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Chapter 6 The wave is stable


Lao Huang twitched his mouth and was shocked! The first reaction was that the young master was crazy!

Shenxin patted him on the shoulder,

'Yes, that's right. I don't think Chaoge Feng Shui is good, so I want to move. Do you understand if you move far away?'

Lao Huang smiled again:

'I thought you were tired of living here. It doesn't matter. We still have dozens of houses in Chaoge city. You can live anywhere you like.

If you are not used to it, there are'

Shen Xin raised his eyebrows, a little surprised: 'hmm? I'm so rich?'

'Of course, the master specially purchased these properties, so he can make a lot of money by slowly changing hands over time.'

Real estate speculation. Shen Xin understood. He didn't expect that people had been speculating in real estate since the Shang Dynasty. No wonder the Shen family was so rich.

'Lao Huang, don't you always have great ambitions and want to make a career?' Shen Xin follows the good guidance.

'From now on, you are the general manager of my Shen family in Xiqi mine.'

Hearing the good news, Lao Huang's pockmarked face blossomed instantly. My first reaction was that I was finally turned over. The young master even sent me to be in charge. At that time, my income doubled.

Should we consider when to marry the 17th concubine?

Looking at Lao Huang's face, Shen Xin also smiled:

'Now, let's get everyone to pack up and move as much as they can, empty Shen's house directly, and then find a dentist to sell all the houses and shops.

Take money out of Mengjin, cross the Yellow River and go directly to Xiqi. '

Before his joy had passed, Lao Huang heard what his young master said behind him, and his smile instantly stagnated.

His face turned white with fright, and he was glad that he had not been promoted.

But now he is on his knees with a plop... The young master has to move, and he has to move to Xiqi

I couldn't help crying: 'young... Young master, it's not good... The master hasn't come back from visiting friends!'

You should know that all the operations of the Shen family are in Chaoge. Here is not only the relationship between money, but also the land, real estate, shops and these fixed assets.

If they left Chaoge, the Shen family would collapse in an instant.

Moreover, Xiqi mountain is high and far away. In case of any accident on the way

Lao Huang did not dare to think about it. His eyes turned red. He looked out the door and hoped that the master would come back soon.

Shen Xin carefully considered going to Xiqi. Now that Jiang Ziya has been in contact with each other, Fengming Qishan will immediately open the apocalypse.

If the Shen family stays in Chaoge, the war will be fought together and the Yin Shang state will be destroyed. How can the Shen family coexist?

Xiqi has a simple and honest folk custom at the moment, and all kinds of waste are waiting for prosperity. If the Shen family goes to invest, they will be treated with courtesy. This is definitely the best choice for the Shen family at present.

As for his cheap father, it will be done by then. Just send someone to tie him up.

Shen Xin's eyes brightened and he smiled happily.

It seems that the steward of the Shen family rushed over after hearing the news. They knelt on the ground and cried to stop it.

'Young master, you can't move. Chaoge is the ancestral home. All the money making businesses of the Shen family are here!'

'Yes, the master just bought a lot of land a few months ago, but he can't take them away.'

'Xiqi road is far away. I'll wait. I'll wait.'

To tell you the truth, what they said is very reasonable. Xiqi is far away and it is difficult to move. Even Shen Xin has to be convinced. But Xiqi is going to rise. It is the general trend of the times. I am saving your lives,

Besides, how can you die if you don't leave me.

Those who dared to stop me from making the list were Shen Xin's biggest enemies, so he turned his back and immediately became serious. Today, he will be merciless. Pointing to the stewards on the ground, he shouted: 'whatever you cry, whoever dares to cry will break his leg.'

'Now the time is urgent. My father has gone out to visit friends but hasn't returned. I'm in charge of my absence.

From now on, we'll pack our things. We only pack some gold and silver. We don't take any big things. I'll pay for all the expenses when we arrive in Xiqi.

When I finish, who is for it and who is against it? '

Looking down, Shen Xin saw that steward Liu in the kitchen seemed to have something to say, and immediately praised him.

'Well, I like people like you.'

Steward Liu was still cautious, but he was suddenly praised and his mind became active. Is it because the young master wants to test our loyalty? You want me to be frank?

The more he saw the young master smiling, the more he thought about it. How could the young master move? He must have lied to us.

You fools didn't think of it, ha ha, It seems that my old Liu is going to make a great success.

At the thought of this, steward Liu raised his head in awe of righteousness:

'Young master...'

Shen Xin patted him on the shoulder: 'you are dismissed!'

This, this is impossible! I guessed wrong! Steward Liu's head boomed and the whole person was covered.

Seeing this situation, everyone gasped for breath. Young master, it seems to be true. This steward Liu has worked in the Shen family for several years. He is very popular at ordinary times. Now he was driven out of the house as soon as he spoke.

None of them dared to stand up and stop. They could only lie on the ground and sob in a low voice.

'I said I would move. I'll give you another choice. If you don't want to go to Xiqi, I'll give you money and goods. Anyway, no matter where you go, you can't stay in Chaoge for me!'

In the eyes of the servants of the Shen family, Shen Xin is a dictatorial tyrant at the moment. Many people even think that Shen Xin is a black sheep. There is no hope for his future. Even if he takes money, he leaves.

As for the rest who had nothing to do with, they had to pack up under the driving of the tyrant. For a moment, the people in the house began to act in a panic.

Seeing that everyone was packing up, Shen Xin was very satisfied. He grabbed Lao Huang who wanted to write a letter to complain and said, 'what are you thinking?'

'No. nothing.' Lao Huang was so guilty at the moment that he didn't say anything for a long time.

Huh? something the matter? Shen Xin immediately became vigilant.

This guy has a criminal record, but he can't have a chance to save me.

'Say, what are you thinking?' Shen Xin suddenly has sharp eyes.

Hearing the young master's question, old Huang was afraid to move his feet, his eyes turned wildly, and he said carefully:

'That. That

By the way, I heard that dozens of villages were destroyed by the sky fire a few days ago, and countless victims were displaced. Many people had fled to Chaoge. The old slave was worried. After all, many of his fellow villagers were also in trouble. '

Yes, that's it!

'Really? There are really victims in the city?' Shen Xin asked suspiciously.

'How dare the old servant cheat the young master!' Hearing that the young master did not find himself thinking carefully, Huang breathed a sigh of relief.

Then he peeked at Shen Xin and solemnly replied:

'Yes, young master, there were indeed a large number of refugees pouring into the city yesterday, but now your majesty seems not to take it seriously. Only prime minister Bigan gives porridge in front of the house every day to help the victims.'

But even so, it is a drop in the bucket. There are not a few people who starve to death. '

I see. I'm making a fuss. My old servant, Shen Xin, is very loyal. The last time I saved myself, it might have been an accident. It just happened.

He is going to Xiqi. How can he save me?

So this wave is very stable.

Thinking of Shen Xin, he thought of the victims.

Alas, he sighed. No matter what the dynasty was, it was the people who suffered in the end.

Well, I want to know what the use of this money is, so I immediately told the old Huangdao:

'All the belongings that cannot be taken away from home are exchanged for food and distributed to the victims in the city.'

'I think the stone lions at the gate are good. Let's sell them together. It's estimated that they can change a lot of money!'

The old servant was very happy to hear Shen Xin's words and praised his tact, but he almost knelt down the next second. He said in a trembling low voice:

'Young master! No, that lion is the most beloved thing of the master. It took a lot of money to get it from an immortal. It is the treasure of the town.

Lao Huang is crying and yelling to roll on the ground, trying to save the young master's mind. He hopes to be moved by his sincere acting skills, but after crying for a long time, he finds the young master

The young master has gone

In the restaurant opposite the Shen family, the drinkers rolled up their sleeves and chatted excitedly on the table.

This morning, the topic of chaotang spread rapidly throughout the Chaoge. The reputation of Dr. Shen, the Tiantai division, was at its zenith. Almost everyone was discussing it.

'Have you heard that doctor Shen, the superintendent of heaven, scolded you to your face, and the whole court was ashamed.'

'Yes, it's said that a minister died.'

'It's terrible to spit blood three liters directly on the golden hall.'

The drinkers were in high spirits and nodded quickly when they knew the inside story. When they looked at the direction of Shen Fu with adoring eyes, they were suddenly stunned.

Shenfu The Shen family was moving. The two lions in front of the gate suddenly disappeared. Many people even came out crying with their bags.

A moment later, a drinker whispered, 'this doctor Shen is not going to escape!'

As soon as the people heard this, they immediately became suspicious. At that moment, many people suddenly changed their faces and said sarcastically from pink to black.

'Hum! It seems that Lord Shen is no more than that. You all passed him on so well. Now it seems that he is just a coward.'

'He is not only a coward, but also a black sheep. It is said that he sold all the fields and shops in the house this morning. This is the lifeblood of the Shen family. I don't know how angry master Shen will be when he comes back and knows!'

'That's all. Let's go!'

Shen Xin doesn't care about the rumors outside. He is standing at the door with tears in his eyes. He reluctantly sends the Shen family outside the house.

'Young master, I don't want you!' Lao Huang was crying bitterly. Of course, he was even more reluctant to part with the old lady Liu who sold cabbage. I don't know when I will see her again!

For a lover like me, this parting is too painful. Lao Huang cries even louder when he thinks of this place

'Actually, I don't want to part with you either.' In this situation, Shen Xin tried to squeeze out a few tears, but he was still in his eyes after squeezing for a long time.

In order to avoid embarrassment, he had to quickly urge:

'Come on, it's getting late. You have to distribute food to the victims!'


Old Huang nodded. He not only sighed that the young master was really a good man, but also thought about the victims at this time. He must not disappoint the young master's hope.

With a take care, old Huang Zhong turned around and finally left with the team.

But at the moment of turning around, I don't know why, I always feel that the young master is smiling?

Well, it must be the thought that a large number of victims can live. The young master is pleased.

Yes, Shen Xin is very happy now. He not only saved the people, but also finally died without fear.

Now it's time to be on the list!

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