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Chapter 61 Taoist friends, please stay! (for collection! For follow-up reading!)

This man's name is Xiaoshuai, and he has obtained super power by accident.

the girl's name is Xiaomei, and she was accidentally chased and killed by fobole.

this handsome man is named Shenxin. He got an accident by accident.

a handsome man will eventually have an accident. He finds that with a sudden explosion of thunder in the sky, a cloud slowly drifts to Shen Xin's head.

then I saw a fox, a red eyed fox, with open teeth, biting the whip that hit him!

is this an illusion?

Shen Xin is stunned. He wants to confirm whether this is the fox he raised.

obviously, because there is a very familiar footprint on its back.

Shen Xin instantly felt that he had a white eyed fox. Lao Tzu asked you to eat and drink for free in my house. He gained several kilograms.

you betrayed me?

all my food is fed to the dog!

Shen Xin felt very angry, but Daji looked at the fox in front of him with an inexplicable excitement in his eyes.

she seems to want to shout something with her mouth open.

originally she thought the whole family was destroyed, but now she sees hope. She is so excited that she can't even care about Shen Xin at this moment.

I want to talk to the fox in front of me first.

but unexpectedly, the little fox took the lead in saying:

'Mom, the clan was not killed by doctor Shen. You misunderstood.'

hearing this sound, Daji's expression changed from excitement to incredulity.

how dare your fox betray?

is it helping outsiders?

Daji was so angry that she felt that her cabbage might have been eaten by a pig!

immediately said angrily, 'do you know what you are talking about? Behind you are the murderer who killed dozens of fox families in Xuanyuan tomb. Do you still want to protect him?'

the little fox did not flinch at Daji's words, but took another step forward. The purpose was self-evident.

Daji seemed to have a disdainful smile in her eyes. She seduced her and said: 'I taught you all your Taoism, not to mention how many hairs you have.

good, kill the evil thief behind you and follow the palace!'

the little fox first showed a little hesitation. According to the normal reason, his mother has been practicing for thousands of years, but he is only a hundred years short.

in the long years of the demon clan, these cultivation times were only a few years old children according to the Terran algorithm.

and my mother is already a mature woman.

in terms of strength, I don't deserve to lift shoes for my mother.

even according to the relationship, Niang and the bastard in front of him should not hesitate to choose Niang.

now, it shook its head stubbornly and spoke out its own ideas loudly.

'Mom, haven't you realized the mistake?'

you are to blame for all this. If you don't go to Yin Shang to be the queen and don't go to Chaoge to hold a banquet, our demon clan will not face the great disaster now.

it was not Shen Xin or anyone else who killed our Xuanyuan tomb fox clan. It was you! '

' Mom, let's leave Chaoge! No matter where you go, isn't it good to be a happy demon? '

what little fox said was very sincere, and even there was some truth in his thinking.

Daji did not admit it, nor did he dare to admit it.

Daji sneered:' I didn't expect that after only a few days, you were betrayed by Shenxin, the evil thief, and we even forgot our revenge for exterminating the family.

no matter what you say, the fact is that he burned Xuanyuan tomb, and my countless fox sons and grandchildren turned into ashes. Such hatred is as deep as the sea, Why not report! '

this is the reality. Daji can't go, nor can she go. Her task hasn't been completed.

what's more, Shen Xin's threat is too great.

killing Shen Xin will benefit her in countless ways.

but if you don't kill Shen Xin, first of all, there will be a group of diehards in the Shang Dynasty. Countless ministers will follow Shen Xin's example, countless people will gather behind him, and the Shang Dynasty will be solid in the future.

Not only did she fail to complete her task, but even her Majesty would slowly change her mind. She had a feeling that Shen Xin possessed a kind of magic, a kind of magic that could change people's hearts.

countless people who come into contact with him will be infected by him, become fearless, and even be willing to die for their own beliefs.

to tell the truth, Daji is very scared. Shen Xin's personality charm is really shocking.

facing the little fox in front of her, Daji was not unable to kill Shen Xin, but she was afraid of hurting her last relative.

'Shen Xin is just a mortal. The palace has countless means to kill him. You know that.

you can stop him for a while, but how can you stop him for a lifetime? Don't forget that you are a fox clan.' Daji said coldly.

the little fox stared and still wanted to persuade his mother: 'mother, there is no real friendship between people and foxes.

for example, our fox ancestors, such as you, I believe that all hatred can be resolved. Can I use my life to exchange doctor Shen's life.'

the little fox looked at Daji in front of him carefully. He knew that his mother would not really do it!

he guessed right but didn't guess right. My mother did it but didn't.

'who is there?'

Daji suddenly looked warily at one place, and then the people saw a Taoist wearing a Taoist robe and a green scarf coming out.

looking at the Taoist in the sky, the people on the ground raised a little hope, but also some despair.

the Banshee in the sky is very powerful. They have seen it.

that dark whip can definitely beat people up. Doctor Xia proved it with his own flesh.

although this Taoist looks like a fairy, who knows if it is a silver wax gun head. It looks good, but it is actually useless.

Daji asked in the sky when they were thinking.

'who are you?'

Daji looked at the Taoist in front of him, and looked at Shen Xin with disdain in his eyes.

this Taoist must be the same as Shen Xin. He looks good but is useless. Maybe he is an ordinary Qi practitioner who used it to cheat me.

Shen Xin, you can't cheat me this time.

Daji's eyes showed a penetrating look.

it is enough to play this trick once. Don't try to deceive me.

if I am cheated once, how can I be cheated again? You treat me as a fool.

Shen Xin on the ground is wronged. He really didn't cheat anyone. Why don't you believe him?

Daji certainly didn't believe it. Then she took advantage of the other party's reply without hesitation.

it's just some small characters. Finish the fight quickly.

I saw her quickly raise the candle in her hand and blow it gently at the edge of her mouth, and the sky lit up instantly.

the whole earth turned red in an instant. The high temperature in the sky instantly dissolved the snow on the ground into water. Countless people's lips were dry and cracked, and they subconsciously retreated.

Shen Xin, who was close to him, only felt as if he was on fire. There was a burning smell in his hair.


is this method too cruel to die?

not very humane!

however, Shen Xin's worry did not last for a moment, and the little fox jumped onto Shen Xin's shoulder after a few turns.

sure enough, the burning feeling disappeared, but a finger thick lightning in the sky hit the little fox.

there was nothing wrong with that guy, but Shen Xin was convulsed to the ground by electricity. His eyes were dark and his consciousness was vague.

I am special!

I am not afraid of death. It is OK to let this Saint die, but can I have a good time.

the next second, another flash of lightning struck it twice...

Daji smiled slowly. The fake Taoist in front of her must die in her fire. Then we can teach Shen Xin a lesson.

but the next second she was stunned. The situation was different from what she had imagined.

in the sky, Shen Gongbao was not on guard at all. Instead, he made a check and stood in the air.

let the flames burn around him, he could not burn a penny. He looked at Daji silently and said proudly.

'listen to me. There is a poem to prove it:

refine the five element magic formula and move mountains and seas more mysterious.

subdue dragons and subdue tigers as I like, cross cranes and ride luans into the nine heaven.

the purple air soars ten million feet, and when I like it, plant golden lotus in the fire.

play with the glow of the sun and have been free for thousands of years.

I'm Shen Gongbao, a disciple of the yuxu palace of Kunlun mountain.'

every time he said a poem, he took a step forward.

with each step, the flame was dimmed until it was completely extinguished.

this is a perfect score!

Daji was pretended to be here, and looked at Shen Gongbao in horror, with an unbelievable face.


is this Taoist really an expert?

and he is still a disciple?

Daji was also black in front of her eyes. She found that she had been fooled by Shen Xin.

Shen Xin is so cunning. He pretended to be very powerful before, but in fact he is just an ordinary mortal.

when he relaxed his vigilance and really thought he was a mortal, another yuxu disciple with incomparable strength was invited.

Shen Xin, you big liar!

Shen Xin's routine is the routine she has been through most.

Daji Niang's daily knowledge points: the more honest and handsome men look, the less they can trust them.

(Dr. Shen Xin, a handsome, honest and upright doctor who works alone for the country and the people, is unparalleled in benevolence and righteousness, has a world in mind)

Shen Xin hopes Daji will win with expectant eyes, but the next second Daji leaves without hesitation.

hum, woman!



shenxinjian looks at the hot man in the sky.

did he say his name was Shen Gongbao?

could it be that great hero who has made great contributions to the list of gods.

carry forward the skill of cause and effect, and no one knows it in the future, Shen Gongbao!

Shen Xin smiled at the thought. Who cares about Daji with Shen Gongbao!

although Daji didn't let himself be on the list, it seems not bad that he was saved by Shen Gongbao!

this opportunity is even greater. As long as the people he likes have almost no chance to escape, they are not surprised to be listed.

looking at the figure who wanted to leave, Shen Xin kicked the little fox away with his feet, hurried to catch up, and shouted:

'Taoist friend, please stay!'

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