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Chapter 26 The way of taming tigers

Zou Hu saw that the war situation had reached a critical point. He took out all the poison powder hidden in his pocket, squatted there, opened the covers of several bottles of poison powder, blended them back and forth, and finally made a bottle of highly toxic. He stood up proudly and said darkly: 'big cat, I think you can resist this time.'

Zou Hu was about to take a step, when he suddenly rushed to a tiger behind him. It was the one he was stunned by at that time. Fortunately, Zhao Ting pulled it, otherwise it would be a small life.

Zou Hu did not forget to protect his poison when he fell down. The fierce tiger showed sharp teeth and was about to bite Zou Hu down. Other teammates had no time to save him. Everyone looked in panic. Zou Hu suddenly stopped, shook his body and twitched. Then he looked at Zou Hu reluctantly. When he tried to scream, he fell weakly to the ground.

it's really hard to wake up this time.

Zou Hu breathed hurriedly. His heart was about to jump out. His life was on the line. Success in self-protection was enough for him to blow for a year.

the teammates were relieved. However, those tigers were furious. Their companions fell down. How could they be indifferent? No matter how tired you are, you must fight again.

when they were negligent, they made a sneak attack. A powerful tiger claw hit Yan ruojin's back directly. This time, she had no time to hide. She hit her fly with one palm and fell to the ground. When she got up again, a mouthful of blood burst out uncontrollably. She stroked her chest, looked at the fierce tiger, and said feebly, 'you guy, are playing Yin...'

she didn't give Yan ruojin a chance to react at all. She immediately ran to prepare for another attack. Wan Yan ruojin was ready, but Shaoyu saved her at this critical moment. A flash of light flashed across the sword. He held up his sharp sword and tried his best to stop the tiger's attack.

Shaoyu is not exhausted, but he must not watch her being bullied. 'Go... Go!' Shaoyu is biting his teeth. He can't hold on.

Wanyan ruojin was shocked when he saw him. He stood up on the ground, pulled out his knife, and walked over with difficulty, 'I won't be a deserter!'

Shaoyu was stunned. Seeing Wanyan ruojin standing beside her, she still had blood stains on her mouth. He held onto the handle of the knife and said forcefully, 'don't be shocked! Push it away quickly? Is it difficult to be trampled to death by him?!'

Shaoyu immediately concentrated, and the two finally worked together to contain a fierce tiger. One wave just flattened, another wave started again. This time, two tigers came directly.

before Tian zhinuo and weichicheng could react, they saw two spiral darts flying from the East, sharp across the side faces of the two tigers, and their skin was torn open.

Zhaoting was the most familiar with the dart. She immediately stood up and said, 'Xiaojie, I'm here!'

mengxiaojie breathes a sigh of relief when she sees that Zhaoting is safe and sound. 'How could there be a tiger?!'

'it's too late to explain. Let's control them first.' Tianzhinuo answered mengxiaojie's words.

mengxiaojie looked at Tian zhinuo with a disdainful face and retorted, 'are you teaching me to do things?'

'Xiao Jie, just listen to Tian zhinuo.' Zhaoting actually helped Tian zhinuo speak. This is something Meng Xiaojie never thought of.

the situation was grim. Mengxiaojie finally compromised and fought with his teammates to help Tian zhinuo and the tigers.

several more people came. The fierce tigers were really overwhelmed. They were surrounded by the regiment and even retreated. At this time, Zou Hu finally ran over and shouted, 'let me come!'

he squeezed into the crowd, and after seeing those evil cats, he shrank back. 'Everybody cover your nose.' As soon as the words fell, a bottle of poison powder was sprinkled on the big cat. They fainted slowly just like the one just now.

seeing this, everyone was relieved. Shaoyu and Wanyan ruojin directly half knelt on the ground to rest. Tian zhinuo also squatted down and stared at the big guys.

Yuchi Cheng was about to find a tree to lean against for a while when Zou Hu suddenly took his arm, leaned against his shoulder and said: 'no, I'm so tired, I'm going to be tired to death'

Yuchi Cheng immediately pushed him away, and roast, 'brother, are you still tired? Can you just stay idle?'

Zou Hu immediately disagreed and retorted: 'I would be idle. If it weren't for me, would they faint? I'm the hero, OK?'

it took a lot of time and effort to deal with these guys alone. Now they really have no strength to look for flags.

'this training, we must be at the bottom...' Wanyan ruojin has a clear understanding of himself.

'that's right. Now you should be the only one who hasn't found the flag. Other teams have already returned to work. If we can't find ting and Zhao Wei, we won't turn back.' Mengxiaojie is very good at throwing cold water.

Tian zhinomo stood up and said to mengxiaojie, 'please go back and tell Mr. Mo that there are fierce tigers in the forest. If you don't deal with them, they will be in danger.'

mengxiaojie was about to refute, but Zhaoting opened her mouth first. She put away her old domineering ways and showed some obedience. She replied: 'we'll go back now. You pay attention to your safety here.'

Tian zhinuo pursed his lips and nodded his head. After seeing them off, all the members of the second team sat on the ground, exhausted and speechless.

the three boys pulled the tiger on the other side. The journey was not peaceful, but the tiger didn't mean to wake up. It can be seen how powerful Zou Hu's poison is.

Zou Hu was so tired that he lay down on the ground and said with emotion: 'I didn't expect that one day I would experience such a life-threatening thing ~'

'this is just the beginning. There will be more disasters waiting for us in the future.' Weichicheng's words silenced everyone.

demon hunter is a precarious identity. Success is eternal, and failure is unknown.

Shaoyu glances at Wanyan ruojin. Her face is pale, her lips are colorless, and the mark on her back hit by the tiger's claws still occasionally emits blood.

'ah Hu, do you have any wound medicine?' Shaoyu asked. Zou Hu immediately fumbled in his pocket and handed him two bottles of ointment. 'Are you hurt?'

Shaoyu took it over, shook his head, and directly handed it to Yan ruojin, 'take some medicine first, or you will get infected.'

Wanyan ruojin said two words in a low voice, 'thank you.'

Shaoyu was surprised, but also showed an extremely gentle smile.

Tian zhinuo found that Wanyan ruojin was injured and took the medicine bottle in Yan ruojin's hand. 'You three turn around and don't look.' Quickly helped her with the medicine.

Wanyan ruojin looked at Shaoyu's back and said secretly: is it because of guilt and guilt that he treats me well? Should I hate him or not...

about half an hour later, Mo CI finally came.

the children of team 2 squinted in their confusion.

when they heard the footsteps, Shaoyu and weichicheng opened their eyes at the same time. They were relieved to see that it was mo Ji.

Mo Ji was followed by Shangguan Lin and several village chiefs of the surrounding villages, all of whom came to solve the tiger problem.

'wake up, the teacher is coming.' Weichicheng wakes the other three.

Shangguan saw that several children were tired and hurried forward. Tian zhinuo was the most worried.

I was relieved to see that she had no pain except some dust.

when several village chiefs saw the fierce big guys, they hid behind Mo Ji. One of them pointed to the tiger and said, 'a few days ago, someone in our village came to the woods to cut firewood. It happened that we met one. Several young people in our village came to dig several holes, thinking that we could let these guys fall in, and we could be safe.'

Shangguan Zhen stepped forward and looked closely. These tigers were not from pengcang. It reminded her that she and her companions had seen such tigers by chance when they passed through Yiguo more than ten years ago.

'can't even the beast live in Yiguo now?' Shangguan said to himself.

Tian zhinuo hurriedly stood up, walked to shangguanzhen and said, 'Dean, can you keep them alive?' Everything has a spirit. Tian zhinuo doesn't want to see the fresh life disappear.

Shangguan Lin turns to look at Xiang tianzhinuo. Her eyes are full of longing. Shangguan Gua replied with a serious smile: 'this thing is ferocious. Keep them. What if you hurt the surrounding villagers? Because your kindness is likely to kill more innocent people.'

this is not unreasonable. Tian zhinuo knows that he is not strong enough to tame the beasts and make them obedient and not hurt others.

several village chiefs nodded, and one of them immediately echoed: 'yes, girl, you can protect yourself. We common people have no strength to bind chickens!'

Tian zhinuo is silent.

although these tigers are fierce, they are also forced to leave their homes and travel thousands of miles to strange places. In order to protect themselves, they can only show unprecedented ferocity.

in a word, it is all because those monsters make innocent lives so bitter.

'a good heart is a good thing, but you can't do stupid things on this ground.'

Shangguan Lin doesn't want to attack Tian zhinuo's intentions. After all, the child is also out of kindness.

weichicheng is the first to speak for Tian zhinuo. He doesn't want to watch the tigers die.

'Dean, I agree with Arnold. If it were not for the troubled times, these tigers would not venture to strange places. They also want to live well.'

Wanyan ruojin, who has always been indifferent, still adhered to his own ideas and said: 'however pitiful these tigers are, they are also the aliens we should guard against. The law of the jungle, if they don't die, we will die.'

Zou Hu finished standing with Yan ruojin this time. He didn't think the tigers would kindly let them go. 'Yes, they should be disposed of before they wake up. The effect will be over in a while.'

Shaoyu did not say a word calmly, because no matter how to discuss this matter, they all hold their own opinions and cannot be unified.

'Mo Ci, what do you think?' Shangguan wants to hear his opinion.

'thundering' suddenly burst into my ears.

the weather today is really bad. It's been gloomy for a long time. I can't hold back now.

Mo CI is neutral. Seeing the bad weather, he puts forward a proposal satisfactory to both sides.

'there is an abandoned school yard in the college. It is not a small area. It is better to let these tigers live for a few days. Try to tame your life, regardless of its high or low status. Don't hurry to end your life.'

Mo Ci's words won Shangguan's heart. It is worthy of being her cousin. Her words hit her heart.

I heard that Tian zhinuo's expression eased a lot.

several village heads nodded, and they could accept it as long as they didn't let the tiger run around. Now that they have accepted it, Wanyan ruojin and Zou Hu have no objection.

some other students were called, and it took a lot of effort to pull the tigers back and put up a fence as quickly as possible to prevent them from running around.

after all the projects are completed, the rain will come.

lightning and thunder, wind and rain. Before the dawn, the sky was already dark and dark.

Tian zhinuo volunteered to train the tigers. It's strange that the tigers were more docile when they saw her than when they saw other people.

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