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Chapter 77 How dare you kill me? (for collection! For follow-up reading!)

Chen Tang closed, the terrible wind scattered, and the endless murderous spirit rushed into the sky.

the two killing stars collided, shaking the whole Chentang pass.

even Shen Xin felt his hands tremble with this terrible scene, but it was not fear, but surprise.

such a thing is so surprising.

'my son, don't be afraid, hide behind my father!'

at this moment, doctor Shen, fearless, shouted and rushed directly into the battlefield.

that's called a beloved son eager, that's called a anxious.

facing the adoptive father who rushed to him, Huang Tianxiang also felt it, but he couldn't be distracted facing Nezha at the moment.

as soon as the two men met, he knew the depth of each other. Nezha's strength was absolutely no less than that of him, and he even secretly felt that he was in danger.

Huang Tianxiang is anxious. He wants to stop Shen Xin.

the adoptive father is just an ordinary person. If he rushes up at this time, he will definitely die.

but it was obvious that doctor Shen said he didn't understand it and was still approaching them, like a runaway Mustang, charging at Nezha.

Huang Tianxiang was stunned. He really didn't expect that his adoptive father would rush forward without hesitation in order to save himself.

is he so important in the heart of his adoptive father?

he wants to shout loudly that he is not worthy of such treatment by his adoptive father.

you want to save people all over the world, not me Huang Tianxiang!

slow Huang Tianxiang feels that his adoptive father is too broad-minded. He is not only kind to the people all over the world, but also extremely good to the people around him!

seeing the distance between his adoptive father getting closer and closer, Huang Tianxiang wanted to cry in his heart and was more and more moved.

his eyes turned red and roared at Nezha, looking like crazy. He didn't allow his adoptive father to be hurt.

a spear in his hand stabbed forward like crazy.

at this moment, Huang Tianxiang completely gave up his defense and fought with his life. Regardless of his own life and death, he also forced Nezha back to protect his adoptive father!


the strong wind shook again, and Nezha felt numb through the longbow hand, but he was trembling.

he obviously felt that Huang Tianxiang suddenly became infinitely powerful and extremely brave.

Nezha was shocked. He didn't understand. He didn't understand why Huang Tianxiang was suddenly so powerful?

at this moment, in the face of this deadly attack, even he had to avoid, because at present, Nezha had not opened his skin, and his strength was far from the peak.

what's more, the weapon in his hand was born at a disadvantage, and the long bow could not be used at all.

not forced to retreat.

seeing that he was at a disadvantage and his martial arts could not win, Nezha was furious, instantly sold a flaw and jumped out of the battlefield.

look at the seven foot mixed sky silk and show it in the air. It looks like a thousand balls of fire. Wrap it down and wrap Huang Tianxiang under the silk.

then the light of the circle of heaven and earth flashed and appeared impressively in his hands.

at this moment, Huang Tianxiang couldn't help but see Nezha's actions.

because the adoptive father had rushed to Nezha, but he was trapped in the silk at the moment, and his heart was extremely anxious.

how he hoped that his adoptive father could stop at present, but his adoptive father didn't, but rushed faster.

is this the legendary father's love like a mountain?

Huang Tianxiang felt very moved in his heart.

just when Huang Tianxiang was in despair, things turned around.

Li Jing played the fastest speed in his life for his own life, and finally caught up with the city tower.

as soon as he arrived at the tower, he saw that Nezha was going to beat doctor Shen with the circle of heaven and earth, and immediately angrily scolded.

'Nezha, stop it.'

this roar of Li Jing was extraordinary. This roar shocked the clouds in the sky for a few minutes.

Nezha, who was nearest, hurriedly covered his ears and was startled.

after all, he is a child. He has a natural fear when he sees his strict father. At the moment, Nezha has not cut meat to return his father, shaved bones to return his mother, and is still filial to his parents.

but at this moment, doctor Shen has rushed to Nezha and saw Nezha hesitate.

Shen Xin is upset. Is it possible for you to stop such a thing as looking for death?

it's embarrassing to do half.

then looking at Nezha's fleshy, pink face, doctor Shen did not hesitate to fight.


the next second, the crisp sound clearly fell on everyone's ears, and Nezha's face instantly turned red and swollen!

Nezha was stunned.

he has never been beaten since he was young. Every time his father gets angry and hides behind his mother, Li Jing will have nothing to do.

so he has been spoiled and lawless. At the moment, being beaten, he only felt extremely humiliated in his heart and looked at Shen Xindao incredulously:

'you... How dare you hit me?'

doctor Shen was not afraid of the angry Nezha, and his voice roared higher in response to him:

'why not!'

'I'm fighting you, and I'm fighting you, an unfaithful, unfilial, inhuman and unjust guy!'

Nezha became more and more angry after hearing Shen Xin's words. He held the universe tightly in his hand, and then slowly lifted it up. It was obvious that it was already on the edge of outbreak.

Shen Xin looked at Nezha with a serious face. Since he was dying, doctor Shen didn't care. He had something to say, and he had to say, because he hated iron and steel.

doctor Shen raised his head and pointed to Nezha, who was angry on his face, and scolded, 'why don't you be convinced, you urchin? Isn't it difficult for you to be unfaithful, unfilial, unkind and unjust?'

'listen to me.'

'your father is an important official of the Yin Shang Dynasty. The Li family is deeply blessed, and you are the son of the Yin Shang Dynasty.

your father and son eat the salary of the Shang Dynasty, and receive the grease of the people.

but you Nezha always raves about helping the Zhou Dynasty. This is the following transgression, betrayal and treachery, which is infidelity.

you play in the Jiuwan river near the East China Sea, stir up the waves with mixed sky damask, and the sea people suffer and kill many creatures.

Donghai patrol sea Yaksha Li Gen came to ask you, and you directly killed him. The Third Prince of the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, because of the Yasha incident, you killed him again and smoked his dragon tendon to make a belt for your father.

it is unfilial for your parents to be implicated because of your impulsivity.

because of your sin, the Dragon King of the four seas wants to flood Chentang pass. The people of that city, the hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians, have suffered disaster because of your innocence. Why should they be guilty! What a pity!

why should I be punished for you? It's inhumane.

the Dragon King of the East Sea is your father's sworn brother. He once paid homage to your father, and he was kind to your father. Because of your business, he and his two people were cut off from their robes and righteousness, and from then on, they were enemies of life and death. This act of yours is iniquity against your father.

I'm wrong about you unfaithful, unfilial and unjust! '

Shen Xin said more and more excitedly, pointing at Nezha and scolding.

he even forgot that he was looking for death at this moment, but just said what he thought.

Shen Xin pointed at Nezha with a righteous face, both mourning his misfortune and being angry.

in the face of Shen Xin's scolding, Nezha stared straight ahead, he didn't believe it, and he didn't want to believe it.

the bottom of his heart was involuntarily refuting.

I'm the forerunner of Zhou Fu Zhou appointed by the yuxu palace. The heaven rises in Zhou and the Yin and Shang Dynasties disappear. I'm not wrong!

I'm Nezha, the third son of Li Jing at Chen Tangguan. My father is the head of this town. The Sea Patrol fork had nothing to do with him because I was bathing in the river in the summer; If he scolds me, I'll kill him.

the Third Prince of the East China Sea is arrogant. It's a small matter that I killed him in a hurry.

take out his tendons and tie armor for my father. I'm also right.

as for the relationship between the old dragon in the East China Sea and his father, those who don't know it are not guilty, and their tendons haven't touched him. He wants to return the original here.

the people of chentangguan have never harmed themselves. If the four Dragon King dares to come, he will never interfere with them and their parents, and will be protected by my master Taiyi immortal.

it's OK to kill this old fool.

the more Nezha thought, the more he comforted himself, but somehow there was a trace of confusion in his heart. Looking at Shen Xin in front of him, he didn't want to face it, and a trace of inexplicable anger came into his heart.

he wants to kill the crazy thief in front of him.

and this idea is more and more intense. What this person said is wrong, wrong!

Nezha shouted loudly.

just as the so-called anger started from the heart, evil came to the side of the gall. Nezha gradually couldn't control himself. The light of the universe circle in his hand was great, and the whole chentangguan was dyed into golden light.

seeing that Nezha in front of him had no regrets, Shen Xin was particularly upset at the moment, and took another step forward and shouted:

'Nezha, do you dare to kill me?'

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