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Chapter 81 Tuan MIE (please collect! Please follow up!)

PA! Soon.

doctor Shen was awakened by the vibration of qingluan under him.

however, although Dr. Shen was bound and pressed under him with a rope, his face was unusually indifferent. He did not take such a small thing as a danger at all.

there was even time to look carefully at the woman in red in front of her.

well, it's good to have a long face. Although it's not as charming as Daji, it doesn't have a trace of style.

but it's a pity. It's too small, and the cost is too small!

this is a bad comment. Look at people Daji, look at you again, alas...

Dr. Shen smacked his mouth, feeling a little pity, and his eyes became firm and clear in an instant.

doctor Shen's abnormal performance also attracted Shi Ji's attention. She silently observed the person in front of her,

a moment later, she was surprised, because she didn't see a dark idea in Shen Xin's eyes at all.

normally, in this case, when facing the fear of the unknown, most people struggle to explain, scold and beg for mercy.

there may be some special people who will observe their appearance and show obsession in the face of danger.

after all, Shi Ji doesn't blame them for their attractiveness.

but at the moment, Shen Xin was caught in his hands. Not only was he not afraid, he also did not praise his appearance.

instead, his eyes are full of the light of justice.

this is something Shi Ji didn't expect. Since she came into consciousness, countless years have passed, and she has seen too many people.

no matter who it is, even the immortal can't help revealing his weakness in the face of unknown life and death, but this person in front of him...

Shi Ji thought for a moment, is it possible that this person is a good man with no trace of darkness in his heart and awe inspiring justice?

it seems that only in this way can we explain the past.

but after all, he shot his own Biyun tong'er. He must not let him go because he is handsome and just in his heart.

then Shi Ji looked at Shen Xin coldly, his eyes flashing cold, and a burst of terrible pressure fell on him.

'who are you, evil thief? How dare you shoot my blue cloud disciple?'


shot the blue cloud disciple?

hearing this sentence, doctor Shen instantly understood who the person in front of him was. Wouldn't it be such a coincidence?

does Nezha's arrow still have automatic cruise, but this man killed it.

Shen Xin quickly smoothed the situation in front of him. It should be that Nezha shot the unlucky boy Biyun with an arrow, and then left the Zhentian arrow.

Shi Ji came to Chentang pass for revenge, and then she saw the heaven and earth bow and the arrow in her hand, and regarded herself as Nezha and the murderer.

ah, here!

as soon as he became Nezha's adoptive father, he had trouble coming to the door...

this... This is simply too...

it's too happy.

in the heart of doctor Shen at the moment, death and sanctification may not be his only purpose.

but wouldn't it be better if you could become a saint earlier and help more people with your own strength.

after feeling the pressure of Shi Ji, he just hopes that the stronger Shi Ji is, the better, so that he can die faster.

at present, it seems that Shi Ji is at least an immortal. The strength of this level is much stronger than that of the four seas Dragon King. Both sides are obviously not at the same level.

doesn't that mean that if Shi Ji wants to kill me now, he will definitely die at the moment?

and no one can save it!

Ha Ha! Ha! Doctor Shen looks more and more good at Shi Ji at the moment, and is even ready to take back what he just said. You are not small, your mind is vaster than the sea, what Daji.

bah, she's overdeveloped and can't compare with you at all.

Shen Xin has a plan in his heart. The eldest husband refuses to refuse the young lady. Later, he will find a chance to let Shi Ji kill himself.

at the moment, Li Jing also took off his belt, but as soon as he saw the huge green Luan, he immediately recognized it as Shiji Niang.

hurriedly bowed down and worshipped: 'disciple Li Jing visited, I don't know my mother arrived, I'm surprised, I hope to beg forgiveness.

I don't know how Doctor Shen offended my mother, I'm afraid it's not a misunderstanding?'

when Shi Ji saw Li Jing, his face was gloomy. If you ungrateful Li Jing dared to speak, you might as well take it back to the mountain for interrogation.

'misunderstanding? This heaven and earth bow is closed in your Chen Tang, and I'm afraid you Li Jing can't escape the relationship. Dare to talk wisely in front of me!'

then he dropped the Bagua cloud light handkerchief and ordered the yellow scarf warrior to take Li Jing.

Li Jing: what did I say? At least give me a chance.

Hello! My belt!

Nezha nodded hurriedly. Well, it's your belt.

Li Jing's face is very black at the moment, which may be angry.

he was not treated like doctor Shen, but was caught by a golden warrior. As for his belt, it was floating in the wind on the tower of chentangguan.

doctor Shen and Li Jing looked at each other...

Li Jing felt very happy.

Shi Ji's outrageous behavior immediately aroused the anger of everyone on the court.

how dare you catch my adoptive father (father) in front of us, when I don't exist?

still despise me Nezha.

although we are not human children, we cannot be ignored.

the two immediately shouted angrily, one left and one right at the same time, and attacked the qingluan.

the silver gun in Huang Tianxiang's hand was shining brightly, 10000 gun shadows danced, rocks flew around, and Chen Tang closed, murderous.

Nezha was also unambiguous. The circle of heaven and earth in his hand flashed, and in an instant, the sky glittered and roared.

then huntian Aya turned into a long red dragon and wrapped around Shi Ji.

at this moment, the two people are full of pride. When they are ready to kill Shi Ji and rob their adoptive father, they see...

Shi Ji catches the circle of heaven and earth with his hand and blocks Huang Tianxiang,

then looks up at his robe sleeve and welcomes him, and Hun Tianling falls gently into her sleeve.

Shi Ji saw the treasure in Nezha's hand, and he knew it clearly in his heart. He tapped the universe with his fingers and looked at Nezha and said:

'so you are the disciple of Taiyi immortal.

how many pieces of your master's treasure do you want to see how my Taoism works?'

at the moment, Nezha was surprised and at a loss. He didn't expect that his magic weapon, which had always been unfavourable, was useless in front of this evil woman.

in an instant, he panicked. He looked hard at Shi Ji and wanted to escape. He was ready to go to the golden light cave of Qianyuan mountain and seek revenge from his master Taiyi immortal again.

however, as soon as he ran a few steps, he saw that Shi Ji had already sacrificed the Bagua cloud light PA, and then two children bound into zongzi silently appeared beside Li Jing.

when father and son meet, their eyes are full of tears.

then, Shi Ji turned warily and fiercely, and saw a fox who wanted to walk quietly.

seeing that he was found, the fox smiled and was about to say, 'I curse...'

then the fox was stunned and put on qingluan before saying the whole thing.


mass extinction.

in an instant, the power around doctor Shen was directly swept away.

however, in the face of such danger, Dr. Shen was not afraid, but almost applauded.

'it seems like a great opportunity this time...' Dr. Shen licked his lips and didn't have to do it by himself. Shi Ji killed them alone.

so the more he looks at Shi Ji, the more his smile becomes.

when Shi Ji solved everyone in the field, his eyes suddenly silently turned to a certain ruin, where there was a round tiger butt, his tail silently sandwiched between his legs, and his legs were shaking.

if you walk closer, you can still hear the tiger muttering in a low voice.

'can't see me, can't see me.'

looking at such a timid tiger afraid of death, Shi Ji glanced at it with disgust, but he had no desire to start, and drove qingluan back to the white bone cave of skeleton mountain.

it was not until Shi Ji walked for a long time that a certain ruin suddenly moved, and a cat sized white fronted tiger slowly crawled out with its buttocks pursed.

as soon as it came out, it breathed heavily and flustered.

'scared to death, scared to death, my legs are scared to soft.'

after Bai Ehu came out, he quickly swept around Chen Tangguan. Seeing that the bad guys who bullied him were caught, he was a little flustered.

but after the next second, I was a little proud in my heart and whispered:

'Han PI, it's all Han PI. Let you rush so fast, and now you're all caught.

it seems that I still need Ben Hu to lead you to save the world.'

thinking of this, the white fronted tiger showed a pair of very intelligent eyes, with an air on his face, and swayed under his feet to the depths of the East China Sea...

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