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Chapter 12 The misunderstanding is over

Zou Su saw that weichi Cheng was very clever. He shook his head and winked at him. He motioned him to take Zou Hu in.

weichi Cheng asked Tian zhinuo to bring the two guys back before he went in. Tian zhinuo was effective as soon as he came out. Wanyan ruojin was dissatisfied, but he still stopped and followed Tian zhinuo into Zou's house.

Shaoyu paid special attention to the two demons before entering the door. One of them he had met was the left governor of Lu demon who signed a peace agreement with his father.

as soon as he entered the Zou family compound, Wanyan ruojin asked angrily, 'is that how you are a demon hunter? Monsters can only avoid in front of you! They even stop me!' This was deliberately said to Shaoyu.

Zou Hu followed Yan ruojin's words for the first time and said: 'yes! Weichicheng, what are you doing with me?! threatening my father's life? What do they dare to do to us in public?!'

Yuchi Cheng was driven by these two irrational guys and put away his usual smile and stubbornness, Seriously:

'they dare to do anything! They even let you die on the spot! Must the demon hunter run amuck and have no reason?! I ask you, what if there are dozens of demons hidden around? What if they provoke them to hurt innocent citizens?! I can fight like you, and then what? Do you want to die for nothing? The demon hunter is also a human being, so we should use our brains!'

Yuchi Cheng's words were so direct that he thought of a lot of bad things. He realized that he was a little excited and went to the side to calm down.

Tian zhinuo looks at his back and sees a trace of loneliness. She suddenly wonders what kind of experience ah Cheng has had.

Shaoyu stepped forward and Wen Sheng said, 'don't worry, that demon won't hurt innocent people.'

'how do you know?' Wanyan ruojin was angry at the moment. As long as Shaoyu spoke, she felt annoyed.

'because...' Shaoyu hesitated. 'It was the demon who signed a peace agreement with my father...'

hearing this, Wanyan ruojin immediately drew his sword angrily, pointed at Shaoyu and said: 'I said how did you stop me all the time? Were you afraid of being recognized and would make it angry and kill your father?'

Shaoyu does not explain.

the noise outside was so loud that everyone in the room came out to have a look. After several servants came out, they saw a middle-aged woman in gold and silver swaggering out. Before they could see her face clearly, they heard her say: 'Oh, it's my Baobei son back ~'

even when they saw her mother, Zou Hu still hung his face, 'who is bullying my son? I'll settle accounts with him!'

Zou Hu asked dryly, 'Aung, did Zou Su do some shady business with monsters?'

hearing this, Yang Zhi gently beat her son's fist and said, 'you child, how can you call your father's name directly?'

'Yang Zhi, look at your good son!' Zou Su had just entered the courtyard, and a few angry words hung on his rich square face. 'You are not very good, but you have a clever friend.' Zou Hu's last words were aimed at weichicheng.

Yang Zhi realized that there were guests at home, so she hurried to ask the children to come in and greet them with good tea and snacks.

Zou Hu was so worried about what his father had done that he suddenly made the temper to wave aside the tea brought by his servant. Then he heard the sound of breaking, and the servant hurriedly dealt with the fragments.

Zou Su became angry at that time, patting the table and accusing him, 'Zou Hu, don't think I dare not hit you when your classmates are here!'

Zou Hu became stiff, straightened his back, stretched out his neck and shouted: 'you'd better kill me today! Otherwise I'll go out tomorrow to publicize that Zou Su, the famous doctor, helped the monsters do bad things!'

'ah Hu! Don't be angry with your father!'

Yang Zhi opened her mouth before Zou Su spoke, but this did not suppress Zou Su's spirit. She immediately bypassed Yang Zhi and came to Zou Hu and slapped her in the face.

not only Zou Hu, but also others were shocked. When Zou Su was about to go up to help say a few words, he also realized that he was impulsive. He shook his hand and said: 'pain... Does it hurt...'

Zou Hu stroked his cheek, breathed rapidly, and his eyes were red.

Zou Su turned away, lowered his head and explained in a muffled voice: 'how can I help them do things?!'

knowing that her husband has a good face, Yang Zhi would rather hold on rather than tell the truth. She is a straightforward person. She is not afraid of ghosts knocking on the door.

'ah Hu, you really misunderstood your father. Those monsters came to the door yesterday and asked us to sell them some medicinal food. They said it was for saving people. Then your father agreed to take some from the warehouse and sell them to them.'

Zou Hu retorted with tears: 'if they say they're for people's use, do you believe them?! what if they're for their own use?'

Zou sighed, turned around again and said helplessly, 'it's very embarrassing that they didn't go to our medical school to rob. Most of the capital is our medical school. What if they are forced to occupy it by force? I don't care about money, but people can't live without a doctor!'

no one wants to resist evil demons, but they should also be able to resist. If they are impulsive and reckless, they will always be a disaster.

Zou Hu dropped his head and stole a tear. He understood that he was born in troubled times, and his father could not help himself.

'I'm tired. I'll go back first...' even though Zou Hu realized that he was wrong, he didn't want to take the initiative to apologize to his father.

Yang Zhi quickly arranged rooms for Zou Hu's classmates. The four lived in one courtyard, one in the southeast, one in the northwest.

I have to say that the Zou family's house is really magnificent. Apart from the owner's yard, the guest room is three times larger than the dormitory. From tables, chairs and beds to bedding curtains, which is not made of top-grade materials. Tian zhinuo enjoyed himself in the house for a long time before coming out.

Wanyan ruojin closes himself in the room and sulks. Shaoyu and weichicheng sit in the yard, each worrying.

Shaoyu kept staring at the door of Wan Yan ruojin's room, while weichicheng stroked the bow and arrow.

after Tian zhinuo came out, she felt the atmosphere was strange. She walked over quietly, took a look along Shaoyu's line of sight, and then said softly: 'don't worry, ruojin just wants to be quiet.'

Shaoyu turned his eyes and coughed twice without answering.

sitting between them, Tian zhinuo looked at the frowning yuchicheng with a small flesh face and deliberately looked for a topic: 'thanks to ah Cheng today, otherwise it would be a big mistake.'

weichicheng stopped his action and gave a reluctant smile.

'ah Cheng... Can we listen to your story?' Tian zhinuo put down his arm, 'or it is the reason why you are unhappy, because I am worried about you.'

Yuchi Cheng's eyes flickered. He breathed a little, swallowed his throat, and put his hand aside to clench it into a fist, which showed how much suffering he felt.

'I once killed my friends who grew up with me because of my impulse and ignorance...' the moment I said it, I was relieved.

not only Tian zhinuo, but also Shaoyu was surprised.

'I was born in the Central Plains, and I knew from my memory that the demon king had invaded my home. I tried to practice bowing and archery, but when I got a little success, I didn't know that heaven and earth wanted to shoot the demon king. This impulsive move only got one result, that is, all my friends with me died in front of me...'

as he said, weichi Cheng's tears burst out of his eyes. This is a terrible thing to look back on, and it is this thing that makes weichicheng grow up completely.

'so I don't want any more people to lose their lives because of impulse... Only by living can there be hope and protect others...'

weichicheng is biting his teeth and crying. He doesn't cry, but is crying. If it weren't for the rain, he would be able to hold back. He lowered his head, tears dripping on the bow and arrow, and the bloody memory rushed into his mind, making him tremble all over.

Shaoyu frowned and stopped holding the sword in his hand. Blood came out of his eyes. But there was still a doubt in his heart. Why did the demon king leave him? Is he really a member of the royal family?

Tian zhinuo is already in tears. She sobs and doesn't know how to comfort him.

'I'm sorry...' I don't know when Zou Hu stood at the gate of the hospital. He came over with an apology and bowed to weichi Cheng.

yuchicheng sees this with Yu Guang. He is shocked and looks up at him.

'ah Cheng, it's my fault. I not only don't accept your love, but even scold you. I'm too much!' As Zou Hu spoke, he was about to slap himself in the face, only to make a fake move.

'yes, why did it stop?' Yuchi Cheng deliberately instigated this.

Zou Hu had already put down his hand and sat down beside him. 'Brother Cheng will definitely not let me suffer, so I won't fight.'

Yuchi Cheng gives a white eye and looks at Tian zhinuo. The girl is already in tears. Weichicheng asks Shaoyu for a veil and wipes it for the girl.

'Oh, why are you more excited than me?'

Tian zhinuo sobbed and choked, 'I... I'm fine. I'll be fine in a while.'

as soon as he finished speaking, he heard the sound of Yan ruojin's door being opened. This was the first time in history that he walked out alone without carrying a knife.

he said to weichicheng awkwardly, 'I'm really a little impulsive today...' his voice became smaller and smaller.

'ah? What did you squeak! Sobing! Say?' Zou Hu deliberately pricks.

Wanyan ruojin pursed her lips, clenched her hands, took a deep breath, and then said: 'I won't be so impulsive in the future! Be obedient...'

it's too difficult for Wanyan ruojin to admit mistakes.

Wanyan ruojin's words made everyone smile. The martyr confessed that she was so cute.

this sudden situation has quietly warmed up the feelings of the second team.

after a night's adjustment, everyone's condition returned to normal. Early in the morning, I heard Zou Hu yelling in the guest room yard. It's rare for him to wake up so early.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [The demon girl from heaven has boundless power] online and go to the source website for reading.