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Chapter 2 Leave today

The Tian family lives in a remote place. There is just one mu of land in the backyard. Tian zhinuo opened up a wasteland there and planted dozens of flowers and plants.

this girl likes to stay with flowers and plants since she was young.

two wooden houses are connected horizontally and vertically, and four neat houses are staggered.

there are some household tools and wooden stools in the front yard. Looking to the left, there are two big hens and a big cock in the cage.

after standing in the front yard for a long time, I can really smell chicken droppings.

weichicheng hurried to the backyard with Tian zhinuo. The two chambers are very different.

the backyard is full of colorful flowers and plants. They are so big and luxuriant that they don't deliberately circle them, so they grow savagely. One flower and one bunch are beautiful and vigorous. They are really pleasing to the eye.

Tian zhinuo skillfully picked up the watering pot and watered them one by one. The drops of water were illuminated by the sunset, which made the flowers more beautiful.

'you raised all these flowers?'

weichi Cheng suddenly gives him a look of admiration. The girl looks small, but she has some skills.

tianzhinuo is particularly in line with this red flower and willow green.

'that's all I like.'

she raised her hand and gently stroked the green plants. Suddenly, she saw a bunch of green leaves suddenly growing several inches. She blinked and looked again. Everything was as usual.

Tian zhinuoquan is dazzled. He puts down his kettle and turns to walk to the house.

weichicheng followed her like a follower.

there are four rooms in the family, two of which are used for sleeping, and the remaining two become warehouses and study respectively. The study belongs to Tian zhinuo.

the study was kept clean and orderly by her.

as soon as Tian zhinuo went in, he did his host's friendship and poured a cup of water for weichi Cheng. At this moment, weichicheng had already slipped to his desk to read books of different sizes.

'are these books all about the situation in Yao and Jizhou?'

weichicheng has read these books roughly. He has also read them, but his memory is so bad that he has almost forgotten them.

Tian zhinuo took the glass of water, put it in weichicheng's hand, picked up a book at random, turned two pages and said, 'thanks to these books, I can be admitted to Tianci college.'

'did you buy these yourself?'

Tian zhinuo shook his head. 'No. since I was ten years old, someone has sent me books anonymously every year.'

'can't it be your aunt?'

weichicheng's guess made tianzhinuo nod.

'I think so. Otherwise, who else would know my existence?'

Tian zhinuo and weichicheng are talking. When Grandpa and grandma come back, they stand at the door and shout Tian zhinuo's nickname.

Tian zhinuo hurried out.

'I, I am here!' I was a little short of breath because I ran so fast.

I thought grandma would scold her for this, but she didn't see anger on Grandma's face. Instead, she was kind.

granny glanced at yuchicheng, who was following Tian zhinuo, and said:

'if my classmates don't tell me in advance when they come home, I can buy some vegetables in advance.'

as soon as the voice fell, grandma went to the kitchen.

grandpa winked at Tian zhinuo and motioned her to hurry up to help.

at this moment, Tian zhinuo understood that it was grandpa who helped her persuade grandma. Grandma has a soft ear. As long as someone she trusts speaks, she can always be convinced.

as soon as grandma came into the kitchen, she began to cook dinner.

Tian zhinuo said cleverly, 'grandma, I'll help you cut the cabbage.'

grandma didn't answer, but went to the edge of the stove in a muffled voice, ready to burn the fire.

the kitchen was very quiet, which made Tian zhinuo hear grandma sobbing.

Tian zhinuo immediately left the cabbage in his hand and walked behind grandma. Nuo said: 'grandma... I'm sorry...'

grandma touched her tears secretly, took a deep breath and turned around. She helped Tian zhinuo adjust his clothes and said, 'it's good to have your own ideas when the child is older.'

when Tian zhinuo saw grandma's red eyes, he was depressed, and his tears seemed to want to fall.

'grandma, i....

' orange, do you miss grandma? Grandma also wants her... You don't have to worry about Grandpa and grandma. Go and do what you want. In fact, grandma never blames your grandma. She is a obedient child, kind and narrow-minded. All the gossip in the village is nonsense. Your grandma is very good! '

hearing this, Tian zhinuo has already cried, and her pearl sized tears are falling down.

grandma saw that she was very distressed. When she helped her wipe it off, she also cried.

'ouch, what are we doing? Let others laugh at us!'

Tian zhinuo hugged grandma and sobbed: 'grandma, I will bring grandma back.'

grandma stroked her granddaughter's back. She really didn't want her to go! However, orange has the right to go out and look for her auntie. The old couple should be the backup rather than the hindrance of their children.

'well, if you cry again, you will become a little cat. When will you start? I can prepare some clothes and dry food for you.'

grandma took Tian zhinuo out of her arms and helped her wipe away those unnecessary tears on her face.

'the day after tomorrow.'

'in such a hurry? It seems that you are already ready!'

Tian zhinuo hung his head and dared not respond with a guilty conscience.

grandma didn't intend to blame her, but pinched her little flesh face and said, 'leave the day after tomorrow and have dinner tonight! Come on, help grandma cook together.'

after hearing the gentle voice of grandma, Tian zhinuo felt much better. He immediately ran to pick up the cabbage and continued to work.

after their grandparents and grandchildren had been busy for half an hour, the dinner was finally served.

during this period, weichicheng was not idle. He helped grandpa and cement in the front yard to prepare a new stove.

grandpa likes weichicheng very much.

now they walk to the table while chatting.

grandpa kept praising Yuchi Cheng to Tian zhinuo. Tian zhinuo was not impressed because she knew this guy for the first time. She didn't know what his temperament was, but her intuition told her that weichi was sincere.

after dinner, grandma stole back to her room and worked overtime to sew new clothes for Tian zhinuo. Her family was not rich, but the cloth sewed for Tian zhinuo was the best material in the village.

Tian zhinuo took a quilt and sent it to his study, because weichi Cheng slept here tonight.

yuchicheng is rubbing his bow and arrow when Tian zhinuo bumps into him.

Tian zhinuo puts aside his bedding, walks to yuchicheng and stares at the chic bow for a while. Her aunt's demon hunting is also archery.

'your bow looks different.'

Yuchi Cheng picked up the bow and made a special move to Tian zhinuo, saying, 'my bow is specially prepared for hunting demons.'

then he pressed a button, and immediately the bow arm withdrew its shell to reveal the sharp blade.

'my bow can not only attack from a distance, but also defend myself from close quarters. Is it fierce?'

Tian zhinuo was shocked by this mysterious mechanism.

Yuchi Cheng picked up his own bow and arrow again, pointed to the arrow and said, 'the arrow is designed to deal with those monsters! The inner and outer layers are all lethal. It's absolutely no problem to pierce their thick skin!'

weichicheng's bow and arrows were tailored for him by his uncle.

Tian zhinuo showed his admiration, but stopped there. After all, she was not interested in these things as a little country girl.

when weichicheng was about to accept a big wave of flattery, the little girl said dryly: 'go to bed early, good night.'

weichicheng said that she had no idea, and then continued to wipe his love bow.

Tian zhinuo returns to his bedroom and yearns to sit at the window and read the diary as usual.

'Auntie, I'm going to Tianci college soon. I heard that the dean of this school is your former teammate. Will she know your whereabouts?'

Tian zhinuo raised his aching eyes and looked out of the window. The bright moon hung behind the clouds, and the rippling moonlight tried to break through the clouds and sprinkle on the ground.

Tian zhinuo thought to himself: no matter how difficult it is, I will admit it.

the next day, grandma asked Tian zhinuo to go to the market and buy some necessities.

Tian zhinuo can only be obedient, and weichicheng is forced to follow him.

Yuchi Cheng is interested in everything. Look at the popcorn, buy a candy man, and take a bunch of candied haws. In a twinkling of an eye, people who sell children's toys also buy one.

I have to say that this guy's money seems like he can't spend it all.

throughout the day, Tian zhinuo saw this guy's lively nature. He seemed not to know how tired he was. He ran around as familiar as his family.

turn back only when Twilight falls.

when he got home, Tian zhinuo had cramped his legs and sat on the chair with his legs in all directions.

after dinner, Tian zhinuo returned to his bedroom. Shortly after that, grandma came in and took a whole package of clothes, including those just sewn yesterday and those sewn for the new year.

my grandma gave me a few more instructions, just like the old people often say, take care of yourself, remember to add clothes when it is cold, and eat on time.

grandma didn't stay any longer. She was afraid that she would cry again.

in a twinkling of an eye, the night has passed, and the time of departure has come.

grandma didn't come out to give it away. She didn't want her granddaughter to see her crying swollen eyes.

grandpa took some money and forced Tian zhinuo to give it to her when she walked out of the door. Without saying anything else, he told her to pay attention to safety on the way.

Tian zhinuo tried to hold back his tears and announced his farewell to ah. Before leaving, he shouted to grandma's house: 'grandma, take care of your body.'

Tian zhinuo and weichicheng walked all the way to the village with the dry food and food prepared in advance by their grandmother.

stop and look back. The tears that had been lingering in Tian zhinuo's eyes finally came down. She was strong enough to wipe away the tears.

since you decide to take this road, you can't cry!

turn around resolutely. Suddenly, I heard several more barks.

'wof! Wof! Woof! Woof!'

Lao Hei came to see her off.

Tian zhinuo turned around again.

Lao Hei stood at the entrance of the village and sat on the ground with his tongue sticking out. He didn't come forward. He seemed to be human. He was afraid that going forward would make Tian zhinuo cry.

'Lao Hei! When I come back! I will continue to tell you stories.'

'wof! Wof! Woof!'

Lao Hei always responds to Tian zhinuo.

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