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Chapter 39 Rescue empty bones

As long as it is about demon hunting, it is difficult for tianzhinuo and Wanyan ruojin not to pay attention to it. This is also a mission flowing in the blood.

after the two sisters looked at each other, they stood up supporting each other and walked towards the table.

'we are willing to fight back demons with King Han.' Tian zhinuo stated his position forcefully.

Qin Buyu smiled proudly, then poured tea for the two beauties and presented his hands to them.

'then I will take you to the barracks tomorrow.' Like his father, Qin Buyu was a forthright generation.

after a night's rest and adjustment, everyone's physical strength also recovered as usual.

the heavy snow all night adds a layer of heavy white clothes to the whole mountain. Whether it is the branches, courtyards, eaves or the looming mountain peak in the sky, when you open the window, you will see a vast expanse of white, giving you a shocking visual feast.

white snow, silver frost everywhere, cold wind blowing.

exhale gently and blurt out the visible white breath. Such a cold morning, Tian zhinuo felt it for the first time. Even though I know it is cold, I still want to enjoy the flawless snow like white jade with the cold wind.

yuchicheng suddenly rushes into Tian zhinuo's sight. He slightly raises his head and looks at the girl standing in front of the window on the second floor. However, the girl is so well integrated with the cold wind and snow.

when Tian zhinuo looked down, he happened to look at the man on the ground, and suddenly found that there was a little tenderness in his dull eyes.

Wei Chicheng subconsciously swallowed his saliva. Then he said calmly, 'Why are you wearing so little? You'll catch a cold.'

Tian zhinuo felt cool when he heard this. He rubbed his hands and replied, 'I just want to see the snow. How did you come here?'

'Abu asked me to call you. He wanted to take us to the barracks.'

Tian zhinuo nodded, 'I'll call ruojin now.'

Qin Buyu took six foreign friends to visit the military camp under strict supervision. They had to go through the confirmation and check. If the aristocratic son had not taken the lead, the six people would not have come in.

I don't know why. Yan Haoxiang followed Qin Buyu all the way. He was glib and said nothing but praises Qin Buyu.

after seeing Yan Haoxiang's moves, Zou Hu said that he was helpless and could not hold back. He simply complained to Tian zhinuo.

'Arnold, why do you think brother ruojin is doing this?'

Tian zhinuo is not a fool. Along the way, she has a new understanding of Wan yanhaoxiang. To sum up, she is lazy, opportunistic, greedy for life and afraid of death, and loves money and life.

'what else can I do? I'm just eyeing the power of the son of God.'

'I really don't understand why there is such a big gap between my own siblings and my father and mother.' Zou Hu holds his chest in his hands, frowns and shakes his head helplessly.

'maybe Haoxiang has experienced life and death and muddling along, and his mind for survival and prosperity is more important.'

Tian zhinuo doesn't make too many comments. She doesn't like to talk behind others.

Qin Buyu is not the kind of person who likes to listen to flattery. After thinking about the method, he interrupts yanhaoxiang, and his ears will be cocooned all the way.

go to the last floor to watch the doorkeeper, and the two soldiers standing in front of the door salute immediately.

'I have seen my son.'

Qin Buyu waved his hand, 'open the door. All the people behind are my friends.'

'yes.' As soon as the words are over, open the door.

as soon as I stepped into the door, I heard the majestic slogans echoing inside. Looking around, the broad training ground is full of strong soldiers. Which one is not strong and beautiful?

'Hey ha, hey ha...'

the soldiers are holding their broadswords and waving them forcefully between heaven and earth.

Qin Buyu raised his head and showed a little pride.

'I didn't expect that King Han could train so many elite soldiers.' Wanyan ruojin was particularly shocked.

Shaoyu stood beside her and said with emotion: 'since the island was divided into five countries, it was agreed to coexist peacefully without training a single soldier. However, the surprise attack of monsters made everyone aware of the importance of military generals.'

'yes, so my father secretly trained his troops in the hope that one day humans can repel those monsters and protect themselves.' When Qin Buyu said this, he looked like a general.

the one standing in front of the soldiers is king Han. He wears a helmet and armor and is full of spirit.

'I will take you to my father.' Qin Buyu took the lead. Before he came, King Han saw them.

when King Han saw the young people following his son, they were all valiant and handsome, showing a touch of admiration.

those young girls come forward to salute. King Han is not a person who cares about the order of age and the etiquette of monarchs and ministers. He said boldly, 'you are all distinguished guests of my mountain. Don't be shy. I have always loved talents. I like you very much when I see young talents like you!'

'come on, Cheng, look at these elite soldiers I have trained.'

Wang Han's sudden preference cooled weichicheng's back, and several other teammates looked at him.

Yuchi Cheng's expression was somewhat unnatural. Fortunately, Tian zhinuo helped him out in time. 'Er... Ah Cheng met King Han yesterday. King Han appreciated him very much.'

this explanation also makes sense. Wanyan ruojin and Zou Hu are not too suspicious. Only Shaoyu's expression changes slightly. Although they have doubts in their hearts, they don't say anything.

king Han took these people around from the inside to the outside. Both weapons and armor were made of superior materials.

weichicheng stood in the weapons warehouse and looked at it from beginning to end. Bows, crossbows, swords, spears, shields, armor and kneepads are really excellent.

before making weapons, King Han also consulted weichicheng's uncle in a letter, listened to his opinion, and made a batch of weapons specially for dealing with monsters according to the drawings he drew.

in the past few days, Han Wang told the five members of the second team about the plan he had planned for many years.

the first step of the plan is to send a small team of people to sneak into kongkan to investigate the situation. It is necessary to find out the current situation of kongkan.

'let's go.' After hearing the plan, Tian zhinuo said it without any hesitation.

king Han was shocked and looked up at Tian zhinuo. The girl looked small and looked terrible.

'you...' King Han still hesitated.

'we are professional demon hunters. Please believe us.'

Tian zhinuo's confidence is enough to be trusted by King Han.

in addition, Captain Chi Cheng also affirmed Tian zhinuo's words, and King Han was completely relieved.

'father, I will go with them.' Qin Buyu suddenly walks into the camp.

the crowd turned to look.

'I know several internal agents in kongkan. I can help them in the past.' Qin Buyu stood in front of his father and said.

king Han has always believed that his son is a dandy who has nothing to do. Now he looks down on his son.

'OK, you must pay attention to safety and keep in touch with me.' As soon as Wang Han said something, he went to the table, picked up a drawing and handed it to Qin Buyu.

'this is the relief map of the empty ridge. The enclosed place is the inner point.'

Qin Buyu answered, 'well, don't worry, father, you have been planning for so long, and you will be safe!'

after this decision, the owners of the second team did not stay any longer, so they packed their bags early and set off for kongkan.

after crossing the Gua mountain, there is a fragrance of birds and flowers. However, there is no one in such a beautiful and good area.

there are a lot of red tile houses mentioned in the books, but there is not a trace of the fantastic smoke. Under the blue sky, there are bright flowers and willows, but somehow there is a suffocating feeling.

'down from this mountain, you will find the empty land.'

Qin Buyu said with a map.

'why do I feel so depressed?' Tian zhinuo always feels bored after overlooking the panoramic view of the empty mountains.

'yes, why is there no one looking around?'

Zou Hu squinted carefully, not to mention cattle, sheep and livestock. He didn't even have a personal shadow.

Qin Buyu calmly put away the map, glanced back at them with doubts, and replied: 'today's empty people are in dire straits. Thirty years ago, you could still see a vibrant home. Now there is only misery left. You will know when you enter the main urban area.'

people went down the mountain with their doubts.

as they approached the empty mountain, Qin Buyu stopped them. 'Just nod your head and don't talk.'

'why?' The question Yan Haoxiang asked just happened to be what other people wanted to ask.

'I have prepared a merchant waist token for you, and I will lead you into the empty cave as the leader. Now the people who are in charge of the mountain gate are also controlled by monsters. If you are careless, you will be suspected.'

as soon as the words of Qin Buyu came to an end, he adjusted his clothes, took out the waist token put in his bag and gave it to them respectively.

they lined up and followed Qin Buyu. When they came to the mountain gate, they did see several guards watching them closely.

'who are you?' The guard in armor came forward in a solemn manner.

Qin Buyu laughs ha! Ha! He took out a bag of silver from his pocket and slipped it into the man's hand. 'Officer, we are here to do business.'

it is natural to turn a blind eye to accepting bribes, but the way to go should not be left behind. I glanced sideways at the people behind Qin Buyu.

yuchicheng tightened the wooden box in his hand, which contained their swords, bows and swords.

'what's in that box?'

Qin Buyu was worried, but did not panic: 'this is the gold and silver jewelry we escorted here. It can't stand the light. The official will let us in. I'm afraid the buyer can't wait.'

as soon as the voice was over, another piece of silver was put in.

the man held the heavy money and said nothing else.

they finally stepped into the empty land and found a remote tea house for a rest.

Wanyan ruojin determines that there is no danger around, and goes to weichicheng to get back his knife. Throw Shaoyu's sword to him.

Tian zhinuo is not idle to observe the situation everywhere. Their location is the only way to the main urban area. It is strange that there is only one teahouse here, and no one has left here.

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