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Chapter 56 Please follow up

'When the wind and snow are all over the sky, there will be chaos.'

On the Tiantai, the doctor stood with his hands tied, a trace of anxiety in his heart, and sighed at the chaos of the Chaosong.

At the same time, his subordinate officer came in a hurry with a mysterious object in his hand,

Seeing that his Shangguan was there, he felt the same emotion. Facing the current situation, he also felt confused.

Stand aside and interrupt carefully:

'Doctor, I watch the sky at night. I'm afraid there will be a decisive battle tonight.'

Peng! !

Feng Ji slapped the door frame beside him fiercely, and a flash of snow mixed with water marks scattered,

Cold voice shouted:

'It's absurd. Go to the East China Sea for a decisive battle. Come and sing my song!'

The officer was so scared that he hurriedly handed over his items carefully.

'Doctor, what you said is, do you want any more wood chips?'

'Get out! It's freeze-dried.' Feng Ji fiercely kicked at the subordinate officials who were still there sighing about themselves,

It was not until he breathed more in and less out that he took a breath, lifted his pants and slowly looked out of Chaoge city.

In the snow, a man, a woman and a demon confront each other.

Their bodies were already covered with snow, just like a layer of white clothes, which melted with heaven and earth.

But the eyes are unusually bright.

At this moment, their people have become as cold and cool as this snowflake, which has completely disappeared

There is human emotion.

The two men were staring at each other, their eyes firmly and irreverently tit for tat.

People are gathering outside Chaoge city.

Each of them is very far away from the two, but before they get close, they feel that the momentum in front of them has already shocked people.

This terrible momentum seems to represent heaven and earth.

Cold and terrible.

Daji Kai suddenly opened her mouth at this time. Her face was cold and she gnashed her teeth and shouted:

'Shen Xin is an evil thief. We, the Xuanyuan tomb fox clan, don't invade the river with you. We just enjoy the present banquet,

Ask yourself what it is to do with you! 'Daji's voice of questioning became stronger and stronger, and there were signs of anger.

But our doctor Shen, standing proudly in the wind and snow, is not afraid at all, even if he knows that the opposite is a millennium old fox spirit.

He shook his head and interrupted: 'I don't ask, I have no heart.'


Daji: my grass!

In a word, Daji broke the defense instantly. She wanted to kill.

But Shen Xin is telling the truth, which no one can deny. He really doesn't care now. Shen Xin pulled Xiu Pao and straightened his chest for Daji to see,

Look, the top is empty. Where is the heart?

Daji's anger was ignited in an instant. With the release of the breath, the snow around her disappeared instantly.

The wind howled and howled.

Now she can't wait to swallow Shen Xin raw.

But she can't. She is waiting, waiting for Shenxin to act first.

Daji had decided that this was the routine for her.

Now Shen Xin is disturbing her mind and letting her reveal her flaws. She will only wait for the last moment and kill her with one blow.

Daji felt that he must be steady. No matter what the other party said, he would not start first to see how he reacted.

Daji made up his mind, but refused to admit defeat. He had to be honest and said angrily:

'Evil thief, it's clear that you cheated our fox clan and dared to confuse me with your fur.

Today, you believe that the evil thief has been gouged out of your heart, which is your own death. '

Shenxin shook his head and looked at Daji.

He thinks it's not enough, not enough!

I want extra size, I want Soha.

At this time, we need to be angry and attack the Yellow Dragon. I am the saint. Shen Xin directly threw his robe into the snow and shouted loudly:

'Daji, Queen demon, you are an old fox in Xuanyuan tomb. You don't want to live in troubled times and keep your cave in the mountains.

Cultivate the way of heaven and achieve the right results.

It is necessary to go out of the mountain for disaster and chaos.

You took the form of Daji to make trouble in the harem, confuse the emperor, and slander empress yuan for rebellion, causing her to be tortured by gouging eyes and burning hands.

A generation of virtuous empress died, you know the crime. '

Every time Shen Xin said a word, he stepped forward and scolded Daji bitterly.

Daji's face changed suddenly when he heard the words, and he was frightened in secret.

How did Shen Xin know this secret?

He just thought he was doing something very covert. No one knew about the civil and military affairs in the Manchu Dynasty, but Shen Xin

In Daji's eyes, the fear became stronger and stronger. It was obvious that at this moment, before the battle began, she lost because she had nothing to say.

But Shen Xin didn't give her any chance to resist and continued to move forward.

'Then you slandered and set up the cannonade punishment, which turned the Doctor Mei Bo into a flying smoke, resulting in the civil and military affairs of the Manchu Dynasty,

Loyal and good people are reclusive, wise people abdicate, capable people go to the country, and loyal people dare not accept you. '

Shen Xin's voice grew louder and louder until the people heard the song of the Manchu Dynasty.

At the moment, everyone's eyes were on Dr. Shen, and the whole hall was in an uproar when he heard the shocking secret news.

Xia Zhao hurried out of the city gate and looked at the two people not far away. He could feel the horror of the woman in front of doctor Shen. He could not help worrying about doctor Shen's life.

Prime Minister Bigan hurried after him. He didn't know whether what doctor Shen said was true or not. If it was true, the old prime minister took a breath and almost fell off his horse in shock.

Daji, who was closest to him, felt a tremor in her heart. She felt Shen Xin's words were like a knife inserted into her body. She wanted to do it now, but was suppressed by Shen Xin's momentum.

Shen Xin took another step forward, pointed at Daji's chest and continued:

'You set up a bamboo basin in the star picking building, causing gong'e to die miserably.

You turn into a demon and make waves every night to eat people. The maid in the palace is terrified,

In order to avenge the pipa master, he framed the doctor Jiang Ziya and built Lutai Guangxing civil works, which consumed the national strength of Yin Shang and caused untold suffering to the people. '

Let me ask you, there are still three emperors alive in our human race, and the five emperors are called monarchs. How dare you, an evil demon clan, do such a thing?

Is it difficult to deceive me that there is no one in the human race?

Or the demon clan will never die! '

The two of them are less than a foot away from each other, and they can even feel each other's breath!

Ha ha in Shen Xin's heart! Laughing, I'm sure that I've been killed by the angry Daji. I don't believe anyone can resist it.

At this moment Daji seemed to be frightened. Yu pointed to Shen Xin, and her chest trembled rapidly,

Countless voices resounded in her mind. The sentence that deceived me was like a heavy hammer hitting her mind!

She was frightened and trembled, pointing to Shen Xin angrily.

'Shen Xin, you are full of nonsense! This is just your guess.

And why do you represent the Terran? You don't deserve it! '

Daji was really worried and even a little scared at the moment.

She leaned forward slightly, fully released her momentum, and an evil spirit rose to the sky, bringing great pressure to everyone outside Chaoge city.

But Dr. Shen felt nothing, even ha ha! Laughing back:

'Yes, Shen Xin is just a mortal. You can kill him at will.

But I want to warn you of evil spirits and evil ways,

Even if the rites and music of the outside world are broken, our generation will still be healthy.

The demon wants to touch the Terran. I am the first one to refuse! '

good heavens!

Really good guy,

Things seem to be getting worse now.

Originally, it was just to avenge the children of Xuanyuan tomb,

How did it become the hatred between the human race and the demon race.

Daji was restrained.

She was afraid to talk nonsense now.

Shenxinmo raised his hand.

Daji saw the flash in his eyes, and finally... Finally I waited, and he was going to do it.

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