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Chapter 85 Come on

'Shi Ji, you are wrong again!'

Nezha shouted loudly, and without waiting for Shi Ji's answer, he said on his own.

'the arrow was shot by Nezha, and your disciple was injured by Nezha.'

'this injustice has its head and debt has its owner. You should shoot me most.'

'don't shoot me... Father.'

with that, he silently turned his eyes to Dr. Shen. His eyes were somehow complicated, and there was a feeling of confusion.

what is goodness? What is evil?

Nezha only felt a little confused, but he always felt that what Shen Xin said was reasonable.

slowly, he clenched his hands and lowered his head.

he has never been so confused. Originally, he thought that everything he did was right. Even if he killed the Third Prince of the Dragon King, even if he shot the boy of Shi Ji, he didn't feel that he had done anything wrong.

but in the face of Shen Xin's heartfelt words today, Nezha actually had a feeling that what he did was wrong.

Nezha sighed in his heart. He thought he was the reincarnation of the spirit bead. He was born extraordinary and was born to make contributions.

of course, this is not only what he thinks, but also the fact. Nezha was born in a noble family. He was the third son of Li Jing, the chief soldier of Chentang pass. He was worshipped by the Taiyi immortal who expounded the golden immortal Qianyuan mountain golden light cave.

he was also the vanguard officer of Zhou Dynasty who was taught by yuxu palm.

with this series of aura blessings, Nezha has been rebellious and perverse since he was born, and his parents were not afraid of anything except master.

but now hearing Shen Xin's words, I don't know why I feel a little uncomfortable.

'don't do evil because it's small, and don't do good because it's small.'

these words kept ringing in his mind.

even Shen Xin's hateful figure constantly appeared in front of him.

he feels that there is a lot of truth in it.

he never thought about right or wrong, good or evil, but acted casually, and never considered the consequences. He only thought that he would be fearless if there was a master behind him.

now it is because his willfulness has implicated his parents, and the Dragon King of the four seas wants to flood Chentang pass.

it's because he shot the boy of Shi Ji, causing many people to die because of him.

facing doctor Shen in front of him, Nezha felt sad and regretted that it was too late.

then he felt that he should do things by himself and never involve others.

looking at Nezha in front of him, doctor Shen smiled calmly. Everything was developing in a good direction.

at the moment, Nezha seems to have changed a little under the education of doctor Shen. He was still scolding, but now he feels a little mature.

although it's a little late at the moment, doctor Shen has an inexplicable sense of pride. It's great.

it's like raising a pot of flowers by yourself, weeding, fertilizing and watering it every day. Be careful, for fear of drought and waterlogging.

I hope to wait until the flowering season, and then it will finally open.

this feeling is very proud.

but wait, why do I always feel a sense of cultivation when I see Nezha?

hiss! Is it because he looks like a little Zhengtai now.

anyway, I'm happy.

because he is about to die and become a saint.

and Nezha also made changes because of himself. Doctor Shen felt that his efforts were not in vain. Now it was double happiness.

no, it's sanxilinmen who saved Shi Ji unintentionally, otherwise he should be trapped in the microwave oven of Taiyi immortal now.

doctor Shen is very satisfied with this outcome,

he tries to keep calm and doesn't let himself laugh.

on the contrary, Shi Ji was silent at the moment, and he looked worried in his heroic eyes.

she opened the arrow in her hand again. This time, she pointed to Nezha without hesitation. In her heart, Nezha must take this arrow, and Biyun tongtuer's Revenge cannot be avoided.

Nezha, the culprit, cannot be punished.

but she felt it was necessary to let go of the rest, because he believed that the doctor in front of him was a good man.

it's right that he wants to die, but killing such a person makes me uneasy.

with a decision in mind, Shi Ji finally shot the arrow in his hand.

the dazzling light flashed away,

in the next moment, only a roaring sound was heard, and countless soot covered the white bone hole.

the power of this arrow is really terrible.

Li Jing let out a wail, his face was pale, the pain in his heart surged, and tears kept falling.

Nezha is his son after all. Although he is a troublemaker, the imminent death of people under his eyes inevitably comes from his heart.

just! only!

Li Jing sighed, the next one is himself. It seems that this is destined to be my destiny.

but just as Li Jing was about to die, he heard an anxious cry:

'Mom! Mom, help!'

Li Jing: '...

Shen Xin:'...

what happened? What happened?

doctor Shen is ready to die, but at the moment, an accident happened.

he wants to know what happened in front of him?

as the smoke cleared, Nezha, who thought he had been shot dead, was actually standing there at the moment.

and he is still tied with the Caiyun boy in his hand, threatening Shi Ji.

Shi Ji also saw this scene. Her eyebrows were cold and erect, and she became angry. Even the bear with small capital rose a few circles in anger.

shouted at Nezha:

'Nezha! How evil! How dare you commit murder! Not only did you harm my Biyun boy! Now you also humiliate my Caiyun boy?'

Shi Ji is holding tai'a sword at the moment, not to mention how angry he is.

however, Nezha was fearless, holding the colorful cloud boy in his hand and shouting at Shi Ji:

'I Nezha can't believe you, and I can't give my life to you at this moment.

when Nezha went to the master to ask him to witness, when you let my father go, I'll let you go, and Nezha admitted that you had dealt with it.'

it turned out that Nezha wanted to get the arrow, but he woke up again when the arrow came.

take care secretly. What if this evil woman not only killed me Nezha, but also killed my father after my death?

if she is dead, she will eat her words.

thinking of this, Nezha suddenly refused to admit his fate.

he thought of his master. If he had the chance to go to the golden light cave of Qianyuan mountain, the master would be able to save me and the people in front of him.

when my father succeeds in getting rid of the difficulties, I Nezha will let her deal with it.

think of it here.

he hurried back and looked around, but he saw a boy beside him, who had just got up from his fall and was looking forward with a confused face.

when Nezha saw this, he had an idea in his heart. With Shi Ji's attention to the two boys, if he could take him hostage and rush to Qianyuan mountain, with a master, he would be able to ensure the safety of his father and others.

the urgency of the arrow light didn't allow us to think much. Nezha quickly bit the tip of his tongue and exerted divine power.

before the arrow comes.

Zheng! With a cry, I broke the rope.

went straight to the Caiyun boy, and then a plan old fist knocked him down again and took him hostage.

Caiyun boy:?

can you change your position? You two are going too far!

seeing the tragedy of Caiyun apprentice, with a shout, Shi Ji pointed at Nezha with TAIA sword in his hand, and his cold eyes swept over.

'good evil, when I take you, I'll see what means that Taiyi immortal taught you.'

Nezha was panicked at the moment. He still underestimated Shi Ji. He had no iron in his eyes and carried a waste in his hand. After a few times, he was forced to have no way to escape.

seeing that he was in a desperate situation, Nezha's eyes flashed fiercely, and his fingers tightened more and more, even his look at Caiyun boy was a little fierce.

even he was going to slap the person in front of him to death and stop Shi Ji.

but when he was about to do it, he suddenly hesitated.

then Nezha sighed, withdrew his hand, and just knocked the unlucky guy unconscious. As a sandbag, he smashed it in the direction of Shi Ji.

Peng! !

as a dark shadow flashed, Shi Ji trembled and caught Caiyun tonger.

sure enough, Nezha guessed right. Shi Ji was worried about the safety of tong'er and chose to save people first.

taking advantage of this chance, Nezha turned and ran away.

but Shi Ji was not ready to let him go. After settling tong'er down, he also chased him out.

the situation in the field turned quickly. Doctor Shen was stunned. He trembled and wanted to catch the red figure.


have you forgotten something? I'm not dead yet!

'Shi Ji, come back, I'll leave after you shoot!'

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