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Chapter 27 The truth of the year

Tian zhinuo took an umbrella and came to the abandoned school yard. The tigers also just woke up and found that it was a new environment. They were somewhat grumpy and patted the fence to escape.

the tigers were severely beaten by the icy rain, and their roars echoed throughout the school yard.

Tian zhinuo was afraid, but she didn't flinch. She moved slowly to the fence. After keeping a safe distance, she spoke slowly.

'sorry, I hurt you today. Does it hurt?'

Tian zhinuo's gentle voice came into the ears of the big cats. One of them stopped roaring as if it had been negotiated. They slowly put down their paws and sat on the ground.

Tian zhinuo couldn't bear them being drenched like this. He raised his hand and summoned a bunch of flowers and plants to make a simple shed to protect them from the wind and rain.

these fierce tigers turned into kittens and looked at Tian zhinuo safely.

'I'm sorry to have to squeeze you into this place. But this is the best way right now. I know you want to go home. I promise you, I will let you go back.'

the fierce tiger seemed to be human. He nodded his head and said nothing. I'm afraid he was homesick.

Wanyan ruojin finally found Tian zhinuo and shouted to her to go back. The rain is so heavy that she will catch a cold.

at the sound, Tian zhinuo said goodbye to the five big cats and left with an umbrella.

when I returned to my dorm, the rain outside the window did not stop, and lightning flashed through the window all night.

all the things experienced today are too dangerous for Yu tianzhinuo, and at the same time, she has achieved unprecedented growth.

she can't sleep with her eyes open for a long time. She has been introspecting. Once she was really narrow, and everything she saw was very superficial. It was only after I really set foot on this road that I realized that the suffering of the world was not just saying.

with lightning and thunder, she thought of her home and missed her family.

Wanyan ruojin was not sleepy. When he turned over, he found that Tian zhinuo was also looking at the roof with his eyes open.

'Arnold, why don't you sleep?'

'can't sleep.' Tian zhinuo's answer was brief and comprehensive. She suddenly touched the bracelet that she had been wearing on her wrist. She slowly took it off and handed it to Yan ruojin. She said, 'now I have found the demon hunting technique. This should be returned to you.'

Wanyan ruojin was stunned before he took over. Now Arnold is really powerful. Why do you need a bracelet? She put the bracelet on her wrist again and stroked it before she said:

'I wonder if my family is doing well there?'

this sentence resonated with Tian zhinuo. This time she really felt it.

'it will be good, it will be.'

the living can only hope to continue to live.

Tian zhinuo stretched out his hand slowly, held Yan ruojin's palm, and comforted: 'ruojin, no matter what happens in the future, I will never leave you.'

Wanyan ruojin approached her, closed her eyes and nodded: 'of course, we should be good sisters all our lives.'

the two sisters depend on each other, giving each other a lot of strength and warmth.

the days must continue. During these days, we all gained our own growth.

practice and study demon hunting; Receive theoretical knowledge; Consolidating the basic theory; Hone teamwork.

all these have become a ladder for children to become stronger.

Tian zhinuo always trains the tigers in his spare time. It is amazing that the tigers really listen to her.

this amazing story makes Tian zhinuo an excellent benchmark praised by people.

three meals a day, rise and fall in one season and change in one year.

the pengcang country, where grass grows and birds fly, is as colorful as ever, with flowers competing for beauty.

the two-year college life is far from the end. The children have more or less lost their childishness at the beginning, and their faces are more or less exposed to the wind and the sun, as well as the composure left by the years.

Tian zhinuo is sitting outside the abandoned school with the diary. To be exact, this abandoned school yard has become a representative scenic spot in the hospital.

since Tian zhinuo began to train tigers, he and his partners have taken care of this place from the inside out. Although it is not as good as the original residence of the tigers, compared with the wild weeds, this place is also called a paradise.

Tian zhinuo, like Lao Hei, came to tell stories to the tigers every day for more than a year.

the response this time was that there were bursts of 'wow'.

these strong tigers are really big cats in front of Tian zhinuo.

another morning.

'Yiguo is the capital of the country headed by two high mountains. One is Gushan Mountain, where seeing is better than hearing. Under the Gushan Mountain, there are clusters of flowers, and red tile huts stand in the sea of colorful flowers.'

'it is an empty mountain, covered with green pines and shrouded in clouds. You often see a milky cloud of smoke in the mountains, just like a fairyland on earth.'

speaking of this, Tian zhinuo is already very curious. She really wants to see this natural gift with her own eyes.

'normally, you should live in an empty mountain, right? After all, the climate in Gushan is cold, and you can't survive.'

when you hear this, the tigers make a noise.

'oranges, are you telling stories here again?' Weichicheng wakes up and looks everywhere for tianzhinuo.

Tian zhinuo looks up at weichicheng, who is eating in his hand. He walks to her, sits down directly and hands her the food.

Tian zhinuo took it and gave it to the friends behind him before he put it in his mouth.

Yuchi Cheng glanced back at those guys, and said with a sour smell: 'now the four of us can't compare with the five ~'

Tian zhinuo glanced at him, took a sugar cake and put it into Yuchi Cheng's mouth, saying: 'don't worry, you are all my big treasures! Especially... Brother Acheng ~'

Tian zhinuo's mouth is really sweet, which makes Yuchi Cheng shiver subconsciously, I was embarrassed to go.

weichicheng coughed twice, and he was immersed in joy and didn't speak.

'life passes quickly. In a twinkling of an eye, we will go outside to practice. Maybe that is the beginning of the experience.'

Tian zhinuo has begun to look forward to it.

according to the notice received yesterday, five days later, the demon hunting teams in the college can leave the college one after another and start the practice training outside the college.

this also corresponds to the teaching rules of Tianci college, two years of on campus teaching and one year of off campus practice.

yuchicheng breathed a long sigh. He was also looking forward to it. He finally became a real demon hunter.

'yes, I have something to tell you.' Weichi Cheng looked at Tian zhinuo sideways. 'I met the Dean just now. She asked you to go to her.'

I heard that Tian zhinuo had a guess.

'it seems that she has finally recognized me.' Tian zhinuo has been waiting for this day for too long. She really wants to know her mother's past and future traces.

'your efforts and progress are obvious to all. The dean is not careless. She must know.' Weichicheng has been encouraging her for more than a year.

after breakfast, Tian zhinuo went to Shangguan's study with excitement. When he opened the door and walked in, he saw a different woman.

Shangguan Lin sat at the tea table and made hot tea.

the dress she wears today makes people look more friendly, and even her long hair is more virtuous.

'come and sit down.' Shangguan did not look up, but put the cup of tea across the table.

after Tian zhinuo sat down, Shangguan Chen raised his head. With a little tenderness in his eyes, he said, 'your auntie loved to drink this tea before. You can taste it.'

Tian zhinuo is very interested in anything about his mother. He takes a sip from his tea cup. It seems that it is not bad.

'you didn't disappoint your mother. Although you are not the strongest, you must admit that you have grown a lot since you first came here.' As soon as he finished speaking, he took out a jade pendant from his pocket. It was exactly the same as the one left by Tian zhinuo's mother. The only difference was that the reverse side of the jade pendant was engraved with: shangguanqian.

Tian zhinuodang took out the jade pendant he had been carrying and looked at it.

'this is the one customized by my father for us the year we left the college. Except for different names, it is the same everywhere.' While touching it, Shangguan Lin said: 'in those days, we were in high spirits and attacked the Central Plains directly to confront the demon king. But I ran away, because I was really afraid...'

'what are you afraid of?' Tian zhinuo asked eagerly. In her mother's diary, it was only written that Shangguan left suddenly. I don't know why she left.

'afraid to die... On the way to the Central Plains, we encountered many crises. At that time, I was too weak. I would have died if I hadn't been protected by my teammates.' Shangguan is glad that he is still alive, but at the same time, he also locks his guilt in his heart.

'at that time, I was spoiled by my father. I was self willed, self willed, rampant, and disobedient. I hated Tian Yayan most because she always did everything well, and her teammates liked her, so I targeted her. Later, I really couldn't hold on, and I was the first one to escape... As for what happened to them later, I don't know.'

Tian zhinuo saw Shangguan Chen's lonely side for the first time. It was like a frosted eggplant.

'but I know that they did not defeat the demon king. Fifteen years ago, my father died of a serious illness, and only your mother came to the college to visit... At that time, she faded her old heroism, and her eyes were full of grief and despair. She told me to reopen the college anyway.'

'where did she go later?'

Tian zhinuo urgently wants to know the following story.

Shangguan Zhen shook his head reluctantly. 'I don't know. We haven't seen each other since then. I also heard rumors that all my teammates except your mother have retreated from the battle... I've always felt guilty. I was haunted by nightmares. If I hadn't escaped at the beginning, would I have more chances to win? So... I finally made up my mind to set up heaven sent college.'

Tian zhinuo holds the jade pendant in his hand. What has her mother experienced?!

'do you know who my father is?'

Shangguan was stunned and shook his head.

'I don't know. When she was in college, she always studied demon hunting, and never saw her think about children and girls. Therefore, I was shocked when you said she was her daughter.'

Tian zhinuo sighs. It seems that what Shangguan Jun knows is not enough for her to find her mother.

'Arnold, there is only so much I can tell you. If you still want to know anything, go to yiguokong mountain, where there is an old teammate of mine, Ankang.'

Tian zhinuo knows this man. He helped her mother a lot.

'he was the most mature except Tian Yayan. He must have known what happened that year.'

Shangguan is relieved. Now she has finished what Tian Yayan entrusted to her.

Tian zhinuo nodded, stood up and bowed to Shangguan. When he got up, he said: 'I call you today, senior Shangguan. Thank you for your care over the past two years. When I find my mother, I will tell her that you are much more stable than before. You are a rare good hospital director.'

Shangguan Lin immediately felt hot in his eyes. Then he stood up and held Tian zhinuo's hands. He choked: 'good boy, I hope your teammates can always accompany you and help you. We old people are looking forward to it. We expect you to repel demons and restore peace in the island.'

'Arnold will live up to expectations.'

Tian zhinuo said this sentence forcefully.

'this trip will be very dangerous. Protect yourself.'

shangguanlin has personally experienced the difficulties ahead. Whether they can persist depends on their own luck.

before Tian zhinuo left, Shangguan gave her a hug. This warmth will lead her to go on.

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