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Chapter 43 Calculation in misery

Tian zhinuo really wanted to punch the ruffian in the face, but this place is chaotic and can't use things impulsively.

'as long as you release the man in the room and make a written note, I will go to withdraw the money immediately.'

the ruffian didn't listen to Tian zhinuo at all. He disdained the corners of his mouth and then showed a smirk of color.

'girl, in fact, it doesn't matter if you don't give money. You can exchange your body for ~'

Tian zhinuo heard this. He really couldn't bear it. Raising his hand was a slap, clear and loud.

'don't be shameless.' Tian zhinuo stared at the ruffian with fierce eyes, as if he could swallow him at any time.

'bah!' The ruffian spit and lost his good temper. Just trying to return the slap, he raised his arm and was caught by tianzhinuo. He had no power to fight back.

'let him go.' Tian zhinuo only asked for this one thing.

'OK! Don't frighten my old friend ~' there was a sudden noise in the room.

sure enough, there was a backer behind him. The little ruffian didn't dare to do this. He broke away from Kai Tian zhinuo's hand and said to her with a dark face: 'go in.' Then the door was opened.

Tian zhinuo looked around. There was nothing unusual. Before entering the door, he swallowed the antidote pill developed by Zou Hu into the mouth to prevent any accident.

this dark compartment is like a cell. It smells damp and moldy. People feel uncomfortable after smelling it for a long time. Clinging to the left wall, there was a lampstand with only one candle lit, flickering strangely.

'you are really a witch!' As soon as he said this, Tian zhinuo locked his eyes and was shocked.

it really takes no effort! It was the mountain demon who did all kinds of evil!

tianzhinuo stared at it fiercely.

'I didn't expect to meet that group of people on the 33rd. Fortunately, we used his family as a threat, otherwise we couldn't catch her just by ourselves!' The monster standing beside the mountain demon was slightly excited.

'No. 33?' Tian zhinuo thought carefully. Is it true that ambition and monsters united to deceive her?!

'Arnold... Save me... I really didn't lose money! I didn't... they caught me indiscriminately! And that ambition... He is a traitor! He betrayed us!' Wan Yan Haoxiang was tied to the ground with several whip marks on his back.

after brainstorming for a while, Tian zhinuo preliminarily concluded that Dazhi intended to deceive her. However, it's good to take revenge for this!

the mountain demon stood up, slowly approached Tian zhinuo, and then showed a mean smile, like seeing an old friend.

'little girl, do you still remember me?'

'I will never forget it even if I die!' Tian zhinuo's eyes were full of murderous intent and clenched his teeth.

'we haven't officially met yet. I'm Lu Yao Youdu. You can call me... Jin.' Jin smiled slightly. Even so, he could not hide his treacherous eyes.

Tian zhinuo didn't bother to call him anything. 'Even if you call him shit, it has nothing to do with me!'

Jin was speechless at once. Few people dared to provoke her so blatantly. At this moment, she really wanted to crush the little girl, but as long as she thought it would be useful to keep her, she forced out a smile.

'ha ha! Ha ha!...' used laughter to hide embarrassment, 'so... Should you also tell me your name? By the way, tell me how you manipulate plants? It's a wonder!'

Jin uses her ambition to cheat Tian zhinuo. The only purpose is to catch her and study her. Maybe she can find some great magic and improve the fighting power of the demon army.

'you are such a pickled thing that you don't deserve to know my name.'

Tian zhinuo stretches out his finger and wants to try. He wants to end the monster's life. However, Jin will not fight unprepared battles. It noticed that the little girl's fingers were restless, smiled, and deliberately induced: 'you want to do it? Are you not afraid of what kind of poison powder I have prepared, such as cartilage powder? If you are weak, you can make ~'

Tian zhinuo disdained the corners of his mouth, 'you can try.'

Jin saw fearlessness through Tian zhinuo's eyes and guessed that she was also prepared. It was very gratifying because it was interesting.

'don't get excited. I'm just curious about why you have that magical power. It's not a power that ordinary people can have, is it?' Jin pinched her waist with both hands.

'don't ask more about things you shouldn't worry about. You just need to know that you killed my family. I want revenge.'

Tian zhinuo's words didn't make Jin feel afraid. He just hung his head and laughed a few times. Then he slowly raised his head. The smile hanging on the corner of his mouth finally closed and slightly lifted his eyes.

'little girl, don't push your luck.'

the dark look is really frightening, but Tian zhinuo is not afraid.

'if you let him go, you and I will settle our grievances.'

Tian zhinuo worried about the chaos for a while, and injured yanhaoxiang by mistake.

Jin did not refuse, but nodded readily and raised her hand to the subordinates behind her.

yanhaoxiang was forcibly pulled up and loosened.

'Arnold...' after yanhaoxiang looked at Tian zhinuo uneasily before leaving, she shook her head at him and said in a low voice: 'after you go out, go back quickly and don't run around... Don't worry about me.'

when yanhaoxiang was about to respond, he was dragged out by the ruffian. Tian zhinuo looked back and saw him go out of the gambling house smoothly through the crack in the door of the compartment. He was a little relieved.

the door of the compartment was closed again. At the moment, tianzhinuo was really left to fight the enemy alone.

'little girl, can we have a chat now?'

Jin sent out an invitation.

Tian zhinuo doesn't appreciate it.

'we have nothing to talk about!' Tian zhinuo raised his finger and shook it slightly, trying to control the plants outside the door. The gamblers outside the gate saw that the flowers in the surrounding flower pots were growing strangely, so they threw down their silver and ran outside the gate.

a small branch may be very fragile, but when several branches come together, the power cannot be underestimated.

'Peng! Peng! Peng! ' The door of the compartment was about to be broken by the powerful plants, and Tian zhinuo continued to operate without stopping.

Jin stood calmly knowing that there was danger.

Tian zhinuo always thinks it is strange.

Jin took out a bottle of poison powder from the water sleeve, pulled out the plug in a moment, and sprinkled it in front of Tian zhinuo.

Tian zhinuo is indifferent. She has already taken antidote pills.

strangely, Jin was not shocked, but started to talk.

'do you think... Poison powder is to deal with you? You're wrong... It's just to attract your attention. Little girl, you should remember, never underestimate the enemy ~'

Tian zhinuo was still reacting when he heard something coming from his head. Then he felt dizzy, shook his eyes left and right, and his vision became more and more blurred until his consciousness gradually faded.

'poop', Tian zhinuo fell to the ground.

Jin smiled triumphantly, picked up the wooden bucket that had stun her before she completely fainted, and shook it in front of her eyes before she said, 'see? Didn't you think? You're still too young to play with me ~'

Tian zhinuo had some allergies, and was hit again, and he had no power to fight back.

the flowers and plants outside the door scattered at the moment she fell to the ground.

after listening to Tian zhinuo's words, yanhaoxiang ran to the jewelry store without looking back.

the red marks on his back were blown by the cold wind. He ran forward without considering the pain.

'young master! Haoxiang!' There was a sudden cry behind him.

Yan Haoxiang pretends not to hear. He doesn't believe anyone now. He just wants to go back quickly.

'Haoxiang!' The man behind finally caught up and grabbed Yan Haoxiang's wrist.

after yanhaoxiang shook away, he realized that he was ambitious. His anger immediately came up. He took two steps back, pointed at his forehead and cursed: 'you traitor! Don't touch me!'

ambition shows guilt.

'I really have to... I... I will take you to the monster camp!'

Wan Yan Haoxiang shook his head. He didn't believe a word that ambition said.

'get out of here! I don't want to talk to you. I want to go back quickly! I want to tell elder sister that you are a bad person!'

Yan Haoxiang turns around and runs away. Ambition follows him like that.

pushing and shoving the passers-by, no matter what happens around, just rush forward until you hit the person coming in front.

yanhaoxiang stopped at once, rubbed his forehead, and grinned out pain.

'Haoxiang? Why are you here?'

the voice sounded familiar and looked forward to it. If it was Wei Chicheng, Yan Haoxiang jumped on him excitedly and hugged him.

Yuchi Cheng was startled by the boy. He pushed him away and patted the dust on his body. When he looked up, he found that his face was very ugly and his eyes were still shining with tears.

'what's wrong with you?'

seeing the familiar people and hearing the gentle care, yanhaoxiang was completely overwhelmed and stood there crying.

'ah Cheng... I will never go to the gambling house again!'

hearing the word 'gambling house', weichicheng was shocked. How dare this boy go to such a place as gambling house?!

'how did you get to that place?!' As soon as weichicheng asked this question, he saw Dazhi running over and stopping breathlessly in front of him.

'ambition?! did you go too?'

before his ambition was answered, yanhaoxiang said, 'ah Cheng, don't talk to him! He is a traitor. He took me to the gambling house! He also asked the monster to catch me and hit me! Look at the scar on my back!'

Wei Chicheng listened to them in a fog. He glanced around at them and asked: 'Why are there still demons? What do you mean? How can ambition become a traitor?'

Dazhi quickly shook his head, 'I... I had to.'

after that, yanhaoxiang grabbed weichicheng's arm, pointed out his ambition, and cursed: 'ah Cheng, that's him! He worked for the monster, cheated Arnold, and...

just hearing this, weichicheng was in a hurry.

'what did you say?! orange?! she went too?!'

after that, yanhaoxiang told him the story incoherently. After hearing this, weichicheng didn't think much about it. He went straight to the gambling house. His mind didn't listen to him and dreamed of various crisis situations, fearing that Tian zhinuo would be in danger.

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