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Chapter 42 Gambling houses save people

In the morning, the sun just came in through the window, and the light warmth gently touched his face, which was really comfortable and pleasant. From time to time, a fresh morning wind blows, just like clear water touching the heart.

before the rest last night, they discussed a preliminary plan. This morning, the troops were divided into four groups, one in the southeast, one in the northwest, and one in the southeast. They went through the whole capital to see the current situation.

Yan Haoxiang didn't plan to follow him after he finished. He kept the door closed and went to sleep.

five people except Tian zhinuo have gathered in the hall on the first floor, looking up at the direction of the second floor.

'Arnold is not a procrastinator. Why can't he come down now?' Zou Hu stepped on the threshold and shook from time to time.

'I'll see.' Wanyan ruojin finally couldn't wait. He ran up to the second floor quickly and knocked politely. No one answered. Without much thought, he pushed the door and walked in. Only then did he find that Tian zhinuo was still sleeping in bed.

'Arnold, Arnold?' Wanyan ruojin called her name while walking forward.

when I came closer, I learned that the girl was sweating on her forehead and had many red spots on her neck. Wanyan ruojin was shocked and went forward to explore her forehead, which was a little hot.

'Arnold!' He shouted again, only to hear Tian zhinuonan respond. It can be seen that her consciousness has been blurred.

without considering anything else, Wanyan ruojin rushed out of the room, came to the corridor, bowed his head and shouted at the first floor: 'Zou Hu, come up and see! Arnold seems to have a fever!'

hearing this, those downstairs were not calm at once, and they rushed up led by weichi Cheng.

after Zou Hu's diagnosis and treatment, it is known that Tian zhinuo has allergic fever caused by acclimatization.

Zou Hu immediately prepared the medicine for her. After feeding her, she gradually improved. It's just that Tian zhinuo is so sick that he can't go with them to inquire about the situation.

finally, it was decided through discussion that the five of them would proceed as planned, and Tian zhinuo would stay here for a good rest.

Tian zhinuo heard their discussion in his sleep. It's a pity that his eyes could not be opened. He could only gradually lose consciousness in his lethargy.

'I want to work with nvxia!' Qin Buyu took the lead. This was what Zou Hu wanted to say.

'no! I can't be alone!' Zou Hu doesn't want to take risks alone without protection.

'too much nonsense!' Wanyan ruojin can't stand these useless men. He doesn't want to listen to them. He walks to the South with his double blades on his back. Qin Buyu doesn't give Zou Hu a chance to argue. He keeps up with Yan ruojin.

just when Zou Hu wanted to follow up, Wei Chicheng grabbed his belt and said, 'go north!'

'I really can't! Cheng ~' Zou Hu started to be charming.

'it's time for you to learn to be independent!' Weichicheng pushed him to the north, whether he liked it or not.

'ah Yu, you go west and I go east.' When weichicheng turned to look at Shaoyu, he found that he had been staring at Wan Yan ruojin and Qin Buyu.

'a Yu!' Weichi Cheng shouted again. Shaoyu just came back to himself, and then he nodded stiffly.

just as they were asking around, Yan Haoxiang was restless and had a wrong idea.

he didn't get up until half noon. As soon as he woke up, he quickly washed and gargled. Then he sneaked to the door of Dazhi, scratched on the door frame and shouted in a low voice: 'Dazhi, are you awake?'

Dazhi hears something moving outside the door. He gets up and walks to the door. The moment he opens the door, yanhaoxiang accidentally falls to the ground and dare not cry for pain. He bites his teeth and stands up.

'young master, are you...?' Ambition doesn't quite understand the purpose of his action.

Yan Haoxiang closed the door carefully, turned around with a smile and said softly, 'just call me Haoxiang. Didn't we agree yesterday? You take me to the gambling house.'

Dazhi suddenly remembered that he thought it was a joke, but he didn't expect the young master to be so serious.

'do you really want to go?' Dazhi confirmed it again.

Yan Haoxiang nodded without any hesitation.

'OK, I'll take you there now, but we agreed in advance. We just watch and don't gamble.'

yanhaoxiang didn't listen to what he said, so he pulled him out.

Dazhi found the nearest way, and in a quarter of an hour, he went to the outside of the gambling house. Just standing in front of the door and looking at the appearance, you can see the style of anger. Not everyone can get involved.

which is not a rich and powerful family with capital?

Wan yanhaoxiang was completely blinded by money. Ignoring the dissuasion of ambition, he went straight to the gate and never returned.

the gambling house is very noisy. Looking around, there are all heads. As soon as you enter the door, someone will receive you. Whether you have money or not, you will always be asked to come here for oneortwo.

Dazhi watched carefully from left to right. He seemed to see a monster in the crowd, which cooled his back. When he wanted to pull Yan Haoxiang away, he found that he had been on the gambling table.

'nvxia, wait for me!' Qin Buyu followed Wanyan ruojin everywhere. He had to admit that the woman's physical strength was really good, as if she didn't know what fatigue was.

Wanyan ruojin stopped suddenly. Qin Buyu bumped into her back without stopping. It was the fragrance on his clothes that fascinated him.

Wanyan ruojin felt a twinge of pain behind his back, so he hit back with an elbow and hit Qin Buyu's abdomen. Lengbuding said, 'son of God, please respect yourself.'

Qin Buyu stepped back two steps, stroked his stomach, and felt pain and happiness. 'They all said that men and women are not close to each other. According to the degree of intimate contact just now, do you and I have to go to church to get married?'

Wanyan ruojin saw his brazenness and was too lazy to respond. He immediately returned to the main topic, frowned at the front, and said: 'if you go further, you will be out of the city. It seems that there are no monsters in this southern city, and the people's lives are also happy.'

Qin Buyu likes to look at her serious appearance. At this moment, he completely forgets the task of coming out this time and falls into her beauty.

Wanyan ruojin, who couldn't hear the response, turned around after he was stunned. A pair of strange eyes were staring at him. They really didn't look at him. They stretched out two fingers to Qin Buyu's eyes and said without changing their face: 'don't think you are the son of the world, so I don't dare to blind you!'

Qin Buyu swallowed his saliva in fear, and then opened his mouth irreverently, 'I like you so fearless!'

Wanyan ruojin turns over his eyes. He is too lazy to talk nonsense and turns back the same way. Qin Buyu laughs ha! Ha! And began to say something shameless.

at the same time, Tian zhinuo, who had slept all morning, finally opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling for a long time. His head was swollen and his mouth was dry. The first thing after his consciousness gradually recovered was to get out of bed and find water to drink.

Gu Dong! Goo Dong! After two cups of water, I finally remembered that there was a plan for today. On second thought, I vaguely remembered that I didn't go together because I was ill.

Tian zhinuo opened the door to the first floor and wanted to breathe. He happened to meet the shopkeeper and chatted with him.

'yes, I just saw master Wanyan running out.' The shopkeeper said this on purpose with Tian zhinuo, just to let her know.

I heard that Tian zhinuo was stunned. 'He is just a playboy. He comes back when he is tired.'

that said, Tian zhinuo was still a little worried. He was just about to go to the street to look for it. As soon as he went out, he saw ambitious running over in a hurry and fell to the ground in a panic.

Tian zhinuo was surprised and hurried to help him.

'ambition? Why did you go?'

Dazhi stood up and didn't have time to pat the dust on his body. He gasped and said: 'no... no... Hao Xiang, he...

' what's wrong with him?! ' Tianzhinuo's pupils are slightly open, and his anxiety is getting heavier and heavier.

'he is in the gambling house... Being bullied...'

hearing this, Tian zhinuo can't think of anything else, 'gambling house?! where is it?!'

'I'll take you!' Dazhi also had no time to rest. He turned around and ran to the gambling house with Tian zhinuo.

on the way, Tian zhinuo was not in a blind hurry. He thought calmly for a while and always felt that something was wrong. As far as she knows, every place involved in gambling, big or small, is a hell of a place. She wants to swallow people's bones and belts. If Dazhi went with Haoxiang, how did he get out of danger?

'here it is!' Dazhi points to the gate of the gambling house and says.

Tian zhinuo stopped suddenly and asked calmly:

'ambition, did you bring Haoxiang here?'

ambition looked a little vague. He swallowed his saliva subconsciously, and then began to stumble: 'yes... It was me... He asked me to bring him here. I... I advised him not to gamble. He didn't listen, but lost... He was detained here, and they asked me to go back and get money to redeem him...'

Tian zhinuo was hesitant about this. When he was hesitating, he suddenly heard a scream from the gambling house. Tian zhinuo was stunned. It was really wan Yan Haoxiang's voice.

Tian zhinuo was worried after all. She had to go in to see whether it was true or not. As soon as she entered the door, she was impatient with the noise. She looked around and finally fell into the room on the far left.

listen carefully. That's where the wailing came from.

Dazhi steals a sigh of relief after she goes in. He kneels down with soft legs and cries with remorse. He cheated Tian zhinuo.

Tian zhinuo stood outside the door and listened for a while. The sound of whip beating the body came from inside. Each whip was accompanied by a whine.

'Dong! Dong! Dong! ' He knocked hard on the door, the sound inside suddenly stopped, and the shallow footsteps were moving towards this side.

'Zhi' door is opened.

'who are you?' The man who opened the door pretended to be stupid.

'who are you hitting?' Tian zhinuo clenched his fist.

'Arnold! Arnold! Is that you?!' After hearing the familiar voice, Yan Haoxiang immediately asked for help.

'Haoxiang?! it's really you!' Tian zhinuo's mood is very complicated at the moment. She really didn't expect yanhaoxiang to make trouble like this.

'what? Are you here to redeem him?' The little ruffian standing in front of the door looked at her up and down with his mouth askew.

'how much did he owe?' Tian zhinuo calmly said this sentence.

'onehundred Liang!'

Tian zhinuo has tightened her teeth. Where did she get so much money?!

'you let him go first, and I'll go and get the money right away.' Tian zhinuo wants to use a delaying tactic.

'we always pay money with one hand and let people go with the other. Girl, you are so simple. Can't you give so much money?'

the little ruffian looks contemptuous.

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