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Chapter 19 A thick burial for snakes

Wanyan ruojin was not as polite as weichi Cheng. He broke into the door with a pair of knives in his hand, and muttered: 'what nonsense? It's over!'

all the poisonous snakes in the forest were killed by one sword and one knife. Thanks to the poison boy, he took back some of them yesterday to test the medicine. Otherwise, he would be dead.

Shaoyu can't stop the impulsive Wanyan ruojin, so she can only break in with her.

it's like breaking down the house. It's hard for people in the house to hear it.

the poison boy hurried out of his study and became angry when he saw the fragmented doors and the tables and chairs cut in half. 'Which grandson did it?!'

Wan Yan ruojin not only was not afraid, but even provocatively threw half a snake at him and said, 'I did it and I'll give it back to you!'

the poison boy caught the thin body and cried in a trembling voice: 'Xiaoqing! What's the matter with you?! look at me!'

Zou Hu and Tian zhinuo also came out with their feet back and forth. Seeing this situation, they said in unison: 'show mercy!'

Wanyan ruojin immediately took back the knife, glanced around, and finally ran to Tian zhinuo, holding her shoulder to look up and down. 'Arnold, are you all right?'

Tian zhinuo quickly shook his head, looked at the poison boy and said, 'he is a good man.'

Zou Hu hurriedly stopped weichicheng and Shaoyu, who were ready to go, and said, 'they are all friends. Don't be impulsive.'

Yuchi Cheng looked at Zou Hu's unseemly face and immediately vented all his worries and nervousness to him, 'since it's safe, why don't you send a signal?! do you know how worried everyone is about you?! if something happens to oranges, I won't spare you first!'

when Tian zhinuo heard that yuchicheng was scolding Zou Hu, he hurried to explain to Zou Hu: 'don't blame ah Hu.'

the poison boy held the half of the green snake in his hands, raised his tearful eyes, looked at the strangers, and shouted: 'what do you want?! the little babies I raised after years of hard work! They have been killed by you!'

Tian zhinuo is really afraid that the poison boy will throw out a handful of poison powder next second, and then poison them to death. Turning around, he comforted him: 'Uncle poison, they are all my friends. They are worried that we have done some impolite acts. You have a lot of people. Don't worry about them!'

Zou Hu also said, 'yes, they are all friends.'

Shaoyu and weichicheng both took back their bows and swords.

the poison boy took a deep breath in pain, pointed his trembling fingers at the bear children and said, 'hurry up! Can't I hide if I can't afford it?! Tian, Tian zhinuo, your poison has been cleared. Take your friends and go quickly.'

Zou Hu was most excited when he heard this. He immediately ran into the study to get some more books before the poison boy was furious.

after Tian zhinuo's persuasion, the poison boy's mood became more stable, but he also forced those bear children to help him bury the snakes.

after sending the signal of peace, several people returned to the forest. After more than a busy hour, they finally buried each poisonous snake. When they returned to the poison boy's home, Tian zhinuo was ready to eat. Zou Hu and the poison boy also cleaned up the yard and sat there talking.

Wanyan ruojin was the first to enter the yard. Her patience had long been polished. She looked at the poison boy fiercely, walked slowly to him and sat down. She glanced at him with a sharp glance and said nothing.

the poison boy coughed twice. Even if he was a little flustered, he didn't dare to show it too clearly.

Shaoyu and weichicheng are much calmer than before. After they sat down, Tian zhinuo brought all the meals. Seeing this, weichicheng helped take them.

the food on the table was prepared by Tian zhinuo alone. It can also be regarded as a reward for the poison boy's saving his life. Although he caused the disaster, one yard is the same.

the meal was soon over. Except Zou Hu, who had been asking questions all the time, almost no one spoke.

after cleaning up the dishes and chopsticks, Wanyan ruojin is in a hurry to leave. She thinks the poison boy is very unhappy.

Zou Hu was reluctant to leave. Before he left, he always said that he would come to see the poison boy in the future.

when those teammates weren't paying attention, Zou Hu stole to the poison boy and said: 'am I the last one to know your real name? He Si'an! I remember, you count me as half a master, and I'll call you uncle he in the future! When I return triumphantly, we can have a drink!'

the last sentence the poison boy told Zou Hu was, 'we must develop an antidote in the future.'

on the way back, Zou Hu held the books tightly and couldn't put them down.

when they returned to the college, they were bound to abuse, and the second team was punished again.

Tian zhinuo is worried about sweeping the dust. She thought the poison boy would know something, but in the end, it's all gone.

Wanyan ruojin coaxed the broom aside, pointed to Zou Hu and scolded, 'you lazy bastard! You implicated us, but you didn't do anything!'

Zou Hu is sitting there, reading the book he brought back from the poison boy with a serious face. He is deaf to what is happening around him.

Wanyan ruojin was about to roll up his sleeves and beat him up. Shaoyu said, 'leave him alone. I'll do your work.'

Wanyan ruojin was stunned. He picked up his broom and was as ungrateful as ever. 'Don't always be a good man. I don't care.'

after cleaning her area, weichicheng gets up and looks around for a week. Then he goes to Tian zhinuo and helps her clean it. 'Homesick again?'

Tian zhinuo returned to his senses at the sound, nodded and said nothing.

'you can go home soon after your annual leave.' Weichi said again.

Tian zhinuo nodded again.

the practice test is over, and then only the theory test is left.

compared with Mo's resignation, Mo Renke is not so gentle and kind-hearted. He is not lax about his achievements.

the practice class is over. Every day, except for theory, everyone is in a coma like a walking corpse.

in order to achieve the overall results of team 2, Tian zhinuo gave Yan ruojin and Zou Hu make-up lessons every day.

Zou Hu is OK. She still has some feelings about words, but Wanyan ruojin, a wild girl who only likes to use force to solve all problems since childhood, would rather let her die than read and write.

for the whole three days, Wanyan ruojin was completely furious.

while Tian zhinuo was carefully explaining the demons in the book, Wanyan ruojin suddenly picked up a pen and inserted it into the paper, directly poked a hole.

'whether he can fly, run or swim! They are all monsters. Kill them directly! What do you do so clearly?!' Wanyan ruojin breathed hurriedly.

Tian zhinuo was frightened. Zou Hu picked up the book and shouted, 'elder sister, this is my book!'

Wanyan ruojin didn't have any repentance at all, so he stood up and said, 'no, I'm going to practice sabre.'

Tian zhinuo quickly grabbed her and said, 'no, the exam will be held tomorrow.'

Wanyan ruojin sees the water wof of Tian zhinuo! wof! With big eyes, he was forced to sit down and look at those heavy books in distress.

it happened that weichicheng and Shaoyu also entered the school.

Yuchi Cheng took the book in Zou Hu's hand, looked at it through the hole, drew a corner of his mouth and said, 'that bitch did it again?'

when his face was finished, he gave a fierce look, and weichi Cheng closed his mouth.

Shaoyu held the practice report card in his hand and put it on the table. 'Our team's performance has decreased, which may be due to the accidental deduction of many points.'

Wanyan ruojin valued the practical results most. She first picked up the list and looked at it from beginning to end. The results of the second team fell to the middle.

Tian zhinuo sighed and said, 'I don't know whether the loss is a blessing or a curse. Now that it has happened, we don't have to worry about it. If we do well in the theory test, we will improve our ranking. After all, the final point is the total score.'

Zou Hu was about to have a look at the results when he found that Wanyan ruojin crumpled up the report card again, threw it on the ground, picked up the book and opened a page and said, 'our second team can only be among the best! Mengxiaojie's practical results are actually ahead of us? I don't agree!'

after seeing Yan ruojin, the others suddenly worked hard and looked at each other with a helpless smile.

after the last temporary cramming, the result did not improve significantly, but just passed. Therefore, Wanyan ruojin and Zou Hu were scolded by Mo Ren.

the other three people sat in the garden waiting for them.

Tian zhinuo, as always, won the first place. She has no feelings. Shaoyu and weichicheng did not advance or retreat, nor did they have great waves.

each person has a work and rest list, which is the specific time of annual leave.

everyone is silent. It's false that they don't feel homesick. But they are always uneasy when they think about the days when they will be separated from their teammates for nearly a month.

hearing Zou Hu's lazy voice, he sat down with a disheartened face. He was unable to support himself on the table. He said with a sad face, 'don't let me be like a woman. I'm so tired of talking!'

Wanyan ruojin also looks like hatred.

'when do you leave for home?' Weichicheng said this to everyone, but his eyes focused on Tian zhinuo.

Shaoyu raised his eyes to look at Wanyan ruojin in the opposite direction and said nothing.

'my home is very close. I'll go back when I send you all away ~' Zou Hu speaks out with justice.

hearing this, Wanyan ruojin dropped her head and clenched her hands into fists. Where can she go if she has no home?

Tian zhinuo saw Wan Yan ruojin's frustration, took her hand and said in a low voice, 'come to my house. Grandpa and grandma will love you.'

Wanyan ruojin raised his red eyes, and Tian zhinuo said: 'just being with me can protect me.'

before Wanyan ruojin spoke, Zou Hu said, 'OK, we'll go to play with you after the new year'

Yuchi Cheng glanced at Shaoyu and nodded at the same time.

'let's come to the college together!' Zou Hu's playful appearance hardly makes people unhappy.

Wanyan ruojin never spoke. Instead, she looked around for a week and looked at everyone's expressions and expressions. This atmosphere made her feel very warm, just like at home.

the students in the college leave one after another, and no one is homesick.

Zou Hu did send the four of them away as agreed before leaving for home.

the four people walked a section of the way, and separated when they reached the fork road.

Wanyan ruojin accompanied Tian zhinuo and the two sisters headed south to Chang'an village.

Chang'an village is less quiet and more noisy, because every new year, the villagers are always lively.

when Tian zhinuo returned to the village, the first place he went was the river.

because the climate is warm all the year round, it is sunny even during the Spring Festival.

I walked around the river and saw no sign of Lao Hei.

'strange. At this time, Lao Hei should be here?' Tian zhinuo really couldn't figure it out.

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