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Chapter 41 Guard against people

The wind blows everywhere, and the sky will change after all.

monsters have been rampant for too long. It's time for them to recognize who is the master.

the short-term confrontation ended with the people's rapid breathing.

the monster that was just arrogant and domineering has now become a cold corpse.

Tian zhinuo breathed rapidly. She could clearly hear her heartbeat. Turning around, the man in the teahouse was too scared to stand up and hid behind the table shaking.

seeing that the crisis was over, Zou Hu got up and walked to the teahouse. After that, yanhaoxiang followed him closely and looked around from time to time.

Qin Buyu walked to the table and said in a low voice, 'they are all dead. No one will bully you anymore.'

hearing this, the waiter timidly raised his head slightly. After a quick look, he immediately lowered down. At this moment, he still saw the ground dyed with red blood.

Wanyan ruojin put away his Sabre and looked at Shaoyu who was taking back his sword. Both sides were sure that the other was not hurt and secretly relieved.

'what about these bodies?' Zou Hu looked closely, and the smell of blood immediately spread into his nose.

'burn it, bury the polluted land.' Wanyan ruojin said this very seriously.

'if nvxia brocade pays attention, I agree very much!' Qin Bu's language immediately responded.

Wanyan ruojin didn't say anything, but Shaoyu said first, 'if you burn a fire, it will attract attention. I think you'd better bury it.'

'ah Yu is right.' Weichicheng took up his bow and bent over to carry the demon's body.

although Zou Hu hated it, he went to help.

I worked hard for a while, dug a big pit, threw these heavy monsters in and buried them at will.

after everything was over, the timid man recovered his mind, stood up slowly by the table, and his legs were numb.

'Hello! Do you want to go with us?' Qin Buyu suddenly shouted, which almost scared the man out again.

turning around, I saw those fierce demon hunters behind me. Although they were afraid, most of them were at ease. They showed themselves the desire to survive and the hope to live.

'I... can I?' His eyes were full of desire, and he could feel how much he wanted to follow them.

'of course, we can only travel for a while. After all, it will be dangerous to follow us all the time. When we get to the main urban area, we will find a place for you.'

as the captain, Tian zhinuo's decision is enough to represent all the members of the second team.

'Xie... Xie... Actually, I have family members... They were forced to become slaves. If you can, I hope you can save them.' The man had tears in his eyes.

Qin Buyu pursed his lips. His heart was hit hard. He stretched out his arm and patted the man on the shoulder. He said:

'don't worry, the night will leave, and the sun will rise.'

'we'll try our best to arrive at the inner point before dark. Let's start without delay.' Tian zhinuo spoke, and the rest of them packed their bags and went to their destination with Qin Buyu.

on the way to the capital, the surrounding area is very quiet. Many houses built in the suburbs are uninhabited, and the surrounding weeds will swallow up that house.

'so... Have the owners of these houses been captured as slaves?' Tian zhinuo tightened his teeth and hated the mountain demon more.

the man behind him replied: 'yes... No one lived here in the early years. They were caught doing things whether they wanted to or not. In short, they were human slaves.'

'I suddenly remembered one thing. Why did the demon ask you your number? What did that mean?' Zou Hu quickly walked two steps to the man's side.

when the man was about to explain, Tian zhinuo opened his mouth first. She also guessed, 'it must be the code of slaves? After all, many people can't distinguish clearly. It's easier to distinguish by numbers.'

the man sighed deeply, shook his head helplessly, and then listened to him cry: 'the nvxia said it was right. The first thing they did when they caught us was to hand out number plates and imprint them on their backs. From then on, there was no name...'

'that's hateful!' Wanyan ruojin scolded the monster many times along the way. Even if he said all the ugly words, he still felt unhappy.

we arrived at the inside point before sunset. It is a jewelry store. It looks like it is in normal operation, but it is actually a shelter set up by King Han long ago.

'here it is!' Qin Buyu took the lead and led them in.

the shopkeeper was a cautious man. He stopped the way immediately when he saw the stranger. Without saying a word, Qin Buyu directly showed his waist token and the golden words. What he welcomed was a big gift. 'See your death...' before he finished, Qin Buyu helped him up and said in a low voice: 'in special circumstances, vulgar gifts can be avoided.'

while nodding, the shopkeeper glanced at Qin Buyu's back and counted his head, which was one more person than what Wang Han said in his letter. He took Qin Buyu aside and quietly asked:

'son, how can there be one more person?'

Qin Buyu glanced back and immediately explained: 'we met a poor man on the way here, so we brought him back together.'

the shopkeeper stays in kongkan all the year round. He is knowledgeable about many things here and has only a lot of cautious thoughts. He is worried that the prince will delay the event because of his kindness.

'Shizi, it's very empty and disorderly now. You can't trust strangers. For the sake of safety, don't keep him. Just give him some silver to let him leave.'

Qin Bu's language is not deep in the world, and there is still pure goodwill in his mind. He didn't agree with his idea, and immediately rejected his opinion, 'you think too much! What bad thoughts can a wounded common people have? We promised him to help him find his family and live here for the time being these days.'

the shopkeeper still insisted on his own ideas. Qin Buyu didn't want to hear more when he wanted to persuade him. He turned around and asked his friends to check in.

the shopkeeper was so wily that he finally asked his subordinates to pay more attention to the stranger.

arrange accommodation, and several people will stay in the room to rest.

due to the shortage of rooms, Qin Buyu offered to share a room with weichi Cheng. The rest had no complaints.

weichicheng sits by the window, nervously wiping his bow and arrow. Qin Buyu pushed the door in with food in his hand. When he came in and saw the melancholy weichicheng, he was curious. As soon as he sat down, he asked:

'what are you thinking?'

Yuchi Cheng was interrupted by him. He stopped his movements, looked back, sighed and looked out of the window.

'always a little uneasy.'

'Hey, why are you like a little girl? Why do you think so much? Come and have dinner!' Compared with weichicheng, Qin Bu's language is much more free and easy. After all, he has not experienced any major events.

Yuchi Cheng listened to his words and walked over quietly. As soon as he picked up his chopsticks, he thought of the man they had rescued. 'What about that man?'

'Oh, it's on the first floor. By the way, he has a name. His name is big ambition. He is ambitious.' In such a short time, Qin Buyu has become friends with others, which may be his unique charm.

'you are still familiar with yourself as always ~' Wei Chicheng shrugged.

'that must be! All corners of the world are brothers!'

before Qin Buyu came back, he went to each room to deliver food. Everyone was having dinner. Only wan yanhaoxiang came out of the room restlessly and walked around on the first floor.

when he heard what was happening outside the door, he also pushed the door open and walked out. He looked at Wan Yan Haoxiang, and they greeted him with a smile.

'have you finished your meal?' Yan Haoxiang asked.

'er... Um.' Dazhi looks more energetic than before. Maybe the medicine that Zou Hu fried for him has worked.

'idle is also idle, talk for a while?' Wan Yan Haoxiang is really too idle.

ambitious nodded.

they came to the backyard together.

Wan yanhaoxiang came out for a walk because he saw many people outside in the bedroom on the second floor with silver in their hands, each brimming with happiness. He also wants to make money. He thinks that he is a local and must know how to make money quickly.

'well... Can I ask you a question?'

finish Yan Haoxiang's trial of caution.

'what can I answer for you?' Ambitious self-knowledge is a vulgar person.

'I want to know how to make money in a short time.'

at the mention of money, his eyes shine with gold.

'er... Did you see anything?' Ambition has a general guess in mind.

'I just saw a lot of people coming from the East with a lot of money in their hands! Do you have any way to make quick money?' The more Yan Haoxiang said, the more excited he became.

'east side?' Dazhi thought it over carefully. Although he hadn't come out for a long time, he still remembered the street directions in the capital. 'Are you talking about gambling houses?'

'gambling...' Yan Haoxiang looked around and lowered the volume. 'Can the gambling house make so much money?!'

'almost. The gambling house in Dongshi is the largest in the capital. Both the facilities and the rules are fair and just. But I advise you not to get involved in gambling. Although you can make money, it is also dangerous.'

Wan yanhaoxiang doesn't care so much. What he wants to do now is to make a lot of money, and then continue to live as carefree and happy as before.

'young master, young master?' Dazhi shouted a few more times before yanhaoxiang was pulled out of his fantasy.

'ah? Er... Take me around? I just want to see something ~' Yan Haoxiang smiled hungrily.


'there's nothing but! We agreed to take me tomorrow!'

yanhaoxiang doesn't give Dazhi the chance to refuse. He stands up happily and runs back to his room.

Wanyan ruojin was about to knock on his brother's door when he went up the second floor.

'Haoxiang? Why did you go?'

didn't answer my sister's question, but ran to pick her up and said excitedly, 'sister, I will let you enjoy your glory and wealth in the future!'

Wanyan ruojin broke away from his brother's hands and stroked his forehead. The temperature was normal. 'What are you crazy about?'

after Yan Haoxiang was fooled for a while, he pretended to be a mysterious gossip, 'just leave it alone! I'll go back to bed, and you'll have a rest early!'

before Yan ruojin could say anything else, he opened the door and went in, and then 'Peng!' The door is closed.

Wanyan ruojin pursed her lips and sighed helplessly.

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