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Chapter 20 A suspicious person

On the way back, Wanyan ruojin had been listening to Tian zhinuo about the dog, which made her want to see him.

followed Tian zhinuo around the river for several times, but there was no sign.

Tian zhinuo sighed and said regretfully, 'you can only go home first. Come back later.'

Wanyan ruojin nodded her head. When she went to someone else's house for the first time, she was a little nervous.

walking all the way to the Tian family, the neighbors who saw Tian zhinuo had to talk a few homely words. Grow tall, become handsome, lose weight and so on.

the old couple of Tian family don't know that oranges are coming back today. They are working in the cake shop now. There are many customers when the new year is coming.

there was a long line outside the pancake shop, and Tian zhinuo could only look inside on tiptoe.

I saw grandma standing beside the wall for a while, beating her waist, and then loading baked cakes for the guests. Grandpa's movements are also much slower. He is too old to work.

Tian zhinuo put his bag beside the wall and squeezed into the crowd. Without saying a word, he began to help, and Wanyan ruojin followed closely.

the old couple of the Tian family were stunned in a trance. They didn't care about their happiness and continued to work.

after a busy afternoon, I can be regarded as closing the shop and going home.

as soon as she got home, Granny asked questions, fearing that Tian zhinuo would be wronged outside.

Tian zhinuo said all the good things he had experienced in the college, but not one bad thing.

grandma smiled happily. She rubbed the small head of the orange and said earnestly: 'it looks like a lot of maturity ~'

she didn't talk any more. After watching Yan ruojin, she smiled kindly: 'ruojin, you're welcome at home, don't make yourself at home.' Then he went to the kitchen.

Wanyan ruojin nodded and looked at the pictures of their grandparents and grandchildren getting along, which reminded her of her family and made her eyes wet.

seeing this, Tian zhinuo immediately took her hand and walked to the backyard. As he walked, he said: 'I must let you see my precious garden ~'

Wanyan ruojin stole tears.

when she came to the backyard, she took good care of the lifelike flowers and plants. She picked up the watering pot and bent over to water the flowers.

'I have loved flowers and plants since I was a child, and I feel very comfortable with them...' just halfway through the conversation, Tian zhinuo saw some changes in the light light, and the branches and vines of those flowers and plants suddenly grew and wrapped around the kettle. The change was so obvious that she threw away the kettle and stood up and took two steps backwards.

Wanyan ruojin takes Tian zhinuo behind him and looks down at the flower field.

Tian zhinuo pointed to the position just now and said, 'how did those flowers become like?!'

Wanyan ruojin looks along the direction. Except for some swaying flowers and leaves, there is nothing unusual.

Tian zhinuo blinked and looked again. Everything was as usual again. She was in a trance. Why is this always the case recently.

Wanyan ruojin turned around and said, 'are you too tired to see?'

Tian zhinuo shook his head. This reason can be used to explain it once or twice, but it has been so many times. Is it really just dazzled?

thinking about it carefully, I suddenly heard grandpa's voice coming from the front yard, 'Ouch! Why is the hen becoming more and more disobedient!'

Wanyan ruojin patted her on the shoulder and said, 'let's go to see Grandpa first.'

after nodding their heads, they came to the front yard one after the other and saw two big hens flapping their wings. Grandpa was too old to chase them.

suddenly, a knife flew away, directly blocking the way of the big hen. When he was panicked, Tian zhinuo ran to pick it up and stuffed it back into the chicken nest.

Wanyan ruojin was trying to hold the other one, only to find that it was not easy to do this. He was at a loss with both hands.

'girl, I'll come.' Grandpa walked over breathlessly. When he was about to bend over, 'click! Cha', his waist twisted.

when Tian zhinuo heard grandpa's wailing, he immediately ran over to catch the big hen and put it into the cage. Then he quickly came to help Grandpa: 'why don't you sell the hen? I'm not at home. You and grandma are also old. How can you have the time and energy to raise them?'

when he sat down on the stool, Grandpa did not dare to move. He propped up his waist and said, 'you can't sell them! They may have laid eggs, which can save a lot of money!'

Wanyan Ruo Jinmo takes back his knife. When he comes to Grandpa, his fierce appearance startles the old man.

Wanyan ruojin immediately took back the knife and consciously stepped back two steps.

'is this girl playing with a big knife?' Grandpa looked at his granddaughter. It was much more pleasing to his eyes.

Tian zhinuo nodded. 'This is her demon hunting technique. It's used to punish monsters. Don't be afraid, Grandpa.'

at this moment, grandma came out, took two plates of vegetables and walked to the house, muttering: 'oranges take bowls and chopsticks.'

after adding two more dishes, the dinner began. Grandpa and grandma took good care of Yan ruojin, which made her grateful.

after dinner, Tian zhinuo takes the initiative to wash the dishes. She wants to help her grandparents share more.

Wanyan ruojin wiped the table clean and went to the kitchen to help. Only then did he notice that Tian zhinuo was secretly sobbing.


Tian zhinuo stopped at once when he heard the sound, and the bass answered, 'you wait for me for a while, I'll be right away.'

Wanyan ruojin didn't say any more. He turned and walked to the yard and sat on a stool.

from time to time, there are the bickering sound of grandparents, the 'cluck' sound of hens competing for favors, and the 'sand' sound of wind blowing branches.

in short, all these sounds are full of the flavor of home.

Wanyan ruojin is homesick. When Tian zhinuo came out of the kitchen, her tears had been dried by the breeze.

after sitting beside her, Tian zhinuo said, 'I'm going to make you and I squeeze a bed these days.'

with a smile and a long sigh, Wanyan ruojin looked into the night sky, 'how can it be an injustice? It's an honor. If you didn't bring me back, I should show myself on the street now?'

Tian zhinuo leaned on her shoulder and did not answer. At present, it is unnecessary to say anything except company.

'why did you cry just now?' Wanyan ruojin wanted to hear the reason. Tian zhinuo was stunned and didn't want to admit it, but Wanyan ruojin said, 'I heard the sound of sniffling.'

Tian zhinuo sighed lightly, looked down at the ground, and said softly, 'this time, I suddenly found that my grandparents have more white hair and are much older... I feel sorry and blame myself.'

'self blame? It's human nature to suffer from illness and death, which has nothing to do with you.' Wanyan ruojin didn't quite understand her words.

Tian zhinuo straightened up, pulled his hands and said, 'but if I stayed with them, maybe they wouldn't work so hard.'

Wanyan ruojin rubbed her small head and comforted her: 'you would think so, and so would they. The old people hope to be your backup rather than a hindrance.'

Tian zhinuo finally raised his head with tears in his eyes and looked at Wan Yan ruojin. Wanyan ruojin sent a gentle smile and said, 'don't think so much. It's good to get along while the family is still healthy.'

Tian zhinuo hugged her. It was clear that she needed to be comforted, but she kept encouraging herself.

the two sisters have talked a lot tonight, and their weight in each other's hearts is getting heavier and heavier.

as the new year is coming, the Tian family has also closed the cake shop and devoted themselves to preparing the new year goods.

window fireworks, chicken, duck, fish and meat, new clothes and shoes, cleaning sundries...

this year, the business of the pancake shop is good. Grandma gave Tian zhinuo a lot of money to buy a new dress in the market.

the two sisters spent a day outside. The market in front of the new year is really lively. It is rare to see a crowded street.

Wanyan ruojin pulled out the knife several times. It's true that this girl is really aggressive. Maybe she used to be a young lady who was always holding her hands when shopping on the street. Nowadays, it is hard to bargain in other places. She is so angry that she always wants to cut down the stall and shop.

Tian zhinuo persuades him all the way and sighs bitterly. Wanyan ruojin is more terrible than Wei Chicheng!

Tian zhinuo went into the candy store this time and asked Wanyan ruojin to wait outside for fear of another conflict.

there are a lot of people coming and going, most of them are flat headed ordinary people in coarse clothes. If there are oneortwo Mavericks, you can tell at a glance.

Wanyan ruojin has been trained by Mo CI for half a year, and he immediately sees the difference.

there is a group of people, at least fiveorsix, who have shuttled through the crowd for several times. They have been empty handed all the time. Their actions are secretive. They don't look like local people.

Wanyan ruojin didn't want to miss the opportunity. He followed up quietly and watched carefully.

the crowd is turbulent and noisy. You push me. I lost it by accident.

Wanyan ruojin quickened her pace and followed up. When she came to an alley, there was no trace. She stood there and looked around. No one was there.

'am I worrying too much?' Wanyan ruojin always feels insecure.

Tian zhinuo walks out of the shop and finds Wanyan ruojin missing. He is worried that she will be lost and shouts her name. 'Here,' the crowd replied

in the twinkling of an eye, Wanyan ruojin leaped down from the roof. It's too slow to walk on the street. It's better to fly on the eaves and walls.

Tian zhinuo breathed a sigh of relief and asked, 'why did you go?'

Wanyan ruojin didn't want to affect Tian zhinuo because of his wrong judgment. He immediately responded with a smile: 'I think there are roasted sweet potatoes. I want to buy them, but they are sold out.'

'bake sweet potatoes? I can bake them in my pancake oven. Buy some raw ones and I'll bake them for you.' Tian zhinuo carried the shopping to his left hand and held Yan ruojin with his right hand for fear that she would be lost.

Wanyan ruojin is still uneasy. She always pays attention to her surroundings.

I didn't see those suspicious people again until I returned to the Tian family.

he did what he said. Tian zhinuo really baked sweet potatoes for her. The taste was really good.

after cleaning, Grandpa and grandma happened to eat with them.

chatting, he suddenly thought of Lao Hei. Tian zhinuo said to Wanyan ruojin, 'I'll take you to the river in a while. Lao Hei should be there.'

Wanyan ruojin just nodded, the look of Grandpa and grandma changed, and the corners of her mouth, which had been raised, were now closed.

'orange... I have something to tell you.' Grandpa still opened his mouth.

Tian zhinuo noticed that the two elders' expressions were not quite right, and he was uneasy. 'What's the matter?'

grandma tightened her throat and finally opened her mouth. 'Old black is gone...'

these four words were a bolt from the blue for Yu tianzhinuo. The baked sweet potato in her hand fell to the ground.

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