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Chapter 11 Encounter monsters

After many attempts, there are failures again and again.

the last thing to come is to argue and blame each other. The result was expected by Tian zhinuo. She stood up calmly to stop them from arguing.

'everybody, let's move on to the next!'

walking on one foot. Five people are in a row, standing on the ground with their left feet, and their right feet are carried by the people in front of them, while the front player's right foot is not on the ground. The person behind puts his left arm on the shoulder of the person in front.

in the order of Shaoyu, weichicheng, Tian zhinuo, Wanyan ruojin and Zou Hu.

Tian zhinuo and Zou Hu have poor physical coordination ability, which leads to the whole team being unable to stand well, twisted and unable to move.

'Zou Hu, can you stand firm!' Wanyan ruojin finally roared angrily, and was very dissatisfied with him since the last game.

'I'm tall and I can't master my balance well! Besides, can't you grasp my feet? What do you mean by holding my two fingers?!' Zou Hu responded by shaking left and right.

'can't I abandon it?!' As soon as Wanyan ruojin's voice fell, Shaoyu said, 'listen to my slogan and move forward steadily. One, two...

the first step was taken difficultly and the effect was good. 'One two, one two...' Shaoyu just finished, and his steps became disordered.

then we saw that everyone fell down one by one and fell to the ground.

Wanyan ruojin was so impatient that he immediately stood up with his hands on the ground and said, 'I won't do it anymore! It's better to practice Sabre with this time!'

after getting up, Wei Chi went to pull Tian zhinuo. Then he heard Zou Hu complain, 'it's not you who are holding back!'

Wanyan ruojin became more angry. He drew a knife and pointed at Zou Hu and scolded: 'you say I'm dragging my feet?! I don't see how stupid you are. You're so stupid!'

Zou Hu couldn't listen to this. He rolled up his sleeve and went to her knife to prepare for hand to hand combat. Fortunately, he was stopped by Shaoyu, who was always calm. 'Come on, will you respect Arnold?'

Wanyan ruojin immediately converged a lot, but Shaoyu gave Shaoyu a white look and muttered, 'I will be a good man...'

'orange...' weichicheng was trying to comfort Tian zhinuo, but she opened her mouth first, 'let's play the last game.'

Tian zhinuo takes out five notes written in advance from his pocket.

'our names are written on the paper. Whoever wins the lottery will have to observe and care about him or her for five days. After that, we will focus on discussing the preferences, habits and personality of the person we observe. Finally, if we can't tell, we will help others wash their socks!' When it comes to the end, he suddenly frowns to frighten them.

all the teammates are obedient and stretch out their hands. Tian zhinuo Snickers and then comes forward to send a note. She glances at Shaoyu and Wanyan ruojin, and then deliberately gives each other the note with their names written on it.

Tian zhinuo wants to take this opportunity to let Wan Yan ruojin see Shaoyu's kindness and let them know each other. The remaining three notes were handed out casually.

when Wanyan ruojin saw the name, he immediately crumpled the note and asked, 'can you change it?'

Tian zhinuo shook his head firmly, 'No.'

'I'll go first.' Wanyan ruojin took the first step with a knife on his back.

Shaoyu looked at her back and sighed, 'I'm gone too.'

when Tian zhinuo looked at the two people who had left, Zou Hu looked at yuchicheng with a thief's eyes, gathered up in front of him, and gave a frivolous cry, 'brother Cheng ~'

yuchicheng gave a cold shiver subconsciously, then slapped him out, and said, 'take medicine if you are sick!' Then he turned to Tian zhinuo with another spoiled look and handed her the orange that had been hidden in his pocket, 'here is the orange.'

Tian zhinuo turned around and answered with a smile: 'Xie Acheng ~'

restless Zou Hu came to join the fun again and said to Yuchi Cheng coquettishly: 'brother Acheng, people want it too ~'

'Zou Hu, are you sick?! can you be normal?' Wei Chicheng glared at him and scolded.

Tian zhinuo put the note back in his pocket and immediately gave the orange to zouhu, 'mine for you.'

Wei Chicheng was stunned by this move. 'Hey, tianhengzi, I gave you what I didn't want to eat, and you just gave it away?!'

Tian zhinuo sipped his lips and tiptoed to touch weichicheng's head and said, 'ah Cheng is getting the most out of it.' then he completely ignored weichicheng, who was already stunned, and said to Zou Hu, 'I prepared several poison powder samples according to your requirements. Let me show you.'

Zou Hu held an orange and nodded. Before leaving, he did not forget to say to weichicheng, 'brother Cheng, wait for his brother to come back in the dormitory'

when weichicheng completely reacted, the two men had gone far. He slowly raised his arm and touched his head, and immediately shook his head and strode away.

Zou Hu brings Tian zhinuo to a hidden flower bed to test these fresh flowers. Tian zhinuo refused, 'these flowers and plants are alive!'

Zou Hu squatted down, stroked the branches and leaves and said, 'I know, but you can't find a living person to try it. If you are in my house, there are still some poisonous snakes and white mice for you to use, but you can only use flowers and plants here.'

Tian zhinuo couldn't bear to poison these fragile lives when he looked at the poison powder in his hand. When he returned them to zouhu, 'ah Hu, maybe I'm not suitable for making poison...'

zouhu stood up as he had expected, put away the poisons, and said: 'you are a pure girl. You really shouldn't be defiled by poisons. I'm forcing people to do it ~'

seeing Tian zhinuo, he was depressed, Zou Hu patted her on the shoulder and comforted her, 'I can't eat hot tofu. You really should relax.' Then he took out a piece of paper from his pocket. 'The day after tomorrow, there will be a three-day holiday for the Mid Autumn Festival, and the president specially approved everyone to go home for the festival ~'

I heard that Tian zhinuo received the paper and learned that it was a work and rest schedule.

'I know that my elder brothers' hometown is far away from here, so I decided to take you to my home for the festival. The big moon cake made by my cook is called a fragrance. Do you want to eat it?'

hearing this, Tian zhinuo suddenly missed home. This is her first time to spend the Mid Autumn Festival outside.

when Zou Hu was satisfied, Tian zhinuo did not say a word. Looking down, the little girl had tears in her eyes. He was in a mess immediately.

his flustered hands fluttered in the air for a long time before he said, 'can I give you all the moon cakes?'

Tian zhinuo tried to hold back his tears, sucked his nose, and showed a smile. His eyes immediately narrowed into a line, 'then thank AHU ~'

Zou Hu put down his hands and smiled honestly, 'you're welcome. I... I'll take you back to your dorm...

Tian zhinuo nodded his head and turned around. At the moment, a tear came down his cheek.

at Zou Hu's urging, the team members finally agreed to go home with him. The Zou family specially sent a luxury carriage to pick them up.

as soon as he entered the capital center, Zou Hu had to get out of the carriage and walk back by himself. The groom could not help but go home first.

there are five people in the party. Except Zou Hu, the others don't want to go back.

Zou Hu walked ahead. Whenever he met a food shop, he had to go in and buy some. Before long, everyone's hands were full of things.

'Aunt Wang is resting ~' Zou Hu took a few more steps, 'has Uncle Li lost weight?', 'Yo, has the dog egg grown tall?' Say hello as you go.

Wanyan ruojin was the first to burst out. 'Is this guy showing off his good fortune?! can I cut off his leg and ask him to go back!'

Tian zhinuo quickly pressed the handle of her knife and said, 'calm down.'

the bag in Wanyan ruojin's hand suddenly slipped. Shaoyu caught it accurately before it fell to the ground. Then he took several pieces from Wanyan ruojin's hand and said, 'I'll come.'

Wanyan ruojin didn't want to accept his kindness. When he was about to recapture it, Zou Hu shouted, 'my friends, there is my home ahead.'

when I was about to reach the gate, I saw a carriage parked at the gate, and then I saw Zou Hu's father, Zou su. Rushed out of it.

Zou Hu was about to step forward to look, but Shaoyu grabbed him and said, 'it's a demon!'

when everyone looked at it at the same time, they found two demons coming down from the carriage.

'land demon...' Tian zhinuo identified its species through characteristics.

Zou Hu was more anxious. He was about to rush up, but he was grabbed by weichicheng. 'Don't be impulsive, let's see the situation first.'

Wanyan ruojin has put her hand on the handle of the knife. She can't see these monsters. They always remind her of the hatred of Tu village.

'Damn it, I can't hear what they are saying!' Zou Hu is particularly impatient because he only sees his father bowing and laughing.

while everyone was concentrating on observing the situation, Wanyan ruojin had already drawn a knife and rushed to the other side, and Tian zhinuo did not hold her.

'Hello!' Wei Chicheng shouted helplessly. Zou Hu also rushed up like beating chicken blood.

Shaoyu and weichicheng looked at each other and said, 'protect Arnold.' After Shaoyu left these words, he quickly caught up with the two madmen.

a knife directly attacked the monster. Fortunately, before the danger came, Shaoyu stopped the knife with a sword.

just one meter away, those demons will be injured, and maybe innocent people will suffer from the rage.

when Wanyan ruojin saw Shaoyu stop him, he immediately transferred his anger to him and cut him down one by one. 'You are as timid as your father!'

Zou Su frowned at the sight of the two children, and the two monsters were ready to attack.

Zou Hu came and said breathlessly, 'Daddy, how did you mess with these things?!'

hearing this, Zou Su immediately frowned and scolded him for his ignorance. Then he greeted the monster with a smile and said, 'the dog is ignorant. Don't worry about it.'

fortunately, weichicheng rushed to stop Zou Hu, who wanted to go crazy, and whispered in his ear, 'if you still want your father to live, be obedient!'

'uncle, we are ah Hu's classmates. We were invited by him to your residence for the holiday ~' weichicheng greeted Zou Su with a smile. Seeing the two who were still fighting, he explained: 'those two suddenly wanted to compete in martial arts. They started fighting in the street. Didn't they scare uncle?'

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