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Chapter 29 Destroy the demon granary

Before Tian zhinuo stood up and followed up, he said to his teammates, 'this is the end of the matter. We can't let ruojin get involved alone.'

Zou Hu was forced to stand up and follow them, scolding all the way.

Wanyan ruojin, who was impulsive, was a living target of demons. When she was about to step into the camp, a team of patrollers came across. She didn't want to hide and was ready to fight.

'who is there?!' The monster standing at the head pointed a knife at the front and shouted.

'I...' Wanyan ruojin didn't send out the first word. Shaoyu covered his mouth and dragged him to the back of the haystack.

when Zou Hu saw that the group of monsters was coming here, he picked up a stone and threw it away to attract the attention of the monsters.

Wanyan ruojin struggled until the monster left, and Shaoyu let her go. 'What are you doing?!' Wanyan ruojin is already a madman who has lost his mind.

'Shhh... Ruojin, we are teammates. Naturally, we can't let you face danger alone.' Tian zhinuo lowered his voice and said that in this case, only she could persuade Wan Yan ruojin.

'Wanyan ruojin, I advise you to calm down, or you will die if you can't avenge your life! You will even catch up with us! Why are you so impulsive after two years of practice in the college?!' Yuchi's honesty is beyond endurance. This woman is too crazy.

'don't come if you don't want to die! Arnold, it's my own business. You don't have to follow.' Wanyan ruojin is still worried about Tian zhinuo's safety after all.

'big brother and big sister, can you stop chatting at such a time? Do you want to advance or retreat to a certain letter!' Zou Hu, a big man, shrank into a ball and dared not move.

'everyone has come. There is no retreat.' Shaoyu is always the calmest one.

Wei Chicheng glanced around and said in a low voice, 'I have just observed above. The defense on the left side of the camp is the most lax. We can go there first. Before we move, we should at least find out the terrain of the camp.'

'OK, let's take a light step and be vigilant at all times.' As soon as tianzhinuo's voice fell, the five people began to act.

Shaoyu takes the lead, weichicheng follows closely, Zou Hu forces himself to the middle, and Tian zhinuo is as beautiful as the queen of the hall. Be careful of your wings and move forward with ease.

however, where there are demons, she must stop and observe the situation. Wanyan ruojin is taken as the key care object to prevent her from impulsively drawing a knife again.

after groping in the dark for a while, I finally found the place with the most relaxed security. Other places are campsites, but here is a large wooden house. The height of the door frame is not like that for monsters.

through the window, you can see the candlelight in the house. The five people hid behind the house and faintly heard laughter inside.

Zou Hu was brave now. He poked his head out of the back window and took a glance at the gap. The rest of the people stared at him, expecting him to see something.

'wait a minute, isn't this... A person?' Zou Hu was surprised. There was a group of people eating and chatting around several tables in the room.

as soon as the other people changed their looks, they said in unison: 'what?'

Zou Hu blinked, looked carefully, and replied positively, 'it's really human, about twenty.'

as soon as Zou Hu's voice fell, weichicheng pulled him aside and explored the window himself. The facts proved that Zou Hu was right.

'Why are there people here?' Weichicheng couldn't figure it out.

'these people don't look like prisoners? Are they... Traitors! Legendary lackeys?!' Zou Hu guessed boldly.

Wei Chicheng retreated slowly and motioned Shaoyu to come and have a look, but Wanyan ruojin was one step ahead of him.

'who's there!' This sudden sound made people subconsciously choose to run away. Shaoyu put his arm around Yan ruojin's waist and took her away by force.

they fled to the granary. The crops in the fields grew well, which helped them escape the chase.

several people were out of breath. They were glad to escape.

'in the future... Can we... Make a plan before we act... Otherwise it's really dangerous...' just after we escaped a disaster, I heard Zou Hu's roast.

normally, Wanyan ruojin should be the most excited one, but now she was silent.

seeing that she was silent, Tian zhinuo said in a low voice: 'ruojin, are you hurt?'

come back and say, 'No.' She saw a man in the wooden house just now, 'I seem to have seen my brother...'

this statement nearly scared Zou Hu to death. In their understanding, Wanyan ruojin's family were all dead.

Zou Hu immediately felt that the surrounding wind was blowing everywhere. In addition, he was in a field full of insects. The strange atmosphere was really thick.

Zou Hu quickly shrunk in front of weichi Cheng. Looking at the dark environment around him, he said in a trembling voice: 'elder sister, don't be ridiculous. This is a wild mountain...

' I can't read it wrong! It's definitely Haoxiang! ' Wanyan ruojin still affirms his eyes after recalling.

'where did you see it?' Tianzhinuo doesn't believe it's a ghost.

'just in the cabin.' As soon as this was said, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. 'I'm going back to him!' Wanyan ruojin will go back to see whether she is dazzled or not.

'we have been exposed. We can't go back the same way.' Shaoyu is very sober. They can't take any more risks.

when the five people were discussing how to return to the cabin, the patrol leader had reported the emergency tonight.

Lu Yao zuodian is reading in his camp. He only hears the sound of chasing outside the tent. He doesn't plan to go out and continue to read safely. It was not until its deputy general came in and reported the raid that it slowly closed the book.

'escaped?' Nian took a cup of tea and drank.

'no, it should be hiding near the granary. I ordered people to search for it.' After the deputy general said something, Nian said, 'there is no need to hunt down. It should be an old friend. Take a quiet look and see what gifts they have prepared for us.'

'burning granaries?' Zou Hu was shocked. He really didn't believe that such irrational words came from Tian zhinuo.

'whether the people locked in the wooden house are ruojin's younger brother or not, we should save them. The only way to keep us from escaping is to burn down the granary and let the demons focus on this side and no mind will be there.' Through Tian zhinuo's tone, I can feel her seriousness.

'however, I think those people are doing well. What if they don't want to go with us?' What Zou Hu said is also somewhat reasonable.

'no one wants to be locked up in the same place all the time.' Tian zhinuo replied, 'ah Cheng will be responsible for the fire and I will cover it. Ah Hu, brother ah Yu and ruojin, you three took the opportunity to slip away. We will follow you right away.'

'let me cover ah Cheng.' Shaoyu volunteered.

'all three of you attack at close range. I'll cover this.' Tian zhinuo immediately rejected Shaoyu's words.

taking advantage of their discussion, weichicheng has been observing the movements around him, 'how did those monsters stop searching?'

'whatever it is, there will be a big fight tonight!' Wanyan ruojin's mood has been in a high state.

without more nonsense, Tian zhinuo picked up some hay and kneaded it into a ball.

Yuchi Cheng took some sticks from his hand, cut them with a knife, and looked at Tian zhinuo. Tian zhinuo put the lump of hay on the tip of the stick and took out a torch to light it.

Zou Hu took out a little flammable powder and sprinkled it lightly. Everything was ready.

Wei Chicheng pulls a bow, aims at the most easily burning place in the granary, and hits it with one blow.

after waiting for a while, black smoke rose from the granary, which really attracted a lot of monsters.

'out of order! Get water quickly!' Some monsters shouted, some were not afraid of scalding, and rushed directly into the sea of fire to carry food out.

'you go.' Tian zhinuo looked at the other three people and said, and the three people immediately followed suit.

Tian zhinuo and weichicheng were not idle either. They picked up another stick and a mass of hay, lit a fire, sprinkled powder, and continued shooting. They shot at it with two sticks. The fire became more and more fierce.

Tian zhinuo covered his nose and coughed twice, 'let's hurry.'

Wei Chicheng nodded and hurried away in the chaos. As a result, as soon as they got up, they heard Zou Hu shouting.

ten meters ahead, Zou Hu is running this way. Shaoyu and WAN Yan ruojin behind him have drawn their swords and started to fight against those monsters.

the scene was once chaotic.

Yuchi Cheng immediately picked up his bow and shot an arrow in the direction behind Shaoyu. Then he ran there with Tian zhinuo.

black smoke was everywhere, and the choking people coughed more than once.

Shaoyu and WAN Yan ruojin stood back to back, surrounded by monsters.

Tian zhinuo just raised his hands and waved his fingers. She could control all the living plants around her. It must be said that her technique of controlling plants has indeed improved a lot. Unfortunately, her strength was too small. Even if she tied all the monsters with vines, she could not throw them to the ground.

weichicheng took the opportunity to harvest one arrow at a time. The monsters are really rough and fleshy. If an arrow didn't hurt the vital points, it would just tickle them again. Even though weichicheng's bows and arrows are made of special materials, they can't be killed in a hurry.

Wanyan ruojin and Shaoyu are not idle. They wield their swords, one sword at a time, one hard and one soft. They cooperate with each other.

as the fire continued unabated, all the monsters rushed to put out the fire. Except those who were knocked down, there were no monsters to stop it.

Zou Hu saw that the fallen demon was about to try. He threw a handful of poison powder on it and suddenly fainted with white foam.

Wanyan ruojin doesn't release his anger. He puts one knife in the scabbard, holds the other with both hands, and thrusts it into the monster's chest from top to bottom. When he hits the target immediately, he hears a sound: 'stay alive under the knife.'

the crowd looked back and forth, and the monster coming here looked familiar.

'it's you!' Wanyan ruojin remembers him. He is the monster leader who went to the Zou family to buy medicine.

'haven't seen you for a long time. It seems that we haven't officially met. I'm Lu Yao zuodu. You can ask me to read it.' The tone of Niang's speech is very gentle. It doesn't look like he came to fight.

'whether you run on land or fly in the sky! You took the lead in slaughtering Qiaodong Town, right?! I will kill you now!' Wanyan ruojin pulls out another knife.

Wanyan ruojin was killed before his teammates spoke. When the deputy general behind Nian was preparing to take the shot, Nian refused.

wave the threeorfour sabres and try to avoid it easily. Cut back and forth horizontally and vertically, and you will still be unharmed.

after a few rounds, Wanyan ruojin just wasted some energy and stared at him breathlessly.

Nian just dusted his clothes, and looked like he was calm in the face of danger. Looking at the children, he said, 'I don't care if you burn my granary, but I have a request.'

everyone immediately became vigilant. What kind words could the monster say?

Shaoyu stood in front of Wanyan ruojin, looked at Nian and said, 'what do you want to do?'

remember Shaoyu, the son of the city Lord.

'don't be nervous. I just want to have dinner with you.' I have my own plan.

'eat?!' Zou Hu couldn't believe his ears, so he said, 'we would rather die than surrender! Are we still eating?! at first sight, you didn't have a good heart and wanted to win us over to mutiny?! bah! Impossible!'

'that's right! Don't try to make us give in!' Wanyan ruojin tries hard to forget her fatigue and cheer herself up.

Yuchi Cheng had different opinions. He walked forward slowly and asked, 'all five of us have some problems with monsters. We talked a little. Don't be surprised, governor Zuo.'

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