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Chapter 3 Each has unique skills

Just as Tian zhinuo turned around, Lao Hei also stole a tear, and then ran to the direction of the Tian family. It's like taking care of her family for orange.

weichicheng can detect Tian zhinuo's reluctance. He takes out a piece of sugar wrapped in paper from his pocket. He bought it at the market yesterday.

'here. Eating sweets can make you feel better. Don't be sad. You will be covered by a brother in the future. No one can bully you even in unfamiliar places!'

Tian zhinuo sucked his nose, took the sugar and stuffed it into his mouth.

she stole another look at the village, and then walked firmly into the distance.

Tian zhinuo remembered that his mother had written a sentence in her diary:

there will be reunion when meeting. After reunion, it will be the countdown to the next separation. But as long as there is hope, we will meet again.

with this sentence, Tian zhinuo firmly believes that he will meet his mother again.

Chang'an village is not close to Tianci college. Along the way, they took Macheng in an ox cart, and the bumpers also reached the capital of pengcang.

Tianci college is established here.

when I first entered the capital city, I met many fellow travelers. They all went to Tianci college.

although Tianci college is located in the capital city, it is also built at the remote border. The surrounding groves can be used for practice classes.

the last long-distance road to Tianci college can only be crossed by two feet.

Tian zhinuo is too small to support.

weichicheng carried all his luggage on his back, and sometimes asked Tian zhinuo for help.

'did you hear that Qiaodong Town, Zizhuang City, was occupied by Lu demon a while ago! Many people died!'

I overheard the students walking together over there talking.

'I heard it on my way here! Those monsters are really heartless! I came to Tianci college to learn skills and get rid of these monsters!'

'harm, our pengcang country is fine. There are no monsters because the road is impassable. Let me say, the most pitiful thing is the Central Plains. The hall is a great power in mechanism and art. It has been occupied by the demon king all the time! It's said that the Royal family has a hard time, let alone ordinary people!'

when he heard this, yuchicheng's face changed and he tightened his burden.

Tian zhinuo took weichicheng by the arm and said in his ear:

'did you hear what they said?'

weichicheng loosened his burden and nodded.

'it seems that everyone has deep resentment against monsters.' Tian zhinuo said again.

Yuchi Cheng suddenly became serious. He replied seriously, 'not all demons are bad.'

Tian zhinuo didn't smile at him for the first time. He was so serious.

'I agree.'

hearing these three words, Wei Chicheng's eyes flashed a shock. Does the girl think so?

'I have seen in the book that only male demons can be defensive and lethal when they grow up. Those female demons and child demons are no different from ordinary humans except for their multiple horns or wings. Therefore, there are good and bad people, and so should demons.'

hearing this, Yuchi Cheng paid some respect to the girl.

'let's go.'

weichicheng holds Tian zhinuo's thin arm and moves on.

after another quarter of an hour, we finally reached the gate.

there are many students around the door. Each of them has different skills. At the same time, they have one thing in common: they are full of blood.

from the appearance, Tianci college is very imposing. The high walls surround the whole college, so it's hard to think about it once you go in.

brown high fence; Dark black fence door; Cascading teaching department; A finely built dormitory.

Tian zhinuo was stunned by all these magnificent buildings. She only felt these magnificent scenes in the words in the book. Seeing them today really opened her eyes.

Tianci college was funded by the royal family of pengcang. It is not only a college, but also a place of enlightenment to save mankind.

compared with Tian zhinuo, Wei Chicheng is much calmer. After all, he also comes from a big country. This form of architecture is everywhere in his country.

Tian zhinuo separated from weichicheng when she walked around. She found that everyone had unique skills.

flying over the eaves and walls; Spitting fire in place; Suddenly disappeared; The sound is heard from thousands of miles away. In a word, there are many wonders in the world.

Tian zhinuo is too small to stand in the crowd.

suddenly, she saw two girls who looked exactly the same. She was stunned in front of them and said:

'are you twins?'

the girl standing on the left gave her a white eye, and then pulled down the layer of fake skin attached to her face along her chin.

'buns, I'm a face changing skill. It's really unlucky. I met such an inexperienced ~' on the first day of school.

the girl was sick and spoke in a superior tone.

Tian zhinuo smiled awkwardly, turned around and walked away. Suddenly, he was held by a man.

Tian zhinuo subconsciously shook off and turned around to find that he was a timid boy.

'yes... Sorry. My sister didn't mean to laugh at you just now.'

the guy lowered his head and eyes, and his voice was very low.

Tian zhinuo realized that it was his sister just now.

Tian zhinuo doesn't mind that others look down on her. It's normal for the ladies to be high spirited.

'nothing, I don't care. Hello, my name is Tian zhinuo.'

the little boy shrugged his head nervously and stammered again, 'you, hello... My name is Zhaowei. That was my sister Zhaoting... The one beside her is very close to her. Her name is mengxiaojie.'

Tian zhinuo didn't care what their names were. He just smiled and turned away.

Yuchi Cheng picked up a dropped bag, and Tian zhinuo disappeared. He immediately panicked and shouted her nickname everywhere.

'this student, do you want an orange?'

I don't know where a boy with exaggerated clothes emerges.

Yuchi Cheng glanced at him casually and did not intend to pay any attention. He wanted to find Tian zhinuo in the crowd.

'Yo, your bow is really good!'

that guy is as familiar as weichicheng. He wants to touch his bow and arrow as soon as he comes up.

weichicheng ducked sideways, leaving him empty.

'what are you doing?'

'make a friend ~'

the boy suddenly took out a small bottle from his pocket, opened the lid, handed it to weichicheng in front of his nose and said, 'this will be my gift to you.'

'what is this? Fragrant powder?'

unprepared, Yuchi Cheng smelled it close again. It was really fragrant, but he didn't know what was going on. He suddenly wanted to laugh.

'ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha! Ha, I ha ha! Ha! Ha! What happened to ha ha! Ha ha!?'

seeing weichicheng's behavior, the boy smiled proudly. Then he inserted the cork and explained:

'isn't it easy to use?! this bottle is for you. You can protect yourself at the critical moment!'

Yuchi Cheng realized that this bottle was not fragrant powder at all, it was poison powder!

'you! Ah ha ha! Give it to me, ha ha! Ha, the antidote! Ha ha! Ha!'

the boy said innocently, 'what kind of antidote? I never use Zou Hu's poison powder to make antidotes.'

hearing this, weichicheng didn't want to laugh at all, but he just couldn't control his laughter.

'ah ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! You! You!'

weichicheng threw down his baggage, grabbed Zou Hu by the neck and shouted, 'ha ha! Ha, grandson!'

Zou Hu's face was red and his ears were red when he was pinched, and he struggled to get rid of it. However, Wei Chicheng, a Bowman, was too strong.

'brother! Cough, I'm wrong brother!'

when Yuchi Cheng heard his plea for mercy, he let go and looked at him with the most ferocious eyes, but there was still ha ha in his mouth! Laughter.

Zou Hu was made to laugh by his appearance, but he was afraid that he would hold his throat again. He smiled twice and stopped.

'don't worry! This poison powder has a time limit. It will be all right in a quarter of an hour.'

weichicheng was furious at the thought of being so silly for a quarter of an hour. He was about to beat the man who claimed to be Zou Hu again. At once

Tian zhinuo ran over, 'A Cheng!'

Yuchi Cheng immediately extinguished the flame in his heart, turned and looked at her. He wanted to ask her where she had gone, but he would only giggle when he opened his mouth.

'ah ha ha! Ha ha! Where have you been?'

Tian zhinuo was puzzled when he saw that weichicheng had become like this, but he really couldn't help laughing.

'poof... What's wrong with you?'

when Zou Hu saw the lovely Tian zhinuo, he immediately ignited his heart of flirting with his younger sister and approached her step by step.

he raised his hand and adjusted his hairstyle. When he was about to speak, he was stopped by weichicheng with a strong arm.

'eh? Brother, don't delay me talking to my younger sister.'

weichicheng stares at him with silly delight.

there was something terrible in his eyes. Zou Hu immediately stepped back and said, 'it's your... It's my brother who doesn't understand!'

Tian zhinuo recognized Zou Hu's meaning and immediately denied: 'ah Cheng and I are brothers and sisters on the way.'

'eh! Brother and sister ang! Isn't that...

just about to go forward and have a chat, he was scared back by weichicheng's eyes.

'brother and sister, sister, you have a good brother! Look at the tendons and flesh. It's really good!' Zou Hu patted weichicheng on the chest.

Tian zhinuo said with a sweet smile, 'Hello, my name is Tian zhinuo.'

'Hello, my name is zouhu, you can call me brother AHU! Hey ~'

weichicheng is always in the middle of them to prevent this colorful guy from attacking the orange. When he came out from home, weichicheng promised grandpa that he would protect the oranges.

'so did you make Cheng like this?'

Zou Hu nodded sheepishly.

just as we were about to talk more, the black fence door was opened and the students rushed inside.

Yuchi Cheng picked up the baggage thrown on the ground and dragged Tian zhinuo to follow him, followed by Zou Hu.

one after another, everyone was attracted by the scenery of the college. Almost no one noticed the Dean standing on the high platform.

Tian zhinuo fixed his eyes on her. Go in her direction.

this person's temperament and appearance are the same as those described in her mother's diary, so Tian zhinuo recognized her at a glance.

Tian zhinuo stood under the high platform and looked up at her.

Shangguan Zhen kept an eye on the children's movements. After scanning around, he noticed that a little girl was looking up at him.

Shangguan looked at the girl's face and her old friend. She stepped down in panic and looked carefully again.

'what's your name?'


surname Tian?! While Shangguan is still amazed, Tian zhinuo takes a jade pendant out of his pocket and shows it to her.

'do you know where my aunt is?'

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