dying.

His enemy will finally die in his own hands.

Daji was immersed in excitement. She was about to open her lips, but suddenly woke up the next second.

incorrect! There must be fraud.

Shen Xin seems hard and upright,

In fact, it is extremely cunning.

With his IQ, it is impossible to ask this sentence without knowing my identity.

Unless he's looking for death.

It's impossible. There must be a plot waiting for him here. Daji has been afraid of Shen Xin. Never be fooled.

Daji became cautious. Her smile slowly converged. Whatever Shen Xin asked, she just looked at Shen Xin with a clear face.


What's this bitch doing?

Isn't she trying to kill me? Why doesn't she want me to come here now?

Is there any plan for my body?

Look at my eyes, look at my eyes, I am very sincere!

Daji saw Shen Xin's puzzled expression, and gradually smiled loudly. She pointed to Shen Xin and said loudly:

'Shen Xin, Shen Xin, you are so hidden. I almost fell for you!'


What did I hide? What did she fall for?

Why don't I know anything?

Shen Xin felt that he needed to explain, so he quickly said, 'this cabbage seller...'

Before Shen Xin's words were finished, Daji broke in forcefully and smiled coldly at him.

'Shen Xin, doctor Shen, stop acting.

I didn't expect the palace would notice it now. Your acting skills are really poor.

Fortunately, I'm better at it. I found a flaw in your expression. Otherwise, you will definitely follow doctor Shen's routine. '

The intelligence quotient of our fox clan has always been the top of the demon clan. If you want to cheat me, it's impossible! 'Daji looked at Shen Xin cautiously.

She suspected that it was a conspiracy at the moment, a conspiracy of Shen Xin to deal with her.

Use yourself as bait to lure her out of Chaoge.

Otherwise, she had the protection of King Zhou in Chaoge, and as the queen of big business, Shen Xin, as a minister, would never fight in the imperial city.

But this is the best opportunity.

Her angry voice said to Shen:

'Shen Xin, you think too much. I will never answer you.

Let me guess. You must have left something behind to deal with me. Otherwise, how dare you?

Knowing my identity, I didn't want to run away. Instead, I came to the door.

In front of wise people, we open our mouth. '

It's Shen Xinmeng's turn. Am I really ready to take the reins?

I believe everything she said, but it's wrong. I really want to die.

Damn, you are a fox. How can you get such a high IQ and think nonsense.

Shen Xin feels that he must seize the opportunity at this time. He must not let Daji run away. The opportunity to be listed is at hand. How can he give up.

Simply don't pretend to be Shen Xin. Just let Daji break the defense. I don't believe you can bear it more than King Zhou.

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