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Chapter 21 The enemy comes to the door

'Sick... Dead?' Tian zhinuo could not believe that her only friend in the village had left her so quickly.

at the thought of this, grandma was heartbroken. She couldn't say anything but let Grandpa say it.

'no, he was killed by...' Grandpa dared not look up at the girl's eyes. 'For a month after you left, Lao Hei came to our house to guard every day. Whenever an outsider came, he would shout.'

Tian zhinuo listens carefully.

'until that day, the man in the east of the village who always came to our cake shop to make trouble was drunk again and had to buy a hundred cakes. At that time, he was ready to close the shop, but he really couldn't do it. He went crazy and smashed the shop, and the tables and chairs were broken. It was Lao Hei who rushed over and bit him on the leg and pulled him out...'

grandpa was afraid as long as he remembered the scene that day.

'the guy picked up the stick and beat Lao Hei. We asked him to run away, but he didn't listen! Just... He was killed alive...

Tian zhinuo seemed to see the picture of that day. He was already in tears, clenched his hands into fists, and accumulated anger.

Wanyan ruojin's anger suddenly came up. He stood up and said righteously: 'how dare you! Bully the old man and the dog! Son of a bitch! Where is he? I'll find him!'

Tian zhinuo is very sad when he thinks of the scene when he talked with old black.

'I know you don't want it. Your grandfather and I buried him in front of the big tree in the backyard. We can live with it.' Grandma also added.

the old couple thought about their children and didn't say anything without asking. As a result, Tian zhinuo was really a man who valued love and righteousness.

without saying anything, Tian zhinuo got up and ran to the backyard. He squatted in front of the tree and looked at the slightly raised soil slope. Tears could not stop falling down. He murmured, 'Lao Hei, thank you for taking care of my grandparents. You will always be my most important friend.'

I don't know if it's an illusion. Tian zhinuo seems to hear those two voices again, 'wof! Wof! Wang'.

Wanyan ruojin followed him slowly and stood behind Tian zhinuo.

Tian zhinuo sobbed, 'it's too much for you to be a great hero behind my back! It's agreed that I will be a hero and you will be a little brother...'

'where is that man? I'll find him!' Wanyan ruojin could not bear it.

'no, this time... I will vent my anger for my grandparents and old black!' Tian zhinuo wiped away his tears and stood up. In the past, there were many bad guys who bullied the Tian family with only old people and children. Today, Tian zhinuo is no longer the weak girl who dared not say anything before.

when I was about to turn around, I heard a voice from the front yard, 'brothers, it is their dog that bit my leg! Hey, are you still in the mood to eat baked sweet potato?! look at my leg!'

'snap' Peng! 'There was a broken sound. It was obvious that the tables and chairs had been overturned.

Tian zhinuo and Wanyan ruojin rushed straight to the front yard and saw several fierce men with a thick stick in their hands.

grandpa and grandma were so scared that they wanted to protect their granddaughter even if they were unable to do so.

Tian zhinuo turned back to protect the second old man behind him and looked at the fat man with simple mind and developed limbs.

The fat man limped forward for two steps and looked up and down at Tian zhinuo. 'The little girl is becoming more and more handsome. Today, I'm in a good mood. If you go back with me, I won't make trouble.'

Tian zhinuo asked in a deep voice, 'did you kill Lao Hei?'

'yes, who let that beast bite me! My right leg was bitten by him! I haven't recovered after more than three months!' The fat man was suddenly in a bad temper.

once the enemy is identified, Tian zhinuo has nothing to worry about. He immediately spit on his face, 'bully my family and friends while I'm away... Do you think we really dare not resist?!'

the fat man looked at the little girl who was shorter than himself, scornfully mocked him, turned around and said to his brothers behind him: 'do you hear me? The little girl is ambitious! I don't obey you! What are you waiting for? Give her some color!' As soon as the voice fell, he automatically stepped back two steps.

I saw those strong men walking towards Tian zhinuo with wooden sticks in their hands. Before Tian zhinuo moved, he saw the light of the knife and whirled away in the dark light. 'Click! Click' several times, and the wooden sticks fell to the ground in pieces.

when the knife fell back into the scabbard, the strong men were stunned and stunned.

'a large number of people may not win. Sometimes it depends on strength.' Wanyan ruojin calmly said this sentence.

those guys were surprised, but they still walked forward. When they were ready to capture Yan ruojin, a long whip came, and the sound of whipping reverberated in the yard. Just for a moment, those strong men were beaten and fell to the ground.

Tian zhinuo has already used the whip technique like a duck to water in the past few months of hard training.

the fat man panicked. Is this still the little girl who used to be silent?

seeing this, the fat man knew that escaping was the best policy. He just turned around, tied his ankle with a whip, pulled it hard and fell to the ground.

Tian zhinuo walks towards him step by step.

hearing the fat man's cry for help, those brothers thought of helping out with their own righteousness, but Wanyan ruojin drew a knife at one's lower body and warned: 'if you dare to move, I will kill your children and grandchildren immediately.'

it's no exaggeration. The man was scared to death.

the fat man knew he was finished, so he had to kneel down and beg for mercy. He got up in confusion and knelt on the ground and kowtowed his head.

Tian zhinuo looked down at him slowly and said with a sneer: 'in today's troubled times, people can't make a living. It's just that you don't understand each other as a peer, but you bully the weak. What's your conscience

fat men just kowtow and apologize and beg for mercy in tears.

when Tian zhinuo saw that he was in such a mess, he shook his head helplessly and threw a whip on him. He only heard a howl and fell to the ground crying bitterly.

as long as Tian zhinuo thought that Lao Hei had been killed alive, she was so angry that she wanted to execute the bad guy on the spot. But if she did, what would be the difference between her and him?

after all, he didn't have the heart to stop and said in a muffled voice, 'if you dare to make trouble again in the future, I will never forgive you.'

Wanyan ruojin sighed and said to the strong men, 'thanks to Arnold. If it were me, today next year would be your memorial day.'

Tian zhinuo put away his whip and said, 'you go. Remember, we can't have civil strife until the demons are removed. It's only when we unite as one and work together externally.'

as soon as Wanyan ruojin received the knife, those men immediately ran away.

the fat man limped out, ran and suddenly turned back, and said in a loud voice, 'girl, what you taught me is.'

Tian zhinuo suddenly had weak legs and nearly fell down. This is the first time she has resisted so strongly.

grandpa and grandma were shocked by her appearance.

fortunately, everything was in peace. After appeasing each other, I went back to rest.

Tian zhinuo stayed in front of laoheifen for a long time. She told him about her experience in the past six months. She cried and dared not speak. That night, she suddenly realized that only by making herself stronger can she protect her family and friends.

despite the continuous sadness, life can only move forward bravely.

the new year is coming. It is a very interesting festival. It is lively, warm, reunited and hopeful...

Chang'an village has a tradition that every new year's Eve, it always visits its neighbors, eats and delivers food with its own skills to other people's homes, and pays new year's greetings to each other.

Tian zhinuo carries rice cakes, bean bags and sugar triangles to each house one by one.

it's good to have Wanyan ruojin's help this year. Otherwise, little orange would have to run back and forth several times.

the same greeting and address, different surnames and gifts.

'Aunt Liu, happy New Year ~ grandma asked me to send you New Year cakes.'

'Aunt Zhang, happy New Year ~ grandma asked me to give you the sugar triangle.'

the other party will give lucky money or candy.

after a lap, there was no loss. Tian zhinuo's pocket was full of candy and broken money.

there are firecrackers in front of each house, showing a lively and colorful scene.

'crackling' fireworks are only released by wealthy families. There will always be a group of children who go to join the fun and make wishes with their eyes closed.

Tian zhinuo is one of the children. He has never been absent from school.

I just passed by on my way home. I stopped to enjoy a visual feast.

'suddenly miss everyone.' Tian zhinuo used to watch it alone, but he is no longer used to being alone since he enjoyed it with everyone in the capital on the Mid Autumn Festival.

Wanyan ruojin, a cold-blooded man, also misses those guys a little. What I miss most is her hometown and relatives.

those three people in different places do not miss the college life.

the most common custom of the Chinese New Year is to stay up all night and wait for the new year.

it is necessary to cook dumplings at five o'clock, indicating a new start and hope.

grandma squinted for a while and got up to cook dumplings. Tian zhinuo and Wanyan ruojin, who wanted to stay up until dawn, went to sleep while chatting. When they heard grandpa's cry, they opened their eyes vaguely.

the two sisters left the room back and forth and stood in the yard feeling confused.

'oranges, bring dumplings ~' hearing grandma's voice, he walked to the kitchen in a daze and brought the dumplings to the table.

before eating dumplings, you should kowtow and pay New Year's greetings. You can only eat at the table after receiving the new year's money.

Wanyan ruojin naturally does as the Romans do when in Rome. After a series of processes, it is still very interesting.

the Tian family moved here earlier. They have no relatives in the village, so the custom of paying New Year's greetings from the first day to the fifth day of the first day of the Lunar New Year is eliminated.

Tian zhinuo has been wandering around with Wan Yan ruojin these two days. Anyway, he is running around without home.

now I went to the mountain to pick fruit. Although Wanyan ruojin is a famous girl, her Kung Fu in climbing the tree is not inferior to that of Tian zhinuo.

'ruojin, be careful.' Tian zhinuo is really worried.

Wanyan ruojin confidently stood on the branch and pulled the fruit, throwing it down one by two, 'pick it up, Arnold.' He raised his head to see a group of people walking down the mountain. From the perspective of clothing, he saw those suspicious people in the market a few days ago.

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