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Chapter 37 Lanthanum Hyun Shizi

'Eliminating demons is not a trivial matter. Are you really willing to take risks?'

king Han wants to confirm yuchicheng's intention again.

weichicheng nodded very firmly.

'you are so much like your uncle! Well, since you are determined to subdue the demon, I won't stop you. However, it's not a small matter. You need to take a long-term view. You have just come here from a long journey. Take a few days off first.' King Han patted weichicheng on the shoulder. When he saw him, he always thought of his old friend, weichicheng's uncle.

'Abu, please take good care of ah Cheng and his friends for me these days. Don't let others say that we don't take good care of Gushan.'

king Han is a generous man, and his every move is like an emperor.

'don't worry, father ~' Qin Buyu put weichi Cheng on his shoulder and smiled at him.

they walked out of King Han's library together. Qin Buyu's arm was always on Wei Chicheng's shoulder, and his eyes were on him.

yuchicheng pushed him away, patted himself on the shoulder, and gave him a blank look. 'You look like a street slut, and you don't look like the prince of Gushan at all!'

Qin Buyu was not happy when he heard this. He held his chest in his hands and retorted, 'then you look like a son of God?! heaven is running around with a heavy bow on his back!'

Yuchi Cheng immediately covered his mouth and looked around. There was no one around. Then he took his hand away with confidence. He lowered his voice and replied, 'keep your voice down!'

Qin Buyu said impatiently, 'don't worry, this is my father's private land. You can't hear your friends if you can't get in!'

Wei Chi said quietly with a sigh of relief, 'pay attention in the future and don't talk nonsense!'

'I wonder if the identity of the eldest son of lanthanum Xuan and the son of the Tang Dynasty is so shameful. Why don't you tell them?'

Qin Buyu really can't figure it out. Weichicheng used to be the same as him. He had to show off his small achievements everywhere, but now he has become forward-looking and cautious.

'after telling them, they will ask questions. It is a waste of time. Anyway, we gather together just to hunt demons. Identity is not important at all.'

Yuchi Cheng did not intend to tell them his true identity from the very beginning. On the one hand, he did not want them to feel that he was a superior royal family. On the other hand, he felt ashamed of his identity because of the current situation of lanthanum Hyun.

Qin Buyu knew that weichicheng was shouldering an important task. As a friend, he didn't ask much. He just patted him on the shoulder, 'don't worry. Evil outweighs good. Everything will develop in a good direction.'

Yuchi Cheng took a deep breath and gently vomited out. With a smile on his face, he stretched himself. 'You'd better not be so serious. It's frightening.'

Qin Buyu turned his eyes at him at that time. 'You're also serious for only three seconds!'

in order not to arouse the suspicion of his teammates, Qin Buyu and Wei Chicheng brought several jars of wine to the yard where team 2 lived.

seeing them coming, Tian zhinuo secretly breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, he heard Zou Hu's happy voice, 'yo! I said it was ah Cheng who understood me. So he was looking for wine'

Zou Hu, as the only person to greet them, got the first jar of wine.

it is cold in Gushan. People here often drink wine to warm their bodies. Especially, they drink the wine slightly and feel warm.

as soon as Qin Buyu entered the room, he set up a small table on the carbon stove and put the wine jar on it. After a while, he could drink warm wine.

Zou Hu was stunned by this operation. He had never seen this way of drinking in pengcang. At this moment, it will be solved by Qin Bu language.

at the same time, Tian zhinuo came to weichicheng and asked softly, 'ah Cheng, are you really just going to pick up wine with the prince?'

Yuchi Chengming is the best liar, but he can't stand it in front of Tian zhinuo. He nods and walks to the stove, deliberately avoiding Tian zhinuo's sight.

Tian zhinuo pursed his lips. Originally, he was just suspicious. Now he felt that weichicheng and Qin Buyu must have known each other for a long time.

after the wine was hot, the first cup was poured to Yan ruojin. Qin Buyu's move made people around look different.

'nvxia, can you tell me your name now? And...' the words 'can there be a marriage' in the back have not been said yet. Wanyan ruojin expected that he would ask again, so he took the glass of wine before he spoke and replied: 'Wanyan ruojin.'

'good name!' Qin Buyu responded with the fastest speed.

Zou Hu was not shy at all. He reached for a jar of wine and looked up at Dong! Goo Dong! When you drink it, it is not spicy but sweet.

'you can drink less, little brother. The wine tastes like sweet water, but it's strong.' Qin Bu said a kind reminder.

Zou Hucai doesn't care about this. It's good to drink it at that time. If you feel drunk or dizzy later, let him go.

'it doesn't matter ~' zouhu just responded with another mouthful.

Qin Buyu saw that Shaoyu had been sitting with a serious smile, and looked at him. He took the initiative to show his kindness, handed over a jar of wine, and carefully tried: 'why is this brother so worried?'

'just call me Shaoyu. I'm not good at drinking, so I won't drink.'

Zou Hu is also the first time he has seen Shaoyu negotiate with such a serious person. He should be the kindest one.

'he doesn't drink, I drink!' Zou Hu took the jar of wine in Qin Buyu's hand for fear of embarrassing himself there.

Qin Buyu laughed twice.

while chatting here, Tian zhinomo picked up a jar of wine and handed it to weichicheng. He said in a low voice: 'ah Cheng, let's talk ~'

weichicheng was worried and nodded when he took the wine.

they quietly leave here and walk to the observation deck. They sit on the steps and look at the scenery in the yard.

'is this wine really as good as ah Hu said?' Tian zhinuo decided to start from another topic.

Wei Chicheng was stunned. He glanced at the jar of wine in his hand and thought for a while before answering, 'maybe.'

Tian zhinuo has never drunk wine. Since Qin Buyu said it was sweet, she wanted to taste it curiously. He took it from yuchicheng's hand and opened the stopper. When he was about to drink it, he stopped him.

'don't drink it. It's very powerful after drinking. It's very uncomfortable to vomit when drunk.' Weichicheng blurted out when he was concerned about the chaos.

Tian zhinuo smiled proudly, 'could it be that ah Cheng has been here to drink this wine before?'

Wei Chicheng was stunned and quickly thought about how to answer Tian zhinuo's question without any trace.

just as he was brainstorming, Tian zhinuo calmly said, 'ah Cheng, do you know your Highness the prince?'

weichi Cheng didn't know how to answer. He just heard Tian zhinuo say, 'when I was outside, I saw you looking at each other. It seems that you deliberately don't want us to know that you know each other.'

sure enough, weichicheng's every move could not escape Tian zhinuo's eyes.

hearing this sentence, he slowly took back his hand, dodged Tian zhinuo's eyes with a guilty heart, and immediately dropped his eyes and remained silent.

Tian zhinuo approached him and asked, 'what is it that I can't even know? If so, I won't ask.' As soon as he said this, he took a sip of the sweet wine. It was really delicious.

Tian zhinuo was a little lost when he said this, but he didn't dare to blame too much, so he could only say it with acid.

Wei Chicheng listened to this. He felt a kind of unspeakable feeling in his heart. He immediately raised his eyes to look at her, but he didn't know how to speak.

after Tian zhinuo took a sip of the wine, the sweet taste always reverberated in his mouth.

in order not to make his heart feel so uncomfortable, Yuchi Cheng finally opened his mouth, 'orange, since you asked, I won't hide it.'

hearing this, Tian zhinodang turned his head and looked at him with a look of relief and expectation.

'yes, I do know Qin Bu language. We have known each other a long time ago. My uncle was saved by King Han when he was a teenager. They have become close friends since then. I followed my uncle to Gushan when I was very young. Then I met Abu. We are very congenial. Although we are not common, we regard each other as close friends.'

Tian zhinuo listens carefully. She has known weichicheng for two years and seldom hears him mention his own affairs, whether it is family or friends.

'I heard you before that your uncle made your bow and arrow for you. So... He is not an ordinary person, and you are not right?' Tian zhinuo has been puzzled for a long time. The time is right now. You might as well ask.

since he asked, weichicheng would not hide it. He first glanced back at his teammates over there. They were chatting so enthusiastically that he didn't pay attention here.

then turned his head and answered Tian zhinuo's question.

'my uncle is the mechanism master of lanthanum Xuan, and I... am the son of lanthanum Xuan...'

hearing this, Tian zhinuo was shocked, but he was in a trance for a while. This made her vaguely remember that she had learned in a history book that king lanxuan's room took Yuchi as its surname.

'you...' Tian zhinuo suddenly didn't know what kind of tone to use to talk to him.

weichicheng was worried that Tian zhinuo would feel uncomfortable after he knew his true identity, and immediately said, 'you don't have to feel a sense of distance. No matter who I am, I am your brother Cheng.'

with this sentence, Tian zhinuo's mood was a little calmer, and then there were many puzzled people trying to get the answer.

'so... Why didn't you tell us?'

'it's just an identity. What's the difference between saying it and not saying it? It's troublesome to explain it. Do you know that I have to stay away from me because I'm a son of God? Or do you dislike my identity as a civilian?'

'of course not!' Tian zhinuo is not that kind of shallow person.

'so... No matter who I am, I can't change that we are friends who go through life and death together.'

Wei Chicheng couldn't help raising his hand and gently rubbed Tian zhinuo's head. This move was extremely spoiled.

'in fact, there is another reason. I don't think I am worthy to be the son of La Xuan. I can't protect them. I watched them being bullied, but I was helpless... I didn't have the courage to admit my identity in front of others...'

Tian zhinuo saw deep self reproach and helplessness in weichi Cheng's eyes. Indeed, as the son of the royal family, the burden and responsibility on his shoulders are heavier than ordinary people.

Tian zhinuo also slowly raised his hand, rubbed his head and comforted him: 'ah Cheng, you are good enough. At least I think I am at ease every day with you.'

this small palm contains great warmth.

if Wei Chicheng immersed himself in a deep vortex, Tian zhinuo was the one who pulled him out of the darkness.

since the first sneak attack on the demon king failed, weichicheng lost all his friends, and he was saved by his uncle because he was the son of a noble family. In his heart, there has always been a problem. Since then, he has put away all his sharp points, forbearance, repression and disguise. Use a smile to hide the despair in your heart.

Tian zhinuo is kind, innocent and brilliant. Justice makes him see who he used to be. If he can, he is willing to protect her rare beauty.

'orange... Thank you...' weichicheng's eyes suddenly turned red.

Tian zhinuo sent a greasy smile and said in a deliberate whisper: 'don't worry, I won't tell others your secret. When you really have the ability to protect the people of lanthanum Xuan, you can tell the world that you are their son.'

Tian zhinuo felt a little depressed by this oppressive atmosphere. She wanted to change it quickly. She immediately picked up the wine in her hand and took another sip.

'it's really delicious!'

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