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Chapter 28 Attack the demon camp at night

When he walked out of the door, he saw weichicheng sitting on the steps waiting for her.

hearing the sound of opening the door, weichicheng immediately stood up and asked about the situation.

Tian zhinuo just opened his eyes and said, 'it's time to start.'

the second team assembled in the library. On the table were several drawings, which were the topographic maps of the states of Taizhou.

'so where shall we go first?' Zou Hu stroked his chin and asked.

Wanyan ruojin took a step towards the table, leaned over and picked up the topographic map of pengcang, poked two fingers at the location of Zhuang City, and said in a muffled voice, 'go here!'

everyone stared at the past and was silent.

just listen to Shaoyu say: 'I agree.'

Wanyan ruojin didn't expect that Shaoyu would be the first one to say yes. He should immediately send a look of disdain.

Shaoyu raised his eyes and explained: 'if you can't protect your own home, what can you talk about defeating the demon king?'

Tian zhinuo immediately nodded, took the map from Wan Yan ruojin's hand, and said in a loud voice, 'let's go here first!'

when looking up, the five people looked at each other. Then they looked out the window slowly. Finally, they were about to embark on a new journey.

I have been packing my bags and preparing to leave the college these days.

Tian zhinuo and Zou Hu go to poison boy together and want to say goodbye to him before leaving.

when I stepped into this forest again, I still had a lot of feelings in my heart. As time went by, it suddenly took so long.

Zou Hu, carrying chicken, duck, fish and a few pots of wine, ran into the door with great interest, and Tian zhinuo followed him in a regular way.

the poison boy was drying medicine in the yard. When he heard the news, he immediately became vigilant. When he turned back, he saw two old acquaintances.

'uncle he! Do you want me?!' Zou Hu scampered over to give the poison boy a hug, but he pushed him away.

'Why are you here?' Although the tone of the poison boy's mouth is somewhat disgusting, he is really happy. It is inevitable that he will feel lonely after a long time.

'we're leaving soon. We came to see you.'

Tian zhinuo's voice came into the poison boy's ears. He looked sideways and saw that the girl was much taller and her eyes were a little more steady.

'are you going to be a hero?' The poison boy's eyes are shining, which is beyond his reach.

Zou Hu put down his things, straightened up and said proudly, 'yes, I will become a real demon hunter with your expectations!'

the poison boy nodded quickly, turned around slowly and sobbed twice.

'well, why is your hair so white? Can't you get the antidote? Why don't I help you?' Zou Hu sounded sarcastic.

the poison boy immediately interrupted: 'Hey! Don't underestimate me! I will soon be able to make an antidote! You stinky boy, you'd better practice for a few more years!'

the poison boy suddenly felt unwell as soon as he said this. He supported the pole and forced out a strong smile.

'why don't you stay for dinner? I'll prepare it.'

Tian zhinuo shook his head in a hurry. 'Don't bother. We'll leave in a moment. We'll go back and pack up. We'll start tomorrow.'

the poison boy breathed a sigh of relief, sat down slowly, and gave some meaningful instructions, 'it's far less peaceful outside than in the college. You must protect yourself in chaos. Don't think you are afraid of life and death when you are young. If you lose your life, you can't keep your talents... You must...

Zou Hu pulled his ears, Impatiently, he said, 'are people always nagging when they get old? Don't talk about this or that, we all know! You just wait for me to return triumphantly to drink the celebration bar ~'

the poison boy immediately raised his leg and gave Zou Hu a kick, scolding:

'you stinky boy! I'm your master at least, and you're so against your master?! have you understood all the books I gave you?'

Zou Huyang responded proudly, 'don't worry, you'll die if you're familiar with it!'

the poison boy gave another white eye when he heard this.

'it's almost time. We should go back.' Tianzhinuo promised weichicheng to go back before sunset.

although I am reluctant to part with you, I still have to say goodbye.

before leaving, Zou Hu hugged the poison boy as he wished and said in his ear, 'when I come back, let's drink together.'

the poison boy patted him on the shoulder and nodded stiffly.

poison boy, hesian. He never thought that the man who could finally remember his name was a hairy boy with only two sides.

the poison boy looked at the back of the two children who had left. He coughed and coughed. Finally, he couldn't resist the pain and sprayed a mouthful of blood on the ground.

tonight is the last night in Tianci college. Everyone couldn't sleep well after tossing and turning. On the next day, they were ready to start before they heard the gong sound.

finally, have another breakfast in the canteen. Whether you can eat enough in the future depends on your luck.

for the first time, everyone ate so attentively that no one spoke.

the aunt of the canteen saw off the children from one group to another. She still couldn't stand the scene of separation. She hid behind the stove and sobbed secretly.

after eating, I looked around for a whole week. The former canteen was full of people, he he! It was noisy and disorderly, but now it is so quiet.

although he did not give up, he still chose to leave with tears.

no one can stay where they are forever. After saying goodbye, they must start a new journey.

Tian zhinuo took his teammates to say goodbye to the two teachers. Don't be as gentle as ever, and don't let your temper change. But who could have thought that Mo Ren was the most miserable. Can really answer that sentence, the iron man also has a tender side.

Shangguan Lin didn't see the children because he was ill. What should have been said was already said. She did not participate in the separate scenes. She just stood dry in the study and peeked through the window.

the partners go back to their dormitories to pick up their bags. Tian zhinuo entrusts Yan ruojin to help her take them together. She wants to take another look at the tigers.

stood outside the fence and watched for a long time.

'wait, I will let you go home.'

the tigers looked up at Tian zhinuo's back and shouted.

pack your bags and walk out of the college gate.

five people stop at the same time, turn around and take another look at the familiar place.

'we're leaving in a flash. I really hate it.' Zou Hu held his chest with both hands and was filled with emotion.

yuchicheng squints at him, 'don't you go back to see your parents?'

Zou Hu sighed and shook his head. 'I'm afraid the old couple won't let me go.'

Wanyan ruojin was more excited than any of them. She clenched her bag and whispered: 'I've been waiting too long this day. From today on, the sewing demon will be killed!'

Shaoyu glanced at her without speaking.

'OK, let's go.' With the voice of Tian zhinuo, everyone turned around one after another.

'Hey! At least it's an opponent who has been fighting for two years. I don't know when I leave?' Mengxiaojie must have said this.

turning around again, he saw that mengxiaojie and her teammates were also carrying bags.

'why? Do you want to ask for help before you leave?' Zou Hu was the first to respond, but he didn't give a good face.

Zhao Wei and Zhao Ting trot over, smiling.

Zhaoting has been grateful to Tian zhinuo since the last tiger incident. She has never targeted her in public.

'Tian zhinuo, protect yourself outside. I haven't paid back your kindness. When you come back alive, I will invite you to dinner.' Zhaoting always speaks in an arrogant tone.

Zhao weiweinuo hid behind his elder sister, took out the food in his hand and handed it to Tian zhinuo, 'this is the dessert sent by a Niang from home. It's very delicious. I'll give it to you on the way.'

Tian zhinuo did not refuse. 'Thank you. You should also pay attention to your safety. See you in the Jianghu.'

'Hmm! See you in the Jianghu!' The two brothers and sisters spoke with one voice.

I don't know when we can meet after this difference.

the five members of the second team, humming freely, turned and walked to the west, facing the noon sun, all the way forward.

support each other and help each other, whether it is through mountains and rivers or rough and steep roads.

the closer we are to the villa City, the more we can hear people's comments on the monsters. They are most dissatisfied with them. Some special people praise the kindness of the monsters.

as far as Wanyan ruojin is concerned, those who praise monsters are ignorant.

'it's stupid to be controlled by monsters and thank them for their food!' Wanyan ruojin patted the table to vent.

at noon, the second team stopped at one side of the tavern to have a rest. They happened to hear the table next door talking about monsters. All the people who spoke and kept silent were praising.

Zou Hu was so frightened by Wan Yan ruojin's voice that he chewed his chicken legs and muttered, 'sister, keep your voice down! You are not afraid of people coming to beat you in unfamiliar places!'

'can you accept your temper in the future? Many things are not what you see on the surface. Those people may not be stupid, but they really feel it, so they praise it.' Weichicheng's words were just settled, and Wanyan ruojin hurriedly retorted:

'do you also think those monsters are good? They just give alms like animals, just want to make human beings unconditionally submit!'

'do not comment if you do not see the whole picture.' Tian zhinuo expressed his views with these eight words.

'cross this village and you will arrive at Zhuangcheng.' Shaoyu quickly changed the subject. Take out the map and put it on the desktop. 'As far as I know, those monsters did not live in the village city, but set up tents two kilometers away from the village city.'

Shaoyu pointed out the map and pointed out the approximate location.

'in this way, it is convenient for the province to injure the people in the city by mistake.' Wanyan ruojin didn't want to kill the demon for a moment.

'when you arrive at Zhuangcheng, observe first. Don't be impulsive.' Weichicheng followed Yan ruojin's words.

'calculate the time. We can almost arrive tonight. Then we will take advantage of the dark night to inquire quietly, and then make a long-term plan.' Tian zhinuo's words have been recognized by everyone.

after lunch, he hurried on his way. As expected, just after the sun went down, he arrived outside the village.

the sky gradually darkened. Five members of the second team hid on the hill. Looking around, scattered light spots flashed in the distance. It was obvious that some crisscross camps could be seen.

although the distance is not close, you can still see the goblins patrolling back and forth. They are tall and strong, and are always alert to the movements around.

'how can we sneak in with so many monsters defending?' Zou Hu stood up and walked to the tree. He sat down and yawned.

after a long journey all day, everyone was a little tired. Only wan Yan ruojin was very excited. She was half full and wanted to rush to kill all the monsters.

'look at the biggest camp!' Weichicheng reached out and pointed to the right.

except Zou Hu, the other three people looked at it immediately.

'that should be the granary.' Shaoyu knew at a glance.

as soon as Shaoyu's voice fell, Wanyan ruojin shouted impatiently, 'then we'll burn the granary!'

'look, there is a field over there. Did the demon open it?' Tianzhinuo saw a large field behind the granary.

'if so, the grain will not be transported from the village. What is the meaning of their occupation of the village?' Zou Hu said something at the moment.

'they invade on the surface, but in fact they do not interfere with each other. Is this monster really kind-hearted?' Weichicheng always believes that there are good demons in the world.

'fart! They killed more than 2000 people in Qiaodong town! It's not too much to call them demons!' Wanyan ruojin stared at the camp in the distance and said, 'the dead are homeless. They can still feed and clothe well! I must burn their granary today!'

when Tian zhinuo wanted to persuade her, Wanyan ruojin suddenly stood up and looked back at his friends, 'this is my revenge. You don't have to follow.' As soon as the words were over, they didn't give anyone a chance to speak. They ran down the hill and ran straight to the camp.

Zou Hu just wanted to have a rest, but the crazy woman didn't live in peace. He frowned helplessly and said, 'won't she be tired?'

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