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Chapter 35 Set out for Yiguo

'That Auntie needs to talk gently. Don't scare away her future daughter-in-law!' Shaoyun knowingly loosens Aung.

Wanyan ruojin's face turns red.

'you girl, how can you not be ashamed!' Qiao gave her a spoiled stare.

Shaoyu is a little nervous when he is standing there. Why does Aung want to talk to her suddenly?

Zou Hu stands beside Tian zhinuo and adds a weichicheng.

their expressions are subtle.

'tut! Tut! Tut! ~' made strange sounds at the same time.

Shaoyu turned to look, and the three men looked at themselves with a look of excitement.

'what are you doing?!' Shaoyu wrote his panic on his face for the first time.

'don't do anything. If you are hungry, go to eat ~' Zou Hu took Tian zhinuo's arm and said with a smile.

Tian zhinuo also took weichicheng's arm and said, 'ah Cheng, let's go to dinner'

Shaoyu was flushed and his heart beat faster by the three people. He took a long breath before he recovered.

Wanyan ruojin follows his wife to the bedroom. There is no one here but them.

madam took out a hairpin from a locked cabinet after she entered the room. From the surface, it was an old and valuable object.

'madam, this is...' Wanyan ruojin looked at his wife coming towards him step by step. It seemed that he wanted to give the hairpin to himself.

'ruojin, I know your parents are dead. We Shao family have an unshirkable responsibility. If you like, you are my own daughter and your brother is my own son.' Then he thrust the hairpin in his hand into her, 'my mother left me this hairpin. Now that I have given it to you, I will give you a guarantee. If there is no place to go in the future, I will come to our house to ensure that you have no worries about food and clothing.'

this is heavy for Wanyan ruojin. Now she has figured out that the root of the Revenge of killing her father and mother lies in monsters and has no essential relationship with the city master.

'madam, I can't accept it. This valuable thing should be left to yun'er.' Wanyan ruojin returned the hairpin. 'I will change my fate by myself. I will never kidnap anyone. You are a good man. I appreciate your kindness.'

madam likes this girl. Now, after listening to this impassioned speech, she likes it very much.

'can you really be my daughter-in-law, as yun'er said? Let yu'er take care of you, and it will help me feel guilty.'

hearing this, Wanyan ruojin's heart beat faster. She shook her head quickly after she was stunned. 'Madam, Shaoyu and I are just pure teammates, not that kind of feelings...'

madam doesn't want to force people to be difficult, so she sighed lightly, 'just, you are a child with an independent mind. If you are tired one day, you can go back to Shao's house, which will surely give you enough warmth.'

Yan ruojin envies Shaoyu and Shaoyun after this moment. They have a gentle and considerate mother. For a moment, Wanyan ruojin really wanted to stay. She also wanted to be a little girl hiding behind her parents and spend her life safely.

'thank you, madam. If there is nothing else, ruojin will go back first.' Wanyan ruojin was afraid that he would burst into tears and wanted to leave quickly.

madam holds the hairpin in her hand and says in a low voice, 'it's strange. I always think you will take this hairpin.'

as soon as Wanyan ruojin opened the door, she saw Wanyan Haoxiang standing outside the door eavesdropping. She looked back subconsciously, quickly closed the door and took her brother away.

'Why are you here?!' Wanyan ruozhi asked.

'elder sister, why don't you cherish this opportunity to stay in the Shao family?! although Shaoyu is a little worse than me, he is a good man. You won't lose if you follow him! In the future, we will certainly live with plenty of fish and meat!'

Wan Yan Haoxiang has stars in his eyes.

this time, Wanyan ruojin shouted abuse.

'end yanhaoxiang! How can you say such a thing?! in order to live a good life, you can ignore my sister's life event?!'

'that's not true! I think Shaoyu is very good. If Shaoyun can see me, he will stay...' the voice behind this sentence was slightly lower.

Wanyan ruojin grabbed his ear directly and angrily said, 'are you crazy?! yesterday you didn't really want to do anything to yun'er?!'

'no!' Wan Yan Haoxiang killed him as always.

Wanyan ruojin sighed, let him go, and said to him seriously, 'Haoxiang, although we have no parents, our ambition can not be defeated. We can still live well without anyone!'

Yan Haoxiang rubbed his ears, and answered reluctantly, 'I see...'

when their sister and brother arrived, the food had already been served. Weichicheng just heard him say: 'the three of us went to read after you two left this morning.'

Tian zhinuo's eyes lit up and he looked forward to weichicheng's next words.

'it is true that those monsters last night were not sent by it. It is unnecessary for them to lie, so as we expected, Yi Guo is restless again.' Yuchi Cheng's words deepened Tian zhinuo's resentment.

'it seems that this trip to Yiguo is very dangerous...' Tian zhinuo sighed with emotion. Then he looked up at the door and swore to himself: Grandpa and grandma, your revenge will be repaid!

I spent the last night in the city master's residence. When I left the next day, my wife was busy preparing luggage for fear that the children would suffer on the road, but I prepared everything that could be loaded for them.

Shaoyu knew that his life and death were uncertain. When he was leaving, he stood in front of the door, pulled up his robe and knelt down, put his sword aside, and immediately made a noise to the parents who sent him out.

when his wife was about to help him up, Shaoyu slowly raised his head, 'my father, my mother, the date of my return is uncertain. You two elders should take good care of yourself. As a son of man, you should do your filial duty in front of your parents, but the troubled times are not peaceful, so I must face the difficulties.'

Shaojin's eyes turned red when he heard his son's heartfelt words. As the head of the family and the Lord of the city, what he needed to do was to come forward and help his son up.

Shaoyu picks up his sword and listens to his father's words as he gets up.

'yu'er, Dad entrusted his ambition to you. Have you ever regretted?' Shaojin disciplined Shaoyu since childhood, hoping that he could take his own blood to protect Yuzhou and protect the people.

'never.' Shaoyu answered cleanly. Now there were tears in his eyes.

the lady couldn't see her son like this, so she turned around and stole her tears.

'brother a, don't worry. I will protect my parents! You just need to save Jizhou! I am here!' Shaoyunyang said loudly.

you can't tangle any more. You must turn around and leave resolutely.

'take care when the baby is gone.' Shaoyu finally left this sentence and turned away with his sword.

I said goodbye to my family and accompanied my teammates along the way.

Zou Hu and weichicheng put Shaoyu in the middle and put their arms around his shoulders.

'pay attention to safety!' The madam raised her voice again before she went far away.

all the way to the south, no matter how difficult or dangerous it is, we will face it together.

the wind blows and the sun shines, the lightning thunders, the potholes are muddy, the steep mountains and cliffs...

walking, taking a ride, taking a boat, borrowing a horse...

it is difficult to walk out of pengcang alone. Fortunately, they support each other all the way, which ushers in the dawn of victory.

the visible sunset afterglow is the last sunset glow seen in pengcang country. Crossing this mountain is the territory of Yiguo.

'no, no...' after that, yanhaoxiang sat on the ground and cried.

'hold on a little longer. When we get to Yiguo, we will find an inn.' Wanyan ruojin was persuading.

if you want to successfully reach Yiguo, you must pass through a dark jungle. They walked in the jungle for five days, and the dry food and water would be exhausted.

'hungry, thirsty and sleepy... Unable to walk...' Yan Haoxiang simply lay on the ground and closed his eyes.

Wanyan ruojin was trying to pull him up, so he heard Tian zhinuo say:

'well, it's getting dark. Let's take a night off and wait until tomorrow morning.'

when Zou Hu heard Tian zhinuo's words, his hard supported legs finally relaxed. He immediately sat down on the ground, picked up the kettle hanging around his waist, and drank water with his head up. Only then did he find that there was no more water left.

Yuchi Cheng handed him his water bottle, which was about to dry up, forced his exhausted body and said:

'drink mine.'

Zou Hu seems to have seen the gods. He immediately picks them up, Gu Dong! Goo Dong! I drank all the remaining water.

Shaoyu also sat down against the tree, looked up at the sunset that was about to be submerged by the mountain, and said in a low voice: 'behind this mountain, there should be the place of Kua mountain in Yiguo.'

Zou Hu turned to look at the pale purple clouds. He felt sleepy and said in a daze: 'if only someone could move this mountain away... I really don't want to take the mountain road...'

Tian zhinuo just stood aside, manipulated the branches and leaves, and made several hammocks. In this dangerous jungle, you can't sleep directly on the ground.

when she turned around when everything was ready, she found that all her friends behind her were asleep.

she didn't have the heart to wake them up directly and wanted to let them have a rest first.

she walked forward alone, looking at the darkening sky in the distance, and her heart was filled with shallow uneasiness. Holding the jade pendant in his hand, he thought to himself: Aung, where are you?

it was another night in the open country. At dawn, I suddenly heard someone talking.

how could there be anyone in this wilderness?

Shaoyu was the first to open his eyes. The newborn sun emitted dazzling light. He subconsciously extended his hand to cover it. He saw a group of people not far away, tall, short, fat and thin.

he slowly adapted to the strong light, stood up and took a few steps towards the other side, trying to stop them.

those people stopped first.

before Shaoyu spoke, the people found themselves and stood up ready to fight.

'don't be afraid, I'm not a bad person.' Shaoyu's words woke up the teammates behind him.

one of the group sent a representative, took a few steps here, and said loudly, 'you also fled to kuashan?'

this is enough to conclude that these people went to kuashan to escape for their lives.

after waking up, Tian zhinuo stepped forward and replied:

'we are pengcang people. Go to Yiguo to find friends.' Tian zhinuo did not directly reveal his identity.

'I see. We are all from kongjian mountain. We sneaked out and went to Wushan mountain. Unfortunately, we lost our way and accidentally entered the jungle.'

the man told the whole story when he was sure that the person opposite was not malicious.

Tian zhinuo and Shaoyu looked at each other. Then Wei Chicheng stepped forward and said, 'we know the way. You can follow us.'

without any more nonsense, he immediately set out for guashan.

the second team really helped those people a lot when they crossed the mountain. Through their narration, the team members also learned that today's konggan mountain has been occupied by monsters, the royal family exists in name only, and the army has no power to fight back.

however, due to the cold climate, there are no demons here. It is said that King Han, the monarch of Gushan Mountain, intends to help konggan escape from the sea of suffering and is recruiting talents from Yiguo.

after a day's trek, we finally climbed to the top of the mountain.

the owners of the second team overlook the mountain view of Yiguo, which is unprecedented in pengcang.

'do my best to protect the peace of mountains and rivers, and return to the four seasons.'

Tian zhinuo looked at the scene and blurted out the motto of Tianci college.

from this moment, the demon hunting road has really started.

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